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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4
« Reply #15 on: January 21, 2015, 08:37:46 AM »
Tanning is interesting for colorful sims, but I'm glad that it was somewhat useful for Shani. Aside from the skin, she got a really nice mix of features.

I'd congratulate you on finishing the first world, but you've seen better things. :P
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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4
« Reply #16 on: January 21, 2015, 11:37:15 AM »
Congrats on completing the first world! I love the goodbye picture at the end. It was awesome  :)

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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4
« Reply #17 on: January 21, 2015, 05:35:22 PM »
Ouch, Shani's skin hurts my eyes a little so I'm pleased you were able to get a work around it. Love the end shot with everyone in it and can't wait to see what the Amins get up to in Monte Vista.
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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4 Generation 5
« Reply #18 on: January 22, 2015, 03:07:38 AM »
Thank you everyone, I can certainly see about putting Shani on the swap shop  :D

World 2 Monte Vista

Monte Vista Game Settings

Seasons: Summer only 28 day cycle
Population: Fairies, Vamps & Werewolves on all others off.
Fixed moon phase

Founders Shani & Orion

Shani Amin
Traits: Friendly, loves the heat, ambitious, natural cook, great kisser

Orion Lawless
Traits: Neurotic, bookworm, natural cook, grumpy, genius

Italian and Latin names are thrown into the mix for this world along with the Sanskrit and Egyptian of the first world.

Generation 5 - Eliana

Shani and Orion arrived in Monte Vista early one morning. They had spent almost all their money purchasing a house out in the hills, it was not the biggest of homes but it had a massive garden and an extra building that might prove useful in the future.

Shani had also spent a little more money on a special gift for Orion.

They married there and then, a new home and a new start as husband and wife putting their past troubles behind them for good.

They wasted no time in starting a family and before long Eliana arrived. Although a slightly darker shade she was green like her father, but it seems the magic got left behind in Dragon Valley for despite her unusual appearance she was human.

She also had her mothers yellow eyes, and her grandmothers black hair.

Money was tight at first, Orion and Shani had both transferred their jobs but his was only at the mausoleum so didn't bring in a lot, Shani kept trying to create a tiberium the same way as Donna had before her but all she ever made were emeralds or jades.

Eliana was quick to make friends when she started school, Horace Rossi had been born a fairy thanks to his father changing into one while his mother was pregnant, there were several children in town the same age as Eliana and a few older ones too.

Orion had planted a few alchemy plants in the garden shortly after they arrived, now she was old enough Eliana took over caring for them, early one morning she went outside to water and weed when suddenly things got rather dark.

Realising what was happening she called her parents and they all ran as far away as possible, the meteor hit smack bang on the spot where Eliana had been standing, wrecking her garden and starting several fires.

But despite the mess and the large crater it turned out to be worth a tidy sum so their money worries were averted for a bit longer.

It paid for a rather old car so Orion could teach her to drive.

And there was a very good reason to learn, you see it also paid for a tractor so now Eliana could really get her garden growing.

High school was over, now she could concentrate on her gardening full time, and with her new tractor it should be a breeze.

Before leaving Dragon Valley Shani had learnt the Ambrosia recipe and now thanks to Orion learning to fish via tabcasts on the multitab she could finally make some, but first she needed to upgrade the replicator she had purchased so there would be more than enough to last for generations if needed.

One nice thing about this town was its market, Eliana could pretty much get any plant she desired there, apparently when he isn't playing for the Llamas Pepe Moretti likes to tend vegetable stalls in his free time.

Eliana's garden was coming along nicely, she spent hours watering, and fertilizing, the days were filled with the noise of her tractor going round and round, she loved that thing and was rarely off it.

But she did sometimes leave it alone to go out, like when she went on a date to the beach with Mikhal Costa one of her old school friends.

And then there were the swimwear parties Horace invited her to, surrounded by semi naked men and she didn't even bat an eyelid.

But then a chance meeting in the park changed her life forever, Orlando Romano had been a child when Shani and Orion arrived in Monte Vista, he was in high school when Eliana was in elementary and left when she started high school, like ships in the night they had passed each other by, until now that is.

The attraction between them was strong, they stayed in the park all afternoon neither one wishing to say goodbye, even Orlando's mother gave them a knowing smile when she passed them by as if she too could sense where this was heading.

And it did, having become the garlic growing queen of Monte Vista Eliana was finished with her requirements and could now do as she pleased and there was only one thing she wanted to do.

They got married in the garden watched by her parents, despite the invite Paola had failed to turn up to see her son marry.

All this time though Orlando had been hiding something, he'd never once let on to Eliana about his true nature but it soon came out once he had moved in.

Had she made a mistake marrying this mean spirited man? maybe if inappropriate Mikhal had tried to kiss her before she was married and pregnant he might have got somewhere and Orlando would have been out of the picture, but then again Orlando had never been anything but a gentleman to Eliana and there were ways of making sure he always would be, perhaps a mid life crisis was in order before the baby arrived.

Any last remnants of Dragon Valley vanished with the arrival of Jay, a rainboo no more, although maybe there would still be a little bit lurking in his eyes.

Generation 5 - Eliana Amin
Traits: Neurotic, loves the heat, over emotional, green thumb, family oriented
Lifetime Wish: Perfect Garden
Unique Maxed Career: Gardener
Two Unique Best Friends: Ariceli Ortega, Irene Ortega
Three Unique Skill Challenges: Master Planter, Master Farmer, Botanical Boss
Four Black Ops: Absolutely Great Produce, Uncommonly Good, Outstandingly Rare, Stomping Grapes

Spouse - Orlando Romano
Loves the outdoors, athletic, family oriented, flirty, mean spirited ( changed to genius)

Green thumb sims love that tractor, it was nice in a way as I never needed to worry about the garden while Eliana was alive, in fact it was probably over watered and fertilized, she never autonomously harvested which was a good thing as at first I worried about others using it but they only did so if I told them to.

A couple of generations on and I forgot about telling them to water the plants occasionally so all my money trees vanished leaving a pile of bills worth almost 200,000  :o

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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4
« Reply #20 on: January 22, 2015, 08:25:19 AM »
And she's pretty gorgeous too!

Sorry about the disappearance of the rainboo color.

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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4
« Reply #21 on: January 22, 2015, 08:26:13 AM »
Eliana is a beautiful name and so is she. That meteorite must have been exciting as well as Eliana and Orlando's relationship.
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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4 Generation 6
« Reply #22 on: January 23, 2015, 02:59:22 AM »
I had absolutely no clue Orlando was mean spirited, obviously a trait he got while growing up as he doesn't start with it, but he's also flirty and he never stopped flirting long enough to be nasty to her, I don't think I even looked after moving him in, it was only when he had a go at that woman I thought "Huh? what was that for?" so yes he hid that very well.  ;D

Generation 6 - Jay

At first glance Jay looked completely normal, no unusual skintone and brown hair like his father, that was until you saw his yellow eyes.

Orion had changed a lot since the move, he was rarely out of sorts and grumpy now, although for Jay that meant his poor cheeks were getting pinched on a regular basis.

Grim's curse that had plagued the men of the house in Dragon Valley finally left as well, for Shani though this wasn't good news.

Indifferent as ever Grim just helped himself to a drink from the Bistro's bar while poor Eliana grieved over her mother.

As soon as they had the funds the family had bought a small plot in town and relocated all the tombstones there so Orion laid his wife to rest next to her parents.

All too soon though he joined her.

Before she died Shani had magically upgraded three nectar makers for Jay, as soon as he was old enough to use them he got to stomping grapes. With his mother providing the fruits from her garden he planned on making a career of it once he graduated high school.

After he moved in Orlando got himself a job at the stadium, putting his athleticism to work. Unfortunately for Jay he didn't take after his dad's physique, instead he grew up all willowy like his mother, which looked fine on Eliana but not so great on poor Jay, still Shani had left behind a body sculptor so he could always beef himself up if he felt like it, but as Shani had discovered it was only a temporary solution.

Orlando soon lost his muscles to old age though, and Jay finally reached young adulthood.

Now school wasn't getting in the way of Jay's nectar making he could finally make it a full time occupation.

He soon amassed a cellar full of quality and some not quite so great nectars.

Eliana's garden had mostly been turned over to money trees now but she kept two sections exclusively for Jay's fruits, and she also planted some fruit trees for him.

Because of the availability of nice quality fruit in town Jay was able to try all sorts of combinations, some worked and some didn't but Life Fruit and Pomegranate proved a winner. To save his mother the hassle of growing things that may or may not be a great combo he would buy them from the market first to try them out.

On one such visit he spotted a pair of wings sticking out of the ground, obviously a fairy had become trapped somehow but what could he do? well he did the only thing he could think of and zapped her with the moodlet manager, it worked but not quite as he'd expected.

You would think Tomeka Monty would be happy to have been rescued from her underground prison but apparently not. As first meetings go it wasn't a good one.

Jay did his best to apologise and eventually she did forgive him for zapping her naked, they even left as friends.

But while Jay was making new friends his father was leaving his behind.

Because of her fairy nature Orlando's mother was still young even though her son had grown old and passed away, Jay was best friends with his grandmother so when she asked him and his mother to a party at her house he accepted. It was at this party he met Nicoletta Lombardi, yet another fairy and one Jay took an instant liking too, Eliana more than approved.

But Nicoletta wasn't the only woman he'd taken a liking to, Emma Perry was another contender for his affections, sort of.

The thing is Emma was the one who first flirted with Jay but if he ever tried to flirt back she rejected him, as far as Emma was concerned she was free to flirt if she felt like it but nobody could flirt with her as she had a boyfriend, this situation was very confusing to Jay, did she like him or didn't she? one thing was certain though Nicoletta welcomed his advances and made plenty of her own, even at a party hosted by Emma herself Nicoletta made it clear to all attending that she was interested in Jay by walking up to him and giving him an amorous hug.

Eliana had so wanted to see her son marry but Jay's indecision meant she never got that chance.

Yet her death pushed Jay into finally making that decision, he had waited too long when he knew deep down in his heart there was only one woman for him. He'd had it all planned out, he would take her to dinner at the bistro, he'd got the ring and a potent cure elixir it would be perfect but his plans went wrong when just as he was about to ask Nicoletta to go steady she mentioned some other guy she'd just started seeing. But they were on a date! how had she failed to mention this guy when he first asked her out? what happened did midnight strike and some mysterious force pushed her into this other man's arms?

Well half his plan had changed but there was no reason it all had to.

As soon as the potent cure took effect Jay asked her to move in, as Nicoletta was currently living in a tiny starter home she was more than happy to accept. It didn't take long for her to realise she wasn't really interested in the man she'd mysteriously hooked up with during their date and was far more interested in the man in front of her right now. Particularly when he was down on one knee offering her a beautiful diamond ring.

They married on the spot, Nicoletta still in her work clothes, but it didn't matter because they were married at last.

When the time came for their child to be born Nicoletta might have gone for a home birth if Jay hadn't panicked quite so much, his screaming really wasn't helping.

So instead they headed to the hospital and emerged a short time later with their new daughter, Lucie.

Generation 6 - Jay Amin
Traits: Friendly, brave, heavy sleeper, hopeless romantic, born salesman
Lifetime Wish: Bottomless Nectar Cellar
Unique Maxed Career: Nectar maker
Two Unique Best Friends: Joelle Berman, Cullen Berman
Three Unique Skill Challenges: Flavourful Feet, Nectar Master, Mix Master
Four Black Ops: Great plums, Pure Pomegranate, Limes Are Key, Excellent Veggies

Spouse - Nicoletta Lombardi
Great kisser, bookworm, excitable, snob, ambitious

I was cursing story progression for that one  >:( their date was going really well I got them up to extremely irresistible and was just about to ask her to go steady but instead got "ask to break up with whatever his name was" memory has failed me there  :P So yes very irritating when it hooks your date up with another man right in the middle of it.

Tomeka is the unborn Monty baby, I almost feel with these sims I should write it like Tomeka Unborn Baby Monty, Joanne Unborn Baby O'Reilly etc.  ;D

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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4
« Reply #23 on: January 23, 2015, 05:58:04 AM »
The Monty's always have a boy in my playthroughs so I call him Claudio =D I was laughing so much from the naked fairy lady, was sure she and Jay would get together after that incident  ;)
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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4
« Reply #24 on: January 23, 2015, 07:29:35 AM »
I kind of expected a Monty boy too, was very surprised to see her trailing into school behind Bianca and Antonio when Eliana was in high school. Next time I saw her she was already a fairy, must have happened straight after she aged up.

In general I let my sims decide their partners, I go by wishes and just behavior around the other sim mostly, Shani didn't pick Orion I did but she never picked anybody else either and of the two brothers Orion was the one she would autonomously flirt with. I still wasn't sure I'd done the right thing when they first got to Monte Vista but they soon proved I had, they could be really sweet together at times and rolled tons of wishes for each other.

So that is why Jay did not get with Tomeka, he just wasn't interested, he liked both Emma and Nicoletta though but in the end he rolled the deciding wish for me to kiss Nicoletta. Something Eliana managed within two minutes of meeting Orlando, I love it when it's that straight forward and decisive, instead of these ditherers who wont make their minds up  ;D

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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4
« Reply #25 on: January 23, 2015, 12:31:39 PM »
Those yellow eyes were quite striking! I really like how you set up the family graveyard. Those little individual plots looked really nice.

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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4 Generation 7
« Reply #26 on: January 24, 2015, 02:56:01 AM »
Thank you, I did a different design in each town, just to give the ghosts some variety, In each town though they had a tea set, they love that thing plus it fills motives for them, I don't like my ghosts being all tired, hungry and bored.

Generation 7 - Lucie

In the same way that Joanne's features had dominated the Amin's of Dragon Valley it appeared that Orlando's would dominate the ones of this town. Not even those yellow eyes could withstand the genetic onslaught this time.

Jay was getting old, he didn't really want to so he had eaten some ambrosia on his birthday, unfortunately he woke up shortly after going to bed that night with a strange tingly sensation, it would seem he had left it to late to try and stop time.

It was a little strange to be so old while having such a young daughter but he didn't want to resort to alternative methods of becoming young so instead he decided to just make the most of the time he had left. And if he wanted a little extra there was always more ambrosia.

But as it happened he needn't have worried, he was there for Lucie's first birthday.

And the next two as well.

And her graduation.

He'd lived to see his daughter grow into a lovely young woman and with luck he'd one day attend her wedding too.

But Lucie wasn't ready to settle down just yet, she longed for adventure, so armed with her camera she set off to travel the world and take pictures of it all. First stop China to take some photographs of the Dragon Cave.

And get in a little tomb raiding as well.

She did various adventures for the locals in an effort to earn herself a level 3 visa, that was how she met Abi Yat Sen.

Abi wasn't alone though, her son was also at the scholars garden that day, it would seem the fates had aligned for Lucie and Liang and who could argue with that.

But as much as she would have loved to get to know him better she still had more work to do for that visa, and more traps to get caught in.

Once she had it though she went straight round to see him.

Her time in China was soon over but even as she handed the Dragon Cave photo to the person who had commissioned it her thoughts kept wandering back there.

Lucie spent some time just taking photographs around town or doing the odd visa photo for somebody but then she got asked to take some photos in France.

There were quite a few Chinese adventurers staying at the base camp but the one Lucie really wanted to see wasn't among them.

But just because he wasn't staying at the same place as Lucie didn't necessarily mean Liang wasn't there.

In fact he was staying outside of Champs Les Sims and commuting there each day, another chance encounter outside the general store gave Lucie the opportunity to finally ask him to go steady.

Inevitably they had to part once more, but at least this time she had a picture to remember him by.

A picture is never as good as the real thing though.

Liang only came for a visit but he ended up staying for good.

Jay had got his wish to see his daughter married and Abi had got to do the same for her son.

They spent their honeymoon in Egypt, Lucie taking photos of the pyramids and showing Liang the ropes of tomb raiding. When they returned Lucie delivered her photographs and was now free to start her family.

For Jay though time had finally run out, he had got to see so much of his daughter's life but sadly he would not be meeting his grandchild.

But at least Nicoletta would still be there for little Leon.

Generation 7 - Lucie Amin
Traits: Excitable, Brave, Adventurous, Photographer's Eye, Flirty
Lifetime Wish: Swimming In Cash
Unique Maxed Career: Photographer
Two Unique Best Friends: Tricia Robles, Andrea Daniel
Three Unique Skill Challenges: Architectural Eye, Photog, Human Form Expert
Four Black Ops: The Dragon Cave, Visa Photograph, French Photos, The Pyramids

Spouse -  Liang Yat Sen
never nude, easily impressed, neat, good, handy

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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4
« Reply #27 on: January 24, 2015, 10:15:01 AM »
Aw, Jay lived so long, heartbreaking that he didn't meet his grandson. I love Lucie's holiday romance, and glad she chose Liang, he's one of my favourite WA Sims.
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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4
« Reply #28 on: January 24, 2015, 06:14:36 PM »
I'm glad that Jay to stay around long enough to see Lucie grow up and get married  :)

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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4 Generation 8
« Reply #29 on: January 25, 2015, 03:11:21 AM »
After what happened with Kiran and the tattoo not working on his birthday I guess I should have known ambrosia wouldn't work either, I just thought it might, but it seems once it's your birthday you can't stop it unless you go back a whole age group, same thing happened with Aiden, I had him eat a couple of life fruit just so he could be there for Tara's wedding but he was 52 when he ate them and obviously already flagged to die that day  ::)

Liang is definitely my favourite WA sim, always has been so when Lucie liked him I was delighted, especially as I find him a nice looking sim and getting his genetics in the family would be awesome, well that was the plan anyway  :P

Generation 8 - Leon

Leon was an adorable little toddler, at this age it looked like he might resemble his father.

But as he grew those droopy down turned eyes showed the only thing he got from dad was their colour.

Leon loved fishing right from an early age, he would have got along famously with Seth.

Grim finally came for Nicoletta, thanks to being a fairy she had lived for a long time already before she even met Jay so she just accepted death gracefully.

Lucie took her mother's grave to the family graveyard and placed her with her father, she even got to chat with one of her ancestors, complimenting Tara on her ghastliness.

Leon's future was definitely going to revolve around fish, they were all he thought about, even in his dreams.

He shared his teenage birthday with his mother's elder one.

Lucie wasn't too bothered about getting old, checking herself out in the mirror frequently, as far as she was concerned she still had the allure.

Liang had some strange ideas about propriety, while he claimed to be never nude, actually not a lie considering he bathed in his swim trunks, he thought nothing of wandering around the house and doing chores in his tiny underpants, even riding the tractor, and didn't seem to care who was about to see him, just so long as any relevant parts were covered the rest didn't matter apparently.

At first glance Leon looked like a really miserable teen, he wasn't though, in fact he was very happy although you could never tell that by just looking at his face, the droopy eyes and down turned mouth hid his true nature a bit too well.

Although he had good reason to be pulling faces when his mother offered to give Leon and his school chum a hayride, Liang wasn't fazed, he'd fought off a mummy in Egypt no hay ride was going to scare him.

The town of Monte Vista was still well populated, new families arrived all the time to replace old ones, Leon met several teens in high school, sometimes visiting their homes after school, it's nice to think he was just smirking at his homework on the multitab and not the dress sense of his new friends, well of course you could think that but you could never quite prove it was the case.

Time passed and his father grew old, not yet choosing to give up his semi naked ways but at least getting some slightly less skimpy boxers.

Soon high school was over and it was time for prom, maybe those girls already wearing their prom dresses were just over eager, Leon though reserved his suit just for the night itself.

Finding your true love at prom is not unheard of, finding nothing more than a teenage fling happens sometimes as well, occasionally though you get swept along in the romance of it all and make choices you later wish you hadn't.

The following morning Leon was having exactly those kind of second thoughts about his choice of prom partner.

But it really wasn't worth worrying about, after all he graduated from high school shortly after.

Now he could spend his days doing what he loved the most.

While there were many new families in town most of the old ones had long gone, only the longer lived ones remained now but even they were getting on. There was one though who Leon very much wanted to meet, he'd heard the tale of his grandfather rescuing a fairy from a fate worse than death, okay it had been exaggerated slightly in the telling but even so this mysterious fairy intrigued Leon enough to seek her out.

And he was very glad that he did.

When Leon had asked Tomeka if she was single she had said yes, but it wasn't until Tomeka's housemate Emma Perry kicked up such a fuss when she saw them kissing he knew something wasn't right here. As it turned out Tomeka had been in an extremely long relationship with David Haines which was news to Leon as David was his grandmother Paola's long term boyfriend. What's more David, Emma and Tomeka were all living in the same house.

But Tomeka agreed her relationship with David was going nowhere, it never had done and it probably never would, especially as he was now a very old vampire and had a steady girlfriend. Why settle for that when Leon loved her and wished to spend his life with her, be it here or anywhere she wished to go. So she ditched her wings, told David she was leaving and moved in with Leon.

She was also sick of working at the bistro so she quit, that wasn't her dream at all, in fact she longed for adventure and to amass a large relic collection worth a fortune, luckily Lucie had already got most of it but a trip to China would finish the collection nicely and give Leon a chance to meet his grandmother.

It's hard to say what Abi actually thought of her grandson but you can take a wild guess.

Because of Lucie having a high level visa they purchased a vacation home, for Leon and Tomeka it seemed like the perfect place to get married.

Leon had his bride but he had not yet finished all his requirements, they still had plenty of time left in China though for more fishing and meditation. With luck he would finish before he became an old man, maybe.