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Rolling Stones Collection: By Jeana
« on: June 05, 2011, 09:14:42 PM »
So I realized Rolling Stones was a popular band in general, and amongst our forum members, so it was absolutely necessarily to make a collection out of this.

Rolling Stones Jacket:
Adult Female Everyday/Formal Top
Requires: Generations

So I decided that a denim jacket, with leopard lining, would be perfect with the Rolling Stones old school band. Perfect for parental Sims who want to feel young again, or those old school rebellious teens that are too cool for school. I'm sure, I will try to make a teen version of this.

Yes, Pam, that's you modeling my awesome Rolling Stone's Jacket, I knew you were the perfect model for it.  8)

Toddler Onsie:
Requires: Nothing. Everything is default.

Your toddler will look like the coolest noo-boo strolling down the block in this onsie. Any parental Sims that want to keep the rock n roll spirit alive, should dress their noo-boos in this adorable outfit. Plain and Simple.

Rolling Stone's Shirt and Denim Jacket for Kiddies:
Requires: Generations

This spiffy looking jacket, obviously screams "Too cool for school," especially in the cuffs. Whether your child is a rebel, or a rock star, this outfit will surely give your kid an edge.

Rolling Stones Vintage Tee (Too Cool for School):
Requires: Generations

Classic Children vintage tee shirt.

*I will upload more very soon, ones with basic default items. This is just the start right now.