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Families Wanted (S4 Building Challenge #5 2017)
« on: August 14, 2017, 01:04:05 PM »
Families Wanted!

The Simnation is actively encouraging families to settle into the townships of Willow Creek, Oasis Springs and Newcrest. Seven new residential lots have been prepared and are awaiting their new owners. To facilitate the move the local councils are awarding the first home buyers a monetary incentive. When questioned about this one local councilor shrugged and said that "...something had to be done about the recent strange lack of young children in the area". When further questioned about the disappearance of sims across Simnation 'no comment' was their reply. Could this initiative solve our population woes?

Start Date: Mon. Aug.14
Photos Due: Mon. Sept.11th
Voting: Mon. Sept.18th - Fri. Sept.22nd
Winner Announced Mon. Sept.25th

2017 S4 Building Challenges Rules:

At any time you can ask Playalot or MrsFlynn for clarification of the rules or post any general questions here in the TS4 Building Challenge Discussion Thread. Link here.

General Rules:
The house must be able to function in normal game play and must have the expected rooms. i.e. Bathrooms, Kitchen, Eating Area, Sitting Area, Outside Space for garden (more about that later), some sort of entertainment/fun item and space for skilling for the children.
Basements are only allowed once certain requirements are met. (See below.)
You may build as many floors above ground as you want.
Any building style is allowed.
Landscaping expected.

"The family" must include one parent and one child. After that you may add as many offspring as you want but only one parent is ever allowed. (See Budget) The order of age group that you may add is this: Nuclear Family (1 parent 1 Child)> 1 toddler> 1 teen> 1 Child> 1 toddler> 1 teen> 1 Child

Objects for Each Child/Teen:
Bedroom. Only two children may share a bedroom. (Children means 'non adult sim' so toddler, child or teen.)
Skilling item. For clarity all the children must be able to use their allocated skilling item at the same time in normal game play.
Access to a table for homework.

Outdoor Garden space for 4 plants. These plants must be accessible in normal game play and be in pots or planters.**

Objects for Each Toddler:
Bedroom (can be shared with one other toddler, child or teen).
Skilling item. For clarity all toddlers must be able to use their allocated skilling item at the same time as other non adults in the household.

Objects for The Parent:
The parent must have a bedroom and bathroom to themselves and an area that would be considered a 'Parent Retreat' space and an item to increase the 'fun' motive.

If you choose to build a house for 8 sims you may build a basement for free that is one level deep and half the size of the above ground footprint.
Smaller households may 'buy' a permit for building a basement for 2.5K that is one level deep and half the size of the above ground footprint.

10 thousand for each child and 10 thousand for the parent/caregiver.
Minus 2.5 thousand if building a basement for less than 8 sims in total.

Cheat the 'correct' amount of money for the number of sims you are building for. You may not add any more money or sims to your build budget once your build has started so the size of the family must be decided before beginning your build.

Kaching, motherlode: Not allowed

Money x: Allowed for initial set up and then banned for rest of challenge
MOO cheat: Allowed
Enlarging Objects: Allowed
bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement: Allowed for decor items only and banned for skilling items.
bb.showhiddenobjects: Allowed for decor items only and banned for skilling items.
All packs Allowed

Lot Preparation:
All building must begin on a newly bulldozed and cleared lot.

Lot Type:
Residential 20x15
There are 7 lots this size scattered in WillowCreek, Oasis Springs and Newcrest. Any of these worlds are allowed as long as you choose the 20x15 lot size.

Clearly label your build for the size of family. So 'Home for 1 parent and 1 child 1 toddler' for example.

**Note that for those of you not wanting to play until any plants have grown for screen shots, empty placed pots and/or planters is fine, or you can use MOO and place a decorative plant in there instead. Just remember that the planters/pots have to be accessible for normal game play.
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