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The Gemelli Twins
« on: June 02, 2015, 06:40:44 PM »
The Gemelli Twins

Origin ID: Arefa86
Hashtags: #carlsguide, #arefa, #nocc, #family, #twins, #identical, #sisters, #brothers
Content Used: Sims 4, Outdoor Retreat, Get to Work

Description: I originally created these sims for the Build-n-Share Challenge #19, but I was unable to post it before the deadline.  I still wanted to share my work.  Below is a quote from the challenge:

"Suddenly your office is dwarfed by yards and yards of white organza and tulle as the two identical brides and their twin grooms rush into the office. You'd be convinced you had head trauma and were seeing double if it weren't for the subtle color-coding on each bride and groom. One bride has delicate embroidery and piping on her dress in lilac while the other's is in aqua. The grooms' bow ties coordinate with the brides' dresses. That's a handy way to tell them apart, you think to yourself. Other than the slight color differentiation, both sets of twins are identical. The women both have pale aquamarine eyes, which are striking against their tawny hair and tanned skin. Their features are exactly the same, right down to the beauty mark beneath their right eyes. The men are tall and athletic, with dark hair and olive skin, eyes the color of chocolate. The lilac bride steps forward and grasps your hand in her satin gloved hands..."

Meet the Twins!  Natalia and Bianca are identical twin sisters.  Matteo and Paolo are identical twin brothers.  When the sisters fell in love with the brothers, it was a match made in heaven!  And now... Natalia married Matteo while Bianca married Paolo.  Thoroughly confused yet? These twins love to spend time together.  Whether it is swimming at the pool, joking around, exercising, or just relaxing they can always be found together.  Do their lives seem a little too perfect?  Or will they live happily ever after?

Natalia Gemelli
Age:  Young Adult
Career:  Evening News Anchor (Writer/Journalist)
Aspiration:  Friend of the World - Gregarious
Traits:  Family Orientated, Bookworm, Neat

Matteo Gemelli
Age:  Young Adult
Career:  CEO (Business/Management)
Aspiration:  Fabulously Wealthy - Business Savvy
Traits:  Outgoing, Ambitious, Materialistic

Bianca Gemelli
Age:  Young Adult
Career:  Chef (Culinary/Chef)
Aspiration:  Freelance Botanist  - Collector
Traits:  Foodie, Loves the Outdoors, Romantic

Paolo Gemelli
Age:  Young Adult
Career:  Photographer
Aspiration:  Body-Builder - High Metabolism
Traits:  Active, Loves the Outdoors, Self-Assured

For more pictures please visit

To see the house made especially for the Gemelli Twins check out its forum post!

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Re: The Gemelli Twins
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2015, 03:00:10 PM »
Great twins, Arefa.  Did you write a story with them?  If so, where I'd love to read it.
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