Author Topic: Tips for taking care of 4 annoying kids?  (Read 5074 times)

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Tips for taking care of 4 annoying kids?
« on: July 22, 2017, 12:07:01 PM »
So, I had my sim get pregnant once, and we had a single child. I thought hey, just one or two more kids and we're set.
A while into the toddler's life I had her get pregnant again, and I was expecting maybe a single or twins, (I didn't even do anything at all to trigger twins or triplets, or influence gender)
But of course, with my luck, OUT POPPED TRIPLETS.
They're all toddlers now, and the original kid is now a child.
I hate having four kids, they're so much work. Any tips to taking care of a total of 6 sims in one household? I can't teach one kid things without the other two going and pouring paint or flour on the floor.

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Re: Tips for taking care of 4 annoying kids?
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2017, 02:21:41 PM »
Hire a nanny. Take the child you want to teach to the park and leave the others behind. Get your triplets on different nap and feeding schedules so they don't all want food at the same time.

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Re: Tips for taking care of 4 annoying kids?
« Reply #2 on: July 22, 2017, 03:38:07 PM »
Put group meal into a 'Bakers Cousin Display Case' and toddlers can feed themselves, freeing up an adult to help another.

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Re: Tips for taking care of 4 annoying kids?
« Reply #3 on: July 22, 2017, 07:14:20 PM »
Put group meal into a 'Bakers Cousin Display Case' and toddlers can feed themselves, freeing up an adult to help another.

Now i wish that the forum had a "like" system xD Didnt know that toddlers could use the display case to get food. So handy! Thank you!

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Re: Tips for taking care of 4 annoying kids?
« Reply #4 on: July 22, 2017, 07:52:12 PM »
My suggestion would be to arrange for two or three kids to do activities on their own, so the parent(s) can work with one or two.

One adult vs multiple toddlers
Imagination skill: Have one of the parents get a toddler's book and "Read to..." multiple toddlers (even all four of them while they're eating).

Activities for multiple toddlers
*Two toddlers can play on the dollhouse, building Imagination and Communication
*Have an adult build something on the Buildem Blocks Table, after which toddlers can play with whatever was built.

Unattended toddler skilling
*A toddler alone can look at/read a toddler's book or play with a toy
*Turn on the stereo and have a toddler bob to music (Movement skill)
*Direct a toddler to go around interacting with (not hitting) multiple big plushies to build Communication and Movement (because they're walking from one to the other)
*To build Thinking, have a toddler walk around the house and "Watch" the other toddlers (A toddler can build Potty skill, however, by Watching another toddler on the potty)

Good luck!

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Re: Tips for taking care of 4 annoying kids?
« Reply #5 on: July 22, 2017, 08:17:22 PM »
Just to add to the list, children can teach toddlers skills like the blocks etc so use the child to skill up the toddlers too.
*Initiate toddlers talking to each other when using the doll house together etc as then their communication skills will increase.
*Have the toddlers ask for a bath/potty etc whenever possible as this also increases their communications skills (rather then directing the parent to do it).
*Get all the toddllers to the level where they can potty themselves as soon as possible. You can potty train a toddler over and over again even if they have a full bar.
*Dragging a plate of food to a table/coffee table/floor will also allow toddlers to feed themselves. Also if toddlers are upstairs place food in the toddlers inventory and then you can drag it out onto the floor next to them saving time.
*Fill up bladder and food needs before bed time, and if they are needing potty/food before their sleep is 100% just wake them up, and direct them to fill their own needs and then direct them back to bed. That way the parent sims get 100% energy refilled and the toddlers will still get the positive moodlet from waking up with 100% energy.
*Give toddlers fruit to eat from other sims inventories. This fills their food need a tiny bit but more importantly gives them a positive moodlet. You can also place fruit (harvestables) on the floor and direct the toddlers to eat this. About 6 or so in a row will fill the food need enough to keep skilling.
*Skill up the toddlers in front of a lit fire whenever possible, again, this gives them a positive moodlet.
*Take advantage when the toddlers are in the 'correct' mood for learning a particular skill. Carl's guide to Toddlers

Last thought, don't even worry about the character values, plenty of time for those once the toddlers are older, it's also much easier to teach these skills to older children/teens too.
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Re: Tips for taking care of 4 annoying kids?
« Reply #6 on: February 12, 2018, 01:08:56 PM »
The Wabbit Table is SO helpful. It might be out of budget to buy three for each toddler, but they will sit on it for hours! It will occupy at least two of them significantly while you are taking care of one. Once my toddler used it from when my teen went to school until she returned. Also make party servings for each meal and leave it on the counter or table and the tots will be able to grab it themselves and bring it to the couch or floor to watch tv while eating. No parent needed.

IMO, a nanny is never very helpful. When I return from somewhere after leaving my toddler with her he will be on all red and very uncomfortable. She also often cooks and never finishes it, and just leaves the cutting boards on the floor.

Another suggestion is to get the outdoor toddler activity set with ball pit. My toddlers enjoy that very much.

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Re: Tips for taking care of 4 annoying kids?
« Reply #7 on: March 29, 2018, 07:03:54 PM »
So, I realize this is an old thread, but I thought I'd throw my random tips somewhere just in case someone has trouble with toddlers and comes looking for advice. I pretty consistently get top notch toddlers now, and my first time getting top notch was with two sets of twins, all four came out top notch, but I'm also a micromanager, so ymmv.

#1 most important thing: become friends with your pause button while they're toddlers. Do not leave a single one of them doing whatever they want, always make sure you've got them working on an assigned activity.

When you get the second birthday notification, feed, rock, and change the baby's diaper. This usually ensures that the newly aged up toddler will have full needs. Just in case, though, make sure you have a bakers rack with at least one party size garden salad in it just before they age up.

Here's the order I like to go in when maxing toddler skills:
1) Thinking
2) Movement
3) Imagination
4) Communication
- Potty usually gets maxed somewhere in the middle. Potty is one of the few skills I'd recommend having an adult sim work with the toddler on, all other skills can easily be maxed without any other sim interaction. In fact, once you hit potty level 2, you're fine to just direct them to use the potty whenever they need to, they'll still max it before their birthday working on it on their own.

Thinking - Click on another sim, click more, click friendly, select 'watch'. Best to do this with a sim that is working on something stationary, like building comedy on the microphone, or woodworking, or painting, etc. If you have multiple toddlers, even better! Just have them 'watch' each other at the same time. If you pause your game first, you can queue up about seven 'watch' interactions, and they'll just flow through them. I can usually max thinking in a single day like this.

Movement - If you have 'toddler stuff', this is kind of an easy skill to max, but it still takes the longest out of all the toddler skills. Just direct them to play in the ball pit over and over. I find it takes me about 2-3 sets of times of playing in the ball pit between toddler sleep cycles. If you don't have 'toddler stuff', then don't fear, it'll just take you a while longer, and is best to do with another sim involved. Alternate between stacking on the block set, with an adult 'teaching blocks', and using the 'play' interaction between another sim and the toddler. Ball pit really is the best, and is worth the cash imo just for it with toddler stuff. I love being able to send toddlers into the ball pit, queue it up seven times, and focus on another sim for a little bit. Check back on the toddler now and then to make sure their needs aren't too low or that they haven't run out of 'play in ball pit' queued actions.

Imagination - Never pass up an opportunity to have another sim read to a toddler, if they're free. Toddler eating? Have a sim read to them. Bed time for the toddler? Always read to sleep, do not ever just send them to sleep. If you have a free adult/teen sim in the house, this skill is best built via reading to the toddler, but if you don't want to tear your other sims away from what they're working on, get a toy box and just have the toddler play with a toy over and over. Much faster than the dollhouse, but not quite as fast as being read to.

Communication - I always leave this skill for last, because it is literally the easiest skill to max out of all of them, potty included, and that's only a three level skill. Get one of the stuffed animals--ie, the big stuffed bear--and just queue up 'babble' a thousand times, then 'talk' a thousand times when it becomes available. It literally takes like three or four sim hours to max communication doing this. Never waste time teaching a toddler to talk, or having them talk to other sims, because nothing is as fast as that stuffed bear.

As far as toddler needs:

Have everything in one room. Toddler bed, couch, bookshelf, bakers display case, toy box, ball pit, potty chair. All one room, so the toddler can get to everything they need without having to waste time running between rooms and letting their needs drop. Keep garden salads stacked up in the display case. I recommend garden salads because it keeps the toddlers from getting chubby.

If you need a toddler minder, get a butler, not a nanny. Butlers are more attentive. You don't need to worry about the toddler being fed, because you've got the display case and can take care of that yourself, but you can invite the butler to potty train and read books to them. Also, it's always best to have the toddler initiate any training, rather than the other sim, because if the toddler initiates then they won't rebel and get that angry moodlet. But honestly, I never really need to have another sim to take care of my toddlers--they can easily max all their skills on their own once potty is at level 2.

Oh, and btw, toddlers can gain potty skill when 'watching' another toddler on the potty. :)