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2017 Sims 4 Challenge Tournament Schedule
« on: December 19, 2016, 06:41:26 AM »
2017 Sims 4 Challenge Tournament Schedule

IMPORTANT: There is a 3-event minimum participation requirement to earn a 2017 World Ranking.

January 2 - January 22. New Year's Resolution: Party with the Rich and Famous.
Lose some weight? Advance your career? Meet your true love? Those are all admirable New Year's resolutions, but you know the importance of real goals...goals that are life changing. You're going to throw down with the in crowd and pah-tay all night and all day. Hey does that Mr. Microphone of yours still work? Rule Set.

January 2 - February 12. Patient and Perpetrator.
Docs and cops is what this challenge is all about. One of your Sims pursues the Doctor career and the other is a detective. Your goal is to make as much money as you can in those respective careers with your score multiplied by patients treated and criminals put in jail. Rule Set.

February 13 - March 5. Painter's Masterpiece Bingo.
Ready for your brush with greatness? Then set up your easel and depending on what types of masterpiece paintings you produce begin filling out your bingo cards. Rule Set.

February 13 - March 26. Cupid's Challenge.
Ah,'s fast approaching for many of us. Warmer weather, things come alive again, and of course for your Sims - love will be in the air. So, you get to play Cupid in this matchmaker-themed challenge in honor of St. Valentine. Rule Set.

March 27 - April 16. That's Quite an Achievement.
Basically a rehash of the achievement challenge from two years ago, but this rendition allows moving and household additions, so things might get a bit crazy for you as you try and snag as many achievements as you can in just 10 days. Rule Set.

March 27 - May 7. Baby Boomer 2017.
What would a Tournament season be without a Baby Boomer event? And if juggling an entire household of kids was not hard enough, this year's Baby Boomer will be played on the Short lifespan to ramp up the stress. Rule Set.

May 8 - May 28. Restaurant Simpossible.
You have only 10 days to change the fate of 5 restaurants. Ready to step up and "meat" this challenge? Rule Set.

May 8 - June 18. Don't Put All Your Collectibles in One Basket.
Rotational types of challenges where the team has you jump from house to house are getting to be a standard offering. The nature of these events keeps things from getting too boring, so we're tying that concept to the various collections in the game. Happy juggling. Rule Set.

June 19 - July 9. Social Media Star.
Social media is here to stay -- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype, and a million other ways for you to communicate with the world. So, put those Centennial skills to use (old farts like me are welcome too) and level up the Social Media career and amass your horde of all important followers. Rule Set.

June 19 - July 30. Having the Skills to Pay the Bills.
From 2009 to the present, the forum has never featured a Sims challenge focused on the bills. Yes, you actually want big bills. But, you also have to pay those big bills and you can only earn money from unique skills in a given billing cycle. There's a lot to think about in how to best tackle this one. Rule Set.

July 31 - August 20. A Sim About Town.
This is a friendship-based challenge -- i.e. make as many different friends as you can. This has always been a popular theme for past challenges, but what makes this event different is your Sim needing to make their friends at different venues every day. Rule Set.

July 31 - September 10. Tri-State Super Parent Challenge.
This is a speed challenge for your Human, Alien, and Vampire parents: finish the Super Parent Aspiration as quickly as possible. Rule Set.

September 11 - October 1. The Race to Immortality.
We're offering up another pure racing event for our speed demon forumers. This one couldn't be easier -- make Ambrosia as quickly as you can, but we're tossing in a few restrictions just 'cause that's how we roll. :) Rule Set.

September 11 - October 22. Sul Sul! And Thanks for All the Fish!
I've never met a gamer that did not enjoy collecting all the various unique items in a game -- we're all completists and enjoy the "cheevies." So, feed that obsession by building a rocket ship and bringing back as many unique items as you can. But, wait -- there's more! You'll also put those angling skills to good use and fish up plenty of goodies. Rule Set.

October 23 - December 3. 2017 Tournament Finale: What Do You Want to Do When You Grow Up?
For the last challenge of the 2017 season, the team is offering a lengthy Aspiration-based event. You're starting with a Young Adult and a Teen and between them will be attempting to finish as many different Aspirations by the time your Teen reaches Elder stage. Rule Set.