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The Sakura Immortal Dynasty: The Original Eight (No Story)
« on: June 17, 2014, 03:18:09 PM »
Hello everyone!  I completed my first Immortal Dynasty earlier this year *throws confetti* and the 8 immortals are below.  I had an idea to do a story that would be a continuation of this dynasty, so I wanted to post the original Sakura's before I post the story so everyone could check them out before I post the actual story.  I will add a link to the story here when I post it and post a link here from the story if you would like to view them again (in case I reference someone for some reason).  Here are the First 8 Sakura's for your enjoyment:

EDIT: I posted the story.  Here is the link:,20310.0.html

City: Twinbrook
Completed: Week 52, Day 1

Founder: Shiroi Sakura

Name: Shiroi Sakura
Traits: Ambitious, Family-Oriented, Green Thumb, Lucky, Natural Cook
Lifetime Wish: Celebrated 5 Star Chef
Career: Culinary
Supermax Skill: Gardening
Other Maxed Skills: Cooking, Guitar
Building: Cherry Tree Bistro
Property: Sakura Fishing Pond
3 Unique LTR's: Super Green Thumb, Discount Diner, Fireproof Homestead
6 Black Ops:
  • Corporate Dining
  • Super Stir-Fry
  • Pure Pomegranate
  • New High Quality Ingredients
  • A lot of Bad Apples
  • Memorable Meals

6 Best Friends:
  • Molly Coddle
  • Lincoln Baker
  • Harwood Clay
  • Buddy Bailey
  • Lang Gwydd
  • David Huffman
Achieved Immortality at: Age 75
Spouse: Clark Peddler (That man has some strong genes!  They do not die out, as you'll see below, until about Gen. 6)
Favorite Color: White

Generation Two: Akai Sakura

Name: Akai Sakura
Traits: Artistic, Genius, Lucky, Savvy Sculptor, Family-Oriented
Lifetime Wish: Rennaisance Sim
Career: Painter
Supermax Skill: Sculpting
Other Maxed Skills: Painting (also Supermaxed), Guitar, Logic
Building: Sakura Community Theatre
Property: Sakura River Beach Park
3 Unique LTR's: Artisan Crafter, No Bills Ever, Speedy Cleaner
6 Black Ops:
  • Pile of Permission Slips
  • Scavenger Hunt: Butterfly Bonanza
  • Outside Reading
  • Art-a-Thon
  • Your Best Work
  • Banquet Centerpiece

6 Best Friends:
  • Shiroi Sakura
  • Maryann Rosas
  • Demario Villaneuva
  • Lolly Rocket
  • Hailey Moalister
  • Carmen Power
Achieved Immortality at: Age 74
Spouse: Maggey Kearns
Favorite Color: Lilac

Generation Three: Orenjiiro Sakura

Name: Orenjiiro Sakura
Traits: Loves the Outdoors, Good, Angler, Family-Oriented, Great Kisser
Lifetime Wish: Presenting the Perfect Aquarium
Career: Angler
Supermax Skill: Fishing
Other Maxed Skills: Bass
Building: Cherry Tree Market
Property: Orenji Pond
3 Unique LTR's: Steel Bladder, Complementary Entertainment, Carefree
6 Black Ops:
  • Badging Ceremony
  • Scavenger Hunt: Rare Elements
  • The Writing Club
  • A Fishy Science Project
  • The Gargantuan
  • A Fish of Life and Death

6 Best Friends:
  • Akai Sakura
  • Christel Adamson
  • Cara Cabral
  • Brant Terrell
  • Rosalind Graham
  • Laurel Brandon
Achieved Immortality at: Age 73
Spouse: Ted Echols
Favorite Color: Violet

Generation 4: Kiiro Sakura

Name: Kiiro Sakura
Traits: Genius, Disciplined, Lucky, Handy, Workaholic, Family-Oriented* (This trait came from her honorary degree)
Lifetime Wish: The Tinkerer
Career: Medical
Supermax Skill: Mechanical
Other Maxed Skills: Logic
Building: Sakura Foundation Hospital
Property: Cherry Tree Springs
3 Unique LTR's: Multi-Tasker, Dirt Defiant, Honorary Degree
6 Black Ops:
  • Free Game
  • Work/School Learning Project
  • Captain Bandshaw
  • Fixing the Celestial Slump
  • Equipment Needs
  • Equipment Arrival

6 Best Friends:
  • Orenjiiro Sakura
  • Pansy Prudence
  • Dina Rutherford
  • Beverly Yue
  • Corey Murillo
  • Stephen Craft
Achieved Immortality at: Age 73
Spouse: Lane Booth
Favorite Color: Green

Generation Five: Midori Sakura

Name: Midori Sakura
Traits: Excitable, Friendly, Perfectionist, Neat, Family-Oriented
Lifetime Wish: Bottomless Nectar Cellar
Career: Nectar Maker
Supermax Skill: Nectar Making
Other Maxed Skills: Drums
Building: Cherry Blossom Spa & Salon
Property: Sakura Family Laundromat
3 Unique LTR's: Flying Vacuum, Suave Seller, Eye Candy
6 Black Ops:
  • Stinky Bugs
  • Spaaaah Marathon
  • Authorized Biography
  • Extreme Digits
  • New Era Master Class
  • Practice Makes Better

6 Best Friends:
  • Kiiro Sakura
  • Araceli Jarvis
  • Billie Quiroz
  • Hayley Sterling
  • Tawnya Moriell
  • Consuelo Burger
Achieved Immortality at: Age 73
Spouse: Neil Grant
Favorite Color: Hot Pink

Generation Six: Aoi Sakura

Name: Aoi Sakura
Traits: Genius, Athletic, Workaholic, Brave, Family-Oriented
Lifetime Wish: International Super Spy
Career: Law Enforcement
Supermax Skill: Athletic
Other Maxed Skills: Logic, Martial Arts
Building: Sakura Stadium
Property: Sakura Lakefront Wellness Center
3 Unique LTR's: Fast Metabolism, Hardly Hungry, The Hustler
6 Black Ops:
  • Research Project
  • Muscle Hustle
  • Afterschool Reward Ceremony
  • At the Health Seminar
  • Jog Everywhere
  • Hard Core Training

6 Best Friends:
  • Midori Sakura
  • Laura Gavin
  • Colette Burks
  • Rod Powers
  • Krista DeJesus
  • Tyrem Mendez
Achieved Immortality at: Age 73
Spouse: Colette Burks
Favorite Color: Black

Generation Seven: Murasaki Sakura

Name: Murasaki Sakura (She was my favorite heir in this dynasty :) )
Traits: Friendly, Good, Good Sense of Humor, Charismatic, Nurturing
Lifetime Wish: Perfect Student
Career: Education
Supermax Skill: Charisma
Other Maxed Skills: Logic, Guitar
Building: Sakura Family Bookstore
Property: Sakura Family Town Center
3 Unique LTR's: Observant, Never Dull, Office Hero
6 Black Ops:
  • Ballet Recital
  • Scavenger Hunt: Beetle Quest
  • Lots of Drama
  • Young Politician's Club Introduction
  • School Snacks
  • Speech! Speech! Speech!

6 Best Friends:
  • Aoi Sakura
  • Natalia Nicholas
  • Wendy Sandoval
  • Efrain Cowley
  • Jamaal Abney
  • Talia Sapp
Achieved Immortality at: Age 73
Lover: Hugh Kidding
Favorite Color: Red

The Final Heir: Kuroi Sakura

Name: Kuroi Sakura
Traits: Artistic, Friendly, Bookworm, Star Quality, Good Sense of Humor
Lifetime Wish: Distinguished Director
Career: Film
Supermax Skill: Writing
Other Maxed Skills: None
Building: Sakura Studios
Property: Sakura Lakeside Library
3 Unique LTR's: Acclaimed Author, Jetsetter, Always on the List
6 Black Ops:
  • The Gossip Column
  • Musical Assembly
  • Emergency Interviewer
  • Rhythm Robot
  • Deliver a Book to China
  • Deliver a Book to Egypt

6 Best Friends:
  • Murasaki Sakura
  • Christin New
  • Melinda Suggs
  • Jarret Hong
  • Wilbur Bauliey
  • Manu Ash
Achieved Immortality at: Age 73
Girlfriend: Tyra Crosby
Favorite Color: Red

The Eight Immortals:

Thanks for reading!  I will add the link to the story as soon as I post it.

Well, thanks to photobucket, all of my images disappeared. I will be re-uploading them via a new image hosting site slowly but surely  ::)

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Re: The Sakura Immortal Dynasty: The Original Eight (No Story)
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2014, 03:24:41 PM »
Woo! When did you finish it? I need to figure out if I need to pass on my title as "First Player to Finish an Immortal Dynasty in Twinbrook" to you or not. ::)

Also, did you send your dynasty info to the Challenge Team?

I'm moving this to the Completed Dynasties board, by the way. Congrats again!
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Re: The Sakura Immortal Dynasty: The Original Eight (No Story)
« Reply #2 on: June 17, 2014, 09:49:15 PM »
Woo! When did you finish it? I need to figure out if I need to pass on my title as "First Player to Finish an Immortal Dynasty in Twinbrook" to you or not.

Thanks, Trip!  I checked when I took the group photo and it appears that I finished on January 18, 2014.

I haven't sent my info to the Challenge Team yet because I had to run to work right after I posted the information  :P.