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Lost baby
« on: August 16, 2011, 07:18:00 PM »
I am posting this here because it involved a trip to France, and if it is the wrong forum, I am sure it will be moved.

In my (now deleted) Dynasty attempt, the third generation spare became my adventurer. As soon as she could, I was moving her all over the map to get VISA level 3.

On the last trip, the heir had just given birth to generation 4. The baby, Deenah, was still an infant. I sent Catrina to France, and when she came home...Deenah was no longer on the list of playable sims. Her parents still showed memories and moodlets and wishes pertaining to her. She was still in the family tree, alive. Resetting her did not cause her to appear. Nor did resetting all sims. Nor did restarting the game.

I didn't like the direction of the Dynasty anyway, so I just deleted it and restarted.

Best I can figure is that Catrina's twin shipped the baby to France to help Catrina with the tomb exploration.

Has anyone had this happen, and if so, how was it corrected?