Author Topic: Top Secret: The Spiffendale *Unofficial* Immortal Dynasty [COMPLETE]  (Read 178302 times)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #240 on: November 21, 2016, 02:15:30 PM »
@oshizu Thanks! Man, getting sims to dislike you is really hard work! I'm pretty sure you're right that the ghosts won't eat the ambrosia by themselves, but they still make me nervous. I think my mistake was putting in another basement room. They never came in to the ambrosia room before then. I needed room for the microscope, though! And the photo studio! And now a yoga room! (The elder crowd is all getting a little soft in the middle.) I'm so glad the ambrosia conversations aren't getting old! I still plan to use that room. It's a nice little check-in/family meeting for everybody. :)

@Joria Thank you so much! Never stop laughing! Otto and Wendell appreciate your support.

@MarianT Me, too! I love that nose! I'm keeping my fingers crossed we can keep it (and maybe the blue skin) until the dynasty ends.

Chapter 57:  Voodoo You Do?

Pernille:  So hey, itís a little early still, but I was going to work on my Good Friends here in a bit and I thought you might like to tag along, maybe work on your mischief?

Otto:  Oh, hey! Yeah, thanks. I could stand to clog a few sinks. Let me just finish this routine.

Pernille:  Sure thing, honey. Iíll drag those voodoo dolls out of storage, too.

Otto:  Nice!

Pernille:  Okay, thanks Gracelyn! Got that for posterity. Iíll be in touch every couple of days for friendship maintenance. Help yourself to whateverís in the fridge.

Gracelyn:   . . . Thanks?

Pernille:  Awww. Youíre welcome. Later!

Pernille:  Eva Landgraab! So good to see you! I canít believe Iíve never visited you here before.

Eva:  Yeah, I guess. Is your son upstairs in my private ensuite bathroom for some reason?

Pernille:  Oh, gosh. Yeah. Weak bladder. Poor kiddo. Iíd appreciate it if you didnít mention it. Heís very sensitive about it.

Eva:  Oh, okay.

Pernille:  Would you like to hear an amusing anecdote?

Otto:  La la laaaaa!

Pernille:  Woot! Hip bump! Feeling energized, son?

Otto:  Oh yeah. I feel like several thousand simoleons worth of artwork!

Eva:  You guys are so kooky! I love it!

Eva:  Watchaí doiní back there, you little scamp?

Otto:  Oh, nothing much.

Pernille:  Yeah, and I hope ďnothing muchĒ works this time, before somebody gets suspicious.

Otto:  You cannot rush artistry, okay?

Otto:  Success! Oh, the power! The absolute power!

Otto:  Oh, hey buddy! You cute little buddy! Who wants a hug? Awww. There there. Daddy loves you!

Eva:  Hey hey, guys! Who wants to head out for cupid juice? I feel like getting frisky!

Otto:  HaHA! Take that! And that! and . . . is this doing anything? Oh, well. It counts.

Otto:  Oh, no! Itís a giant wave, and itís headed right for you! Look out! Phsssssshhhh! Tsunami! Waaaaaah!

Eva:  Uhhhhh . . .Iím suddenly very uncomfortable.

Otto:  Okay, mission accomplished! Time to go!

Pernille:  See you soon, dear!

Pernille:  Yay! Besties! Can we step out of your bathroom, now, though?  My son has an interest in plumbing, and I think heíd like to take a look at yours.

Karla:  Knock knock! Guess who aged up! Somebody invite me in . . . permanently.

And now, a brief interlude to examine the path that led us to the perfection that is Karla Behr:

Clockwise from Bottom Left that's Grandfather Dimitri Hagan, Mother Presley Behr, Father Ullal Francis, and Grandmother Yuki Behr.

Pernille:  Oh! How lovely of you to come, dear. Shall we get started right away? Freelance Botanist is a nice one. Iím sure Grandmother Arianna will be happy to have a hand with the garden. Youíll need to plant a few things of your own, of course. All of ours are already perfect, but adding in a few new plots should be simple enough.

Karla:  Thank you, Maíam.

Karla:  Perfect girl, off to a perfect start.

Wendell:  Okay, I guess the mystery of whoís been destroying the dollhouse has been solved. Evil or Hates Children?


Wendell:  Okay, then, Iím going to have to ask you to stop. Please step into the living room with me.

Wendell:  Okay, now please get out of our house. And donít come back.

Austen:  Oh, gosh! Iím suddenly so ashamed. I had no idea.

Wendell:  Yeah, tell it to the dollhouse dolls who are now homeless. Now get out.

Otto:  So, itís a conspiracy, right? They make us churn out all of these satisfaction points, but where do they go, Gwendolyn? Where do they GO?

Gwendolyn:  Donít you guys use them to buy extra traits and potions and stuff?

Otto:  But who determines the value of these potions, huh?  And once the points are spent, who gets them?  Think about THAT!

Gwendolyn:  I donít know, Otto. It seems pretty straightforward to me.

Otto:  Thatís what they WANT you to think.

Otto:  OMG. This guy, am I right?  Youíre crazy, my friend. Oops! Time to go calm down in the mirror, again.

Otto:  And thereís officially nothing funny about yoga. Sad. Trom. Bone.

Otto:  Okay. I stand corrected. This is a little funny.

Morris:  Ooooh! Now thereís a surprise. I guess Iím a sherbet guy. New food trend alert, yíall. Sherbet is officially in.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #241 on: November 21, 2016, 04:34:36 PM »
Only you would combine Pernille making friends while Otto wreaks havoc behind the scenes.  Too funny.  And Morris, I'm with you man, I love sherbet, and chocolate peanut butter ice cream and......ok, calming self down in the mirror.
What?  Grannies can't play games?
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #242 on: November 21, 2016, 07:36:50 PM »
Otto is such a brat, I love it! I never play with mischievous sims but they're so fun to see. I have a feeling that the nose will be the new Pancake jawline, it won't ever go away.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #243 on: November 21, 2016, 08:59:26 PM »
Love, love, love Pernille and Otto!  You cracked me up.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #244 on: November 22, 2016, 11:51:14 AM »
That mother-and-son on a Good Friends/Mischief rampage was hilarious. You must be on the verge of gaining your fifth immortal.

Thanks so much for the Karla collage--I'd never realized what a looker Dmitri was and it's always nice to be reminded of Ullal.
Karla really scored like a bandit in the genes department!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #245 on: November 23, 2016, 12:20:55 PM »
@Joria You're making me hungry! Glad you liked the multitasking. Pernille and Otto are a good, if odd, team. :)

@NexttoNormal Yeah, Mischief is not my favorite skill, but Otto makes it fun for me. He is delightfully bratty. I hope you're right about the nose! Lucien's legacy must live on!

@Caterina Yay! Thank you! I do think they are a good duo.

@oshizu Thank you! Yes, Pernille is very close indeed. She really just needs to age up! I'm so glad you liked the Karla collage. I really never gave Dimitri enough credit. He's quite a cutie. I guess I got too wrapped up in his scrawniness, but I think Karla can thank him for her lovely mouth, skintone, and maybe even nose. Nice work, Dimitri. I was happy to have a reminder of Ullal as well. *sigh* I think Ullal gets credit for Karla's cheekbones.

Chapter 58:  The Era of the Goopster

Karla:  I am so killing this. Itís almost too easy.

Otto:  Oh, yeah! Iím an A student, fools. Thatís how itís done. Now on to the more difficult task of the week: living in the same house with my suddenly-older girlfriend without losing my mind.

Mallory:  Iím so excited! We havenít had another art lover in the house for . . .well, ever! We are going to have so much fun together!

Karla:  I know, right? This must be so great for you.

Otto:  Sink-breaking selfie! Oops! This is now a photo of me getting caught by my girlfriendís mom! Hashtag busted! Hashtag ontothekitchensink!

Presley:  Umm, I have to pee. Get out. Of my house. Forever.

Brother Behr:  Dude. No. This is not happening. Go clog somebody elseís sink.

Otto:  Hashtag boo.

Wendell:  Bjergsens! Youíre looking awfully blue today!

Karla: Brilliantly, beautifully blue!

Wendell:  Yes! Letís stay outside here and talk about it!

Wendell:  Stargazing! Yes!

Milo Bjergsen:  Itís actually kind of cloudy tonight.

Karla:  No. Youíre wrong.

Wendell:  Indeed! Itís always clear in Windenberg. I think thatís even a travel slogan.

Milo:  Okay. I guess.

Karla:  Okay, if Otto hasnít clogged the sink by now, then itís not going to happen. Letís go. My shorts are getting wet.

Wendell:  Okay. Moving out! Thanks for your cooperation, Bjergsens!

Milo:  Wait, what now?

Pernille:  Not as exciting as the first one.

Karla:  Well, these are fun. Donít seem to need water, either. I wonder where they got them?

Otto:  Still a bath guy. Baths today. Baths tomorrow. Baths forever. Iíd better put oranges on the grocery list.

Eduardo:  Hello there! Pretty new maid! I tell you, honey, if I were younger and had solid corporeal form . . .

Maid:  I should never have dropped out of school. I bet my astronaut sister doesnít have to deal with flirty old man ghosts.

Goopy:  Oh, it hurts! The Goopster has been forgotten in his old age!

Goopy:  Itís okay. Nobody panic. Iím still handsome.

Pernille:  Iím so sorry about your birthday, sweetie. Listen, weíre a little low on Potions of Youth, why donít I make it up to you by doing Soul Mate with you? Youíll have my full attention, and lots of bonus romantic interactions. Deal?

Goopy:  Iím feeling strong and confident just thinking about it!

Otto:  Youíre dumb and lame!

Matthias or Henry or Something:  Youíre a loser!

Otto:  Youíd better be careful. Last time somebody goofed around with me, she ended up getting promised to me.

MOHOS: Well, we do have a bit of a pink bar from that time we . . . you know . . . went to the sauna.

Otto:  Look, I donít know why thatís a friendly club interaction, and I cancelled it as soon as I figured out what was going on, and if you ever tell Karla I will kick your butt for real.

MOHOS: Okay, okay. Just saying. We seem to have a connection.

Otto:  Itís off the table, bro. Off the table.

Otto:  So do you have any redeeming qualities at all?

Austen:  Nah. Just an evil guy who likes smashing stuff.

Otto:  You know, I used to work in demolition. I got fired, though, because I was always getting into rubble.

Goopy:  I love working on Soul Maaaaaaates! This is really the era of the Goopster. I was born to be coddled and adored.

Goopy:  I just relish being swept off my feet.

Pernille:  Youíre adorable.

Pernille:  The makeout shots are getting a little gratuitous, donít you think?

Goopy:  No, no. This oneís kind of artistic. We should definitely make out longer and in different positions to make sure weíve got the absolute best record of our lip-locking.

Otto:  Man, it is so hard to do this without looking like I have a double-chin. I finally get the angle right, and then my face just looks pained. Iím going to have to take about a thousand more before I finally get what I was going for. Oh, well. Not like I have anything else to do.

Otto:  Okay, now that weíre all gathered in one place, itís time for a serious barrage of jokes. Everybody steel yourselves. Weíre getting this skill maxed

Goopy:  Come here, you. I found a place in the house we havenít made out yet.

Pernille:  Whee!

Pernille:  I love that youíre still surprised even after Iíve given you, like 15 roses.

Goopy:  Theyíre all so uniquely lovely!

Goopy:  You know, I could dip you one of these times.

Pernille:  Nah. Youíre the old guy. You get the easy job.

Goopy:  If you think bending my back this way is easy, you are going to have a rude awakening on your birthday in a few days.

Pernille:  I look forward to it!

Pernille:  Oh, yes! Thatís the spot! A couple more of these and Iíll totally be ready for more dip kisses.

Goopy:  Bring it on!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #246 on: November 24, 2016, 05:18:41 AM »
Goopster romance ftw!!  He doesn't get a youth potion?  He and Pernille are the best.  I did not know you could cloudgaze with more than one person at a time!  Loved that shot.  Off to bake another Thanksgiving apple pie.  Hope your day is blessed and full of fun, family and food.
What?  Grannies can't play games?
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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #247 on: November 24, 2016, 12:05:13 PM »
My, Otto sure travels with back-up when he clogs drains.
Awww, poor Goopster, his birthday forgotten. I laughed that Pernille mentioned out loud that they're short on Potions of Youth.
Yeah, I could imagine Gooper would love doing Soulmates with Pernille--they're so cute together.

I totally laughed at Otto and MOHOS though. That pesky sauna as both friendly and romantic social, lol.
There are toys randomly placed around the house. Is that to help Otto get into a Playful mood?

So close to your fifth immortal now!

(@Joria! Save me a piece of that apple pie!)

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #248 on: November 25, 2016, 03:22:11 PM »
@Joria LOL! Sadly, no youth potions for The Goopster. Much as I love him, I'm not willing to tank the entire dynasty just to keep him around. He lives on in my library, though. I think you can only cloudgaze with one person at a time. Wendell is cloudgazing with one of the Bjergsens and Karla is cloudgazing with the other one, and they just happened to lie down in that nice straight line for me. Lucky! Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving! Apple pie is the best!

@oshizu Yeah, man. Backup is needed. I feel like sims have gotten much more protective of their sinks lately. Otto is Childish, so the toys around the house do help him get in a playful mood, but they are not scattered about on purpose. My sims unfortunately take after their watcher in terms of tidiness. :)

Chapter 59:  There's Nothing Funny About Hysteria

Otto:  Tada! Time to perform until everybody laughs themselves into a coma! Laugh, you little minions! Laugh until your throats bleed!

Otto:  Did I ever tell you about the times I worked as a barber, manicurist, museum docent, lawyer, politician, or yoga instructor? NO? Well, get ready!

Otto:  Hi there! Welcome to the Spiffendale household! No hysteria scares in approximately five minutes! At the Spiffendale household, we care about your cardiac health, so we offer a variety of calming down methods, including mirrors in every room!

Otto:  So, as I was saying . .. you okay, Dad? You're glowing a little pink, and you have a hint of hysteria around your eyes. Do you want to go take a nap?

Goopy:  Iím good for the moí.

Otto:  Okay, but Iím about to do the bit about the Sixam Pit Beast, and I know how much you love that.

Goopy:  *chuckles* Oh yeah. I donít know why people getting devoured half-alive tickles my funny bone so much, but there you are.

Austen:  Itís always the quiet ones.

Pernille:  Ahh. A nice book and a quiet bench. No need to head home just yet. Donít get me wrong, I love my needy husband and exhaustingly hilarious son, but sometimes a girl just needs a minute or two to herself.

Karla:  Huh. Thatís funny. I really thought I wanted lobster thermidor. I even got it out of the fridge and set it there on the computer keyboard to munch on while I browsed art references, but suddenly, now that Iím here, all I can think of is a nice low-calorie fish taco.

Otto:  Get it? The herd shot round the world! Why do you always make that face when I tell you a joke?

Karla:  This is my amused face.

Otto:  You swear youíre amused? You look kind of like youíre dying inside and trying really hard to cover it up.

Karla:  Nope. Super amused. Great joke.

Otto:  Oh, good! Because Iíve got lots more!

Otto:  So hey, did you know that Lobster Thermidor is, like, the most highly caloric food you could possibly eat?  Itís like, second only to Weight of the World ice cream.

Karla:  Oh, no! My amazing figure! My future as a pampered and cherished trophy wife!

Karla:  Oh, my gosh. That was a joke, wasnít it? Oh, you really got me good that time. Wow.

Otto:  I know! It was great, wasnít it? Not a joke, though, incidentally. If youíre going to eat that stuff you might as well just drink an Insta-Large right now.

Otto:  You know, in all honesty, Iím still going to like you if you eat lobster thermidor all day and get enormously fat and stuff. I just like you.

Karla:  Please. Of course you do. Iím gorgeous and Iím perfect, and Iím so not getting fat. Plus, Iím already in the house, so you couldnít do anything about it even if you didnít like me.

Otto:  No. For real. I just . . . I like you. Iím excited to age up and get married to you. I donít mind that you donít really laugh at my jokes and that youíre sort of mean to me. I think youíre cool.

Karla:  Youíre a moron.

Otto:  *shrugs* You have a stupid face.

Karla:  *blushes* Okay, I like you too. Now shut up and go max your skills.

Ullal:  Well, hello there, my little pumpkin spice muffin! Itís me! Your old Dad!

Karla:  Oh, hey there ďDad.Ē Nice of you to make an appearance in my life now that youíre not actually alive, anymore.

Ullal:  Precious angel, you seem upset. Is anything the matter?

Karla:  No . . I just . . . Otto was just really nice to me and . . . I hate it because . . .I liked it. And I want him to like me, like, not just be obsessed with me because Iím pretty and, and . . .that makes me sad.

Ullal:  Sweetheart, of course he likes you. You are the light of his life, just as you are the light of mine. You are a wonder.

Karla:  Mom hated me.

Ullal:  My darling, your mother is a terrible person. Itís time you knew this. I cannot regret my relationship with her, because it resulted in your birth, but she is person who never should be around children. You cannot blame yourself for this.

Karla:  Okay. I guess. Whatever.

Ullal:  Thatís my girl!

Arianna:  Okay, we all get a pass this time because the notice came in the middle of the night. Weíre just going to call this a pajama party.

Karla:  Crap. Now I miss my Dad. Come back soon, Daddy.

Pernille:  Hiyeeee! Hey girl, whatís up? Oh, my gosh we really need to get together soon and do our nails and eat brunch and stuff! Good friends stuff! ĎCause weíre still good friends, right?  OkayCoolBye.

Morris:  I remember when I had friends.

Otto:  This isnít weird for you? Helping your teenage boyfriend with his homework?

Karla:  Nah. I want to help. Besides, I donít want you to be stupid. Hey, can we go to the museum after this? I need to look at art.

Otto:  Sure thing, Iíve been wanting to do a little art shopping.

Karla:  Itís a museum, not a store.

Otto:  For Otto Spiffendale, there is no difference.

Otto:  So Iíll just nonchalantly read this book over here. Oh, gosh. A big empty space just appeared on the wall. Thatís odd. Someone should talk to the curator.

Karla:  All right, girls. Observe and appreciate. Culture is important, and if you want to be my friends, youíd better acquire some.

Otto:  Ugh. Boring. Karla, can we go home now?

Rainn:  Otto, I thought you were the club leader.

Otto:  I mean, yeah, in name, but Karla is clearly the one in charge here.

Karla:  Clearly. Good boy.

Rainn:  Gosh, Mr. Spiffendale, youíre really working that towel.

Wendell:  Canít keep an old man down, young lady!

Otto:  Hey there! Itís Eduardo! Does everybody know Eduardo?  Of course you do! Unless you were randomly generated within the last five seconds, heís your grandfather! No, but seriously, this guy has so many kids heís been made an honorary rabbit. Heís so prolific at producing offspring that aliens are abandoning their current pollinating plans and focusing fully on trying to resurrect him for use in dominating the universe.

Eduardo:  Haha! You totally hit the nail on the head! This guy. Heís got my number.

Mallory:  Oops! Sorry, honey. Didnít mean to barge in on you.

Otto:  Oh, no. Itís cool. I just had another hysteria episode so I was calming down.

Mallory:  Oh! Gosh! Thatís too bad. Oh, well. Iíll go reset the counter.

Otto:  Yup. Bummer. I think we made it almost 48 hours this time.

Mallory:  Ooof. Iíll be glad when your career is maxed.

J:  Hey! Morris! Making ambrosia?  Hey, listen, the other ghosts and I were talking, and we love your fish tacos, but we were thinking it might be nice to shake things up a bit, maybe have like some grilled cheese or something? I know itís not up to your usual culinary level, but comfort food is definitely hot right now.

Morris:  Dad, I love you, but I am not even going to dignify that with a response.

Angel:  Hey, there sir!

Morris:  Iím sorry, and you are . . .?

Angel:  Iím Angel! Ottoís friend!

Morris:  And youíre interrupting me because . . . ?

Angel:  Look, some ghost guy told me heíd give me 20 simoleons to ask you to make a grilled cheese sandwich. I just . .  .I thought . . .

Morris:  Why donít you go have a seat?

Angel:  Okay.

Morris:  Oh, are you still here?

Angel:  You told me to have a seat.

Morris:  I meant in your own kitchen, in your own house. Goodbye now.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #249 on: November 26, 2016, 04:53:53 AM »
I loved that convo when Karla calls him a moron and he retorts that she has a stupid face, which makes her blush.
Also, Karla's convo with Dad in which she confesses her feelings about Otto that she can't say directly to Otto. Awwww.

What was that shot of Wendell working the towel? It's almost 3 am here (because I can't sleep) and I had to cover my mouth to stop from cackling out loud. Too funny.
At first glance, I'd though that elders gained the "Attempt to Seduce" social.

Morris at his snobbish best--how dare they ask him to prepare grilled cheese sammies? I mean, the nerve!

Great collages of Otto in his new "monkey business" pj bottoms!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #250 on: November 26, 2016, 03:57:27 PM »
You know one of the things I really love about your story and writing style is how you make it so realistic.  Almost like watching/reading a sitcom.  I mean like random folks walking in while someones in the jon.  They don't go all crazy embarrassed apologetic, although there is some of that, but instead it's :

Mallory:  Oops! Sorry, honey. Didnít mean to barge in on you.

Otto:  Oh, no. Itís cool. I just had another hysteria episode so I was calming down.

Mallory:  Oh! Gosh! Thatís too bad. Oh, well. Iíll go reset the counter.

Otto:  Yup. Bummer. I think we made it almost 48 hours this time.

Mallory:  Ooof. Iíll be glad when your career is maxed.

You manage to make the mundane stuff that Sims have to go through with their skilling into something really funny and you make it seem "normal".  I have to give you kudos for even do the entertainer/comedian career.  (shudders)  I am terrified of hysteria. (except my own which I regularly experience when reading your posts)
What?  Grannies can't play games?
I speak perfect Nooblik, (and some Simlish)!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #251 on: November 28, 2016, 12:49:11 PM »
@oshizu So glad you are enjoying the Karla convos! She's fun to write. :)
I have no idea what is going on with that towel shot. Sometimes I just pause my game and look around to see what everyone is doing, and . . . that's what Wendell was doing. He really is a true Party Animal.
I always think of you when Morris does something snobby. I swear he does it just to impress you.
I really like the monkey pjs on Otto. Just too perfect.

@Joria What a lovely compliment! Thank you so much! It really is a lot of mundane daily life stuff after awhile, but with the absurdity of The Sims and the dynasty thrown in. The contrast is pretty striking sometimes, but I'm glad it amuses you as much as it does me. :)
Yeah, the comedian career has caused me more than a few tense moments. I'll be glad when it's done. It's almost worth it, though, for the faces Otto makes while doing stand-up.

Chapter 60:  Death-Defying Acts

Otto:  You know, she makes that face every time I tell a joke, but you know sheís just hiding her excitement that Iím about to age up at this party.

Karla:  Yeah, that must be it.

Otto:  You sit tight, gorgeous, Iím going to go blow out my candles and then Iím going to kiss that look right off your face.

Karla:  Sure. You do that.

Otto:  *sings to self* Itís my birthday, Ďbout to get some smooches! Life is pretty swee-eet!

Otto:  Oh, summerís day! How dost thou, pretty lady, perched so high atop those stairs? Why donít you come on down here and give me some sugar?

Karla:  Hey nonny nonny!

Karla:  So, I know we need to take this slow, because if you get too many positive moodlets at once youíll keel over and die, but what do you say to checking out the hot tub with me?

Otto:  I promise to be as subdued as possible.

Karla:  Okay, then. Nice and easy.

Karla:  Deep breath in.

Karla: So?

Otto:  Mmm mmm mmm. If thatís how Iím going to go out, I gotta say, itís not a bad way to go.

Otto:  Hang in there, Grampa Wendell. Just a couple promotions and Iíll get to put this thing down and never pick it back up again.

Wendell:  No, itís totally cool. Youíre doing great. Iím just going to go grab some aspirin and a nice strong Dim Ní Gusty for . . . unrelated reasons.

Otto:  Youíre a good sport, Grampa, and an even better mentor.

Mallory:  Iíve got to say, Karla, thatís extraordinary. You really have a gift!

Karla:  I know, right? Iím super talented. I donít even have to try.

Karla:  What? All I said is that I think itís dumb that you grab ingredients from the fridge on the other side of the house and then bring them in here to cook stuff. I mean, thereís a fridge right here. You could just use this one. They all have the same stuff in them.

Dimitri:  Iím staying out of this. Good luck, dearest granddaughter.

Wendell:  *frantically waves at Karla to be quiet*

Morris:  You see, Karla, itís a question of humidity and temperature control. Iíve personally calibrated and ďflavorizedĒ every kitchen appliance in this house and . . .

Wendell:  Oh, boy. Weíre going to be here awhile.

Otto:  Karla, darling, now that my incredibly happy moodlet from our first woohoo has worn off, I have a very important question I need to ask you.

Karla:  No.

Otto:  Um, what?  Youíre turning me down? I mean . . I know thatís your decision and all but I thought that we were getting close and since you moved into the house and all I guess I assumed-

Karla:  No. I mean, not ďNo, I wonít marry you,Ē I mean, ĎďNo, donít ask me while Iím wearing my grungy pajamas.Ē  I need to change first. Iím not getting engaged looking like a slob.

Otto:  Oh! Oh, okay. Phew!

Karla:  Much better.

Otto:  Boy, you really know how to give a guy a heart attack.

Otto:  A token of my esteem . . .

Karla:  Lovely. Next.

Otto:  A symbol of my unending love and devotion.

Karla:  Sparkly! I love it!

Otto:  Sealed with a delicate, chaste kiss.

Karla:  Woohoo! Iím going to be a bride!

Otto:  Woohoo, indeed! Though probably not for several more days. Iím really happy right now and I donít want to get too excited.

Karla:  Loving you is a constant dance with death, my darling, and I savor every minute.

Otto:  Well said!

Wendell:  Ugh. I donít wanna mentor anymore. If Iíd know maxing all the instruments meant Iíd be the one to babysit all the tone-deaf musical neophytes in the house for the rest of my existence I would have made very different life choices.

Karla:  Well, Iíve completed my painting aspiration and if you fools want more youth potions out of me youíre going to have to help me out with this one. Besides, I have three very good reasons you should be grateful you get to mentor me.

Wendell:  Oh yeah?  And what are those?

Karla:  1. Iím hot and you get to look at me. 2. Youíre not fishing right now, and 3. If you donít buck up Iím going to tell your ghost wife what happened between you and Rainn last night.

Wendell:  But . . . But . . but nothing happened! I was lonely! My social was in the red and she was the only one awake! I didnít mean to get flirty, it just . . .you know . . . she was nice and it was perfectly innocent.

Karla:  Oh yeah?  You think Catherineís going to believe that when she sees the pictures of the towel-dancing performance you gave Rainn the other day?

Wendell:  Iím a dance machine! When the music moves me I donít stop to think about what Iím wearing! Okay, fine. Just do your scales. Sheesh! And keep your fingers curved. If we do this right it will only be painful to listen to you for a few more hours.

Karla:  Thatís the spirit!

Angel:  So . . .you and Rainn, huh Mr. Spiffendale?  Nice.

Wendell:  Oh, cripes! Does everyone know? This is a disaster.

Otto:  All right! Eating chili. Calming myself down. Brushing my teeth. I am the king of multitasking! And not dying!

Otto:  Okay! Might have to take back the not dying thing! Holy smokes, how did I set the toilet on fire? How does that even happen?

Otto:  Whew! Thanks Grandma A. That was a close one!

Arianna:  Incense, I swear. Iíve never trusted the dang stuff.

Pernille:  What? How did it burn through the wall?

Mallory:  You guys look like youíve got a handle on this. Maybe the rest of us should go. This room is getting crowded.

Arianna:  No no no! If we all put out the fire, then we all get the confident moodlet. Iím not dealing with a houseful of Tense moodlets if I can help it, now whip out those fire extinguishers and stay calm! Otto, you have work in five minutes, just go stand outside the front gate!

Otto:  Okay, then. Not the greatest start to a long day at work.

Otto:  But seriously, how awesome was I? I hope Karla saw me being all brave and manly.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #252 on: November 28, 2016, 02:59:28 PM »
Congratulations to you, dearest Otto, on your young adult birthday, your engagement, and your new career!
Congratulations to you, lovely Karla, for staying hot & sassy, blackmailing Wendell with photos of the towel-dancing-with-Rainn incident, and introducing Otto to hot-tub hanky panky.
  I will forever think of you now as Karla the Korrupter.

How hilarious that even visitors, like Angel, have already heard rumors about Wendell and Rainn.
I hope it becomes a topic of heated discussion at the next ambrosia meeting of the immortals.  I hope Pernille joins that meeting sooooon!

Incense burner fires completely stopped for me once I began placing them on the floor at the advice of @tjtemple
Doesn't look as nice as sitting on an accent table, but I'd starting getting a fire everytime I lit an incense, so the floor was a reasonable trade-off for me.
Arianna is so genius--I never realized that anyone who whips out an extinguisher won't get a Tense moodlet!

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #253 on: November 30, 2016, 07:22:57 PM »
@oshizu Thank you for being such a dedicated reader and commenter! Karla the Korruptor! I love it! So does Karla, I'm sure.

Thank you for the tip about the incense burners! That was my second fire in as many weeks and I was about ready to ditch the incense altogether. Onto the floor it goes!

I was so happy when I realized I could get everyone to be confident instead of tense if I had them put a fire out through teamwork. That 24-hour Very Tense moodlet is such a killer!

Your hopes regarding Pernille and ambrosia are about to be fullfilled! Hooray!

Chapter 61:  The Bright Side

Otto:  So, I just want to thank everybody for making the trek out to the living room tonight to watch my show, especially you, Grandma! Youíre gorgeous! Wait! Did somebody say crazy eyes?  You want to see some crazy eyes? Let me tell you, my friend, I have got crazy eyes coming out of my crazy eyes and yes Iíve had a doctor look at it, and itís probably terminal. But seriously . . .

Otto:  And then he said, ďWhat do think, Iím made of bricks?Ē  Anyone?  Anyone?  Come on, Morcubus. I saw you crack a smile over there, you handsome devil.

Goopy: Little help? Oh, oh right. Thatís whatís happening. Never mind. Thereís not really any helping this one, is there?

Goopy:  Looking at the bright side, Iím still just impossibly cute.

Pernille:  Youíre not alone, sweetie. Otto and I are here.

Otto:  Yeah, Dad. Weíre right here with you. We love you.

Otto:  Whoa. I forgot what a cool tombstone aliens get.

Otto:  Ghost mourners! Trippy.

Pernille:  Take good care of him, okay guys?

Gemma:  No need to worry, dear. We all love Goopy. Heís in good hands.

Ullal:  Indeed. Heíll be back to see you soon, dear girl.

J: So, Karla. Have you two crazy kids set a date yet?

Karla:  No. Everyoneís super bummed out and Iím not going to have a bunch of people crying at my wedding, so putting things on hold for now. Hey, do you know any detox secrets? I feel like Iím getting wrinkles and I am so not going to stand for that.

Wendell:  You know, I was sad about Goopy, so I came up here to kick this pile of dust, and now Iím just sad and confused . . .  and a little dirty.

Arianna:  So, Otto, youíre going to be all right. Your Dad is in a good place, and heíll be back, and never forget that youíre surrounded by a wonderful family, and we all love you, and weíre really proud of you.

Otto:  Thanks Grandma. Iím pretty sad, but I feel really lucky right now, too.

Mallory:  Race you to the massage table! Letís get some good moodlets firing!

Arianna:  Pssst! Karla! I have a really great idea for how we can cheer the whole family up, but Iím going to need your help.

Karla:  So, then your grandma was telling me about how precious life is and like the circle of life and stuff and-

Otto:  No need for explanations! I am fully on board!

Karla:  Success on the first try. Natch.

Pernille:  Thanks for coming over, Isla. I know weíve drifted apart a bit, but I want to make everything right between us now.

Karla:  Jazz hands!

Otto:  Jazz hands! Why are we doing this?

Karla:  Weíre having a baby, doofus.

Otto:  Oh! OH! Right. I get it now. You crack me up, Karla.

Karla:  Not joking. Iím 110% pregnant right now.

Pernille:  Thanks so much for coming. I could really use a best friend right now.

Molly Kidd:  Any time, honey. Any time.

Morris:  Anytime, anywhere, on the floor, in the air, Morris got the moves! *

*Loosely quoted from Sesame Street

Arianna:  You sure youíre up for this, honey?  We could hold off until youíre feeling better.

Pernille:  Letís just get it done.

Pernille:  Oof. Nice and easy.

Mallory:  Really, sweetheart. If youíre not ready, just say so. Weíre in no rush.

Pernille:  I just want to get it over with. Letís not talk about it anymore.

Arianna:  Okay. Everybody force a smile for posterity.

Pernille:  Okay, now letís do a silly one.

Mallory:  Oh, thank goodness! I thought the tension was never going to break!

Wendell:  You think youíre glad? I finally wore a nice shirt and I thought I wasnít even going to get to brag about it!

Morris:  You and I still have vastly different opinions on what constitutes a ďnice shirt.Ē

Pernille:  You know, guys, Iíll never stop missing Goopy, but in the end, living forever with all of you is pretty all right.

Arianna:  Thank you, dear. Now eat up.

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Re: Top Secret: The Spiffendale Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #254 on: November 30, 2016, 09:34:47 PM »
*sniff  Goopy is gone.  Congrats on another immortal and a new-boo on the way!