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Sims 3 Console Legacy Challenge!
« on: January 17, 2014, 11:33:28 AM »
So I havenít yet seen a Sims 3 legacy challenge yet for the PS3/Xbox 360 (if youíve found one, please prove me wrong and reply!) so I decided to make one.

ďThe Legacy Challenge is a long, 10-generation challenge where you start out with a single founder and very humble beginnings and try to lead the family to fame, fortune, and success over the course of 10 generations.Ē -Pinstar1161

Like I mentioned earlier, this is basically the same thing as the Sims 3 Legacy Challenge for PC, so forgive me if I use some of the regular Legacy Challengeís words and sentences! (All credit goes to the founder of the Legacy Challenge! I got a tab opened with the rules for PC right now! [are these the right rules?])

Starting out
Create your new game file. Name it whatever you want, preferably ďLegacy ChallengeĒ so you can always remember which file it is.

The challenge begins with one sim, aka the founder, whom you will make in Create A Sim. The gender doesnít matter, and they may be any age that can have children: For males, they can be young adults, adults, and elders; for females, they can be young adults or adults. You can pick their clothing, hair, eyes, the works, it doesnít matter. Choose all five traits and their favorites, as well as a lifetime wish. This is the only sim in the family Ė donít create any more! Remember to choose a family name youíll keep for a long time.

After CAS, itís time to choose your lot. Choose the Blue Bungalow (72 Erin Lane, 3br, 1 ba), because itís the easiest for the time being. Make sure to get it UNFURNISHED. Buy as much as you can and get your Household Funds to $1,300 EXACTLY.

-Go to Buy Mode, go to Buy, click Electronics, click TVs, and go to the 3rd TV on the list, The ‹berVision Panoramic from Landgraab Industries for $1,200. Put that on your lot.
-Go back to Buy, click Comfort, Dining Chairs, and then click the 7th chair, the Sit-Up-Straight Dining Chair for $150. Put that on your lot.
-Go back to buy, go to Decor, go to Miscellaneous Decor, click on the fifth item, Plain Pad & Pen Set for $12. Put that on your lot.
-Stay on Miscellaneous Decor. Click on the fourth item, Stack oí Mags for $7. Put that on your lot.
-Stay on Miscellaneous Decor. Click the first item, Three-Ply Tushy Tissue from Plumbrite for $2. Put that on your lot.
-Next click Triangle. Go down to the last option on the top right of your screen and click STORAGE. Then click on the five objects you just placed on your lot. They should go to your inventory.
Go back to Live Mode.
Then click Select, go to the Town Map, click on your lot, and click REPLACE LOT. Choose yes for everything, then click on EMPTY LOT, and go back to your house. You should have $13, 349. Now itís time to buy more things.
On build/buy mode, do the following
-Buy > Vehicles > Cars > Car-Spot Parking Space (buy 6)
-Buy > Vehicles > Cars > Buy Yomoshoto Evasion
-Buy > Vehicles > Cars > Buy Big Lemon
-Buy > Decor > Miscellaneous Decor > Buy Already Retro CD Display Shelving
-Buy > Decor > Miscellaneous Decor > Buy Decorative Fire Tools
-Buy > Decor > Miscellaneous Decor > Buy Wish You Tissues
Click Triangle and put everything into your storage. Never touch any of it again ( donít sell it )
The lot is now empty, leaving your sim as a hobo. All legacies start out with very humble beginnings, you know.

-No cheating. If youíve owned the PS3 version for a while, you probably know all the cheats. So no buying the magic llama, got it?
-Story progression MUST be on.
-Lifespans must be set to the NORMAL level.
-NO bringing any ghosts back to life/resurrecting any sims. Nothing must be used to resurrect ghosts.
-Sims may not consume life fruit to gain extra days to their lifespan.
-You may not age sims up via the birthday cake only once the game prompts you with a reminder of their impending birthday, not earlier. You donít have to use the cake to age them up, the game will automatically force them as well.
-Death Flowers may not be kept in your simís inventory. You may gather and sell them, but they canít be used to ward off death.
-NO Karma Powers. No matter what.

Black Market Restriction:
Greetings from Moonlight Bay Police Department! The Black Market is no longer to be monitored by our law enforcement. Kleptomaniacs and Mooches are now allowed to cleanse their souls and take all the money they need.

Moving Sims In:
Any sim may be moved into the Legacy Family via marriage or move-in except for the following:
-Sims created by the player
-Sims/households downloaded and imported from the exchange

Sims that are identified by your sims as ďRichĒ are now fair game for all sims except your founder. All other sims are fair game.

Challenge Concepts:
Generation: Order of birth in relation to the family at large. Your founder is generation 1, you founderís son/daughter is generation 2, the founderís grandchildren is generation 3, etc. The challenge ends the moment generation 10 is born.
Founder: The sim you create in CAS, who starts the family.
Heir: The sim belonging to the family bloodline who is slated to bring in the next generation once he/she is old enough and finds a mate.
Spare: A sibling of an heir, who can become an heir if anything happen to the current one. Spares may be evicted or kept on the lot Ė itís your choice. They are eligible to earn legacy points.
Evict: Moving a controllable sim out of the legacy house. An evicted sim can no longer earn legacy points, but may still be interacted with (if they donít delete from your town). Legacy points that have already been earned still count even after theyíve moved out.
Legacy points: Your score for the challenge, earned in a variety of ways described below. The goal of the challenge is to get as many points before the 10th generation.
Legacy House: The lot initially moved into by your founder. You may not move your family to another lot during the entire challenge. All heirs must be born in this house (rather, born from sims living in this household. They can be born in the hospital, but the mother must live in the Legacy House).
Bloodline: Any sim who can trace his or her family tree directly to the founder. Adopted sims are NOT part of the bloodline.
Mate: A sim brought in from outside the family to reproduce with the current generationís heir to produce the next generation. When the next generation is born, the mate becomes part of the family bloodline and is eligible to earn points.

You earn points for your family in the following ways:
-Generation: You get 1 legacy point for your founder, and 1 point for every generation born until the 10th. You earn each point at the birth of the first child in each generation. Further births in that generation do not generate more points. Thus you can only earn a maximum of 10 total Generation points by completing the challenge and birthing the 10th generation.
Lifetime Wishes: You gain 1 point for every unique lifetime wish fulfilled by a family member. The sim in question must be living in the legacy house and be part of the family tree to earn this point. Once a specific lifetime wish is fulfilled, further sims fulfilling THAT SAME WISH will not earn you a legacy point.
Legacy House: Earn 1 legacy point for every $10,000 in household funds.

Birth and Growing Up

Whenever a sim is born or ages up, they will often obtain new traits. Sometimes these traits are randomly assigned by the game, or you can pick them. All traits are random in this challenge. If you are given the option to pick a trait, pick the button that says RANDOM. The only exception is the ďFamily-OrientedĒ trait. You may pick that if it is available to you.
Sims that die on the family lot may be kept around as ghosts (optional). If the bloodline is cut short by death, the challenge ends immediately. It is always a good idea to have one spare in case the heir perishes. Even if ghosts become playable, they may not earn any further points for the family. Ghost babies are not considered part of any bloodline.

Bringing in the next generation
In order to bring in the next generation, a new sim must be born. Adoptions do not carry the family bloodline, and donít count. (You are still allowed to adopt, but they wonít gain you any points). If the heir is male, you must move their mate into the legacy house before having a baby. If the heir is female, she may move her mate in, or simply get pregnant while off the lot. In either case, the heir and mate donít have to be married. Sims may be born at home or in the hospital. The moment the next generation is born, the heirís mate officially becomes part of the family bloodline, and can earn points for you (provided they are living in the legacy house).

Optional Rules
These are optional rules you may play with if you wish. They donít affect your score in any way, and are merely tools to help establish a theme for your family.

Family Trait
When creating your founder in CAS, choose one of the founderís 5 traits to become the ĎFamily Orientedí for your legacy family. There after, every sim born to the legacy family must possess this trait by the time they reach young adulthood. If they do not inherit it at birth, you must choose that trait the moment you are given the option to. The remaining traits still must be rolled for.


Whatever gender your founder was, this must be the gender of every heir. Meaning if you started with a female founder, only female children may become the heir to bring in the next generation. Children of the other gender are still counted as part of the family bloodline and may still earn the family points, they simply may not bring in the next generation.
A male dominant family is called a Patriarchy, a female dominant family is a Matriarchy.

Story Teller

A popular practice is to write a story for your Legacy family and upload it in chapters. If you feel the creative energy, why not try uploading your own story? There is no in-game bonus for doing this, but the addition to the community is always welcome! (The PS3 version/Xbox donít have an option for screenshots, but feel free to take pictures with your own cameras!)


If Iím playing with the family trait option, does my simís mate have to have that trait too?

Can I move in/marry sims into the legacy home that arenít going to help bring in the next generation?
Yes, keep in mind that they donít earn any points for the family. Even sims that are destined to help bring in the next generation wonít count as part of the family until the next generation is actually born.

Does the first born have to be the heir?

No, as long as they are part of the bloodline and born on the legacy house they are eligible to be an heir, regardless of order of birth. They must be the proper gender if playing with the matriarchy/patriarchy option.

Are collection items, such as rocks, insects and seeds subject to the black market restriction?

No, you are allowed to sell any collection items you long as they weren't stolen out of someone's house or garbage.

And thatís it!

(Yeah, it took some sentences from his work. Make sure to check it out, donít think I made up all of this. No credit goes to me.)



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Re: Sims 3 Console Legacy Challenge!
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2014, 02:02:00 PM »
I think challenges need to be okayed to be posted on this forum. Did you do that? Also, I used to play on the PS3 and good luck on getting past generation 6 and still being able to save.

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Re: Sims 3 Console Legacy Challenge!
« Reply #2 on: January 18, 2014, 01:57:48 AM »
Due to the glitches and lack of patches on console, I don't think a legacy for console is viable. I think the best I ever managed was a 3rd generation.

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Re: Sims 3 Console Legacy Challenge!
« Reply #3 on: December 29, 2015, 05:09:19 AM »
Hi there.
I tried doing a legacy on console but there were too many glitches and it was a pain that you can't take screenshots. So I decided to make a chronicle. A chronicle is based on a legacy except because of all the glitches, you are allowed to use cheats.

You are allowed to use motherlode and reset sim but nothing else and it follows the same rules as legacies do in terms of generations.  :) founders and heirs.