Author Topic: Expansion packs are missing from the launcher and I can't get them to show up  (Read 2243 times)

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(I've given attachments just in case you need them)

Okay, so I've been having this problem for going on a month now. I purchased the Sims 3 base game, Pets, Generations, Seasons and Ambitions through a platform called G2A. I bought them in February and about eight days after, Pets and Generations weren't showing up on my launcher. But they all said that they were installed in Origin. Seasons is the only one that is showing up.
I've been trying to get a straight answer on how to fix this problem from both EA Support and G2A Support Hub but they've been sending me in circles, not helping me AT ALL. I've looked up other solutions since I wasn't getting any from the other places and I've repaired my game and updated it many, many times.
I've also checked to see if I put in the purchase codes, to see if that would help but they all said that they were invalid/already used so I am reluctant to uninstall my game.

Also, I'm having problems with Ambitions as it's not showing up in my launcher nor saying it's installed in Origin but I did buy it as I was able to play it but it disappeared the same time the rest did. Help would be appreciated but I understand if that's something I need to take up with Origin.

I would really appreciate some help as I'm losing my mind over here and getting dizzy due to the running in circles.

Just so you know-
    I have shut down and restarted my laptop
      Before they disappeared, the game ran perfectly; it didn't overheat, crash or glitch. It did freeze rather badly but I'm sure that was because it was new to the system as when I went to reload my game, everything was still there and it still worked perfectly
        I have a few bits of CC and a few items from the store. I also have a few CC worlds.

        Thank you so much in advance.

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EA may have pulled the packs from your account due to purchasing them from an unauthorized dealer. EA isn't any help if you've purchased your games from an unauthorized dealer.

If you feel this is happening to you, please read the thread linked below for more help:

Sims 3 Expansions Missing

When packs go missing, that's more of an account issue that we can't specifically help with. We can only offer the tips in the thread linked above.

If you've done all the tips listed in the thread above, you may need to contact the seller to see if you can get a refund.
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