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Cats & Dogs Bug and Issues List
« on: November 11, 2017, 04:01:01 PM »
Specific Cats & Dogs Bugs and Issues

Update: Feb. 2019 - This list is no longer being updated, due to the amount of bugs there are in-game. It's easier to search on them when asked about.

Please create a new topic link here when asking for help with game bugs or issues for this expansion, if you don't already see one. This is so each bug or issue has their own topic. 

We'll list bugs and issues here for quicker references.

[BUG] My pets won't breed

[BUG] Spayed cat gone into labor

[BUG] Greet Patient Warmly Interaction is Gone

[BUG] Can't Adopt Pets

[BUG] Pet Always In Negative Mood - partially fixed with 12/12/17 - PC / Mac

[BUG] Issues With Pets Breeding

[BUG] Small appliances, pet food bowls are now vanishing

[OPEN] [CD] Pet Toy Box changes direction on it's own

[OPEN] [CD] After Adoption, pet carriers don't go away

EA AHQ Cats & Dogs Bugs

Current General Game Bug List
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