Author Topic: Visual problem - cc related?  (Read 390 times)

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Visual problem - cc related?
« on: July 26, 2016, 10:48:52 AM »
Hello to all,

I have downloaded a few CCs a couple of weeks ago (nothing special, from modthesims, and I have a lot of cc from before) and something went wrong:
1. All the cc hairs I had became bugged - blonde stripes appeared but not only in cas, also in live mode.
2. I can't change skin colors. It seems like no matter what I choose, the color doesn't change, neither in cas or live mode.

I have already deleted all the new cc that I downloaded just before these bugs appeared but it doesn't seem to help.

What should I do..??

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Re: Visual problem - cc related?
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2016, 01:44:43 PM »
I can't tell if it's still a problem with the custom content or not, so it might be worth doing a couple of things.

1. Move your mods folder to the desktop, and create a new one. Run the game to see if that helps.

2. If not, try a a factory reset to see if that might help the game behave better. - This is what I do whenever my game starts acting odd.

Sims 4 Factory Reset - (What & Howto)
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