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Blood of the Mayfair: Chapter 32- Hail Rain and Sunshine
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We reach the top
We took the fall
But we laughed through it all
Cause dreaming of them better days
Has always been our way

Hail Rain or Sunshine
What it's like to go by The Script

Dong. Dong. Dong. It was the roar of the giant school bell set up in the school yard. It roared of lies. And pleasantries.

Pink and yellow children started running, some were already scrambling to their seats. Green and blue, and orange, red. Dragon Valley was a palette of colors, pastel and rich. So were the trees.

"What are you doing?" The girl asked the boy who got up his seat. "The gecko's gone," he answered. But that wasn't all. He thought about how he hated that there was a random woman's picture in a classroom's battered shelf. But that wasn't what the girl had in mind, "And Aiden!" she exclaimed.

The bell roared its last, and the boy walked back to his seat. The teacher started his roll call, name after name, from the Cornell's, to more names, to the two Hale's. The teacher cleared his throat, as he called out the first Hale child, "Bunny?" A meek boy at the third row to the window raised his hand slowly and uttered an inaudible "Here."

Bunny's name was Esteban, but his apparent meekness got him his nickname. Even his teachers call him Bunny. "I see you." The teacher called out to Bunny, who was now gazing out the window. He let Bunny be Bunny. He had other names to call out, like the next Hale, "Iridessa?" She thought for a moment, but quickly announced her presence to the whole class, "Here!" That prompted the teacher to say, "Well, young lady. I expect you to be here." The Mithrilen's were next. And then Nix. "Aiden?" No response. "Where's Aiden?" The whole class but the twins turned to Aiden's empty seat behind them. "He's probably playing with lizards again," Iridessa blurted out, and kept quiet thoughtfully.

"Then you know where to find him?" "Maybe?" Iridessa answered playfully. The teacher turned to the other twin, "Bunny?" "Yes, Teacher." "Would you please go get him?" "Teehee, okay teacher," Iridessa butt in. "Would you please accompany your sister?" Bunny nodded. And the twins ran, "No running!" Too late.

They knew that Aiden hid in some kind of rabbit hole in an old tree, past the other trees that stick out this part of the school. The tree stood alone, overlooking the ravine, and the grove of trees on the other side. What a solitary tree. In one Iridessa's speeches, "What a lonely tree."

Run they did, until the tree which they named "The Great Old."
"The Great Old what?" Aiden immediately reacted to Iridessa's eager suggestion. "What does it matter? The Great Old is great as it is!" "No! It doesn't make sense, Dess." "Ew, gross. Stop calling me that." "I'm saying that it doesn't make sense!" "So what?" They both turned to Bunny who kept his silence throughout their argument. "What?" Bunny raised his brow. "Well? It's one-one. It's obvious that you have to say something," it was the most fluid sentence that Aiden ever came up with, and Bunny smirked at that. It's just a tree, Bunny wanted to say, but instead said, "The Great Old... Tree." "That's so boring, Bun!" Aiden cringed. "But it makes sense. You wanted something that made sense." Feeling that she had won, she stood from cross-sitting and announced at the two of them, "Hah! I'm telling you! We should just go with 'The Great Old!' We won't even have to think about what kind of old great thing it is." "She has a point, you know,"  Bunny commented. "Fine. This is so unfair. You two are a bundle. I hate it!" "Nope." Bunny suppressed the evil little smile along with the thought that what Aiden hates more is something else. And it had a lot to do with his twin, who happened to like speeches a lot.

But that was a memory.
Now, they were on a mission to bring Aiden back to their classroom.

"Aiden?" It was Iridessa who called out first. "Come on, Aiden. Teacher's looking for you!" She added, but Aiden responded with silence. "What are you planning?" Bunny stated his question bluntly, unlike his usual demeanor, unlike the behavior everyone else sees. With them, he could say anything and be anything. He didn't have to pretend.

"What are you two doing here?" Aiden replied. "You don't answer a question with a question, okay?" Iridessa commented, before Bunny could say anything. "I don't wanna go back." He slouched. "Get up, you big baby. Teacher's looking for you. And we already told him that we're coming to get you!" "You shouldn't have." "Why are you being unreasonable!" Iridessa was growing irritated. Bunny decided to step in, "Stop it. You too, Aiden, if you don't get out of there soon, Teacher will come looking for us, too. Get up. We're going to talk about this like grown-ups later." It was laughably adult for a nine-year old. "Yeah! We're going to talk about it later!" Iridessa grew excited, but "No," Aiden corrected him, "This is going to be between me and Bunny." "Why are you being mean!" Bunny resolved to grab Aiden out of his rabbit hole, and pull his sister along while uttering, "We're all going back." They stopped at the fountain, with Iridessa and Aiden seated apart. Way too apart.

Bunny said, "Now, say sorry." "Sorry!" Iridessa was quick to apologize first, Aiden was hesitant. And silent. Iridessa grew impatient and pulled Aiden away from the fountain. He didn't struggle, but he walked heavily. "What are you waiting for! I already apologized!" He looked at her and kept quiet. "What! I already said sorry! Sorry!" "Hey-" Bunny didn't finish, but he did hear Aiden say "Sorry, okay!", and he did see his sister get pushed by Aiden, who ran off. Predictably, Iridessa's eyes welled up. She wanted to cry, but she stopped herself from giving in to her tears. "That jerk! You're a jerk, too, Bunny!" Iridessa ran back to the classroom on her own. Not before hitting her twin's arm first, "Jerk!" She ran sobbing.

"Kids." Bunny kicked an invisible pebble off the ground, dug his hand into his pocket, and took his time walking. That face- Aiden wanted to talk to him, without Iridessa gawking like a stupid animal. "Gawking," he thought, can only be either stupid or rude. He settled for stupid. He knew what this was about. He clicked his tongue and whistled happily.

At nine, Aiden was being the kid he was expected to be. Iridessa was the same. As for Bunny, well. Bunny was being Bunny, who always thinks about their father, who also used to take his sweet time walking. He thought about rain and sunshine, Aiden with his rain-drooped hair and Iridessa's iridescent vibrance. He thought about hail. He thought about Bunny.

Bunny walked up the creaky old staircase to their room, and cried his own song of ding, dong, dong to the wind.
Someone was waking up soon.

To a dream of a starry night, which slowly enveloped the stars to a total black.
To a wedding,

and a morose kiss.

To a promise.

At the moment, Bunny clutched at the knob and turned it. He wasn't even surprised to see that Aiden still hadn't gotten back. He'll be back soon, he thought as he took his seat.

And he was right. But he didn't expect soon to happen.

Aiden was back. He made sure to put the gecko back to where it belonged.

But his thoughts were elsewhere.

Dong. Dong. Dong.
The last sound of the bell.
It roared, it bellowed. But it wasn't done.
All of Dragon Valley could hear its dragon.
Trapped in a bell, like a stupid metaphor.
Gawking, at the lies the Hawkes liked to play with.

Bunny whistled a happy song.
It was time to wake up. Someone was waking up, with a jolt that rung across the overgrown wisteria that plagued the wall.

She looks exactly like her.
Edited to add:
I've asked for Livvie's permission regarding Aiden for Blood. And was granted.  ;D
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Re: Blood of the Mayfair: Chapter 32- Hail Rain or Sunshine
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So, I decided to reread the last couple of chapters before uploading the next one, and darn I feel like I failed. I've been so excited at progressing the story that I did unexplained time skips after flashbacks. Again, without explanation I just went ahead and did what I do best, which is to confuse you. When I wrote it I was so sure it would be good for the story but I might have actually just made things deleterious for me *cough, I meant the story.

Anyway, what I want to say is that I know, it's been a while and I might end up getting Blood dumped among the dead again, but what I really want to say is that I'll update (after some self-deliberation) before June ends.  :-X

The same goes for I, Iridessa- because, doing two posts for the same purpose will get me somewhere not good.

Sincere thanks to my readers  :'(
At the end of the day, Life should ask you, "Do you want to save changes?"

How the misc-tery continues:
I, Iridessa: 3rd [What happens at home]

Why not try a misc-stery?
Blood of the Mayfair: 32nd [Hail Rain and Sunshine]

or a Reincarnation Project:
Hawke Revival: 26th [Hale Bonding]

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Re: Blood of the Mayfair: Chapter 33- Beautiful Goodbye
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Forgive the lack of dramatic scenery.  :-X

I count the ways I let you down
On my fingers and toes but I'm running out
Clever words can't help me now
I grip you tight but you're slipping out

Beautiful Goodbye
has the color of Maroon 5

Bunny disappeared immediately after class- Aiden, too. Iridessa muddled the thought of being left out, "Again!" She kicked at a pebble and growled. She sounded like Aiden's stomach when he's hungry, "Stupid boys!" she sulked, irritated, while rummaging her Life-and-Learning-issued purse. Her lips were puckered to a kiss, and her brows met at the top of her cringed nose. She didn't like being excluded by Bunny and Aiden. "We're brothers, aren't we?" She twiddled with the lace that hung her fluffy purse. "We're brothers, aren't we?" she repeated.

Iridessa dwelt on feeling excluded but soon decided to bring her mood to Aiden's rabbit hole. "It's not like it's his rabbit hole," she mumbled, as she busily fanned the guilt in her gut away. Soon, she found herself pushing one foot into the hole. And then the whole leg. And another, until she found herself comfortably cuddled by the roots.

They were brown. And black.

They were the color of her hair, who sat patiently across a wisteria plagued-room. But the lack of light would make you wonder if her hair was indeed brown. It might as well be black. Whatever the case, she had been waiting anxiously for the slumbering man to wake. The wings engraved onto her back were aching, threatening to break out of the flesh and skin that seal them. She wondered if this was a sign.

Iridessa was still angry, but she was starving, "I want to go home!" Wherever Bunny went, and whether he was with Aiden, he was simply taking too long. She wanted to go home, but the roots and the earth and the bit of weed was comfortable. Iridessa dug at her fluffy purse for some candied pumpkin and something that her aunt called pastillas de leche. She got herself two of each and delighted at the soft milk treat, obviously preferring it to the candied pumpkin. Even if her aunt made them sweet with sugar, pumpkin was still a vegetable. Her Aunt Carver made them, who loved to cook next to dissecting things. She giggled. Aunt Carver was interesting, and she adored her aunt. But vegetables were vegetables.

Her aunt heard the sleeping man shift, who was slowly feeling the pain in his gut. The man was sluggish, heavy, he could barely open his eyes. His hand was numb, but he struggled to reach for the back of his aching neck. The pain skulked down his spine. "Palmira?" His last memory was from the wedding. Now he finds himself in a cold, dim room that smelled of old age and earth. "Where-" He slumped back to bed, he felt himself heavy. Heavier.

"Azrael!" The woman rose, and hurried to assist him. "Who are you?" Azrael shot a confused look at her. "You're back! You're awake!" The redundancy consoled her. "You... were at my wedding." Something in his aching gut told him that this woman was more than just a wedding guest, that this woman was family. But his priorities were in a different order. "Yes. Yes! I need to get Garrett." Azrael ignored her. He was still trapped in a memory, "Where's... Palmira? Where are my babies?" She only knotted her brows, and pursed her lips. "Where are they?" He repeated. She didn't answer, but he could see and feel what this woman felt, "You're sorry?" "You- you don't remember?" "What-"

He didn't.
He did.

And I remember your eyes were so bright
When I first met you, so in love that night
And now I'm kissing your tears goodnight
And I can't take it, you're even perfect when you cry

Azrael collapsed into the bed.
There were no tears to kiss, no more bright eyes to look into.

"She's-" he couldn't bring himself to say it. "Where are they?" She didn't answer. "Where are they!" "Azrael, calm down! Please." "What happened to them? Where am I?" "You've been.. gone long." "What are you saying?" She refused to answer him. The silence angered Azrael, but he was weak, "Where are my children! Where are they!" It became a chant. "Azrael, please. Listen." "Where are they! I need to see them!" "You might not recognize them anymore." He was puzzled, thinking that there would be no way he wouldn't know his own children. He pushed her away and charged out of the room, but he fell.

He struggled to stand himself up. But he felt excruciating pain in his wrists and ankles. Like pins and needles. He gathered up the sleeves messily, clumsily, and saw marks tattooed on his wrists. "These-" They hurt, his ankles hurt, like a thousand needles piercing through his skin. He scrambled to see what caused the pain. "What- Where are they!" "They'll be here soon, but you need to calm down first." "Calm down? My wife is dead... Where are my children? Where are they! Answer me!" He shook her. It was her turn to push him away, "Stop it, you're hurting me!" "Where did you- By gods, what did you do to them?" His eyes leaked desperation but she could only say, "Azrael, please."

His anger turned into frustration quickly, and to defeat. He was sobbing. "I need to see them. I need to see them..."

Carver wanted to tell him, "I'm your brother. Well, your sister. And those markings are seals. Or more like talismans. Or so I was told, because your daughter's still eating you alive. Your life force anyway." Carver practiced it countless times, awkwardly, over the years and regretted it every time. Palmira died thinking she had the solution. Carver couldn't tell him. Not right now. Not when Azrael's sobs grew distorted and broken.

Azrael was on the ground.
Carver could only look at him.
And listen.
Even if all that came out of his mouth was "Please."
He begged.

When did the rain become a storm?
When did the clouds begin to form?

Bunny strode, whistling, to the The Great Old. Iridessa, who was sleeping, woke to the growing tune that came gliding off the sides of Bunny's mouth. She woke up lazily and held onto the entrance of the burrow to get herself out, "Where were you?" She asked her twin sleepily. "Hmm," he whistled still, "Let's go home, rainbow." "I don't like that nickname, Bun." "Tell Aunt Carver that, okay?" Heh, he thought further, Aunt. "But-! You're late. You know that?" "Yeah. That's why I ran here quickly. Like, ASAP." "You ran?" She raised her brow, "From what Or where?" "What are you insinuating?" "Insinuating?" "Stop mimicking me, trouble-maker." "What the hell, Bun. I waited for you until dark, and you're telling me ungrateful things." "How old are we?" "Well, where were you?" "Leave me alone, twin." I was with Aiden, listening to his mumblings and rants. Like  a brother, he wanted to say. But simply because Iridessa thinks Aiden to be. "Psh." She blew the tuft of hair that strayed away from her braid, "Come on, where were you?" "Let's just go home," Bunny held his sister's hand. They walked, 'We're walking home?" "No, stupid. We're not." "Quit calling me stupid." "But stupid suits you." "Wow. I'm in awe." He managed to wriggle himself out of his twin's persistence; combined with Iridessa's absent-mindedness, well, what an amazing feat.

Qullaia finished her spell just in time. She blew her hand soon after casting and began talking to herself. With everyone going in and out of the house for years, and without so much a greeting, she grew a habit of talking to herself. Yet she couldn't blame them, Carver and Garrett couldn't possibly stay cooed in the same house with Azrael. Hawkes drew each other's power out, "Which is especially why I painstakingly set up this barrier! Everyday! What a stubborn pair of uncles!" But even if the barrier was high-tiered even for their Mayfair hunters, it wasn't perfect.

Azrael alone could draw out his surroundings essence: sometimes to himself, sometimes back to wherever he got them. Whichever the case, these essences, spirits, forces, or however one wishes to call them, seep out of the barrier. His first years of slumber were the most turbulent times.
But that was then.

Now, Carver felt the metal door from above them open, and then close. "They're home." "Who's home?" Azrael asked as he felt the same vibration reverberate, and dissipate slowly. His memories were creeping back to him, sweetly, gently. They were poison, and they clung to his veins. But they gave him a repulsive sense of calm.

Clung. And a lighter cling!
Bolts were being unlocked, and Azrael could see that the woman was now worried. She flew.
The woman flew.
Lost, Azrael dragged himself to a stern-looking seat. Just like that, "She left."

Azrael sat there unmoved for what seemed to be a long time, until the indistinct chatter that came from across the room. He shifted. Curiosity challenged him to open the door, or at least pry behind it. Reason bombarded him with consequences. And anyway, he still couldn't move properly. He sat there, seemingly waiting for his doom.

Until the thought of his children.

"You're home," Quillaia beamed, but she looked sad. "Why are you forcing yourself?" Bunny was the first to point it out. "Oh, you know. Life," she replied. "Stop it Qui, you sound like Bunny," Iridessa smirked. "Rainbow," Quillaia smiled at her cousin. "Okay, I'm shutting up." They shuffled, a busy pair they were, before deciding to sit. "We should sit, Bun." "It's not a good idea to sit?" "Why not?" Iridessa was curious. "Quillaia's dazed. We don't like it when Quillaia's dazed." "Sigh, my nine-year old darlings." "No, we're probably older than you," Iridessa joked. "Oh, yes you are!" Quillaia's eyes sparkled, making Iridessa blurt out, "You look like a sticker, Qui," "You mean, an emoji, right?" Bunny had his share in this rather stimulating conversation. "I don't know what those are, honey."

"He's awake, isn't he?" Bunny answered before Iridessa could ask. "Yes, yes! I just finished casting the barrier." "You do that everyday. Sorry, that dad is-" "It's okay, little rainbow." "Why is it that when you say it, it doesn't sound so bad?" "Hahaha!" It was a short laughter, Quillaia was the only one who could blurt out a gasp of laughter and act like she didn't.

But in Azrael, panicked stirred. He scrambled to the door. He almost crawled, when he successfully walked in two legs, he stooped. He was heavy. Every step was heavier. His memories wouldn't elude him. They crept as he did with every joint, and muscle, as well as with every pain that seared through them.

A different woman opened the door, but she seemed more like a girl.
"Uncle!" "Uncle?" Azrael thought. "Oh, my- Here let me help you." She immediately helped him up, and brought him back to bed. "You..." His memories and dreams flooded him as soon as he gasped his remembrance. Most of them weren't even his memories. He simply uttered, "Quillaia?" "Yes! Here... Ah, careful!" "A klutz," Azrael had time for wasteful thoughts, it made him chuckle a low, sincere sound. He quickly sealed his mouth when he realized the inappropriateness of a joke at a time like this. At the same time, he couldn't help it. Even if this place was cold and dark, it felt like home.

His thoughts were interrupted by the girl, "I'm glad you've finally woken up!" "How- how long have I been asleep?" "Nine years. Almost ten. But I'm glad you're back!" "Ten?" This girl talked as if ten years of slumber was nothing, even answering this rhetorical question with "Yes!" As well as adding, "The twins have grown up now! They always visit you. Everyday. Do you hear them talk to you? They always talk to you, Uncle. Ah, silly me. Of course you hear them!" "You talk-, I didn't think Aveline's daughter would be-" he trailed off, realizing how rude he would have sounded, and how calm he was now, "I'm sorry, Quillaia. I'm still lost. I don't know what's happening. Well, vaguely. I, ah. Can't settle for vague." "I just got excited, we've been waiting for you to wake up for so long!"

A quick stab: the heartache was real. "Haahh!" He put one hand over his face, and then another. He didn't say anything for that while. For so long. "I didn't even have time to mourn." He laughed as he cried. His tears stained him, while his empty laughter echoed through the room. "I'm pathetic, aren't I?." "No, Uncle. You're sad. Very sad," she looked at him wallow in confusion. "Leave," he told her but she didn't want to, "Get out." Now, she did, but she looked back at the man she called uncle.

She closed the door gently and whispered, "I'm sorry."
"Wait!" But Quillaia had already closed the door.

"Can we go see dad?" "Oh, rainbow," Quillaia smiled sadly.
"Where's Aunt Carver?" Bunny asked her before she could continue. "She went to get him.' Is Garrett so hard to say?  'Your father's awake, after all," Quillaia continued. "Where did she get him?" "Hmmm. Somewhere, hon. Somewhere." What a difficult woman, Bunny twitched, but he wasn't discouraged, "So, we can't go see him?" "No, not yet, I'm afraid."
Iridessa butt in, "Why not? We always got to see him when he was asleep!"
That's right, tell her. "Your dad needs some time to... think. And..." "This isn't fair, Qui. We've waited for Dad to wake up since forever!" "It's been forever, huh? I know how you feel. I've been waiting for him to wake up, too. Since forever," her eyes softened as she looked at Iridessa. It was a different forever for her. "Then what are we gonna do now?" Iridessa asked Quillaia with plea. "We wait for them."
We're just going to see him. What's so different with seeing him now and seeing him later? Quillaia's gaze slowly shifted to Bunny. He panicked, but it didn't show on his face. He was good at that, very. "Is something wrong, Bun?" Quillaia asked him. "Nothing. I- We just want to see Dad." She touched his cheek, "Oh, you two. I know how you feel. I really do."
"But! But-!" Iridessa pleaded.
"Yes. We want to see him," Bunny simply uttered.
They had already gotten off the ill-colored trophy bench, as Carver had called it. For the sole reason it looked hideous.
"You can't. Not yet."

And let them go, let them fly
Holding back won't turn back time
Believe me, I've tried


"I told you not to risk coming here." "But he's awake, and he's confused." "Naive. I told you I'd come, didn't I?" "What does it matter now? I'm already here." "Were you careful?" "Yes." "Then, go back." "I came to get you. Aren't you coming with me?" "Rash. You're no child, Carver." "So cold." "How humorous." "You mock me, brother." "Oh, do I?" he smirked. "Gale's nastiness has gone into you. But really, no chance of tagging along?" "Tagging along. I doubt it," he admitted with a quick playful smile in his lips, "I'll be there sooner than you expect me, Carver."
But Carver had already flown off. "It's been nine years, huh?" Garrett sucked in, and waited for Gale, "Still surprised by your sister's reawakened power?" "Still not used to having another sister." He gave a quick, light laugh and continued, "Many things have changed." "What hasn't?" "The torment of losing my little girl." "Do you ever wonder what Celestia might think of this?" "Of what of this madness?" "All of it." "Hah, what might she think of this I wonder. But why must we trouble ourselves with what has passed? She's gone into her own little world now." "You're stalling, Hawke. Your brother's waiting and he's con--- fuzzled," Gale smiled. "Confuzzled. How odd." "Oh, I just happened to hear it somewhere."

I suppose this isn't what you'd call an inspired chapter.
At the end of the day, Life should ask you, "Do you want to save changes?"

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Re: Blood of the Mayfair: Chapter 32- Hail Rain or Sunshine
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