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Re: StrangerVille - First Impressions
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I waited a bit to actually get the pack and finally gave in when it was part of the recent Black Friday sale. I can't resist a mystery! I have been waiting for years for the new ND mystery to come out and wanted to see how a Sims 4 mystery would compare. It was way easier than the ND games I've played in the past, especially with the aspiration showing you exactly what to do, but it was cute and funny, and I didn't get so stuck I needed to find a walkthrough. I've always liked the quirkier side of Sims games, so I'm glad they brought some of that back in Strangerville. I didn't have my sim join the new military career as I used an existing one that was at level 5 in medical. I did move her to Strangerville though to get the actual creepy/silly vibe of the town. I moved her into the tiny 'trailer' lot, but enlarged it just a bit. Even with just playing the mystery after work and on her days off, I was able to complete it in a short time. And she got a promotion at work and kept up with her best friend enough to ask him to become her boyfriend! So it was fun, doable, and not frustrating, even with all the emotions (the thing I dislike the most in Sims 4). Since the sale was going on, I also got Seasons and the Magic game pack, but had purchased the Vampire game pack during a previous sale for my daughter. Imagine my surprise the second night in Strangerville when a vampire shows up, walks into her house, wakes her up and drinks from her! Luckily, he didn't transform her, but I was shocked to say the least. The very next time I loaded my game, one of the tips was to lock your doors to keep out unwanted guests. A little late for my drained Sim, but I found that funny too. Overall, I really enjoyed the mystery, and I'll probably check it out again with a Sim in the military career just to check out the difference. Probably a male that may find a love interest in one of the poor possessed town's people. He'll have to save the town to save his love! I like corny. :)