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Sydney's Shares
« on: July 04, 2011, 04:06:12 PM »
Sydney's Shares

My own little corner of Swap Shop.

Sydney's Styles

Collection One: Maternity Me

- Special Clothing -
These are collections where I can take requests to do different styles of the piece of clothing.

Sports Collection: Cheerleader Uniforms

Sydney's Structures

Little Family Cottage - 3bd, 2br
Sunny Little Cottage - 2br + nursery, 1ba

Sydney's Sims

Coming soon.

NOTE: I am only doing clothes and sims for now! If you would only like a starter home than go ahead and request.

Finished Requests




Please make sure that requests are compatible with WA, AM, LN, and GN. (All EP's), so no stuff packs!
If you would like to request something, PM me! Do not post a comment or I may skip over it on mistake.
I can only have four requests at a time, sorry! A larger request will take more time so please note that smaller ones will go first.