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Wandering Horses
« on: March 07, 2012, 08:56:25 PM »
It's been my experience up until now that horses, even if unfenced, stick close to home.  The sim whose horses are currently wandering a little further afield has no close neighbors.  If he did, you could say the horses, a mare and her older foal, have never gone much further than the "neighbors' yard," the area immediately surrounding the house, even if slightly off their home lot.  Just now, however, I found the mare a very long way off.  Her foal was closer to home, but still much further than either has traveled alone before.  They seemed like they might be "stuck" on hillsides.  I gave them a few hours, but when it came time for horse chores for the day, I sent them home and they came without trouble.  Would they eventually come home on their own?  I hadn't fenced the yard because I hadn't thought it necessary, but is it?