Author Topic: Speed of Toddler Skilling  (Read 948 times)

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Speed of Toddler Skilling
« on: July 01, 2017, 06:32:32 PM »
I finally installed the Parenthood Game Pack a few days ago and just aged up two toddlers today.

I've played somewhere around two dozen toddlers in various challenges but my post-Parenthood toddlers pick up skills at a painfully slow speed.
Like, excruciatingly slow!

For example, a parent reads a book to the toddlers: Imagination = 1%.
The parent reads a second book to Toddler B: Imagination = 11%
Toddlers ask their parents for Potty Help 2x and Nighty Night 1x: Communication = 13% (A and B)

I did try ResetSim for each toddler after the first Potty Help and Potty seems to be increasing normally: 69%  (A) and 61% (B)
EA Answers HQ has no posts about this issue so I'm wondering.

Question1: Toddler skilling hasn't always been this slow, has it? I think I would have noticed!
Question2: Does my current game seem toddler-glitched? Perhaps it's time for me to exit and repair game...

I've always had an adult read to toddlers while they eat for multi-tasking, but a 1% Imagination gain is a waste of the adult's time, LOL!