Author Topic: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty [COMPLETE]  (Read 153317 times)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #135 on: September 05, 2016, 05:27:52 PM »
Yay! Congrats on Immortal #3!
I was just admiring how fine Mallory was looking in that red shirt/black pants outfit, forgetting that she was so close to becoming an elder.
And I'm sure Wendell is hot on Mallory's heels, partaying his way to immortality.

Oh wait, no, he's not! He just became a young adult? And are you/we waiting to find out Catherline's third trait?
And I agree with you completely--so much can happen in a sim-week!

Haha, Dimitri in the pink croptop--can't keep a good man sim down!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #136 on: September 05, 2016, 06:58:09 PM »
OhEmGee!  Combine the threshold with a pink crop top and my poor monitor takes a hit again!  Are you sure you're not a stand up comedian in disguise?  I loved the description of how ambrosia tastes.  Nice.  Made me smile and cuddle one of my doggies.
What?  Grannies can't play games?
I speak perfect Nooblik, (and some Simlish)!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #137 on: September 07, 2016, 08:09:15 PM »
@oshizu Thank you! Yes, we must bid adieu to Mallory's cool outfits. She makes a nice-looking elder, but not quite as hip as she once was. Yes, decided to wait on Catherine's third trait. I *ahem* wasn't fond enough of her to move her in early like I did with Lucien.
Dimitri had that pink crop as his everyday wear before I forced him into a closet as a teen to correct his fashion errors. I decided to let him keep it as his activewear, though. He almost pulls it off. :)

@Joria Hooray for doggie cuddles! Glad you enjoyed the crop top as well. Oh, Dimitri. You silly man.

The last chapter was a little short because I ran out of edited photos, but I'm happy to report that after a few days of furious work I have a stash of 500(!!!) so we won't be hurting for material for quite some time. I think I take more pictures with every passing generation. Phew!

Chapter 31:  Options

Alicia:  You know, Iím actually kind of into jazz.

Dimitri:  Shhhhh . . .

Mallory:  This is wonderful. Iím immortal. My two favorite guys are dancing like idiots behind me, and thereís a warm, cheery fire. If I can just maintain this feeling for five more generations weíll be golden.

Arianna:  You donít think bird-watching is too much of an old grandma stereotype? I donít want to become clichť.

Wendell:  Youíre not clichť, Grandma A, youíre a classic. And, Iím going to fall . . . This is pointless.

Arianna:  Better keep at it, honey. Weíve decided from now on all ambrosia-eating has to happen in the museum room, which can only be accessed by teleportation.

Wendell:  What? Thatís not cool. You canít just go adding requirements mid-dynasty!

Arianna:  Tell your Grampa Morris. Heís the one who left a serving of ambrosia just lying around in the fridge for anyone to snack on. Could have tanked the whole operation.

Wendell: Yeah, as soon as I regain my center of gravity me and him are going to have words.

Arianna:  ďHe and I are going to have words.Ē

Wendell:  Okay, now youíre a grandma stereotype.

Arianna:  Dang it!

Wendell:  Nice of you to come rock out with me, Grandma.

Arianna:  I couldnít sleep.

Wendell:  Well allow me to provide you with some soothing jams to sing you off to dreamland.

Arianna:  No, I mean I literally couldnít sleep. I was compelled to get out of bed by forces beyond my control to come and dance. Also, youíre not allowed to practice DJing at night anymore.

Wendell:  You can force the DJ out of the house, but you canít stop the beat. That black sheep Behr brother can sleep though it. I donít know why my family needs to pitch such a fit.

Wendell:  Catherine, you look stunning as usual.

Black Sheep Behr:  I just donít get it. What does he have that I donít have?

Catherine:  Regular access to a shower, for starters.

BSB:  Thereís only one bathroom at my house! What can I do?

Arianna:  Itís so nice that we can still spend this quality time together, dear.

J:  Come on, admit it. Youíre a little bit impressed that I can possess this floor light.

Arianna:  A little, but possessing objects is still against the club rules, dear, so Iím going to have to ask you to stop.

Wendell:  Yeah, Dimitri! Time to crush elderhood!

Mallory:  Well, if we werenít before, weíre definitely boring now.

Lucien:  Weíre just pacing ourselves. The boyís got, like, twenty more parties to throw.

Arianna:  Fair point. Iím going to need to cool it on the cake.

Wendell:  To Dimitri!  Heís . . . pretty cool . . .and he lost all that weight that one time . . .and he has like a bunch of kids and stuff. Cheers!

Dimitri:  Okay, okay. I know youíre only doing  this to fulfill a party requirement. No need to drag it out.

Wendell:  So, cc top got deleted, huh? Bummer.

Catherine:  Yeah, specular issue or something like that. I donít really mind. This oneís only slightly skimpier and itís a good color for me.

Wendell:  No arguments here.

Catherine:  I expect a full makeover once weíre married, though.

Wendell:  Oh, my! Look at the time!

Dimitri:  Now this is what I really wanted for my birthday!

BSB:  And people wonder why I sleep in the park.

Wendell:  *sings* Cleaning up the Behr cave. Uh-huh!

Mallory:  Iím proud of you, honey, and I actually had a really good time.

Wendell: Aw, thanks, ma! Hey, any chance youíve got the energy to do a little portrait session? Iím feeling particularly paintable right now.

Mallory:  You got it, sweetie!

Mallory:  Well, I canít say I approve of your outfit choice, but thereís no arguing with that profile. You are one handsome fella!

Friendly Maid (now with deleted custom skintone):  So guys . . . this is getting pretty intense, and weíve been at it for several hours. Shouldnít I maybe go clean the bathtubs?

Arianna:  Shhhhh! Donít. Even. Breathe. If Morris can pull this off he breaks his record and he doesnít have to give fertility massages to Dimitriís girlfriends for two weeks.

Lucien:  Besides, man. Our bathtubs are all self-cleaning. We pretty much just pay you to play board games with us now.

Samara:  See you out back for my massage in ten, Morris.

Morris:  Sure thing. Just gonna retire real quick here.

Morris:  You know, the ending of a long and illustrious career is a special moment, and Iíve prepared a few remarks-

Samara:  Already out of the room! Definitely not listening!

Wendell:  So Kristen . . . hey there!

Kristen:  Oh. Now youíre interested. Very convenient.

Wendell:  Yes, well, Catherineís remained a teen for ages and Iím getting antsy. Convenience is pretty much the name of the game right now.

Kristen:  Nice.

Wendell:  What I mean to say is, how could I not be interested in you? Just look at you! Youíre stunning!

Kristen:  Well . . .

Corina:  In case anybody cares, Iím here too. As usual. Disapproving of everything you say and do.

Wendell:  Nobody disapproves like you, honey! Youíve made it an art form. Hey, is your skin tone different?

Corina:  Yup. Seems somebody though my custom skin tone looked like ďa bad spray tan.Ē So now I get to be blue. Because thatís somehow better.

Wendell:  *whistles* Tough break.

Wendell:  Uh, Tom? Kind of on a private, two-person group outing right now. Could you not?

Kristen: Omg I love kitties! Theyíre so cuuuuute! Show me more!

Wendell:  Okay, Iím going to go get us some drinks. Kristen, Iíll catch you inside.

Wendell:  Okay! Phew! Now that weíre finally alone . . . .oh well thatís just perfect! Corina? You want to hit up Pan Europa?

Wendell:  So I know we havenít always gotten along, but look how amazingly we dance together! Maybe we should give this a shot after all.

Corina:  Oh really? You think so? Well, let me just tell you, Wendell Spiffendale. Iíve been waiting a long time to tell you exactly what I think of you, and Iíd like you to know that I wouldnít get involved with you if you were the last sim in the simverse! I wouldnít touch you with a ten-foot llamacorn horn! Iím not a bit impressed by your stupid hair and your big fancy house and your cool guy shades that you refuse to take off even though it is incredibly dark in here! I wouldnít marry you-

Wendell:  Okay, fair enough. But do you want to see this new dance move Iíve been working on? Itís pretty sweet.

Corina:  Ugh. What a disappointment. Iíve been practicing that speech for ages and youíre not even offended. Forget this. Iím going home.

Wendell:  Oh, Catherine. Please age up soon.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #138 on: September 07, 2016, 09:43:52 PM »
Awww, poor Black Sheep Behr! Wouldn't it be okay to leave one of those tarp showers in the park for him? Or does he not actually spend all his time at the park?

Whoa, all that cc chaos! Good thing it left your dynasty family unaffected!
Poor Morris---the end of a celebrated career and no one cares about anything except his fertility massages.

Did Mallory telling Wendell she's proud of him mean that he completed his Party Animal aspiration?

Catherine, you need to hurry and age up, girl. Wendell is on the verge of straying...

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #139 on: September 08, 2016, 06:58:59 PM »
Grandma stereotypes.  Too funny!  Wait.  Am I a stereotype?  (checks to see, nope, no bird watching....phew...)
What?  Grannies can't play games?
I speak perfect Nooblik, (and some Simlish)!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #140 on: September 09, 2016, 10:15:58 AM »
Aw, how nice that you have a town hobo with immaculately maintained cornrows. And he comes to parties! Why the cc purge? was it affecting your performance?

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #141 on: September 09, 2016, 02:45:50 PM »
@oshizu The tarp shower is not a bad idea at all! He's not always at the park, but the Behr household is very full these days (Yuki is Dimitri's favorite girlfriend, and the only one he's ever wished to marry) so I don't blame him for wanting some space.
Bleh. CC chaos. I'm sorry it's affecting the story. The file is fine, but I wish I could keep my purges a little more low-key.
Sadly, Mallory's congratulations were just specific to that party. We still have so, so many to go.
As for Catherine . . . well, you'll see.

@Joria From what I know of you, you seem to be a true original. :)

@Tilia Ah, poor Black Sheep Behr. He is one of four Behr brothers (and two sisters), and the only one whose name I cannot remember. There's Chi, who is adorable and Wendell's best friend; Lucas, who is a little dorkier but a steady party guest and has a bit of a thing going with Kristen Rosa; Gary, who has swoopy blond hair and newly blue skin thanks to my purge . . . .and this guy.
As for the CC purge, I play on a Mac, and certain pieces of cc will randomly turn my sims into unbelievably shiny Saran Wrap people. This was the unfortunate case with Catherine's top, so it had to go, along with everything else by that particular cc creator. The skintones were a different issue. I really liked them, Corina's spray-tan aside, but babies in my game were popping up with skins that had nothing to do with their parents, and I really wanted to preserve the Spiffendale genetics, so I took them out in anticipation of the next generation. I may put them back. I may not.

Chapter 32:  Revenge

Wendell:  *singing* Slow motion running! Wendellís in the lead! Gonna catch some angel fish in a park in Willow Creek!

Mallory:  This is pretty cool. I think itís the most dynastic weíve ever looked!

Morris:  Remind me again why Dennis Kim is in our club?

Arianna:  Well, he called up and asked. I didnít have the heart to turn him down. Besides, heís an original townie. I think itís kind of neat.

Dimitri:  Wait, what?  Already?  Oh, nope. False Alarm. I think I just need to change a lightbulb up there. Itís okay, everybody! Iím still here!

Wendell:  Stupid job. Stupid life. Stupid women in this town. Iím so grumpy I donít even care how hot I look in this suit.

Wendell:  Oh, hey! Nice to see you, Catherine.

Catherine:  Hey, Wendell. You look super hot in that suit.

Wendell:  Wait a minute! Did you just romantic social me?  Girl, you have to idea how beautiful that sound is.

Catherine:  Conceited, much?

Wendell:  No! No! Well, yes, a bit, but the point is youíre a young adult, and I donít care what your third trait is, I want you to move in right this second and never ever leave my side again.

Catherine:  Bleeeeeeh! Goofy selfie!

Wendell:  Bleeeeeeh!

Catherine:  Itís Dance Machine, by the way. My third trait.

Wendell:  How did I ever think you were not the most perfect woman ever to grace this world?

Catherine:  Not sure. Could be the insanity. Puts some people off.

Wendell:  Not me! Letís get married tomorrow!

Wendell:  I hope Iím not being to . . .bushy.

Catherine:  Ugh. You are so lucky to have me.

Wendell:  Again, not to ďbushĒ the issue, but we really need to get married ASAP.

Catherine:  I agree, despite that proposal.

Wendell:  Iím so happy Iím finally going to write that song I promised to dedicate to Catherine a few weeks ago.

Wendell:  Pay the bills, break it down. License a song, break it down.

Wendell:  Have I told you enough how amazing you are and how happy I am that you aged up?

Catherine:  Hmmm. Nah. Keep it coming.

Catherine:  So weíre going to throw millions of parties, and I really think you two should come.

Fisherlady:  Maybe tell your family to stop taking up the good fishing spots and Iíll consider it.

Lucien:  You know what? I donít like you. There. I said it. I like everyone. Iím a super easy-going guy, but you I canít stand.

Catherine:  Pssssh. Iím super lovable. You can just take a step back.

Lucien: Nope. Nope nope nope.

Dimitri:  Corina, my recent near-death experience has taught me to seize the moment, so Iím going to go ahead and do just that.

Corina: Finally someone realizes my irresistible potential.

Arianna: Sheesh Dimitri! Donít strangle the girl.

Dimitri: Wait, were you here the whole time?

Arianna:  Iím everywhere. You should know that by now.

Dimitri:  Disconcerting!

Morris:  Werk werk werk werk werk! Morris likes to werk werk werk werk werk!

Wendell: Nice moves, Grampa! You are killing retirement!

Dimitri:  Iím almost certain Arianna is not hiding in the fog anywhere in here.

Corina:  I certainly hope youíre right.

Wendell:  Um, Corina. Do you mind? My fiancťe and I were hoping to have some grown-up time.

Corina:  Actually, I do mind.

Wendell:  Youíre dating Dimitri now. Grandma A saw you. Just get over it and go listen to pop music like youíre supposed to.

Corina:  Still not leaving. Canít make me.

Wendell:  This makes zero sense.

Corina:  And thatís for rubbing my nose in your engagement! And thatís for having a stupid face! And thatís for breaking my heart!

Wendell: I flirted with you exactly once and you hated it!

Corina:  Well, Iím tired now from all that slapping. Iím going to go take a nap in your bed.

Wendell:  Just . . . what is going on?

Catherine:  Well, thereís a lesson for the ages. Never, ever underestimate a Bjergsen.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #142 on: September 09, 2016, 03:18:44 PM »
You really are bushing the limits of the comedy here my friend.  lolz  Sorry about the cc chaos.  I keep hearing/seeing horror stories where cc is concerned which is why, as much as I love some of it, I never, ever, use it.  Tried in Sims2, got burned, vowed never again.
What?  Grannies can't play games?
I speak perfect Nooblik, (and some Simlish)!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #143 on: September 09, 2016, 03:48:20 PM »
The Spiffendales are so a big-hearted family---what? letting Dennis Kim join your family club and take flirty baths!?
Ah yeah, Wendell finally makes a commitment! Dance Machine is the perfect third trait for the spouse of a Party Animal.

Soo...why does Lucien dislike Catherine?
Lol, Morris channeling Rhianna? Get down and dirty, Morris my man!

Oh no, Corina actually slapped Wendell then slept in his bed? Ain't no one gonna believe you're not the one with the Insane trait. Go home, girl, give it up!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #144 on: September 12, 2016, 02:25:26 PM »
@Joria I held out as long as I could on the cc, too, as I'd heard a lot of horror stories, but I finally caved in while waiting for Get Together to come out. I just wanted a little something new! I definitely enjoy it for the most part, and I've had very few problems, but there are definitely days when I just want to get rid of everything. :p

@oshizu Ah, Dennis Kim. I can't help but like him. He's always doing something a little odd. I may have to kick him out in later generations to make room for family members, but for now he's nice to have around.
Yes, Catherine is perfect for Wendell, and I've finally figured out a way to make her not so boring for me, so that makes me happy. I have no idea why Lucien dislikes her, but everytime I catch him looking at her he's making that face. So strange!
Morris dancing cracks me up every time.
And yes, Corina never fails to bring the crazy. She is determined to be a character in this story no matter what it takes.

Chapter 33: Destination Wedding

Dimitri:  Want to know a secret? I have seven other girlfriends and Iím just using you all to make babies to keep the world populated.

Kristen:  Sorry. Say that again. I had something in my ear.

Arianna:  Ah. A Destination Wedding. I should have known you wouldnít do things the easy way, Wendell.

Wendell:  A Wendell Spiffendale Wedding must be truly original. No substitutions. No regrets!

Morris:  But . . .but . . thereís no stove. How can I cater a wedding with no stove?!!?!!

Wendell:  You look radiant by firelight, my dear.

Catherine:  Aww. Smooth Talker.

Catherine:  Look. From this angle it looks like weíre having an intimate moment alone.

Wendell:  Yeah, this is a Christmas Card contender for sure.

Catherine:  Just donít turn around. Layla Fyresí formalwear is a real mood killer.

Lucien:  I still disapprove, and I will ruin all possible wedding photos with my belligerent stinkface.

Corina:  Ah, Lucien! Welcome to the dark side. Come over here and stand inappropriately close with me. It makes the stinkface more effective.

Mallory:  I donít get it! The manís never had an ill-humored day in his life and suddenly heís Ebenezer Scrooge! On our sonís wedding day of all days!

Wendell:  Here comes the airplane.

Catherine:  Here comes the choo-choo train!

Wendell:  Wow. Weíd better be careful. This could end up as a very serious traffic accident.

Catherine:  Beautiful wedding ruined by giant multi-vehicle conflagration!

Wendell:  Letís eat quickly before things get out of control.

Wendell:  Huh. Not bad at all. Not a bit squished by the trip over in my inventory.

Wendell:  Are we cute or what?

Catherine:  So freaking cute. If I wasnít us, I would not be able to stand us.

Catherine:  You donít want to wait until we get home?

Wendell:  Hey, I was conceived at my parentsí wedding and I turned out amazing. I just want to give our baby every possible advantage.

Catherine:  Okay, then.

Corina:  Okay, everyone! Gather around! Gaze in wonder at my amazing six pack abs! Especially you, Wendell! Take a good long look at what you're missing out on!

Catherine:  So, Wendell, this is my mom. Mom, this is my new husband. And the Watcher is somewhere over on the other side of the pool.

Wendell:  The what, now?

Kallie Lee:  Itís okay, honey. Sheís just a bit touched. Thinks you have a Watcher and thatís why you all are doing this dynasty thing. Sheís a darling girl and Iím sure youíll have a wonderful life together. Donít worry about it. And please don't send her back to live with me. Our house is much, much too full as it is.

Good Night Bride . . . .

And Mother of the Groom . . .

Good Night Fathers, numbering Two.

Good night Grandma . . .

and Pollinator.

Good Night, Spiffendales. See you later.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #145 on: September 12, 2016, 04:44:03 PM »
Ah, the beautiful fragrance of the Night Garden.

(Search youtube for In the Night Garden and watch the bit at the end of every episode when they are falling asleep).  Intentional or not @FrancescaFiori you have managed to capture the essence of toddler TV in that last section. Thank you for giving me a good giggle.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #146 on: September 13, 2016, 09:29:11 AM »
Aw, the classiest end to a very classy affair. I do always feel like my sims don't have the stamina for events, the host often peaces out to go nap while the rest of the household takes care of the medal. I, for one, am impressed by Corina's NPC abs. Genes or effort, I wonder?

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #147 on: September 13, 2016, 03:53:24 PM »
Wendell's wedding will be so very hard to outdo. You realize that, don't you?
Arianna mentioned not having a kitchen--did you bring all your own supplies, a portable bar, and then pray that no cooking-related party milestones emerged?

Loved this wedding. Wendell is one of the most entertaining sims ever! (Watchette, Eduardo! Your title's being threatened!)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #148 on: September 14, 2016, 01:43:39 PM »
@HelenP Oh, my. I found the Night Garden and watched a full episode with my almost-two-year-old. She was mesmerized. I don't know whether or not to thank you. :) I do know that any time I want her to crack up now I can just say, "Tombliboo trousers!"  ;D
@Tilia I know! They had the deck kind of stacked against them, though, because I had to wait to start the wedding until Wendell got home from work and it was pretty late. I get too impatient, though, to wait to hold events until everyone has a day off. Corina's abs are all genes. I gave her a makeover the second she aged up to teen and those abs were already there. She scares me quite a bit.
@oshizu Wendell's party kit is pretty nicely tricked out at this point. He carries several cakes, a DJ booth, a bar, a stereo, a cardboard dance floor, several emotional paintings, and camping tables (to put the cakes on) at all times. It isn't always enough for gold, but almost always, and it totally worked for the wedding. I can't wait for City Living (I just pre-ordered) because it looks like there will be a portable piano! Then we can really live it up!

Chapter 34:  Watching the Watcher

Catherine:  Woohoo! Check me out, Watcher! Iím a pregnant lady!

Watcher:  *ahem* Yeah . . . about that. Weíre, um . . . weíre not doing the whole ďWatcherĒ thing in this one. Donít get me wrong. I think itís a wonderful narrative strategy, a classic really, and there are definitely times Iíd love to give you all a piece of my mind, but I made certain decisions about the way I wanted to tell this story when I started and I want to be consistent so .. . no more watcher dialogue, Ďkay?

Catherine:  So Iím just supposed to ignore the fact that youíre always around, watching everything I do? I mean, youíre in the bathroom with me right now. I canít exactly pretend thatís not happening.

Watcher:  *sigh* Nobody else seems to have a problem with it. And, you know, itís not even like youíre pretending. In this particular imaginary universe, I donít exist. I am not a character in this story. No Watcher. There has never been one, and there isnít now. We are not having this conversation. Now go eat some strawberries and forget about it, okay?

Catherine:  But, like, this right here. I donít like strawberries. I donít want to eat them. They only fill my hunger up by a little bit. Iíd much rather be eating a BLT. Yet, here I am. Eating strawberries. Repeatedly. Why would I be doing that if there werenít a Watcher telling me to?

Watcher:   . . . .

Catherine:  Okay, then. Since Iím not being Watched, I guess Iíll just go mourn somebody in the little cemetery over there.

Watcher:  No! Stop it! Curse you people and your stupid mourning! You never even mourn someone you actually even knew! Youíre going to mourn Gemma Goth! Gemma Goth of all people!

Catherine:  She was my stepmom. I miss her deeply.

Watcher:  You do not! You never met her! Yes, she was technically your stepmother, but you barely even knew your father. And speaking of your father, his tombstone is right next to hers! If you want to mourn somebody, mourn him!

Catherine:  Hey! Gotcha! Got you talking! Come on! Be my pal! Letís talk about stuff!

Watcher:  Iím beginning to understand why Lucien doesnít like you.

Catherine:  Oooh! Fancy book! For me?

Watcher:  For you. Believe me it wasnít easy getting your father-in-law to write it for you, but I pulled it off. Now I want to be very clear. This is a bribe. Iím giving you this book so you will leave me alone. Do we have a deal?

Catherine:  No way! Now that I donít have to eat or sleep anymore, Iím going to have even more time to talk to you! You did not think this through.

Watcher:  Okay, forget it. J just called, so Iím going to lunch with Arianna and Dimitri. You have fun being un-watched for awhile.

Catherine:  Hurry back!

Watcher:  Wonít!

Arianna:  Darling! You always know the best moment to call and invite us out!

Dimitri:  Layla, youíre a lovely girl. Stunning, really, but a place like this has a certain standard of dress, and Iím afraid your jeans might raise a few eyebrows.

Layla:  Oh, okay. Hang on.

Dimitri:  Okay thatís . . . not much better, but I can work with it!

Wendell: I donít mind getting my practice done here, but I canít help but feel like somethingís trying to keep me away from home. Iíd really like to see my wife, and Grandma and Grampa have been eating lunch for ages over there. If I had my druthers Iíd totally be home right now. Oh, well. No druthers for Wendell.

Lucien:  I still donít like her, and if I have to hang out here playing horseshoes all night to avoid her, then so be it.

Lucien:  Ow!  Aw, man! Forgotten birthday! I blame Catherine!

Layla:  That was a wonderful meal we had together, Dimitri. Now how about a little dessert?

Dimitri:  Oh, Layla. You really know how to light my Fyres.

Layla:  You have been spending way too much time with Wendell.

Catherine:  Ugh! How do you stand it? The puns are just excruciating around here.

Watcher:  I thought we talked about this. No more Watcher conversations. Go back to your nice book. Youíll never finish Renaissance Sim if you keep stopping to gesticulate wildly. Also, Iím the one responsible for those puns, so be nice.

Catherine:  So you admit youíre in charge?

Watcher:  I admit nothing. Read your book.

Catherine:  Look. I have a proposal. Letís compromise. Just hang out and talk with me sometimes and I will transfer any pent-up messages you want to send to other members of the family. If somebody starts mourning, I can redirect them. If Dimitriís girlfriends change the radio station, Iíll change it back. I can help you. I can be your ally.

Watcher:  Why would you want to do that?

Catherine:  Well . . . I kind of like the idea of being an insider. My mind functions a bit differently than everybody elseís. It would just be nice for that to be an advantage for once. I could get the inside scoop. Have a bit of input. Subtly pull the puppet strings, you know?

Watcher:  Well, I guess I canít argue with that. At least not without sounding like a hypocrite regarding the whole puppet-strings bit. Weíve got rules, though, you know. You should probably check out the forum thread. No pulling strings that cause anybody to die or anything.

Catherine:  Forum thread, eh? I like it. Sounds covert and exclusive. Iíll check it out.

Watcher:  Are you sure youíre not just angling to go into the Secret Agent career? I can totally make that happen.

Catherine:  Nah.

Lucien:  No, itís no problem, Arianna, because I am a cool guy and I make a very appealing elder. Also, they make my favorite shades with a prescription, so Iím good to go.

Arianna:  Still Mr. Coolguy after all these years.

Lucien:  Watch it, Madame Founder! After your next ambrosia, youíll technically be younger than me! You little whipper-snapper!

Wendell:   I am a majestic stork bird! Teleportation here I come!

Watcher:  Cheese it! Here comes Arianna!

Catherine:  No, no itís cool! Iíll just pretend to be talking to this book. *Loudly* Thatís a really funny joke, Watcher Book. Ha ha!

Arianna:  Sooo, the book is the Watcher?

Catherine:  No, no. She just uses it as a medium of communication. Isnít that right, Watcher?

Arianna:  Youíre not becoming some sort of religious zealot, are you?

Catherine:  Goodness, no! Just like to have a nice chat with our great ruler and creator every now and then! Isnít that right, Watcher?

Watcher: I donít have to answer, right? Youíre talking to the pretend Watcher now?

Arianna:  So what was the joke?

Catherine:  What?

Arianna:  The funny joke the Watcher Book told you?

Catherine:  Oh, it was  . . .um . . . What was it again, Watcher?

Watcher:  Uuuuumm . . .  . A man walks into a bar with a hot dog and says, ďOnly one of us is leaving here alive!Ē

Catherine:  Why are all of your jokes about hot dogs?

Arianna:  It was about a hot dog? I donít know any jokes about hot dogs. This is giving me a headache. Iím going to go meditate.

Catherine:  High five, Watcher! We were super smooth!

Watcher:  Yup. Smooth like butter. This is a super good plan that I do not instantly regret.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
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Excellent. Does she have the insider trait to go along with insanity? What a fun way to play with a different style of narrative. Question for you - how'd you get the tombstones of townies who didn't live with you? There are some ... uh, dead people in my legacy town I miss.