Author Topic: CAS Contest 2013: 06 - Slider Showcase - Sunshine Caroway by Azokka361  (Read 1668 times)

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Sim Name: Sunshine Caroway
Age: YA
Gender: Female
Life State: Werewolf
EPs Used: University, World Adventures, Island Paradise, Pets (shoes), Showtime, Supernatural
Traits: Good, Friendly, Social Butterfly, Loves the Outdoors, Loves the Heat
LTW: Leader of the Free World

Biography: Sunshine grew up with her parents in a werewolf pack located on the outskirts of Moonlight Falls. She was a perfectly normal, healthy puppy until she started taking an interest in unnatural things--books, calculus, and (gasp) bathing. Once her activities were discovered, Sunshine was given an ultimatum: return to normal life or leave the pack.

 Now, bathing might have been a little tedious at first but Sunshine had grown to appreciate it, so she packed the biggest pair of boots she had and hit the road.

1. Full Face View

2. Profile

3. Three-Quarter View








I expect Azokka either to yell at everyone and totally dominate or else get out the popcorn.-Ombradellarosa

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Re: CAS Contest 2013: 06 - Slider Showcase - Sunshine Caroway by Azokka361
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Wow, Sunshine is a beautiful sim! I'm going to download her for sure.

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