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Aging Issues
« on: October 02, 2016, 05:38:34 PM »
Hi everyone,

I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced the specific issue below and what you did to fix it. In short, my Sims do not age (i.e. the "days left" meter does not decrease) except for at the first midnight that passes after I load my game.

I have an idea what is causing this but am hoping there's a way to fix it besides what I'm expecting. I've read a bit about the Generations aging glitch, and I figure that's part of what's happening.

Here's some relevant info. I hope this doesn't get too long, but I'm including everything to see if something sticks out to you:

This only seemed to start following my active sim's sister (who was in the active household at the time of birth but not now) having triplets. I did this by giving both her and the father the fertility treatment lifetime reward, having the mom ask a level 5+ doctor about the gender (female), and then eating three apples multiple times while watching the kids' channel and listening to kids' music very often. The result was mixed gender triplets, which I was very excited about. So, no real cheats in doing this.

After they got home and all of the triplets were in their beds, I moved them and their father and mother out, so they became non-active. I noticed they weren't aging after a week (the baby life stage is set at 3 days in my game), so I had my Sim visit and did the testingcheats age transition on them. This was probably a mistake, I know. Following this transition is when I noticed the aging problem start in my current household, but I hadn't really been checking beforehand.

After doing these age transitions, I also lost the ability to use right edge scrolling until I hit "Save As" and saved the family in a new file. I've tried this multiple times, clearing the regular cache files and the world cache files, and copying the town (a suggestion I saw online), and the problem always reappears. This initial loss of right scrolling is why I blame the triplets for the aging issue.

The closest thing to a mod that I have in my game is some lights from buydebug in my currently active house, which I built. I play in Sunlit Tides and used the building on water feature from Island Paradise on it, so the foundation extends over the water. I think it's unlikely the house has anything to do with it but thought I would mention it just in case.

As much as I don't want to delete the triplets and their parents, I'm thinking this might fix the issue. However, I'm hoping one or more of you maybe has experience with this so I don't delete them and the issue continues anyways.


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Re: Aging Issues
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2016, 05:49:58 PM »
Some mods can fix that. I advise to install Overwatch (don't forget to clear game cache after installation), and if it doesn't work, DebugEnabler and MasterController have other ways to fix the problem. You can have all 3 installed if you want, combined with ErrorTrap to generate useful error reports. I highly recommend these mods.

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Re: Aging Issues
« Reply #2 on: October 02, 2016, 11:32:44 PM »
The only way I've been able to fix the age bug without mods is to move the family to a fresh town. Overwatch does seem to prevent it from happening.