Author Topic: Circus a la Sims - 40x40 Live Show Venue  (Read 3346 times)

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Circus a la Sims - 40x40 Live Show Venue
« on: May 24, 2014, 07:59:08 PM »
Circus a la Sims

Name: Circus a la Sims
Lot Size: 40x40
Lot Type: Live Show Venue
Ideal Placement: any 40x40 lot in any world
Expansion and Stuff Packs Used: Supernatural, World Adventures, Seasons, Showtime, Pets, Late Night, Generations, Ambitions, University Life, Island Paradise (most of this content, except for Showtime, is not strictly necessary)
Store Content Used: Le Cirque Esprit along with a few miscellaneous items

No non-EA created content used.

Download here or see attached file.

A live show venue designed to look like a circus. Complete with stage for your Showtime career sims to perform, as well as a flaming three jump obstacle course for your skilled horses. Unlike the other lots I've uploaded recently, this one is not Midnight Hollow specific and will fit easily into any world. Showtime and the Le Cirque Esprit are the critical components for this venue.


Bird's Eye View:

Late Night bar on the left side:

Food vendors and snow cone machines on the right side:

An Acrobat Performing:


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Re: Circus a la Sims - 40x40 Live Show Venue
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2014, 02:57:05 AM »
This is such a wonderful lot Rhoxi! I was really hoping you would upload it when I saw it in your legacy, a really creative and ingenious circus. Maybe I should buy all the circus store items...
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Re: Circus a la Sims - 40x40 Live Show Venue
« Reply #2 on: June 17, 2014, 06:51:16 PM »
This might be the coolest sim thing I have ever seen! Way to go!

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