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Photo Sharing, Blog Sites, Webhosting and Online Storage Link Suggestions:

** Note: I don't have personal experience with any of these sites. I am just making a list of options to consider.

If you have any suggestions you would like to add, please post below and It will added to the list.


Photo Hosting Sites:

And others, see the articles linked below:

Which photo storage app is right for you?

Best photo storage and sharing sites

11 Best Free Photo Storage Apps

Photo Editing:

GIMP - - Or
Picasa -
Apple Photos -
Fotor -
On1 Perfect Effects 9 Free -
Serif PhotoPlus Starter Edition -
Pixlr Editor -
PhotoScape -
IrfanView - Or

Simple Batch Conversion Using Irfanview

There are other software mentioned in the articles linked below:

The best free photo editors for PC and Mac

12 Best Free Photo Editing Software

How to Edit Photos

Bloging Sites:

Free Website hosting: (Have free starter packages)

Online Storage Space:

Amazon CloudDrive

Paid Web Hosting Sites/Domain Register:

Website Finder Helpers: (Helps find web hosting to suit needs.)

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Updated: Jan. 2023
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I found a helpful comparison of a few photo storage sites from CNET. There's a chart at the bottom of the article that shows the features (such as bandwidth restrictions, image resolution, file type, etc.).

Don't know if anyone would be interested, but I thought I'd build upon MrsFlynn's very helpful initiative.

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