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How To: Update the Game (Sims 4)
« on: January 16, 2015, 05:09:50 PM »
How To: Update the Game (Sims 4)

Notes for Updating the Game
How To: Update the Game
Turn Off Origin/Game Updates
Problem with Updating?!
Important Note About Mods, Custom Content and Game Updates!!
Roll Back to Previous Patch??

Notes for Updating the Game

If you do not have the Origin client, you will need to download it to be able to update and play your Origin games.

Most game patches or updates are not retroactive. Meaning most bug fixes may not be fixed in older saved games. If you have a bugged game, it's best to create and play a new game.

How To: Start New Game

If you keep the Automatic Updates option turned on, please be aware that when you purchase a pack it will automatically be downloaded next time you open your game. If you don't want Origin to automatically download new packs, turn Game Updates off, but be aware you will have to manually update the game when it has updates.

Patches are handled through Origin. You can temporarily opt out of game updates, but every now and again Origin will "lock" you out of being able to play the game unless you update the game.

If you're not running the latest patch update you may not be able to access the online gallery, use the newest mods or custom content. Also, older patched games will act differently than newly patched games and may not be backwards compatible.

This is to be expected due to Sims 4 getting various new updates every month or so and new features, packs or content added to the game on a fairly frequent basis. There isn't anyway to go back to a previous patch level.

Most updates automatically disable the mods and custom content. They have to be enabled manually by the player.

How-To: Enable Custom Content and Mods

More information on mods and custom content.

Also please keep in mind the more updates EA/Origin releases for both the Origin client and game the more neither are going to work on older/lower end computers.

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How To: Update the Game

1. Login to Origin, and go to the Games Library Tab.
2. Right-click on the photo of Sims 4 and select Check for Updates.
** If you have Automatically keep Origin up to date checkmarked -- When there is a new game patch available, it should automatically ask you to update your game, before you can play again.
3. The game should then get updated and you can play again at the current game patch level.

If it doesn't update, stops or freezes during updating, quit out of Origin, and close it. Restart the computer and try updating again. If that doesn't work. Reinstall Origin.

How To: Uninstall/Reinstall Origin

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Turn Off Origin/Game Updates

Click image to see larger view

Open Origin, go to Origin > Application Settings

To Turn On/Off Origin Updates:

In the Client Update section, make sure Automatically Update Origin turned On.

Turning Origin Updates off will make it to where you will need to manually install Origin updates.


To Turn On/Off Game Updates:

In the Client Update section, turn Automatic Game Updates On/Off

You will have to manually install game updates. However, the game should notify you when you go to play if there's an update. As you won't be able to play unless you update the game.


Under Start-Up Options turn off:

Automatically Start Origin
Origin Helper Service

Turning these features off will stop Origin from asking to update your games,  automatically updating itself and stop it from automatically starting when starting Windows.

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