Author Topic: Screenshots Reminder: Only Use JPEG Format  (Read 13008 times)

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Screenshots Reminder: Only Use JPEG Format
« on: February 24, 2018, 01:57:13 AM »
✽Updated: Sept. 2022✽

Thank you SO much to those who convert your photos to .jpg format!! You are Awesome!! :)

It's been a rule for some time to use .jpg format instead of .png format on our forum especially for stories but for regular posts as well, as it all helps the threads that are image heavy to load faster.

Jpg files are more web friendly for those with limited or bad internet, it helps with bandwidth and prevents overwhelming the forum's display engine as well as other forum resources.

The forum loads the photos per thread, so for example if you view a thread with lots of photos and pages, using 800 width jpeg-format images places less of a burden on our forum.

  ✽ Issues: Problem Changing Image Format.
If having problems changing the image format from .png to .jpg please take them into an image editor and resave the images as .jpg and reupload them and getting the .jpg image link again.

How To: Edit Photos - Basics using Windows Paint

How to Edit Photos on Mac Using Photos

PNG Format Vs. JPG Format

This is an example:

Images in png-format can be quite a bit larger than the same image in jpeg format. Compared to a .png image, the same image in .jpg is roughly 2 times smaller. When resized to 800 width from the original png file at 1920x1080 the total file size reduction is about 6 times. Imagine how much quicker it loads to load a post with 25 jpg-format images. - See photo below (click image to see larger view) for file size comparison. This is an image from Sims 4 in png format then converted to .jpg.

Smaller files not only reduce the data load on our forum, they will load more quickly to a hosting service (like Imgur) and take up less storage space on your hard drive, thumb drive, or however you're backing up your images.

It also saves on disk space, forum resources and bandwidth on the Forum's side as well.

How to: Convert photos to jpeg format

If you upload the photos to the forum using the attachment feature, images will be down sized to 800x450. See the link below for more details.

Reference Links:

Forum Rules

Rules for Stories

Sharing Photos on the Forum

Read more about why we prefer photos in .jpg format and About default images that come from Sims 4

Photo Sharing Using
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