Author Topic: The Return of Max Moodlets  (Read 16169 times)

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Re: The Return of Max Moodlets
« Reply #45 on: February 15, 2014, 05:39:06 PM »
Time where did you go? New workplace, new friends, new lifestyle, and new problems, they really stole my time.
Now i have been playing all evening and im not going to be done in the next 30 minutes either.

So score.
Delta Week 1: 675 Week 2: 1005
Spring Week 1: 940 Week 2: 0

Total: 2620

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Re: The Return of Max Moodlets
« Reply #46 on: February 15, 2014, 05:57:37 PM »
Felix and Máxima have never felt better!

Sim 1 Week 1: 350
         Week 2: 1005

Sim 2 Week 1: 400
         Week 2: 570

Total : 2325

And mere minutes until midnight...

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Re: The Return of Max Moodlets
« Reply #47 on: February 15, 2014, 06:57:19 PM »
Jeanette week 1-125, week 2-60
Peyton week 1-115, week 2-90

Pitiful but I'm learning to do these challenges. I can't wait to hear strategies!!!

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Re: The Return of Max Moodlets
« Reply #48 on: February 15, 2014, 08:37:24 PM »
Hey! How come today is the 15!!! And how come the event ends today! So I don't think I'll be able to finish either, I'll just write down the moodlets from the first day of the second week, I'm sure they would have gotten better, anyways (hoping it's not too late!):

Sim 1, week 1: 345
Sim 2, week 1: 163

Sim1, week 2: 95
Sim 2, week 2: 210

TOTAL: 813

It was so much fun, what kept me busy was researching about all the different moodlets, and then it was today!
¡Pura vida!

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Re: The Return of Max Moodlets
« Reply #49 on: February 15, 2014, 10:50:36 PM »
My scores for this challenge:
S1/W1: 355
S2/W1: 340
S1/W2: 445
S2/W2: 365
Total: 1505

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Re: The Return of Max Moodlets
« Reply #50 on: February 16, 2014, 12:01:57 AM »
Felicity and Marcus Moody were elated with their scores:
Felicity Week 1 - 220
Marcus Week 1 - 250
Felicity Week 2 - 421
Marcus Week 2 - 255
For a grand total of 1,146!
This was my first time doing a moodlets challenge and I found it quite tricky, but learned a lot and had a great time!  Looking forward to the all the nooboos now.  Thanks to everyone who helped out with this challenge and congrats to all the top scoring players!

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Re: The Return of Max Moodlets
« Reply #51 on: February 16, 2014, 03:00:06 AM »
Sim1 140 +350 = 490.
Sim 2 280 + 385 = 665.
Total = 1155.

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Re: The Return of Max Moodlets
« Reply #52 on: February 16, 2014, 06:12:33 AM »
This event is now closed. Grats to Femke82 for winning this event. Everyone is now free to share their strategies.

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Re: The Return of Max Moodlets
« Reply #53 on: February 17, 2014, 01:23:58 PM »
I used a lot of time to plan for this challenge, and I am very happy I won! I could have gotten an even higher score, as I made a few mistakes, that effected mostly the snapshot of sim 2 in week 1. I appologize in advange for the length of this post and for my English (wich isn't my first language)

For planning I used the sims wiki (, and made a list for myself with all the moodlets I could get in two weeks with the expansions I have. I then divided them in four groups (one for each snapshot) and tried to make them fit with one and another. For example, I made one snapshot while the sims was in bed (for the best comfy moodlet, using the best bed and a sim with the couch potato trait) and combining the well rested, clean sheats, had a nice nap and squeaky clean moodlet.
Moodlets from the spa were used as well, just make sure to always pay the high price, as that gives the better moodlet.
For the moodlets after eating food (good meal, great meal, amazing meal and divine meal), if you drink (good) nectar before eating, the moodlet has a higher value. I discovered in a test file that using the "kicking up" interacting available with a natural cook lowers the value of the moodlet. I don't know if this is a glitch, but I didn't use it in the official file.

My two starting sims were a female and a male, starting out as roommates. The female was a vampire (for some of the moodlets), the male a fairy (also for soms of the moodlet, and I needed a fairy to be able to grow a garden really quick using "bloom")

My female sims had the following traits:
- neurotic (to be able to "freak out" and getting the moodlet, also to check the sink or fireplace, but I forgot about that when it was time for the snapshots)
- Couch Potato (for a better comfy moodlet)
- Snob (for better moodlet after drinking nectar (30 instead of 25 points) and for the 10 points increase in the "new stuff!" moodlet, but that was another one I forgot to do with this sim)
- Childish (for getting the moodlet "cuddle time" worth 20 points)
- Ambitious (for getting a lot of happinesspoints after completing the LTW (Swimming in cash), needed the points for LTR like immortal and midlife crisis)
I did change some of her traits after her first snapshot (she got frugal and good I think), but forgot to make use of the traits for getting moodlets in week 2
She mastered mixology and made perfect drinks at the start of week 2. Perfect drinks give a higher value moodlet then other drinks.

My male sim had the following traits:
- loves the outdoors (one moodlet from this, and as he did the gardening he was outside most of the time, getting a lot of happiness points)
- Great kisser (for the moodlet)
- Gatherer (these sims get a huge boost in planting and harvesting products. With a fairy dooing "bloom" you get perfect plants with only one replanting and sometimes with the first round of planting at the "bloom" action raised the value of the plants. Another bonus with smelting metals and cutting gems wich was the main source of money)
- Eco-friendly (for all kind of moodlets, forgot a few in the snapshots, but tricky to get all at the same time, as the moodlets don't last longer then a few hours)
- Ambitious (for the happiness points)
I changed some of his traits into good and night owl, but forgot to take the last snapshot after 23.00 so didn't get the moodlet from that trait.
This sims did all of the gardening. Not only for fruits for nectar making, but also alchemy ingredients. I had him learn all kind of different skill trying to get a good moodlet from the test for university, but didn't get enough points.

I played in moonlight falls, turned off all supernaturals (as I already had them turned off and in the two week event it doesn't matter)
I had 11 days of summer and 3 days of spring and a full moon all the time. With these setting I could garden outside all the time (wich was most important at the start of the game) and still could get the moodlet for "got kissed at a kissing booth" wich is only available in spring. In summer I used the tanning booth to get the suntanned moodlet.

After starting my file I had my male sim buy out the alchemy store for a few Wish Enhancing Serums and any Potent Invigorating Elixir and Invigorating Elixir I could find. After getting at least 2 wish enhancing serums I made him buy out the regular consigment store for getting as much gems and metals as I could afford. After gutting the gems with the gem cutting machine (no fee, so after getting 10 different gems I could make heartshaped cuts for free on all the gems I had), and smelting all the metals I had more then enough money to complete the LTW of swimming in cash, wich I did at the end of day 2 after drinking the wish enhancing serums on both sims.
My female sim went to the Crumplebottom house and invited both Belinda and Biance into the household. After that she took a class in mixology and started practising.
Belinda Crumplebottom already has some points in alchemy and I used her to make a lot of potent invigorating elixirs and some Jars of Potent Friendship. Halfway trough week 2 I kicked her out as I didn't need her to make even more potions. Turned out I could have kicked her out even sooner as I had a lot of potions left. She also used a lovecharm on herself and got pregnant with a random townie by day 2, eating only apples after that for making sure to get the moodlet for It's a Boy with my female sim for her first snapshot. (I made sure my female sim drove Belinda to the hospital as I learned that is a way for a sim to get that moodlet without having a child themself). After the child was born I aged him as fast as possible and kicked him out.
Bianca Crumplebottom had some cooking skill, but more importend, her skills as a witch are great. I still had her practise for most of week 1 to get her to the top, but then she could clean the house with one spell, making it unnessecary to clean out all the mixology drinks my female sims made.

After inviting Belinda en Bianca into the household and getting a few (potent) invigorating elixirs I made my male sim travel to France together with Bianca. My male sim got the most expansive spa treatment before he went on holiday as that allowed him to use his magic fairy powers unlimited for the duration of the moodlet (7 days). While in France all he did was harvesting plants and using bloom to try and get a better product from the plants. After 3 days he was level 8 gardening and had almost all plants (just missing the cherry).
Bianca put a love charm on herself after picking a townie from France (I used Albert Fouchier in my official file, but almost all the Sims in France have a significant skill in nectar making). I bought the last book with nectar making skill and before the end of the holidy Albert was a level 10 nectar maker, a romantic interest with Bianca and also skilled in fishing. After Bianca invited Albert into the household she practised her witch magic and did some fishing.

I learned in different practise files that the same nectar (made with a level 10 nectar maker and perfect fruits) don't give the same moodlets with the same sim. So I made sure to make a couple of different blends and tried them out by having my scoring sims drink them and writing down the moodlet they got from them. There are 4 different moodlets available (astonishing aroma, breathtaking balance, commanding complexity and fabulous finish) that can be combined with the "full of life", "sugar rush" and "warm fuzzies" moodlets. I was lucky that after making five different bottles of nectar I already had the four possible moodlets spread out over my two sims. I completely mistimed my second snapshot of the first week, so by then the moodlet was already gone and I didn't remember to drink the nectar again (mission another 30 points)

A few other thinks I did / found out in practice files:
Buy a female horse by day 2, get her pregnent so I had the moodlet for a new foal for the fist snapshot.
Timing births so they could all have a snapshot worth 80 points, but I messed up the second snapshot as I had the timing with the pregnancy with Bianca all wrong.
First snapshot: first romance, first kiss, great kiss, new friend, newly engaged, etc.
Second snapshot: just married
Third snapshot: It's a girl (aged up super fast with alchemy potions to young adult)
Fourd snapshot: proud parent (from a child getting to young adult and going to graduation ceremony), It's triplets (fertility treatment, listening to kids music, watching kids tv)
The moodlet for visiting France, China and Egypt all have different names!
Sims can get different moodlets with the same nectar (sim A always has the same moodlet, but that can be different from the moodlet sim B gets after drinking the same nectar)

If anyone want to know more about how I handled the moodlets, let me know and I will be happy to explain. This was a great challenge with a lot of planning and a great deal of timing needed. I liked it!


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Re: The Return of Max Moodlets
« Reply #54 on: February 17, 2014, 01:55:22 PM »
Congratulations Femke82, very well done!

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Re: The Return of Max Moodlets
« Reply #55 on: February 17, 2014, 02:48:17 PM »
I will add my congratulations to the list. Great job, Femke82!

I myself did much better than I expected, even though there were quite a few moodlets that I planned for but didn't get.

I made two young adult Sims (Felix and Máxima), both with the Swimming in Cash LTW. All of their traits were chosen to get moodlets, but not all were actually used. In week 2, both got a midlife crisis to swap some traits. They were: snob, loves the outdoors, party animal, daredevil and lucky for Felix in week 1, and snob, evil, loner, kleptomaniac and great kisser in week 2; snob, couch potato, good, childish, and excitable for Máxima in week 1,  and snob, neurotic, adventurous, excitable and childish in week 2. I used snob a lot for the boost in moodlets it gives for good meals and nectars, besides giving some specific moodlets.

When I started playing, I first focused on convincing some townies to join the household. They were Susan Wainwright (for the science career), Molly French (for the culinary career) and Vita Alto (for the money, and to write a masterpiece). Vita forgot her car, so I also moved in Nick and Holly, and moved them out again immediately. The goals I had for them proved too ambitious for a two week period (the careers were not maxed, and the masterpiece was not written), but they were useful anyway.
Then it was time for travel. Máxima and her friends went to France, and moved in Claudine Girard for the nectar making skill. I devoted most of my travel time to try and obtain the sultan's tabernacle, which can give a great moodlet for both a male and a female sleeper. Molly traveled with both Máxima and Felix to increase her visa level and collect enough coins.
Meanwhile in Sunset Valley, I started a garden to obtain life fruit and flame fruit, to be used in nectar and ambrosia. Máxima maxed guitar to get the best possible enjoying music moodlet.

Felix and Máxima were just roommates in the beginning, but they dated and fell in love. Felix' first snap shot was on his wedding day, with the newly engaged moodlet. Máxima's was the day after with the newlywed moodlet. They also both celebrated their birthday; Máxima used the moodlet, and Felix got a midlife crisis, which also yielded a nice moodlet in the end.

Right after the wedding, they adopted two children, a boy and a girl. They were aged up quickly, so they could find love themselves. They also had a graduation ceremony, but the resulting moodlet disappeared when my Sims traveled. I had a full house by then, which meant they couldn't at first propose to their girl-/boyfriend. I had no idea you needed a household spot for that, so I was really worried for a while, before I figured that out. They got married on Friday, week 2, which means I had four different +40 moodlets: father/mother of the bride/groom.

Felix was not really faithful to his new wife, since in week 2 he went around getting several Sims pregnant. First Zelda Mae, then Fiona McIrish, Judy Bunch and finally Máxima. Zelda's pregnancy was completely uninfluenced, and she got a boy. After getting her pregnant, Felix got a fertility treatment, to increase the chances of multiplets. Judy could only get twins, because her household would be full then. So she and Fiona were invited over during their pregnancies to listen to kids' music and watch tv. That payed off, and they got the right number of babies. Finally, Máxima started eating watermelon as soon as I knew Zelda's baby was a boy, so she had a girl, and Felix had all possible baby moodlets. I took Máxima's snapshot a bit earlier, when she still had the pregnant moodlet.

Of course, I also used the spa moodlets, and I got lucky with the nectar. I had planned for the perfect nectar containing life fruit and flame fruit, but the fact that I got all four of the nectar moodlets was pure luck.

All in all, this was a great, but very intensive challenge. I completely understand anyone who didn't have enough time to finish. I don't think I could have pulled it off if I hadn't happened to have a day off on Friday.