Author Topic: Quick and Dirty Guide to Infinite Bits and Pieces, Money and Parts  (Read 582 times)

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For this exploit you will need the following:

1. A spell caster at rank 1, who also knows zip zap.

2. A house furnished with basic equipment.  (stoves toilets sinks etc.)

3. A recycling machine.

4. A fabrication machine on own lot is optional, alternatively, you could use a maker space.

To make this exploit work do the following:

1. Use zip zap on a breakable item.

2. Repair said item and notice the trash pile has spawned.

3. Salvage the trash for parts.

4. Store the trash pile in inventory and recycle trash in recycler.

Repeat steps 1-4 until you have a supply of bits and pieces. Notice as you do steps 1-4 you will earn handiness skill.

5. Take those bits and pieces to a fabricator and start working on fabrication skill first. Start by building items to furnish your house.

6. Continue to fabricate items. Sell anything you don't need. (You sell for simoleons but you fabricate for bits and pieces). Sometimes the fabricator will break and you will get a chance to recycle for even more bits and pieces.

7. Use the "earned" money to craft items at a workbench that you can't craft at a fabricator while working your way up to selling tubs

Basically what this shows you is how to farm infinite bits and pieces and how to use those bits and pieces to fabricate infinite wealth.