Author Topic: How To: Upload a House or Lot to the Swap Shop  (Read 3147 times)

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How To: Upload a House or Lot to the Swap Shop
« on: February 12, 2015, 05:17:31 PM »
How To: Upload a House or Lot to the Swap Shop

01.) Go to this part of the forum - Sims 3 Houses and Lots,22.0.html

02.) Create a New Topic about your lot. (Click the New Topic Button on the right top - Just above the stickied posts.)

03.) Share the required details about your house or lot.

Lot Size:
Cost when placed on X lot:
Cost when placed on X lot unfurnished:
Requires expansion/Sims 3 store content:

Requires expansions?:
Short Description: Only a sentence or two, to go with the first image as a preview.
Long Description:  Maybe up to a paragraph.

Read more on the required details in the link below.

Swap Shop Instructions & Guidelines

04.) Share some photos of the house or lot, if you'd like. (The link below can help with sharing photos.)

Topic: Sharing Photos on the Forum

05.) Go down under your post where you see the words Attachments and other Options. Click that to open it up.

06.) Attach the file - Click the Browse button, and browse to where you store your Sims 3 files. Usually you find the files in the Sims 3 Export folder.

Go to: ----> Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 > Exports

Look for the file you want to share. Select it, and click Open. The file should now be attached and will be added to your post as a downloadable file.

How To: Export Files

If you want to learn how to upload a Sim, please refer to the link below.

How To: Upload a Sim to the Swap Shop (A Photo Walkthrough),3965.msg79753.html#msg79753

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