Author Topic: Install/Play Sims 4 or Any Sims Games on Multiple Computers?  (Read 9562 times)

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Install/Play Sims 4 or Any Sims Games on Multiple Computers?
« on: April 08, 2015, 11:01:23 PM »
Install/Play Sims 4 or Any Sims Games on Multiple Computers?

Origin allows you to have Sims 4 or any other Sims games on more than one computer as long as they have Origin installed and you have the same account active on that computer. The games are tied to your Origin account, not a specific computer.

  -- Only one computer can be logged into Origin and actively playing any Sims game at one time.

Question: Can I play Sims 4 or any Sims games on more than one computer?

Answer: Yes. However you will want to remember to backup your Sims 4 folder from the Documents folder onto a usb drive or an external hard drive to take back and forth between computers if you play on more than one computer, as Origin doesn't support cloud saves for Sims 4 at this time. - See how to back up the Sims 4 folder in the post linked below:

How-To: Copy/Transfer Sims 4 Folder to Another Computer

How-To: Copy/Transfer Sims 3 Folder to Another Computer

Important Note:

Sims 4 and other EA/Origin games are connected to your Origin account. So you won't loose access to the games you have purchased. Download and install Origin on your new computer and the games should be in the Game Library tab in Origin.

---- To install the game on another PC just launch the Origin Client and log into your account.  Click on the Game Library tab and right-click the game you wish to download.  Then just click the Download button and the game will start downloading and installing. 

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