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Beyond Sunset Valley---A Town Jump Story
« on: September 30, 2018, 10:16:20 AM »
- Newest town and chapter links will be up top.
- Click spoiler tag for chapter links to each town.

***Author's note: With MrsFlynn's diligent assistance, I am now using an imaging mod that will put less stress on the Forum with my photo heavy story chapters.***

Please click on thumbnail images to see larger photos.

Current Town #11
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Town #4

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Town #2

Town #1

Prologue and Chapter 1-- And the Adventure Begins

In the beginning there was only Sunset Valley, a wide-open world where you could walk next door to meet new neighbors or drive across town and talk with friends. You could eat at the diner, check out a new movie at the theater, or catch a game at the stadium. You could fish at a remote fishing spot or hang with friends at the beach. But then the world expanded with exotic destinations to visit, Egypt, China, and France, oh, my! You could take a break from work and learn nectar-making or martial arts, and go on adventures! Then other towns began springing up, quaint villages, sprawling neighborhoods, even bustling cities. And there were more and more things to do and see and learn!

This is one Sim Family's journey throughout Sims 3 Land, jumping from town to town with each new generation, travelling to distant lands for vacations, attending University, and maybe even going to the future! All towns and destinations are available---24 in all! But how to pick the order of the towns? Randomize! Who to choose as founders? Roll for it! Where to start?

Well, they always say that it's best to start at the beginning, so as luck would have it, we begin our journey in Sunset Valley. But who will be our lucky (or unlucky) founders? The Sunset Valley residents list is pulled up---but not reviewed to keep it random --- @ 20 or so families---roll 3 dice---and the lucky number is...4! Really? Three dice and you roll a 4? Yup, a 2 and 2 ones. So the lucky winner is Claire Ursine. I vaguely remember her from my early simming days, a fisherwoman? The journey begins as we travel to Claire's house.

Dee: "And there she is, our lucky YA single Sim, Claire Ursine---oh, I don't remember her being so...dowdy...and that hat!"
Claire: "Excuse me! That was rude!"

Dee: "Oops, sorry! I didn't realize you were listening."
Claire: "Of course I was listening. I may only speak Simlish but I understand English perfectly well!"
Dee: "My apologies, but about that hat--"
Claire: "You have bigger problems than my hat!"
Dee: "Like what?"
Claire: "First off, check my age bar."
Dee: "You're already an adult!!!"
Claire: "Of course, you didn't think I got my YA years did you?"
Dee: *deep breath* "Um, no, I guess not. But we can work with that, just have to work harder--"
Claire: "Plus, it's not just me--I up in a bit."
Dee: "I did read your bio and saw that bit about your expanding waistline--so that wasn't just a hint that you needed to hit the gym?"
Claire: "No! And you are being rude again!"
Dee: "Sorry. But that makes it better, especially with you being an Adult already. Just call your boyfriend and invite him over and you guys can get married---easy peasy."
Dee: "Claire, what aren't you telling me?! And stand still so I can get my founder pictures."
Claire: "No, no pics of me in this hat! And you need to do a little research, check my traits, my relationships, and my LTW---before you start ordering me around!"

So after my "research", we have the following information:
Claire Ursine--adult
LTW: Become a Master Thief
Career: Criminal---level 4---Getaway Driver
Skills: Fishing--7  Athletic--3
Traits: Loner, Loves the Outdoors, Hot-headed, Kleptomaniac, Angler
Favorites: Music-French, Food-Grilled Salmon, Color-Spice Brown
Relationships: friends with Molly French, and has an Ex-boyfriend, Jared Frio, and they are deep in the red (thanks Claire!)

Claire calls Jared per my request and invites him over---apparently he says, "no", as she gets glaring red minus signs above her head!
I know her look means, "I told you this wouldn't be easy!"
So we start at the beginning----call him and chat, again, and again, and again. With Claire already an adult and with no other known males in her life---it would be way harder to find someone new (and with my Nraas SP---half the town is already paired up!) and then the baby she's expecting wouldn't count---so we persevere. Can you even get back together with an ex? More research. It is possible. Multiple phone calls later and they are finally a bit in the green! Claire calls and invites him over and he finally agrees. They talk and talk and talk and she asks to "just be friends" and the ex-boyfriend icon goes away! They talk and talk some more and become good friends---after what seems like a million friendly interactions, she gets to ask him to move in--and he does! Soon after Claire spins into her nightgown and has a definite baby bump!

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Re: Beyond Sunset Valley---A Town Jump Story
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2018, 10:50:05 AM »
Baby daddy, Jared Frio--YA (at least he'll have a bit longer to be with the family)
LTW: Celebrated 5-Star Chef
Career: Culinary--level 2--Spice Runner
Skills: cooking--2
Traits: Natural Cook, Inappropriate, Party Animal, Heavy Sleeper, and Mean-Spirited
Favorites: Music-Electronica, Food-Grilled Salmon, Color-Green
Relationships: friends with his brother, Connor Frio (hhmm---good to know) and his boss is Molly French

Claire is actually friends with River McIrish, not Molly---my notes are messy and I didn't write down all the specifics. Apologies again Claire! But I kept my word on no pics with the hat! Your PJ hair is cute and you both have red hair---that's a win-win for any heirs!

***Author's note---my monitor keeps blacking out so I will be posting sections as I am able. My PC and monitor are both new and we are still trying to figure out what the issue is.

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Re: Beyond Sunset Valley---A Town Jump Story
« Reply #2 on: September 30, 2018, 12:02:02 PM »
Once Jared and Claire spend some quality time together, Claire pops a wish to get married. Not specifically to Jared, but I'm not being picky!
The usual time goes by with Jared heading off to work---we need the money! And Claire spending her days listening to kids music and watching TV.
Both of them want a girl so watermelon is eaten again, and again, and again!

And it's a girl born Wednesday, week 1 day 4. That's Rae Ursine in the crib! An easily impressed virtuoso.
Jared was so moved by fatherhood he proposed to Claire on the spot.

But Claire insisted on a makeover.

And changing into formalwear for their private wedding (week 1 day 5)---right in front of the crib! I have Nraas SP set to rename mutual children on marriage, so they are all Frio's now.

A brief honeymoon to Egypt because they both wanted to travel and with some forethought Jared purchased 2 international recipes.

The trip tightened up their funds with all of Claire's days off work, so she slipped out of the house a few nights and managed to swipe a car or two! With all vehicles cleaned off the streets at 3 am, she had to be quick. She didn't get any real big money, but $850 is a lot when you don't have much. When I could stop her from swiping lights and side tables! And she did manage to swipe a couple of $5000's and one that was worth @$8000, with my assistance! It was enough to tide them over and Jared asked no questions! Claire requested no pics of criminal activity as it could be incriminating.

And a twirl into pj's again on week 1 day 7! Claire wants a boy but Jared wants another girl. So no fruit was eaten and no forced music or TV was watched.

And it's Rae's birthday that same Saturday!

And, surprise, her twin Jenna's too! A couch potato who loves the outdoors. I somehow got no nooboo pics except the one crib shot!

Then skilling time before the new baby arrives! They are seriously thinking of getting some live-in help with 3 children.

And Claire gets her wish! Welcome Heath Frio---my evil slob! Born week 2 day 2 (Mon)

And so does Jared, with sweet Audra, my easily impressed Genius!

Seriously! Twins again, but I swear I turned the kid's music off and never had her watch TV---the joys of parenthood!
They will definitely be getting that help with 2 toddlers and two babies. Stay tuned for the crazy years!

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Re: Beyond Sunset Valley---A Town Jump Story
« Reply #3 on: September 30, 2018, 03:51:39 PM »
***Author's note: I think I finally figured out how to get the pictures to take! Will work on another post soon.

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Chapter 2--birthdays and more birthdays
« Reply #4 on: September 30, 2018, 07:45:17 PM »
After the birth of the younger twins, Claire had Jared get on the phone ASAP and invite Connor over. Luckily for them Jared hadn't had time to alienate Connor with mean and inappropriate comments! I mean insulting Connor's family just kind of backfires when it's your family too, but Jared does it a lot. After a few friendly socials, which Jared was not thrilled about, he asked Connor to move in and he does on Monday, week 2 day 2! Not sure why a loner would want to move in with his mean-spirited, inappropriate brother, and his hot-headed sister-in-law and their two sets of twins, but we won't look a gift horse in the mouth. Familial love, maybe,  as Connor is good---he wants to donate to charity and as soon as we get a spare $100 I may let him do so.

Connor Frio---YA
LTW: Professional Author (Earn $4000/wk in Royalties)
Career: Writer (Level 1) Fan Fiction Drafter
Skills--writing--2 gardening--1
Traits: Absent-minded, unflirty, loner, bookworm, and good
Relationships: none really besides Connor, but wasn't really expecting a lot with an unflirty, absent-minded, loner!

Claire and I have the same thought---$$$$$!!!
And we graciously give Connor a bedroom of his own with a computer.
But we're not totally heartless, he gets a nice double bed!

But any time Connor is in the bed and the computer is free, you can bet Jared is on making an inappropriate forum post. Jared would definitely be banned from most known sites on the web! And he would in fact be very, very proud of himself!

Connor, being the loner he is, doesn't mind at all being sent to his room to write, and write, and write! But he does take breaks for necessary things, even birthdays where he and Claire both get the too many people around moodlet if they invite anyone.

And birthdays we have galore!

Here's our little man Heath, growing like a weed on Thursday week 2 day 5! He looks so sweet. Looks can be so deceiving…

And then little miss Audra's turn! Connor is super excited to see Audra become a toddler.

So excited that he volunteers to bring her to the library for some reading time!

While Claire does some reading with Heath!

And on Friday, more birthdays! First up, Rae, who gains the heavy sleeper trait.
Well, that could be very helpful for her with so many people around but it doesn't point her in much of a LTW direction, fingers crossed for Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers with her Virtuoso trait!

And then Jenna! 
Dee: "Wow Claire, you really have been working out! Not dowdy in the least now and that Spice Brown outfit really looks nice with your hair! "
Claire: "Thank you,  but---I know Jared is mocking us behind my back isn't he?"
Dee: "I think he's cheering for Jenna's birthday, but he's just wearing his swimsuit or maybe boxers again."
Claire:  "You go on thinking he's being nice poor lady. We have to live with him!"
Dee: "I do my best to keep him under control Claire---but he does things so quickly---what do you want me to do? Tie him up?"
Claire: "It's a thought! I do have handcuffs!"
Dee: "Claire I don't even want to know that!"

Jenna got that odd looking chin mark and suddenly decided she's an Animal Lover.

To celebrate the birthdays, the whole family goes to the Fall Festival!
Connor and Rae enter the pie eating contest!

The pregnant lady wins, no surprise really!!!

They lose but Rae beats Connor, who comes in last--but neither one seem to mind, they are just having a blast! Look at those blueberry pie faces!

While everyone else is playing at the Fall Festival, the toddlers play with their special friends!
Audra's toy is Hesper and Heath's toy is Cosmo. They really like their dolls. The older twins have IF's too, and Jenna's is another Cosmo, but they never played with them enough to change one of the names.

The older girls have some fun while their still children.
They both carved pumpkins. Jenna a silly one and Rae an evil one!
But that doesn't reflect their personalities, we rolled to see which pumpkin to carve.
On the other hand, I had to stop both Claire and Jared from stomping them!

The girls practiced their baking skills and sold some muffins and cookies. For all their effort, I think they made a whole $4!

And Jenna plays dress up in her favorite color, violet.

And as busy as their house is, Claire and Jared find a few moments alone.
These two look so good together. I love their skin tone and hair color, just a sucker for that red hair!

And it's time for birthdays again! First Heath.

And he gains the loser trait! Wow---an evil slob loser---he's going to have a fun time and so are we.
Claire is sooo over cake---she read a book instead.

And then Audra. My easily impressed Genius is a technophobe! And she shares her mother's love of the color Spice Brown.
I thought it was great that all the girls grew up with different hairstyles, made it easier to know who was whom, with all those redheads!
Since they're kids for so short a time, I didn't bother with changing out their clothes much, notice Rae's sandals with her outdoor outfit! Didn't seem to bother her any.
And Connor's looking a bit bored with all the birthday's and cake too.
But he's been writing Sports books and bringing in some much needed cash!

But is it all work and no play for our dear Connor?---find out in the next chapter.

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Chapter 3--Romance for Conner
« Reply #5 on: October 01, 2018, 02:02:40 PM »

Connor's been a life-saver in more ways than one for Claire and Jared. He not only helps with the children but his writing increased their household funds dramatically. Connor's LTW is Professional Author, to earn $4000/wk in Royalties and he completed that after only a few weeks of intense writing of sports books that are quick to write and bring in a decent amount of money. And although he loves writing, especially being alone and writing, he felt something was missing. So Claire and Jared suggested he get out of the house and take a break. He found himself at the Festival and noticed a girl skating.

Her name was Ms. Cleech. He was unfamiliar with the name but he met her and they talked for a bit but he was never able to ask her out. Every time he called she was "working and wasn't sure when she would be done." He tried writing her a letter, since writing is what he does best, but he received a return post letting him know she wasn't really interested. Then he found out she was a food booth attendant at the Festivals and he decided she was right---they weren't meant for each other.

Then he received an e-mail from his writing guild requesting he meet with a very artistic young woman that wanted to turn her talents towards writing.

Her name was Agnes Crumplebottom and they hit it off immediately! They both shared a love for books and having alone time.

Connor was a bit tongue-tied so he did what he does best, he told her a story, a ghost story!

They spent many evenings together and Connor found out Agnes was a Hopeless Romantic, so he did his best to woo her, including giving her flowers.

Connor finally got up the nerve to ask her to be his girlfriend---she said yes!

And then the big moment---he proposed!

And he was the happiest man on earth when she accepted and moved in with them!

In the meantime, Claire is still adding to the family resources with some after work dumpster diving!

Heath has been having a rough time of it at school. Being an evil loser slob, kids bully him all the time.
(Bullying is banned in most schools but apparently hasn't reached the attention of the school board in Sunset Valley---for shame!)
But he finally met a girl who was nice to him, Darlene Bunch.

Heath took Agnes and Connor's example to heart when he went over to Darlene Bunch's house after school one day. He told her a ghost story!

But right after they did homework, this happened! Darlene aged to teen! But Heath made himself a promise  to always remember this day and the little girl who had been nice to him when he needed a friend.

After Agnes got settled into the Frio home, she wanted to look her best so off to get a makeover.
New hairstyle and makeup---Agnes isn't too happy about the results, but being grumpy, she's not happy about much. But I liked it!

Agnes, like Claire and Audra, loves the color Spice Brown. So she picked this for her everyday outfit.

But for formal, she stuck with tradional black.

And then it was birthday time again for the older twins!
First Rae.

As a teen, Rae adds Disciplined, to her Easily Impressed, Virtuoso, Heavy Sleeper traits. Her hair and outfit aren't half bad but not really her style. But no time to change yet.

Jenna's turn. Notice that Sam Sekemoto is attending this birthday event.
Jenna adds Frugal to her mix of traits, Couch Potato, Loves the Outdoors, and Animal Lover. She doesn't mind the top, but again not really her style. And the hair, nope, that has got to go.

She runs off to the mirror and picks this very cute, flattering style. And a violet eye shadow , of course.

And some new clothes in her favorite color violet. Her everyday outfit.

And her athletic. She wasn't as thrilled with this shade of violet as it had a pinky quality and clashed with her hair, but it had been a long day so she decided it was okay. Especially since she is a couch potato and odds are she won't ever wear it!

The girls had discussed the boyfriend issue before they had their teen birthday and they are both friends with Sam Sekemoto, who is closer to their age.

Jenna is friends with Mortimer Goth, but he's a bit older and she doesn't know if she has a chance since he's dating Bella Bachelor.

Rae surprises Jenna with the news that Bella dumped Mortimer and is going steady with Malcolm Landgraab. Jenna confesses to Rae that she  would like to get to know Mortimer now that she's a teen.

Rae tells her she's okay with that because she has someone else in mind. So while Jenna is busy with her makeover, Rae puts her plan in action and asks Sam to watch the stars.

And by the end of the evening, Sam agrees to be her boyfriend!

After he leaves, she decides she wants a makeover, so she heads to the bedroom. She chooses this hairstyle and makeup.

Rae's favorite color is gray but she likes a pop of color, so she picks this outerwear outfit.

For everyday she goes with tradional black and gray, which goes terrific with her coloring.

Next Chapter---A wedding and more birthdays.

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Chapter 4--Busy times: a birthday, a wedding, another birthday, and prom!
« Reply #6 on: October 02, 2018, 11:34:29 PM »

Since Connor and Agnes are at the house, Claire and Jared take the opportunity to go out alone together, dancing of course! Jared shows Claire some awesome moves, and with all her athletic skill, she matches him move for move. She hasn't had such fun in…ever!

Dee: "You guys look so good together!"
Claire: "Um, alone time means alone, Dee!"
Dee: "Sorry, will turn my attention to others."

Once Agnes gets settled, she gets down to business. She's really into love and romance so after discussing it with Connor, her writing mentor, it's obvious she needs to write about it. He tells her not to think about her writing experience or lack of it but to just "write what you know and love". So she does just that but with a little twist. She's always wanted to write a sci-fi novel so her first book is entitled, "You and Me in Space." It does well and she's now confident enough to start her first Romance novel, of course it's about her romance with Conner! She gets so involved in her writing, she's shocked when Connor pulls her away and tells her she needs a break and they need to discuss their wedding.

But before they get very far in their discussion, they hear the familiar sound of birthday noise makers---and reluctantly make their way downstairs for…cake.
But with a shock they realize it's not one of the children's birthday's but Jared's! And that he's actually made dinner for those who no longer love cake! Looks like Lobster Thermidor, yum!

When Agnes and Connor join in the revelry, Agnes notices her sister Cornelia Goth joining in the fun and she vaguely remembers inviting her and Mortimer over at Jenna's request. But birthdays always take precedence and Jenna is enthusiastically joining in with all the others to wish her dad a happy birthday before she goes back to her date!

It's typical for the birthday person to get presents so the kids chipped in and bought Jared something special for his adult birthday. New pajamas! (That cover him up way more than his red briefs and will hopefully save his teenage daughters from mortal embarrassment now that they have boyfriends over!)

And then Connor and Agnes went back to discussing their wedding plans.
Even though they both prefer being alone, Agnes can't pass up the chance to have a special ceremony.
A Hopeless Romantic does not get married at city hall in a business suit!
But two loners don't have a huge wedding party either.
Especially when they live with their sister-in-law who is a loner as well.

That's right, we have three loners, one grumpy (Agnes), one hot-headed (Claire), and one good (Connor),
living with a mean-spirited party animal (Jared), and two sets of twins, two of them teenage girls and a young boy who's an evil slob loser! It's a wonder you didn't see their house going up in a fiery ball seen from space with that mix of personalities!

But between Claire's love of the outdoors (think flowers) and Agnes' frugal nature (she hopes Claire didn't "borrow" any of the decorations, but isn't asking!), they come up with something simple and romantic.
A private ceremony in a secluded decorated corner of the upstairs hall.

Agnes: "I Agnes, take thee, Connor…"

Connor: "To have and to hold 'til death do us part."

Dee: "You may kiss your bride!"

Dee: "Introducing for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Connor Frio!"
Agnes: "Are you really authorized to say that?"
Connor: "I like it---it sounds so good!"
Dee: "I notice you didn't interrupt when I said the part about kissing the bride?!"
Agnes: "It's our wedding day----I'll let it go."
Dee: "So gracious of you."

Beautiful shot of the bride before the wedding!

And after her hair was styled!

Dee: "Agnes is that a smile?"
Agnes: "As close to it as you will ever get. I save those for Connor, in private."

Dee: "Understood my grumpy friend."
Agnes: "We're friends?"

Dee: "I love books!"
Agnes: "Okay, we're friends."

And then another birthday….with…you guessed it…cake!!!

And Heath becomes a teen, aging up in his favorite color aqua!
Adding Family-Oriented to his evil, slob, loser traits!
The poor girl…whoever she may be!
I mean, Yay! A good trait finally!

A trip to the mirror for a change of hairstyle!

Dee: "Looks nice, Heath. You really don't look like an evil slob loser…"
Heath: "I don't feel like one either, except at school."

Dee: "Maybe we should have your Mom and Dad talk to the high school principal before your classes start?"
Heath: "No way. Then it would just be worse…you know, had to have mommy and daddy fight your battles  for you, uh, loser?!"

Dee: "I understand, and I know in this day and age it's tolerance for so many things,  but bullying shouldn't be one of them! I will never understand how it's tolerated here in Sunset Valley---throughout Sims 3 Land I expect --- but it shouldn't be! Okay enough of my rant, but I just wanted you to know I am on your side.
I'm not happy about the traits you've gotten previously but I'm thrilled with family-oriented and I will do my best to make things work out for you.

Heath: "Thanks. I appreciate it---so how about some new clothes to impress the girl I want to ask to prom?"

And here he is in his everyday clothes:

And in his formal:

And who will this mystery girl be?
None other than his childhood friend Miss Darlene Bunch! And even though she has a boyfriend, she agrees to go to prom with Heath. Maybe she took pity on him since it was his birthday?

Dee: "Nice touch that, Heath. How can she say "no" on your birthday!"
Heath: "That and her boyfriend is now a young adult and can't take her to prom---but I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth and I have a plan."

Dee: " I'm sure you do! Dare I ask if it's an evil plan?'
Heath: "Of course it's an evil plan, one I hope will make her mine! You know I promised I would never forget her friendship when we were just kids."

Dee: "For you that was earlier today!"
Heath: "But she's been a teen for awhile now and that guys too old for her!"

Dee: "But she's not too old for you?"
Heath: "No, I need someone older to keep my evil slob loser ways in check!"

Dee: "I can't  disagree there---it's been a full time job to keep your mean-spirited father, your hot-headed mother, and grumpy Aunt Agnes and you from tossing negative signs all over my screen. Not to mention all the loner, too many people in here, issues. But I wonder how your family-oriented trait will play out with your other traits?"
Heath: "I love my family---hey, I really do--that's a shock for me too!
But I need to talk to Darlene now, so later."

And on Monday evening, the limo arrives, on time for once!

And here's Rae and Darlene, both looking so grown up.
Darlene looks especially lovely in Heath's aqua color, her hair too.

And Heath and Sam looking good, and a bit scared---wonder if they are nervous about dancing?
Lucky for Heath he's only been in HS one day, so hasn't had time to be bullied too much.

And Jenna in all her finery! She's a bit sad she didn't get to ask Mortimer.
But he would have had to miss work and she didn't want to make him feel bad about not taking her so she went with her siblings and their dates.

And the prom was packed! It took awhile to even get through the doors.
And some people were protesting formal wear by showing up in random outfits!
Oh, wait---those are parents and children---who on earth schedules a recital on Prom Night!
Apparently Audra's teacher---which is one reason she didn't have her birthday with twin Heath.
The other reason is that Audra decided that since she was actually born after midnight, and her birthday wasn't until Monday, she wanted at least one birthday party of her own!

The prom went especially well.
I was worried about Jenna going without Mortimer but she got voted Prom Queen and only got into one fight.

Amazingly, Heath got voted Prom King! How many evil slob losers can say that?!
And his family-oriented trait must have already kicked in because Darlene asked him to go steady.
He said, yes, of course. Guess he won't even need his evil plan now or maybe that was his evil plan!

And Rae and Sam had a great time as well, their feelings for each other growing deeper.

So the three teens are all paired up now!
Rae's boyfriend is Sam Sekemoto.
Jenna's boyfriend is Mortimer Goth.
Heath's girlfriend is Darlene Bunch.

I think they've covered a great mix of Sunset Valley's original residents very well!

But what of Audra? Her birthday and the teen years in the next chapter.

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Chapter 5--More birthdays and a betrayal!
« Reply #7 on: October 04, 2018, 11:53:32 AM »
As you recall, Audra didn't want to miss her ballet recital and also wanted her own birthday party for a change, so the family humored her and Week 5, Day 3 (Tuesday), we add the fourth and last teen here in Sunset Valley.
While the rest of the group blows noise makers, Jared mocks, as usual (yes, Claire, it's definitely mocking, so sorry) and Claire stares at the cake with loathing.

Claire: "Couldn't it be chocolate for a change?"
Dee: "Sorry Claire but the chocolate cake is glitched---we're stuck with vanilla until I take the time to figure it out."

Audra adds Grumpy to her easily impressed, genius, technophobe traits.
Well that explains a lot!
So now we have four teenagers in the house, one Klepto (Rae), one Couch Potato (Jenna), one Evil Slob Loser (Heath), and of course, Miss Audra, the Grumpy Technophobe (this will come to the fore with a vengeance).

Dee: "Audra, I think hair and clothes are a must!"
Audra: "Well, of course! With Dad's reaction, it must be worse than usual! So what are you waiting for?"

Dee: "And so it begins. But I have to ask, is that just normal teenage snarkiness or your grumpy coming out first thing?"
Audra: *pauses* "Probably a bit of both."
Dee: "Well at least you're honest."

Audra shows off her sense of style with this look, which is way more flattering than her birthday hair.
The spice brown hat is just so, "her". She seems to have gotten a great mix of Claire and Jared, but her full lips are all her own, a nice change from the rest.

And she chooses a new wardrobe. Her outdoor outfit with the cute hat.

And her everyday.

Of course, no hat for sleeping so she styles it a bit different.

And her formal.

Jared went to the summer festival and was fixated by the fireworks.

So much so that he bought some to set off at home. Big mistake! Half the house ran outside to freak out by the fire.
Jared did have the presence of mind to have a fire extinguisher handy, but both Claire and I insisted that the rest of the fireworks go into storage, never to be tried again!

The fire and tongue-lashing from Claire didn't faze Jared long though---he was right back to dancing in the bathroom in his boxers! At least he's wearing a robe now.

But someone else found Jared's dancing a bit too much to resist.
Agnes' spontaneous flirtation with Jared downstairs caused Connor's relationship with Agnes to drop all the way down to Romantic Interest!

I was only aware of this drama when Connor jumped up from his computer upstairs all upset. And even though Jared, amazingly enough, told her to back off, in no uncertain terms, with glaring red minus signs flying all over, Connor couldn't believe that inappropriate, mean-spirted Jared wasn't the initiator, so he unfriended him!

Luckily my shock was such that I didn't take any incriminating pics for prying eyes to find later, but I did scream "Agnes, go fix this!"

Agnes ran upstairs and stared straight into Connor's hurt eyes.

Connor: "How could you accept his advances Agnes?"

Agnes did not disillusion him with her actions but said: "You know I am a Hopeless Romantic Connor,  so can we kiss and make up, please Connor?"

Connor: "Okay, but don't let this happen ever again!"

Agnes: "I swear Connor, my love, you are the only one in my heart!"

Dee: "Laying it on a bit thick there Agnes."
Agnes: "Whatever works! You wanted me to fix it, let me do it my way!"
Dee: "Backing off, Agnes, backing off, but their will be consequences."

After a multitude of romantic actions, Agnes proposes.

Connor accepts and they exchange rings---again. (Thank the watchers everywhere!)

Thankfully all the teens were at school for this drama so only the adults were under a bit of strain and awkwardness.

The teens lives went on as usual with school, afterschool activities and jobs, and spending time with their steadies.
Jenna's love of the outdoors had her hanging around the kid's clubhouse at all hours of the night. She even got to indulge her Animal Lover trait when a neighborhood dog wandered into their yard.

Whenever she had a spare moment, Rae played guitar--- in the park .

And at the Fall Festival. That's Officer Bunch watching her----Darlene aged to YA but she was still Heath's girlfriend and was faithfully waiting for him to grow up.

Heath kept a very low profile as evil slob losers don't want to draw attention to themselves, though his Family-Oriented trait had him searching out family members to chat, especially his Good Uncle Connor. Go figure. In fact, Heath was so nice he was allowed to donate to undermine charity a time or two! But like his mom, he's very aware of incriminating evidence and requested no pictures.

Audra had decided the "baby fat" from her younger years had to go and hit the treadmill.
No way was she working out with that darn evil in a box television! (Her words not mine)

Dee: "Looking good Audra! I wished it worked that fast for me!"
Audra *gasping*  "can't…talk…need to sit and play chess."

And then this happened! Claire's elder birthday! Too soon, too soon. For me anyway.

Dee: "Sorry to see your red hair go Claire."
Claire: "Yeah, it's a big change, but growing older with all my family around me, getting to HAVE this family--I've earned this hair and I'm happy for it all!
Dee: "And I'm happy for you too Claire, real happy!"
Claire: "Enough of that sappy talk, real clothes please!"

She picks this for everyday.

And this for her formal.
Claire: "Not bad for a dowdy ole lady, huh, Dee?"
Dee: "I will never live that down will I?"
Claire *Smirking* "Nope."

And a forgotten Adult birthday when Connor jumps up from his chair in the living room!

Not much of a change but he did get a couple of noise makers blown at him. And no one missed cake!
And a mid-life crisis---for which he was constantly patting his stomach and checking for wrinkles, but not too much else.

And Agnes carved a pumpkin. A sad one seemed fitting as it was the last thing she was allowed to do before she was banished to her room!

Dee: "I told you there would be consequences for your unforgivable actions Agnes."
Agnes: " Yeah, yeah, yeah, but staying in my room, alone, writing, doesn't bother me. In fact, I enjoy it way more than all the stink.."

Dee: "Careful Agnes, I can be grumpy too!"
Agnes: "Um, thrilling birthday parties and delicious cake!"

Dee: "Well, I wouldn't go that far, but apology accepted."
Agnes: " I wasn't apolo…going to my room now. Need to start my final book and max my writing skill and achieve my LTW so Connor and I can move back into my family home, please?!"
Dee: "I'll think about it. Now go."

And Agnes does just that! Earning her LTW of Illustrious Author in a little over a week of moving in, mastering painting (which she had done before she moved in) and writing (she didn't even have one point!) on week 5 Day 6 (Friday).

And then on Sunday at noon, Connor and Agnes receive their royalty checks, a whopping $80,000+, more than enough for them to move out and return to Agnes' family home where a caretaker has been living.
$75,000 was Connor's and $5000 was Agnes', she wrote the one sci-fi and 3 romance novels, her finally book with us being titled, Married Again. (Oh, not, Betrayed My Husband With His Brother---I am still miffed about that Agnes!)

And Connor had received a previous royalty check for @ $60,000 and others with less, but equally impressive, amounts! He was a prolific  sports writer, writing 40 books, his last one being a Masterpiece entitled End Game, and bringing in $12,000 plus royalties, all by itself! We have many of his books stored to bring along with us. He was a wonderful addition to the family and he will be missed. (Notice the same cannot be said of Agnes, the Hopeless Romantic, thank the watchers she wasn't flirty as well!)

Coming  soon. Chapter  6---YA birthdays, pairing up and moving out!

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Chapter 6--- Growing up, Spouses, and Moving Out
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That infamous time is upon us again---birthdays, birthdays, birthdays!
First up is Rae:

And she adds Klepto to her traits! I suspect Claire's influence there.

Dee: "I was hoping for something a bit better, but I've seen worse."
Rae: "What's wrong with Klepto, we can always use some extra stuff or the cash!"

Dee: "We are not hurting for funds now."
Rae, taking a bite of cake: "Well, you never know what could happen, the banks could fail, or a hacker could steal it all, better safe than sorry. Besides Mom said it makes you feel better when you send it back!"

Dee: "Ah, I knew Claire was behind this!"

Jenna  twirls and adds Ambitious. Huh? An Ambitious Couch Potato?
Dee: "Jenna what does that even mean?"
Jenna: "That I hope to binge watch every free series on TV?!"
Dee: "Wow, some ambition… wait, free?"
Jenna: "Well, I'm not PAYING for TV!"
Dee: "You don't now, your parents pay for everything and we have plenty of cash."
Jenna: "True, and when I get married, I still should."
Dee: "Oh, I'm beginning to see where your Ambition is focused----on a rich husband!"
Jenna: "You'll see soon enough if you hurry up with our makeovers. Rae gets gorgeous long hair and I get this! "
Dee: "Coming right up!"

But before Jenna can get her makeover, she gets a call reminding her of a costume party at the Goths!
She's all grown up now so she wastes no time asking for permission and hurries out the door.

So Rae heads to the dresser and picks this as her everyday outfit.
And as a YA, her LTW as well.

Introducing Rae Frio, Young Adult
LTW: Hit Movie Composer
Traits: Virtuoso, Easily Impressed, Heavy Sleeper, Disciplined, and Kleptomaniac
Favorites: Chinese, Shawarma, and Gray
Boyfriend: Sam Sekemoto

I was hoping for Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers but it wasn't a choice so Rae gets a job in Music to get started on her career.

After Rae's makeover, I discreetly follow Jenna over to the Goth Mansion. But where is she?  In the garage? Who is that? OMG, It's Jenna in a mermaid costume! She interrupts  Mortimer's conversation with another guest, chats with him a bit and asks him to move in!
For a couch potato that girl works fast when she wants to, I guess that's the ambitious kicking in!
Mortimer accepts and leaves his own party to run back to the Frio home.

Jenna gets back at the house as soon as she can and of course, her first questions is,
"Where is Morty?"

Dee: "Getting settled into Connor and Agnes' old room."
Jenna: "Just him? But I'm a YA now."

Dee: "The operative word is young. And this is still your parents house. But go ahead and ask your hot-headed mother and mean-spirited father if you can share a room. But a word of advice, I'd change out of that costume first!"

Jenna does take my advice on the costume. And we have:

Jenna Frio, Young Adult
LTW: Swimming in Cash
Traits: Couch Potato, Loves the Outdoors, Animal Lover, Frugal, and Ambitious
Favorites: Geek Rock, Hamburgers, and Lilac
Boyfriend: Mortimer Goth

Jenna: "Not for long!"
Dee: "Wow, I've never seen you off the couch and moving so fast!"
Jenna: "Time is of the essence! I know Rae is chomping at the bit to get to the next town. She can't wait to get to the city with all the concerts and the symphony, and playing for tips in the subway…"
Dee: "City, how does she know it's a city? I haven't told anyone where we're moving to yet."
Jenna: "I guess she's just hoping. A girl can dream can't she?"
Dee: "And what of your dreams?"
Jenna: "I'm going to give them a little push…well, maybe not so little."

True to her word, Jenna opts for a little alone time under the stars for her and Mortimer.
Since their both wearing sleeveless shirts, and it's chilly, a great reason to cuddle.
Dee: "Nice work, Jenna."
Jenna: "I've got this and don't need help. Just watch and learn!"

So I watch as their date takes them into town.
Jenna: "The art gallery?"
Mortimer: "It's my favorite place."
Jenna: But it's late and no one is here!'
Mortimer: "We're here, at my favorite place, and I'm with my favorite girl."
Jenna: "Morty, that's so sweet!"

They chat a bit more but Jenna notices Mortimer  getting fidgety.

Jenna: "Morty is something wrong? "
Mortimer: "Nothing's wrong… in fact everything is perfect for this. Will you marry me?"

Jenna accepts without hesitation thinking, *Wow, he beat me to it! We are so meant to be!*

Mortimer: "I love you Jenna, and I promise to take care of you forever!"

Mortimer takes a moment for a makeover.

Mortimer Goth---young adult
LTW: Master of the Arts
Traits: Ambitious, Grumpy, Artistic, Sailor, and Mooch
Favorites: Classical, French Toast, Black (of course)
Fiancé: Jenna Frio

Mortimer: "Not for long! I want to get married right away."
Dee: "Wow, you ambitious sims don't waste any time!"

Mortimer: "It's not just that, I can't be away from Goth Manor for too long, it's in the  Goth heirship laws."
Dee: *shocked* "Can't be away? Does that mean you can't leave Sunset Valley?

Mortimer: "Not for very long. Vacations of course, but if I stay away too long, I forfeit my rights as heir. And as the only son, my family would lose Goth Manor and the Goth Fortune! So, not going to happen! I may be an artist but as an ambitious sim, I'm not losing my inheritance!"
Dee: "Does Jenna know this? As heir she would be required to leave town?"

Mortimer: "Of course she does. She chose me over her own heirship."
Dee: "Anything else I should know?"

I guess you guys shared that room after all!

Jenna: "Sorry Dee, but Mortimer and I discussed this ages ago. And like I said before, time is of the essence. Now you know I wasn't just referring to us kids aging up and marrying , but to Mortimer's requirement to limit his time away from Goth Manor. And securing HIS heirship with a child. A son, we hope!"
Dee: "Wow, you did have it all under control. Not bad for a couch potato. Congrats on the nooboo!"

And then only son, Heath, has his birthday. Dare I ask what more could happen to our evil, slob, loser?

Then Audra.
Dee: "Oh, sorry, the TV is on---your couch potato sister was watching as usual. But she's expecting, so give her a break."
Audra: "Just this once and only because of the nooboo! It's not like I can give her noogie anyway, not in this game or at my age!"

Speaking of which, where are Jenna and Mortimer? Birthdays are mandatory.

Having a private wedding!

Jenna and Mortimer: "We thought it would be best with the nooboo and all and so much else is going on."
Dee: "I understand. But you're missing the birthdays and it's time for cake!"
Mortimer: "Yum, cake!"

Jenna: "Do I have to?"
Dee: "Attend yes. Eating cake is optional."
Mortimer: "Why wouldn't you want cake?"
Jenna and I both just roll our eyes!

As Jenna and Mortimer join the party downstairs, Miss Audra grabs a piece of cake and says, "My hair as soon as I eat this. This is what I get for laughing at Jenna's birthday hair. Who picks these anyway? Is there someone at EA that decided sims should grow up in hideous hair to be mocked by everyone, including fathers? As a famous cat once said, "They should be drug out into the street and sh..well, maybe not that, but you get what I mean!"
Dee: "Yes, Miss Grumpy, I do. But what about the clothes?"

Audra: "Who cares about my clothes?"
Dee: "What trait did you just get?"

Audra: "Slob, of course!"
Dee: "Of course." *deep breath, let it out slowly, just breathe.*

Dee: "Where did your brother go? I didn't even get his age up picture."
Audra: "Darlene is here and I think he went to talk to her. Now let me eat my cake!"

Audra was right. Darlene was at the party and Heath was chatting with her. Well, probably not just chatting, she aged up ages ago and he's been chomping at the bit to be old enough to date her again!
Yup, they look totally involved with each other. Let's leave them alone.

With the birthdays over, just as we were all taking it easy.
This happened!
Jenna: "Morty, the baby's coming. I love you so much."

A few hours later.
Jenna: "I am going to shoot you to the moon, Morty! Mom, Dad…someone do something!"
Mortimer: "We need to go the hospital, Jenna!!!"
Jenna: "No...time…Morty."

Jenna decides it was all worth it with this little nooboo in her arms!
Welcome Ethan Goth, the absent-minded, excitable, Goth heir!
Proud Gramma Claire is congratulating the new father and probably reminding him to take good care of her daughter and new grandchild, as well, or else!
I can just here Mortimer now: "Yes, Mrs. Frio, I will Mrs. Frio. Yes, I think he has your eyes!"

And there is still no rest for the wicked or the weary.

Instead of the older twins graduating and then the younger two, Sunset Valley Community School for the Gifted does a mass graduation for all four of them!
And Gramma Claire insists on bringing baby Ethan. Even though it's cold and snowy. And he's only wearing a blanket with his arms uncovered. I tried to make her see reason, but she said there was no way she was leaving her precious first grandchild alone in the house with a…babysitter!

***Author's note: Leaving him home alone with a babysitter was not acceptable, but all of them going into City Hall for graduation and leaving him outside in the snow was okay! You couldn't even see him, just his plumbob.
Luckily, I watched him like a hawk and had Grampa Jared pick him up as soon as he came out! No nooboos were harmed during this chapter, thank the Watchers everywhere!"***

Chapter 7---More Spouses, an heir, and wrapping things up in Sunset Valley

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Chapter 7---More Spouses, an heir, and wrapping things up in Sunset Valley
« Reply #9 on: October 06, 2018, 12:58:17 PM »
With the birth of Jenna and Mortimer's son, Ethan, the house is full and Mortimer needs to get back to Goth Manor. So they pack up all their stuff, and with a new baby, there is tons of stuff, say some tearful goodbyes and head across town with promises to visit and keep in touch. Claire promises Jenna they will stop by before they leave town to cuddle her grandbaby one more time and give them their new address.

At Graduation Heath was voted Most Likely to Have a Large Family.
His Family-Oriented trait obviously had something to do with that, and probably that both he and Darlene come from large families, despite the fact that he grew up to YA with Commitment Issues!

Heath finally took a moment for his makeover, being a slob, he could care less, but he cleans up nice.
He's the perfect mix of Claire and Jared!

Heath Frio--Young Adult
LTW: Emperor of Evil (did we really expect anything else?)
Traits: Evil, Slob, Loser, Family-Oriented, and Commitment Issues
Favorites: Disco, Mushroom Omelet, and Aqua
Girlfriend: Darlene Bunch

Dee: *pondering* "So I was thinking with your loser trait you'd probably get Unlucky, or maybe Inappropriate from your Dad, or Clumsy, or…well, you get my drift, something less than a good trait. But never in all my imaginings would I have guessed Commitment Issues for a Family-Oriented sim! How is that even possible?"

Heath: "I have no idea. I don't feel like I have commitment Issues. I still want to marry Darlene. Oh, I got a weird feeling in my stomach when I said marry!"

Dee: "What?!"

Heath: "Just kidding! That was my evil trait wanting to give you a scare! I've been family-oriented since I was a teen and my commitment issues have only been around for a few days, so if we hurry, I think I can get through this without bailing at the last minute. But first I need a job in the Criminal field to put me in a good mood."

Heath quickly logs onto the computer and gets accepted as a decoy. With his mother being at the top of the field it was a no brainer that he had a job!

Then he calls Darlene and invites her over.

He greets her and invites her to move in and she immediately accepts.

Darlene Bunch Frio---young adult
LTW: International Super Spy
Career: Law Enforcement
Traits: Unflirty, Brave, Unlucky, Daredevil, and Equestrian
Favorites: No idea, Heath didn't give me time enough to even ask!
Boyfriend, Fiancé, Husband (yup, it was that fast!): Heath Frio

An Unlucky Brave Daredevil. Now that explains a lot. Willing to take on an Evil Slob Loser and Unlucky enough to win him!

And before I can even offer Darlene a makeover, Heath is offering her flowers and romancing her for all he is worth!

He quickly proposes with the ring he's had for ages and she accepts.

They marry on the spot and then Heath breaks the news.

Heath: "I can't leave town. Darlene just told me that her family needs us here. I've never really been needed before and I'm going to do the good thing, the right thing, for once."
Dee: "Heath, you've never done anything bad or evil in your life, but what's wrong?"
Heath: "Her Dad's in the military and he's missing…"

Dee: "I'm so sorry! Is there anything we can do to help?"
Heath: "Mom's using her connections to see if she can locate him.  And Dad's cooking up some meals for the family.
The only thing to do now is for Darlene and I to stay with her Mom and sisters and get us all through this, however it ends."

And with those serious words, the new Mr. and Mrs. Heath Frio leave us.
They both got more than their fair share of negative traits, especially Heath, and they are in opposite careers, but I think being together was their destiny! And it all started with a ghost story to a young girl who befriended a bullied little boy. Good luck you two and may the Watchers everywhere keep you safe.

With the house saddened by recent events, Audra reluctantly consents to her makeover. But our hearts aren't really in it. New hairstyles and clothes just don't seem to matter when a loved spouse and father is missing.

And a grumpy slob doesn't really care.
But we know it's best to keep doing every day things and there is still a lot to do as we get ready to move.

Miss Audra Frio---young adult
LTW: Perfect Mind, Perfect Body
Traits: Easily Impressed, Genius, Technophobe, Grumpy, and Slob
Favorites: Rock, Ratatouille, Spice Brown
RI/Boyfriend: None yet

She picks this hairstyle.

An outdoor outfit.

A classic black formal with spice brown jacket.

And this for every day. And calls it quits. I don't blame her and let her go hit the treadmill or play chess, whatever she feels like doing.

And Rae has been playing guitar to build up her skill. Ballads and Blues mostly, given the atmosphere at home.

And spending time with Sam, of course.
She finally gets up her nerve and asks if he will move in and go to the next town with them.
Sam agrees with a smile and Rae relaxes.

Sam: "Did you really think I would stay here and let you go off alone?'
Rae: "No, not really, but you are the oldest son and have responsibilities here."

Sam: " I am my dad's oldest son, but Holly is my step-mother and I have 3 younger brothers and a baby sister! And Holly has the rest of the Alto family here as well, including a younger brother who will take over from her parents. Holly has been the best step-mother ever, and I do call her "Mom", as she's the only one I've ever known, but I'm not really needed here. Besides, as heir aren't you required to pick your spouse from here in Sunset Valley?"
Rae: "Yes, and I don't know what I would have done if you'd chosen to stay here! I don't have anyone else as special in my life.  All the guys around town are too young, older, or taken already. And Audra hasn't found anyone special at all, so she's been focusing on chess and running on the treadmill for her LTW.

Sam: "Then it's settled. I'll make it perfectly clear. I, Sam Sekemoto, promise to love, honor, and cherish you, here in Sunset Valley and in whatever towns we move to, taking the Frio name with pride, and looking forward to the children we have and raise together *blush*, until death do us part."
Rae: "Awe, Sam, you're going to make me cry. And you blush so cute!"

Sam: *Clearing his throat* So, where are we moving to?"
Rae: *a little disappointed* "I had my fingers crossed for Bridgeport. You know, bright lights, big city, playing my guitar in the subways for tips, composing musical scores for their top-rated symphony, enjoying the clubs and nightlife, maybe even becoming a celebrity. And I've heard rumors that the nightlife could include some rather interesting Sims that aren't around during the day. It all sounds so exciting."

Sam: "It does! That sounds like the perfect place for you."
Rae: "But it's not where we're going. Mom said it's some little town out in the middle of nowhere. Since Mom's helping out the Bunches trying to locate Jack, um, Mr. Bunch. It doesn't seem right to call him by his first name even if I am older now. Anyway, Darlene hinted to Mom that the higher ups in her office and at City Hall have been looking into some of the criminal activity in town, so it would be best if she kept a low profile right now."

Sam: "And Bridgeport would not fit that bill at all! So what's the name of this little backwater?"
Rae: "Moonlight Falls. Mom says they have a theater so I can continue my career but I've never even heard of it!"
Sam: "That's probably the point, you and no one else. Much safer for your Mom! You are so talented that you will succeed no matter where you are and we'll be together, so it will be perfect!
Rae: "You always know exactly the right thing to say to make me feel better."

Chapter 8---A new home and a wedding in Moonlight Falls
Coming soon.

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Chapter 8---A new home and a wedding in Moonlight Falls
« Reply #10 on: October 06, 2018, 10:04:23 PM »
Claire: *all excited* "Here it is! Victoria's Victorian Home, a 4 bedroom, 4.5 bath, 3 story home on a 40x40 lot! I had some renovations done, like adding the pool out back and a 2nd story to the garage. Most of our furniture and stuff should be all set up by the white glove movers. We'll just have to put our own touch on each of our bedrooms and unpack the clothes we have with us. The address is 114 Wood Street. The Festival Park is right next door. The Library is on the other side of the park. Both close enough to visit often. The house is perfect for all of us with plenty of room for any extra additions!

Rae: *Not daring to look at Sam as she knew he would be blushing a deeper red than she was* "Mom, we're not even engaged yet!"

Claire: *with a smirk* " I was referring to a special someone for your sister. It's not just about you Miss Heir!"

Rae: *Mortified but feeling Sam relax next to her* "You're right, I was just thinking of me. But as far as the heirship goes, I got it by default. Jenna and Heath chose to marry and stay in Sunset Valley. Audra hadn't paired up with anyone yet, so that only left me, as long as Sam agreed to come with us. It's not like I did anything special to earn it."

Claire: "Of course you did something special, you're you! And don't you dare think you got it by default. You were chosen Rae, pretty much from the beginning. You and Sam. Do you really think I didn't know about the Goth heirship  laws or that the Bunches were going to need a strong person to depend on? Being in the top of my field, I know and see everything that's going on or I started it!"

*Rae and Sam just stared at each other in shock at this amazing news, both speechless*

Claire: *changing the subject*  "Look there's your father's truck. I hope he and your sister had a good trip. I see a bowling alley next to the garage, good grief! Where are we going to put something like that in a Victorian house! Sometimes your father is inappropriate to the point of being crazy!"

Rae: "And you wouldn't have him any other way, Mom!"

Claire: *with a smile* "You're right of course. But that doesn't mean he doesn't set off my fuse, which is quite short. Sometimes I think he does it on purpose. He's told me I was beautiful when I was angry on more than one occasion. Enough chitchat, let's get our overnight bags and get inside. It's been a long day and I just want to relax, maybe take a dip in the pool, if I don't just fall into bed."

Moonlight Falls took a little getting used to. This happened soon after they moved in!


Audra refused to talk about it and just kept saying she didn't remember much---just going up in a beam of light and then standing in front of the house with what looked like an alien! She wasn't harmed but she didn't go out much after dark for awhile.

Sam and Rae spent most of their time together. And kissed a lot. Sam was very romantic and would dip kiss Rae at the drop of a hat. The rest of the family started peeking into rooms before entering to avoid any embarrassment, especially Sam's.

Then Sam decided he wanted to get a tattoo.
Rae: "You want a what?! But you hate needles! You hate anything that's scary or can hurt you. Why would you want a tattoo?"
Sam: "I don't know, I just need to do this."
Sam didn't ask for much, so they headed off to the only salon and tattoo parlor in town. But it was dark and closed.
Rae said they'd have to come back another time, but Sam told her that he would lose his nerve and asked her to do it.
Rae: *with a deer in the headlights look* "Me?! I don't know how to.." 
Sam just looked at her with his scared puppy dog eyes.
Rae: "Okay, but it's so dark in here there's no telling what you're going to end up with!"
Sam just sat down in the chair and turned his head.

It wasn't a very successful tattoo. Looked like crayon drawings done by a 3 year old.
But Sam was satisfied, tearful, and certainly not having it undone!

And it wasn't long after they moved in that Rae decided it was time for this.
Rae: "Sam, will you marry me?"

After that it was a whirlwind of makeovers, dress fittings, cake tastings, all in preparation for the big day. An Heir's wedding! Rae said that a simple ceremony was fine, but Sam wouldn't hear of it. Shy or not he wanted a wedding party with all the trimmings. Nothing was too good for his Rae! He even volunteered for the first makeover, most likely to get it over and done with, but whatever works. His hair was fine so he just needed new clothes.

Sam Sekemoto---young adult
LTW: Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers
Traits: Shy, Coward, Excitable, Artistic, and a Cat Person
Favorites: Kids (music), French Toast, and Green
Fiancée: Rae Frio

Dee: "Not to be a stickler or anything Sam, but you're a shy coward and artistic, so you pick maxing Charisma and Guitar as your LTW? When all you really want to do is paint?
Sam: *embarrassed* "Yeah, I'm not sure how that happened. I think it was dark in the room and I panicked and just picked something without looking."
Dee: *facepalm* "That sounds about right for an heirship spouse---well, it's what we've got to work with but don't give me that sad puppy dog look when you have to actually talk to people and play guitar out in public. It works on Rae because she loves you. I just have to help you complete your LTW, if it kills us both."
Sam *looks ready to pass out*
Dee *quickly before he does* "Figure of speech Sam, figure of speech, stay with me boy!"

Sam chooses this as his everyday. Comfortable to paint in, chat in, and play guitar!
Sam: "Don't go there. I want to be happy on my wedding day."

And some close-up pics of the bridal party.

The groom. Sam chose an Asian-style suit, with his favorite color green as the trim, to incorporate his heritage into their ceremony.

The bride, Rae, chose a floral tiara instead of a veil to go with her beautiful gown.

The mother of the bride, Claire. Her favorite spice brown was toned down to this golden cream and accessorized with short white gloves while her hair was styled with matching golden cream flowers.

Audra, sister of the bride, chose a similar golden cream but in a different capped-sleeve style with full-length gloves.

And the father of bride. Jared is decked out in style with a white scarf that gives flair to his party animal soul!
Though he looks scared to death that his baby girl is getting married---probably sticker shock at the wedding bills he's receiving!

It's Rae and Sam's wedding day! The cake is ready, the wedding party is set, and the guests are invited.
Sam's waiting nervously under the wedding arch and the guests are milling about.

Rae joins him and Sam is so excited he starts clapping but he's thinking that he can't believe this beautiful girl is going to marry him!

The guests hush as the ceremony begins and vows and rings are exchanged.

Sam kisses his bride as heart-shaped petals are thrown over them.

And the guests clapping and throwing petals. Audra looks a little sad, but that seems normal for the last unwed sibling, especially at a big wedding.

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Sam Frio with the parents of the bride, Jared and Claire Frio.

And it's time to cut the cake!

And party animal Jared finally gets to dance his heart out---on the counter!

Look at those moves!

Most of the town showed up for this wedding! I'm sure that was Claire's doing somehow as they don't know that many people yet. But a good time was had by all. And the diverse nature of the guests was eye-opening. Vampires, fairies, witches, and werewolves, Oh my! This could definitely add some interesting genetics to the Frio bloodline!

Congratulations, Rae and Sam Frio. May the Watchers bless your union with happiness and heirs!

Chapter 9--- Audra's Night on the Town!
Coming soon.

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Audra: "Mom, I need to tell you something."
Claire: "Sure honey. What's going on?"
Audra: "I've invited someone to move in!"
Claire: "What?!"
Audra: "Sshhh, he's in the living room!"
Claire: *peaks around the corner and whispers* "Are those wings?
Audra: *all excited* "They sure are, and so beautiful!"
Claire: *trying to find the right words* "…when…who..? *gulps* "He's a fairy, obviously."
Audra: "Well, that's the plus."
Claire: "Which means there's a minus. Which is?"

Audra: "He was a paparazzi! But don't freak out! He's not now and he doesn't know who you are!"
Claire: *stunned* "A paparazzi? Here in Moonlight Falls?"
Audra: "Yeah, but he was checking out some odd horses at the local Fire Station. Nothing to do with crime or you or anything like that. He showed me some pictures."

Audra: "There was one that had a freakishly long mane, all distorted."

Audra: "And another got inside the fire station! He had to use his fairy powers to get it out! Apparently, they were elven steeds, which is why he was sent to cover the story and take care of the problem."

Claire: "Well, it sounds like you've known him for a bit, but how come this is the first I'm hearing about it?"
Audra: "Well, things have been busy around here. After Rae and Sam's wedding they were all lovey dovey, you know."
Claire: "Which is to be expected for newlyweds."

Audra: "Then she told him she was expecting! Which was hardly a surprise with all the time they were spending together!"

Audra: "And you all were so excited about the baby! Dad was so nice and fatherly, patting her stomach and talking to the baby."
Claire: "Of course he was, it's his grandchild!"

Audra: "Yeah, an HEIR's child---it won't be the same for mine!"
Claire:*her jaw drops* "Does that mean what I think it means? Audra, love, I think you need to tell me the whole story from the beginning. How did you meet this fairy….uh, guy…uh, person?"

Audra: *takes a deep breath* "I'm not so proud of that part, Mom. And it's hard to talk about, but if you don't interrupt, maybe I can get through it."
Audra: "You know how I was kind of sad at Rae and Sam's wedding.."
Claire: "As far back as that?!"
Audra: *with an imploring look* "Please, Mom..."
Claire: "Sorry, I won't say another word until you're finished."
Audra: "Thank you." *she takes a deep breath and tells her story*

***Audra's night on the town***
"So it was still early after the wedding and I was feeling odd. Sad and left out. After-your-sister's-wedding blues, I guess. So I changed and went to that little bar down the road, I don't even remember the name.
I sat down on a couch just watching the few people there. Only two guys, but quite a few women. Then I read a book for a bit as I'm not really into the bar scene. "

"Then I guess I just got a notion to "do" something, so when the younger of the two guys caught my eye, I invited him over to cuddle and without a word he did and before I knew it, we were making out! Then I noticed the rest of the crowd jeering and giving me the evil eye! I asked the guy if he was single and he said his girlfriend's name was Bianca and she was standing over there! I was mortified, especially when I recognized her and it was Bianca Crumplebottom, one of the few friends I've made here. He just laughed and left! I felt so bad. I couldn't even do clubbing right! "

"Then a hush fell over the bar and I looked up to see what was going on and there was an amazing specimen of a man with the most beautiful set of dark blue-black wings! My heart was pounding a mile-a-minute and my stomach was all butterflies, like his wings were fluttering away in there! Even though I'd just been through the most mortifying experience, I knew I would never forgive myself if I let this opportunity pass me by, so I went up and introduced myself! He told me his name was Victor Bean and that he was in town doing the horse story and taking care of the problem, getting them sent back to where they belong. And that's how we met."
Claire: "I see. But there must be more to it than that. If you're…and you've invited him to move in!"
Audra: "There's definitely more alright."

Audra: "The next part I'm not so proud of either. I stalked him, Mom!"
Claire: "What?!"
Audra: "Well, not in a bad way, but I followed him all over town! Since he was here, they had him hang around and see if anything else strange was going on and I wanted to make sure he wasn't checking into any of our business, yours in particular. He never went to City Hall or the Police Station, so I figured he was okay, and started chatting to him whenever we "accidentally" met. And then things got friendlier! We watched the stars and I wasn't even scared when a ghost floated by behind us. All I could think of was Victor beside me!"

We spent a lot of time together and then he asked me to be his steady girl."

Audra: "And I've invited him to the house a few times when you and Dad were at work."
*Audra notices Claire's jaw tightening and hurries on*
"And I'd like to tell you nothing happened, but I was experimenting with my potions and I tried a ghost potion out on him and it worked! He definitely turned into a grey-white ghost and his wings were a vibrant blue! I've documented all that, of course, for my research…*seeing Claire's stern expression*…but that's not important right now."

Audra: "And then I tried the ghost potion on myself"
Claire: *drily* "For research, no doubt"
Audra: *excitedly* "Yes, it's amazing Mom, I was all grey-white and floaty but we could pillow fight and everything, just like if I was alive!"

Audra: "Oh, *blushing as she gets the meaning of her Mom's words*, well, maybe not JUST for research."

Audra: "Anyway, with the results of our 'research' on the way…we thought it best to live together."
Claire: "Won't you be making it more official than that?!"

Audra: "Mom, you don't think I would have invited him over to the house and..…Victor proposed to me ages ago, in our favorite spot by the fountain. It was so romantic!"

Claire: "Oh, sweetie, Audra, *with tears in her eyes* You've been keeping all this to yourself. A boyfriend, a fiancé, and a baby…because your sister, the heir, is expecting?!"
Audra: "I didn't want to take the focus away from that, Mom. It's what this is all about. But I needed to tell you before it became obvious. You're not mad or upset with me, with us?"

Claire: "If I'm mad at anyone it's myself and your father, we should have paid more attention to what was going on with you! It's been months since the wedding and we've been so caught up with Rae and the baby, and our new jobs. But that's no excuse! YOU are important too! I'm so sorry to have let you down this way. But we can do something about that!"
Audra: "Do something? Like what Mom?"
Claire: "Your wedding! As special as you want it to be!"
Audra: "Well, it would be nice to have a real wedding gown, so it better be soon!"

But when Claire and Audra got back home after shopping, things were hectic at the house!
Rae had gone into labor and Sam was in a panic, but he stayed with us for the whole thing, not fainting even once!

And welcome to little Adam Frio! Our easily impressed, light sleeper.

And Claire just can't resist playing with him.
Rae: *in a hushed whisper* "Mom, he's finally sleeping!"

Claire: "No, he's awake!
Rae: *shaking her head* "He is NOW!"

And with all the nooboo excitement, Jared ages to elder without a party! And decides that was probably a good thing as his back would never be able to handle dancing on the counter.

But he takes it all in stride.
Jared: "Since I'm a grandpa four times over now, I should look the part! Speaking of being a grandpa, wanna see some of my boys?!

*He flips out his wallet*
Jared: "See, these pics are from our trip back to SV for Jack's memorial---that was sad, but we did get to see our other grandsons!"
"Here's Jenna and Mortimer's Ethan---such a handsome lad, looks a lot like me don't you think?"

Jared: "Hard to believe that Gunther and Cornelia were lost in that plane crash. Mortimer and Jenna have their hands full with Ethan plus Mortimer's younger siblings to take care of----here's a pic of the girl, Chantel. Her twin Roger, I think, was at an after school activity. And with all that, Jenna adopts a puppy, named it Sky of all things, like she didn't have enough to keep her busy. But they have help, of course, and Mortimer's sister Allison is all grown up now, so she probably helps some too."

And here's Heath with one of his and Darlene's twins, Nicholas or Ryan. It'll do Judy good to have those two to focus on, keeping her busy so she doesn't miss Jack so much. She's sure got a houseful with Lisa still at home, and her youngest daughter still a teen, Susan or Sandra, something with an 'S' anyway. But they'll be able to help out with the twins."

Jared: "I was sorry I didn't get any pictures of Connor and his girls though. They just weren't up for pictures with Agnes gone. Good thing Connor's a bit younger than me with Hope just a teen and the twins, Melodie and Maryann, still being children. It'll be hard on them, growing up without a mother. Connor did so much for us back in SV when we first started out, I wish he'd had more time with his Agnes."

Jared: *sighs, a little depressed with his reminiscing* "So many people gone now."
Claire: *briskly* "Snap out of it old man! We're still here and kicking and we still have a lot to do!"
Jared: "Like what?"
Claire: "Plan a wedding for starters! And then just sit back and wait for another grandbaby or two---maybe we'll even get a girl!"

Jared: *confused* "A wedding? Who's getting married now?"
Claire: *smirking* "Just go into the living room and meet your future son-in-law.!"

Chapter 10--- Audra's Special Day and a sad loss

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Chapter 10--- Audra's Special Day and a sad loss
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True to her word, Claire helps to make Audra's Wedding a special day for her.
With nooboo Adam being a light sleeper, and everyone else getting used to a baby in the house, taking turns with feedings, diaper changes, and rocking, lots of rocking, Audra and Victor decide on a simple ceremony with just family.
But Audra gets her wish and gets to wear a wedding gown and looks lovely!
Victor is his usual hunky self!

Victor Bean---Adult
LTW: Fire Fighter Super Hero
Traits: Brave, Excitable, Green Thumb, Athletic, and Ambitious (wow, and of course, he's the spouse of a spare!)

Rings and vows are exchanged.

The bride is kissed and petals tossed over the happy couple.

Claire watches her last child marry and with a smile and a quick glance at Jared, throws her petals.

Jared and Rae clap and exchange happy glances unaware of the odd-looking guest beside them!
But it's not the guest that I focus on.

Dee: *briefly closes eyes as if in pain* Jared, are those RED SNEAKERS you have on with your formal!?"
Jared: * smugly* "You just said I had to pick out an appropriate formal suit, nothing about what shoes I had to wear."
Dee: *sputtering* "But you knew I would want, meant…oh, never mind. Somehow, the red sneakers are just…YOU!"
Jared: *smiling* "That's exactly what I thought! If I can't express myself now, then when?"
Dee: *shaking her head fondly* "But I thought you preferred green?"
Jared: *laughing* "Not with my formal, just wouldn't be appropriate!"

The family mingles and chats, offering congratulations to the newly married Mr. Victor Bean!
Rae happily dancing with Victor as the brightly colored unknown guest watches silently, and maybe a little sadly.
Audra high-tailed it to the nearest bathroom from nausea due to unknown causes, but we all know why, so we gave her privacy.

A few hours later, Victor is eager to get started on his firefighter career, so he heads off to the local fire department, the one the elven steed got stuck in, and is quickly hired! He works on the fire alarm and firetruck, maintaining both and starting on their upgrades.

But he also wants a home of his own with their child on the way and the current home almost full now, so he calls Audra and lets her know he's found the perfect house and is busy getting it all ready for them to move in to.

Audra is excited about Victor's news, and with him out of the house her thoughts are dwelling on something a bit closer to her heart. But not the impending nooboo.

Meanwhile, upstairs, something dreadful happens!
Jared was congratulating Claire on having all their children married and now they can focus on themselves, growing old together and enjoying their grandbabies. But it was not to be!  Claire rose off the floor and started sparkling.
Jared: *screaming in agony*  "Not now! Not yet! It's too soon! I love you Claire!"

Claire glows brightly, unable to speak, but Jared can see the love shining in her eyes.

And, inevitably, Grim arrives. Along with the maid, who stops in shock, as Claire turns ghostly grey.

Sam arrives just as Claire pleads with Grim for another day!

But Grim's answer is clear when a golden urn appears on the floor and Claire's spirit starts drifting towards him!
Jared grabs for her but his hand goes right through her and the maid swoons.
But Sam stoically stands by Jared and stays on his feet, watching in shock and sorrow.

Sam goes to find Rae, who was taking care of Adam, and provide what comfort he can.
Jared is left with Claire's golden urn by his feet, the cat Misty, and a maid fainted dead away.
His thoughts turning to Claire's favorite meal that she will no longer be eating.
Strange what odd things you think of in such moments. But the human mind and death are linked,  both neither totally explored or understood. Maybe someday.

Meanwhile, still in her wedding gown, Audra turns her attention to the unexpected guest at her wedding ceremony.
She hands the bottle of potion over to Hesper and watches, fascinated, as her imaginary friend starts to sparkle!

Then her doll is totally engulfed in a smoky and sparkly bright haze!

And to her shock and surprise, Hesper is male! A very good-looking hunk of doll/man!
He has striking blue/black hair with red highlights and the most beautiful cerulean blue eyes she has ever seen.

Unaware of the tragedy, Audra and Hesper chat and dance above the garage.

Jared does his duty and calls Jenna, Heath, and Connor in Sunset Valley to break the sad news. Then sends this memorial notice off to the paper.

RIP Claire Ursine Frio--100 days
LTW--Master Thief---completed week 5 day 7 right before turning elder in Sunset Valley
Career: Criminal--Level 10

Survived by:
Her husband: Jared Frio

Children and spouses:
Heir--Rae and Sam (Sekemoto) Frio (MF)
Jenna and Mortimer Goth (SV)
Heath and Darlene (Bunch) Frio (SV)
Audra and Victor Bean (MF)

And her 4 grandsons:
Jenna and Mortimer's son, Ethan
Heath and Darlene's twin sons, Nicholas and Ryan
Rae and Sam's son, Adam

To her and her families' regret, she will never know her youngest daughter Audra's expected child.

And a personal message from her loving but inappropriate husband:
My love, you were loved and cherished and will be missed. I promise to take care of our family, to love them and watch over them to the best of my ability, and the Watchers permitting, I will join you when it's my time.

Audra is heart-broken at the news of her dear mother's passing! Her child will never know it's grandmother.
She can't bear to be in the family home now and needs the comfort of her new husband. She has a heart to heart chat with Hesper and with him being male, they decide that they both need to get on with their lives, separately. They promise to keep in touch and Hesper quietly moves out to a place of his own. While Audra joins her husband in a large home across town awaiting the birth of their child. 

Audra Frio Bean---young adult
LTW: Perfect Mind, Perfect Body---completed in MF
Career: Athletic---level 2
Spouse: Victor Bean,  Occult: Fairy
Children: Expecting

But she doesn't leave us empty-handed. She earned most of her logic points at the potion table and discovered all of them! She only used 3 of the ones she discovered, two Ghost Potions for her 'research' with Victor, and one Imaginary Friend Metamorphosis Potion for Hesper. The rest she donated to the family as her contribution to their journey.
Her exceptional brain and potions are noted for posterity and she will be missed in the family home. Her only fault was trying, repeatedly, to sabotage the brain enhancement device and any other electronics that she found unattended! Darn technophobes! We will definitely keep in touch and she'll be telling the family, of course, when the expected nooboo arrives!

Chapter 11--Nooboos and growing up in Moonlight Falls
Coming soon.

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Chapter 11--Nooboos and growing up in Moonlight Falls
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Even though the family is still mourning Claire, life goes on, as it must.
A birthday party is held for Adam with Victor and Audra attending.

But Rae breaks down and runs from the room. She just can't do it without her mom.
So an obviously expecting Audra holds her precious nephew and stands in front of the cake.
It pops into her head *Birthday cake, Oh how Mom was so sick of cake with two sets of twins!*
*She shakes her head to get rid of the thought before she breaks down too*

With the candles blown out, Audra places little Adam on the floor.

And the family  starts cheering and blowing noise makers trying to make this birthday a happy one for Adam, who's too young to understand their loss. Even Rae has pulled herself together to join in. But someone's at the door. Who could it be?

Connor, Jenna and Mortimer make a surprise visit! They've come to comfort and be comforted at the loss of Claire. They hadn't realized they would be in time for Adam's birthday. What a happy surprise in the midst of their loss!

Dealing with grief is easier if you keep busy, so they say, so the adults focus all their attention on little Adam.
Rae gives him a ride on the spring rider that was theirs as children.  She can't help but smile at the memories of her own childhood that this brings back. She loved that spring rider. If she's honest, she still does!

Adam's not so sure about it yet. Such a serious, quiet little boy. But that may be due to current circumstances rather than his personality.

Yup, he can show a bit of temper now and then, especially when he's hungry!

But once his tummy is full, and Daddy is Attacking him with the Claw, he's back to his happy little self.

As a painter, Sam gets to be a stay at home Dad and he loves it! But when Adam's busy playing, either with his peg box.

Or hiding in his toybox.

Sam can work on his guitar and charisma skills as well as paint to his heart's content. From his house without strangers, just the way he likes it! Here's Sam's artist's nook, just off Adam's play room. But where's Sam? Oohh, Misty the cat knows what's going on! That's not just a plant in the corner, that's Claire playing hide and seek! Sam wants nothing to do with ghosts, not even family ghosts!

Because no matter who the ghost is, poor Sam ends up like this! Claire took pity on him most of the time and stayed out of his nook!

But when the weather is nice, Sam takes Adam out for strolls down the street.

The public Library is so quiet and there's no talking. The perfect place for some quality family time, especially with a shy daddy.

And with Mommy! Adam loved this story, just look at his excited little face!

Sam even ventures over to the Winter Festival.

They see some amazing sights! A man with a toddler who is a fairy! Adam was fascinated by the golden, fluttery wings!

And then a yellow ghost mother with her toddler! Sam's had enough of the sights and rushes Adam back home before he passes out!

While they were gone, Rae gets confirmation that Adam's going to have a little brother or sister!

Then Jared receives a frantic call from Audra in the middle of the night! He knows it can only mean one thing. The new baby has arrived! But Audra doesn't sound happy and excited. She sounds terrified! He can barely make out anything she's saying and it doesn't make much sense to him.
Audra: "I explained it to Mom….research…ghost potion…*hysterical crying*
Jared: "Hang on honey, I'll be there as soon as I can. Are you at the house or the hospital?"

Audra: *Gulping back a sob* "We're all here at home. Hurry, please."
When Jared arrives, he is stunned! He finally manages to ask, "But how did this happen?
Audra tearfully explains, "My potions, we used a ghost potion for my research, but we never thought it would do this! The boys are fine, but Daddy, look at my poor little girl! What have I done?!

Jared repeats, "The boys?"
Audra tearfully explains, "We had triplets! Two boys and a girl. The boys are fine and in their cribs. But look at my daughter. How can I live with myself for doing this to her!? Victor can't stop himself from gagging at the sight of her! I'm having trouble myself even picking her up. It's not normal, not right!"

Jared: "What are the bluey-black spots floating around her?"
Victor *turning away and holding his stomach* "Those are normal for a fairy, they will turn into wings when she becomes a toddler."

Jared: "Well, at least there's something normal about this situation."
Audra: "Dad, how can you joke at a time like this?!"

Jared: "I wasn't joking. I'm just trying to be calm and analyze every aspect of a difficult situation, like you usually do."

Audra: *taking a calming breathe*  "You're right, Dad. I just need to think about this. For starters, we should probably call the hospital and the science facility and get some advice. They'll probably want to do some tests, hopefully nothing to awful besides a blood test or two and some genetic scanning or samples." *breaking down again* "My poor little girl! This is all my fault!"

Jared: "Audra, you've come up with some places to start! Blaming yourself isn't going to help any of us, least of all my granddaughter! With all the different genetics in Moonlight falls, including ghost toddlers as Sam saw one with his own eyes, they must have some suggestions for your ghost/fairy nooboo. So you pick her up while I make some phone calls. First for a sitter or a nanny as you are going to need help with triplets! And Victor, hold it together man, and take care of your sons! Hey, what are their names?"

Audra: *tearful but calmer with a note of pride* The oldest boy is Blake, he's artistic and brave, like Victor. Then our daughter, Kenyatta, who is an easily impressed virtuoso. And the youngest one is Cameron, he's brave like his dad and brother, but grumpy like me!"

Jared: "Nice names and I'm glad the boys are brave. We'll need all the bravery we can get to get through this, but get through it we will, or my names not Jared Frio! Besides, if I let you down, your mother would be all over me in a Bridgeport minute!"

Chapter 12--A child, toddlers, and another nooboo
Coming soon.

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Chapter 12--A child, toddlers, and another nooboo
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Before they knew it, it was time for Adam's child birthday!
Rae's all smiles for this one as it will be way easier on her back with Adam walking on his own two feet.
Not that he doesn't toddle all around now, and run more than walk, but he still wanted to be picked up a lot.
And with her pregnancy progressing, not as easy to do, and she could never say, "no."

Sparkles and a twirl!

And her little man becomes a child! He adds Ambitious to his easily impressed, light sleeper traits.
The eye roll leads me to suspect he's not very impressed with that trait, but I'm thrilled, but still unsure which direction he'll go in for his LTW or career. But what I'm thinking is neither here nor there as it's time for cake!

Everyone grabs a piece and chats about Adam starting school.

With Adam capable of being more on his own, Rae takes a much needed break in the rocking chair.
And for company, she has both her dad and mom! Jared still can't resist dancing with her and ghostly Claire indulges him, like always.

And before they knew it, it was time! Rae was in labor! And the guys did their usual panic, which actually kept Rae calm as they both looked pretty funny!

But by the time Jared ran upstairs to panic, Sam was on the couch watching TV and Adam was playing with his toy on the floor!
Rae, thinking about Audra and triplets, thought maybe she should go to the hospital, but there was no time.

Welcome Clarisse Frio, Gramma Claire's namesake! She's Eccentric and Loves the Cold! Grandpa Jared is such an old hand at this baby business, he gives Adam some bottle-feeding tips!

Jared: "Just remember to keep the bottle at a slight angle so the nooboo gets less air. Less air means less gas, which makes for a happier nooboo and a happier family!'
Sam: *embarrassed and not taking his eyes off the TV* "Um, Dad, don't you think he's a little too young to need to know that?"
Jared: "Not at all. As a future father some day, he'll need to know. If he learns now as a big brother, he'll be more comfortable with it when he's older."
Sam: *nods his head* "That makes sense Jared. Thanks."

The panic at the Bean residence over little Kenyatta was soon over. Both the hospital and science lab agreed that since it was a potion causing the ghost effect, it would wear off shortly, just like it did on Victor and Audra. Something about it being in her system when she was conceived. *Audra and Victor were very embarrassed having to explain that part* And it couldn't leave as she was in utero, since it required a regular atmosphere to dissipate. Audra understood most of what they were saying, but Victor and Jared just sighed with relief that it would only be temporary.

And they were right! After a few hours, she was just a fairy nooboo without the ghost aura. But she kept her parents busy along with her brothers, with all the feedings, changings, and rocking they had to do! Audra and Victor couldn't thank Jared enough for getting them a nanny. Two, in fact. One for the day shift and one for night, just so they could keep up with the triplets.

Jared was just thankful he could afford to pay for nannies and that his duty as a loving Grandpa only required cuddling and rocking when he visited. And then he could go home to just one little baby girl. His own twins were bad enough, but triplets, the very idea made him shudder. What on earth had possessed Audra, a twin herself, and Victor to BOTH get fertility treatments. These younger kids. He'd never understand them!

And then it was birthday time again. For all three of them, but they decided one cake was plenty! They'd had enough twin cakes over the years that even thinking about cakes for triplets made them all feel a little ill.
First Blake as a toddler with the Frio red hair!

And the youngest Cameron, learning how to walk!

And Grandpa Jared did the honors at the cake with his first granddaughter himself!

And here's Kenyatta with her Dad's dark hair! Looking only like the little fairy she is with no trace of ghost! The adults sigh with relief as they were all a little nervous about her aging up with the scare at her birth.

And all three of Audra and Victor's fairy toddlers, Blake, Cam, and Kenya!
After being at the party, Jared calls the agency and tells them to keep both nannies on and that they may need another one! After all, these kids can fly!

And Rae ages to adult all by herself and has a mid-life crisis! She insisted on no party and no cake as she just wanted to go to the day spa and have a quiet day all to herself being pampered and spoiled and taking stalk of her life. Sam and Jared wisely did not dare to persuade her otherwise!

Because the quiet wasn't going to last long! It was time for Clarisse to become a toddler!
Grandpa Jared did the honors with his youngest granddaughter as Sam and Adam are cheering her along.

And some special guests are attending her birthday party. Darlene and Heath, visiting from Sunset Valley!

Clarisse ages to toddler. But she doesn't sit alone on the floor long!

Grandpa Leighton came to visit too and gets in his hugs and cuddles first thing!

And here's Kenyatta as a child! She aged up before her brothers, but that happens sometimes. The science lab said something about female fairy genes being more precocious than male. Audra was the only one nodding. The rest of the family was just relieved it wasn't a problem. She started helping clean up  at the party even though she got Audra's Grumpy trait as a child.

Sam needed some space, with all the people inside, so he and Adam go outside and play on the see saw.

Then it's potty training time for Clarisse. Mommy does the honors for this task, checking our her tummy bulge that does not exist!
Dee: "Rae you are so NOT fat! You got the Frio genes for thinness, so stop worrying about it!"
Rae: "But it's part of my mid-life crisis to worry about wrinkles and tummy bulge. I can't help it!"
Dee: "Rae, Sims all over would kill for your figure----worry about it after you age to elder or at least do it when I'm not looking!"
Rae: "So stop watching me if it bugs you so much!"
Dee: "I wasn't watching you. I was watching Clarisse get potty trained."
Rae: "I thought you were looking at me this whole time."
Dee: "To paraphrase your mother, 'It's not always about you, Miss Heir!'"
Rae: "I always fall for that, don't I?"
Dee: *laughing* "Always!"

And waiting impatiently for her cake! One of the few in the family who still looks forward to it.

Some snuggles with Daddy after the party.
Sam: "Aww, it's been a big day little girl, off to dream land for you!'

Chapter 13-- Coming soon.

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Chapter 13--- Making Friends in Moonlight Falls
« Reply #15 on: October 09, 2018, 06:40:43 PM »
It's a beautiful day and Rae's off work so she takes Clarisse out for stroll.

They end up at the library and read a book together.

Another Mom is debating if she can chance ducking into the bathroom while her son plays.
She doesn't want to the take the risk, so she quickly introduces herself to Rae.

Crissy: "Hi, I'm Crissy Frio, I hate to put you out but could you keep an eye on my little boy, Cemre, while I duck into the restroom?"
Rae: *with a happy smile but thinking FRIO!!!* "That wouldn't be a problem at all! I'll just let them play together and keep an eye on both of them. It's never too early to start making friends! Take your time. Moms of toddlers need to stick together and give each other a break. And I think …we need to chat."

Crissy: *with a questioning look at her tone* "chat?"
Rae: "My name is Rae FRIO! But use the restroom and we'll talk!"

Crissy gives her a startled glance, but nods and hurries into the ladies' room.

The two toddlers read happily together and then another little girl joins them. Her name is Olga Younan.

With the children reading and getting along so well, Rae and Crissy read and chat on a nearby couch.

Rae: "Frio isn't a common name in Moonlight Falls. May I ask who your husband is?"

Crissy: *eager to chat and figure out this mystery* "His name is Hesper Frio. He moved here quite a few years ago but he's never mentioned being related to anyone in town. *pausing* In fact, he's never told me much about his family at all except that he used to live in Sunset Valley."

Rae: * thinking:  HESPER!!! Sunset Valley?! Wow, this is way too much of a coincidence!* so she says, "And he doesn't have any close friends here?"

Crissy: "Oh, he does have a best friend here in town! Her name is Audra Bean! They chat a lot on the phone and e-mail and stuff."
*she gives Rae a look as she noticed Rae's shock when the best friend was female*
"Nothing inappropriate, just telling each other how their lives are going, about their children and you know, best friend stuff! Speaking of children, Hesper told me Audra and her husband had triplets way before it was in the paper. I couldn't even imagine it! We only have Cemre and he keeps me so busy, I can't imagine two, let alone three at once!"

Of course, Rae's shock wasn't about the best friend being female at all, but confirmation that Audra was involved!

The mothers have been so engrossed in their conversation that they both look up startled when Patty Younan, Olga's Mom, picks her up and heads out of the library. They smile guiltily at each other and quickly check on their children.

The toddlers are still reading but Rae realizes Clarisse needs to use the potty so she says her goodbyes, promises to keep in touch and gets back to motherhood. But her thoughts are churning. *I need to talk to Audra ASAP*

Since the days are so nice, Sam ventures into the park next door and enjoys a game of horseshoes with Pip Goodfellow.
His son, Devon, has the golden wings that entranced Adam as a toddler. And with no ghosts around this time, Sam gets a chance to introduce himself and work on his Charisma skills.

And on a quiet evening at the park, he works on his guitar skills. He's still shy but he's getting used to a stranger or two watching him play for tips and making friends as well. 

Adam tags along with Sam and meets a yellow ghost boy! He's not shy or scared at all and eagerly introduces himself.

Adam: "Hi, I'm Adam Frio. What's your name?"
Seth: "I'm Seth Slymer. And before you ask, no it doesn't hurt and yes, I can walk through walls!"

Adam: *impressed* "That is soooo cool!"
Seth: "Really? You're not scared of me or grossed out?"

Adam: "Of course not, I have cousins who are fairies and one of them was even a ghost when she was a nooboo!"
Seth: "Wow, a hybrid!"

Adam: "She's only a fairy now, but her wings are awesome! They are all sparkly and a dark bluey/black. I find wings fascinating!

Seth: "Yeah, wings are cool. Do you think I could meet her? I'd love to meet someone that wouldn't be afraid of me."
Adam: "She starts school with me soon so maybe we'll all be in the same class and I can introduce you. Kenyatta's a little grumpy, but she'll love that you can walk through walls, just like I do."

Even Misty the cat got to make a few friends within the family now that she uses the scratching post instead of their bare legs! Most of the time everyone is so busy with school, work and learning their skills that Misty's pretty much on her own. But they do take the time to pet and hug in once in awhile, even if I never get pictures of it!

And Adam and Clarisse get to know each other while playing with the blocks.

And a fun game of peek and boo! They are so cute together.

And a hug for his baby sister, another best friend!

Then Audra invites the family over for a birthday party. Hers and the boys. While the other guests mingle and chat, Audra congratulates Blake on looking so grown up. But Blake can't keep his eyes off his Mom's adult hair!

Audra: *grumpily* "Blake, stop staring at my hair! I know it's hideous as it's the same hair I got when I aged to YA. I haven't had a chance to go to the salon yet."

Blake: "It's not that bad Mom, just different. It makes you seem more… grown-up I guess.'

Audra: "Well, thanks, Blake. Maybe it's time I tried a different look."

Cameron was too tired to chat with anyone and headed upstairs to sleep in their new fairy house, a present from Grandpa Jared.

Rae realizes that this is the perfect opportunity to have her chat with Audra!

Rae: "We haven't chatted in a bit, so let's be private out here where I can tell you a story."
Audra: "I don't have time for a story!"

Rae: "You have time for this story! Now sit down and don't interrupt!"
Audra: *surprised at Rae's tone* "Well, okay, for a minute I guess…"

Rae: "Once upon a time in a little Valley called Sunset, there was a little girl who had a very special doll. A doll named Hesper!"

*Rae sees Audra tense up but continues*
"A doll that aged up when the little girl did and that no one else could see. They teased the little girl about her Imaginary Friend so much that the little girl finally stopped talking about it. And finally stopped playing with it and packed Hesper away. But the little girl, all grown up now, brought her special doll with her when they moved to Moonlight Falls."

Rae pauses and takes in Audra's stunned face and quietly asks, "Didn't you Audra?"

Audra can't speak but nods her head in the affirmative, her eyes huge in her pale face.

Rae continues on: "And in Moonlight Falls the grown up girl, who was fascinated with discovering potions, found one that would be truly amazing, if it worked! And it did work didn't it Audra?!"

Audra whispers, "Yes, it did, it worked…all too well. But I wasn't expecting Hesper to be male…if I had known that.."

Rae: "If you had known that, you wouldn't have been so lonely and sad here in Moonlight Falls. You wouldn't have met Victor. So you discovered the Imaginary Friend Metamorphosis potion after that?"

Audra: "Yes, I was already expecting when I discovered that one. Then Victor and I married and the house was too full to use it."

Rae: "Then Victor found a house for both of you and he moved out, so there was room. But when did you do it?"

Audra: "The day we lost Mom! I gave Hesper the potion downstairs all excited, not knowing what was happening. I had planned on taking her with me to our new house. She was my best friend for all those years and if I could make her real…"

Rae: *her throat closing up and tears forming in her eyes* "All those years when no one believed you. All those years where you stayed up in your room away from the TV and the computers, playing with your best friend. Oh, Audra, I see why you did it, but why didn't you tell us?"

Audra: "We were all in mourning Rae! I just couldn't do it then. Losing Mom was such a shock for all of us! And I needed to be with Victor. I loved Victor and our child. But Hesper and I liked each other too much. We could have fallen in love so easily, so I set him free. Free to have a life, to find his own love. *all excited* And he did! He has a wife named Crissy and a little boy, Cemre, that's around Clarisse's age…"

Rae: * interrupts, smiling* "I know Audra, I've met both of them. Crissy is lovely and so nice. And Cemre is the cutest little boy. He and Clarisse played and read together at the library for hours. *then sternly* "But imagine my shock when Crissy introduced herself as Crissy Frio and then told me her husband was named Hesper! Audra you shouldn't have let us find out this way! But now that we know…"

Audra: *gulping" "What are you going to do, Rae?"

Rae: *laughing* "Invite him and his family to the next birthday party of course!"

But that didn't happen as the next birthday was little Clarisse's, and they just kept it to immediate family since it was on a school night.

Adam watches all excited as Clarisse twirls!

And blows a noise maker loudly behind her, almost scaring her to death! But hey, that's what older brothers do best!
But hang on tight to that noise maker Adam! Clarisse grew up with the Klepto trait, just like your Mom and Grandma!

Adam: *worriedly* "Does that automatically make her heir?!"
Dee: "No, Adam. Heirs aren't decided until most or all of them are YA."
Adam: "'Cause, I think I'd really like to be heir, but I'm not sure about having to steal stuff."
Dee: "That's your Ambitious trait kicking in Adam. But don't worry, heirs aren't required to steal stuff. Your Grandma and Mom thought that was just an extra fun perk!"

Enjoying some quiet family time while eating their cake and listening to Clarisse chat about starting school.
Adam tells her all about his friend Seth Slymer and all the other really cool occult kids at school, plus the normal ones like them.

Then Clarisse heads upstairs to play a video game. She asked Adam to play but he said he had something he needed to do before he was too old.

One last ride on his rocking horse, Paint! Because tomorrow is his teen birthday!

Chapter 14-- The teen years in Moonlight Falls
Coming soon.

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Chapter 14-- The teen years in Moonlight Falls
« Reply #16 on: October 09, 2018, 11:33:10 PM »
Adam is at the cake, and the family is all set for his teen birthday. Jared is mocking the birthday boy, as usual, while Clarisse gets to blow a noise maker this time.
Rae: "Don't forget to make a wish, Adam!'

And  a very serious looking Adam gains the Perfectionist trait!  Sam and Rae looked dazed and shocked to be parents of a teen! Cousin Blake is just waiting for them to cut the cake.

But Blake finally grabs a noise maker too, getting into the spirit of the party. Then Adam excitedly curls his fists and yells, "yes!"

Dee: "Why so excited Adam?"
Adam: "Lots of reasons, I got a decent trait, my hair looks great,  Grandpa kept his promise and got me a pair of red sneakers just like his! I love red! And this shirt isn't bad either and now I can finally learn to drive!"

Dee: "And there's cake!"
Adam: "You just had to ruin it didn't you. Just kidding! Mom, Grandpa Jared, and Aunt Audra have been making cake jokes for years now. I still like cake, but maybe some day you could get the chocolate one to work again?"
Dee: "I'll think about it. Go enjoy your party and all the guests. Your parents invited half the town!"

Adam mingles through the guests and sees Davon Goodfellow and his awesome yellow wings, Grandpa Jared, Uncle Victor, a man in a bright orange suit with purple black hair, and a little bald girl.

Adam: *whispers* "I wonder who that guy in the eye catching suit is? I don't think I've seen him before."
Dee: "Looks like your mother kept her word. You'd better ask your Aunt Audra to introduce him. That's her story to tell!"

Adam: "I will when I can find her in this crush. But can't you do something about the little girl?"
Dee: "If you want me too."

Adam: "Yes, please. I don't really like that bald look on anyone but toddlers and elders!"
Dee: "I'm with you there Adam."

So little Bernadette Paris gets hair!
Dee: "She's pretty Adam. I love her violet eyes. That would add something different to the Frio genes."
Adam: *embarrassed* "I guess. But she's just a kid."
Dee: "She is now, but kids grow! And we have plenty of time as we'll be waiting for Clarisse to grow up too. You could go talk with her at least. It's not like you know a lot of girls."

A reluctant Adam wanders over and starts chatting with the little girl. He finds out she's just started grade school  and is in Clarisse's class, so too young for him. He thanks her for attending the party and tells her to hurry and get a piece of cake.

He mingles some more and spots his Dad getting cake and stops to chat.
Sam: "Nice party Adam, lots of people from the town joined us to celebrate your birthday."
Adam: "But I haven't met anyone special."
Sam: "You mean a girl? Maybe one with wings? Adam you've got time. You just became a teen so enjoy this time. It goes fast, trust me."
But after Adam leaves, Sam starts doing some thinking.

After the party, Adam hits the dresser for some new clothes. The shirt's okay so he pairs it with some black pants.
And he really loves the red sneakers, so they stay!

Then a casual summer outfit.

The next day after school, before he has a chance to get on the bus, Adam gets a call from his Dad.

Sam: "Glad I caught you Adam! You need to come home right away!"

Adam: "Seriously, Dad? Seth and I were going to go over to Devon's house and hang out."

Silence on the other end.

Adam: "Umm, sure Dad, I'll come right home!"

Sam: "Thanks Adam. I know you'll thank me later."

Adam rings off wondering what his Dad meant about that last part.

But he doesn't wonder for long! He approaches the house and stops and stares. There's a fairy-girl with beautiful pink wings standing in the front yard! He thinks fast and pops out his phone and shows her an internet cat video. Who can resist those, right? She laughs and they start chatting.

Adam: "I'm Adam Frio."
Sophie: "I'm Sophie, Sophie Rodgers. My step-father, Branch Timbley, sent me over here with some vegetables."
Adam: "Vegetables?"
Sophie: "Yeah, he got a call from your Dad asking for some vegetables for your Grandfather's restaurant. He asked if I could bring them right over. So here I am. Then your Dad asked if I'd care for a dip in the pool. Want to join me?"
Adam: "Sure!" *thinking-- Wow, I will definitely have to thank Dad!*

Adam finds out that Sophie is a bit older than him and almost out of High School, so he knows he has to work fast.
He spends every day after school with Sophie and they quickly become best friends.

And then their friendship quickly turned into Romance and they started dating!

They have their first kiss and Adam is in love!

Adam was hoping to take Sophie to prom, but she graduated before Prom night, so he and his friends went stag.
But they still got the limo!

Adam has a good time at the prom and gets voted Prom King. But he missed dancing with Sophie.

And it's time for Clarisse's teen birthday! Dad's blowing a noise maker and Davon Goodfellow is cheering!

And Clarisse adds Angler to her traits. Grandma Claire's traits are still hanging on!

Clarisse heads to a mirror and quickly changes her hair and adds make-up.

But somehow she gets stuck in the sink while the party's going on!
Dee: "I've heard of getting into your work Clarisse, but that's a bit too much!"
Clarisse: "Just get me out of here! Quick before I miss the party. There was a cute blonde guy I noticed!"

But before Clarisse has a chance to reach the blonde, a red-headed guy steps in front of her and says , "Great party, Clarisse!"

Clarisse frowns as she doesn't think she knows him. Then recognition dawns as she exclaims, "Ethan? Ethan Goth?"

Ethan: "In the flesh! We had a  Senior class trip to the Fairy Arboretum here in Moonlight Falls, and I got permission to come see my relatives. But I can't stay long, just going to grab a piece of cake and say a quick hi to everyone!"

Clarisse looks beyond him, hoping to catch the blonde's eye.

Ethan notices and says, "Who are you looking for?"

Clarisse tells him she's looking for the guy with blonde hair, but he's not there anymore.

Ethan says, "I think I saw him go into the kitchen. Happy Birthday!"

Clarisse says, "Thank you" over her shoulder and fast walks to the kitchen.

And there he is!

Now that she's closer to him she does a  double take and exclaims: "Cemre!?"

Cemre: "Happy Birthday Clarisse! Wow, I like your hair that way."

Clarisse: "Thanks, I just can't believe it's you. You were a grade ahead of me in school so we never got to spend much time together."

Cemre: *laughing* "I'm still a grade ahead of you, but I'd love to hang out together!"

Clarisse: *smiling and thinking, BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!*

And hang out together they did! They went to the Summer Festival every day it stayed in town!
Chatting and getting to know each other.

Watching the stars.

Having their first kiss!

And becoming steadies!

With Clarisse a teen, it's almost time for Adam to reach YA.
But some sad and hard times are coming up for the Frio family.

Chapter 15--Coming soon.

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Chapter 15-- Loss and Loves
« Reply #17 on: October 10, 2018, 02:37:45 PM »
Sophie's parents, Linda and Branch Timbley, were throwing her a graduation party and had  invited their friends and neighbors including the whole Frio family. She doesn't look much different than she did as a teen but she feels more grown up somehow and her fairy power is definitely much stronger!

Adam was ambivalent about spending time with Sophie just now. They were still Romantic Interests and considered themselves partners,  but with their age difference they couldn't date or even be romantic. Sophie was okay with it because, as a YA fairy, her longevity had kicked in and she has over 100 days before she becomes an adult! Adam on the other hand was still a teen with several days of HS left. He thought about just buying a cake and getting it over with, but he knew that wouldn't be right and would disqualify him as a candidate for heir! His Ambitious and Perfectionist traits wouldn't let him screw up his life that way.

So it was off to the party as a teen. No matter how much that galled him! Mom and Dad were going and of course, Grandpa Jared, who had never missed out on a party in his life! But Clarisse and Cemre had decided to go to the Summer Festival's final events. The guests were mingling and chatting when an ominous feeling filled the house and there was screaming and crying upstairs!

Jared Frio was attending his last party!

Linda Rodgers Timbley: "Oh no, not here! Not now! This can't be happening. Not to Adam's Grandpa!"
*mumbling to herself---Was it the food?  Watchers everywhere, please let it NOT be the food!*

Adam and Sam take the stairs double time!

But there was nothing anyone could do as Grim did his ghastly job.

Grim: "Your time has come Jared Frio. It is fitting that your last moments on this earthly plane are at a party."

Jared agrees with Grim, but at seeing the grief in his families eyes, he falls to his knees and begs for another day.

Rae beseeches Grim as well but she knows it's to no avail as a golden urn had already appeared at her feet.

Earlier in the evening, across town, Clarisse and Cemre witness another leave taking during the Festival. Grim is busy this night!

Shaken by the experience, Clarisse says her goodbyes to Cemre. But before she leaves the Festival, she's struck by a loss much closer to home. And she didn't get to say goodbye to him!

Back at the Timbley residence, the party was pretty much over once Grim left. Sam had escorted a distraught Rae home, and Adam was being consoled by Sophie and her parents. In their grief, they all forgot about Adam's curfew, but the local police didn't! With Branch explaining the tragic circumstances, the police feel it wouldn't be safe for Adam to drive home in his shocked state, so Adam still goes home in a police car.

To take her mind off her grief, Clarisse goes shopping to pick up some new teen clothes.
Her favorite color is violet so she uses it to make her clothes pop. But thoughts of Grandpa Jared make it a task rather than the fun it should be.
She picks this for her athletic outfit.

And this one for everyday.

And then exhausted, more by grief than anything physical, she goes upstairs to grab a book to read.
But she's not alone! Grandpa Jared watches over his youngest grandchild thinking how beautiful she is. Like her mother, like his Claire. He's content. He's lived a good life and now he can watch over his family with his beloved Claire from this side of the coin of life.

He is touched and honored by the memorial notice his family places in the Moonlight Falls Messenger:

Gone but Never Forgotten:
Jared Frio---104 days young (as party animals are never really old)
LTW: 5 Star Chef---COMPLETED week 6 Day 1 in SV
Career: Culinary---he never retired, besides his family, cooking was his life

Pre-deceased by: His loving wife, Claire Ursine Frio
and his sister-in-law: Agnes Crumplebottom Frio

He leaves behind a large and loving family.
His children and in-laws:
Heir, Rae and Sam (Sekemoto) Frio (MF)
Jenna and Mortimer Goth (SV)
Heath and Darlene (Bunch) Frio (SV)
Audra and Victor Bean (MF)

And 8 grandchildren that were blessed to have the time they did with him:
Rae and Sam's: Adam and Clarisse (MF)
Jenna and Mortimer's: Ethan (SV)
Heath and Darlene's twins: Nicholas and Ryan (SV)
Audra and Victor's triplets: Blake, Kenyatta, and Cameron (MF)

A younger brother, Connor Frio and 3 nieces: Hope, Melody, and Marianne (SV)

And a special message from his family: We will miss you Dad/Grandpa. You have instilled in all of us a love for life, family, and parties celebrating our milestones. You can rest assured that you fulfilled your promise to our mother, and your loving wife, Claire, by taking care of us, watching over us, and most of all, loving us. You may be gone in the flesh, but we know that your spirit will be with us always and forever.

Adam was chomping at the bit to grow up just a few days ago. But with Grandpa Jared's passing, he feels like he's aged way beyond his teen years with the grief and sadness filling their home and his heart. But life goes on and birthdays still happen. Adam's was no exception. They have a house full again, including Sophie and her parents, the atmosphere is a bit strained though they try to make it as happy as is befitting a YA birthday.

Out of nowhere, Adam gains the Loves to Swim trait. He blames it on his grief and how messed up his head and heart were at the time. But I'm just thankful it was something bland and not negative.

But that still didn't point us in a definite direction for LTW. The choices being what they were, Adam settles on Swimming in Cash.

Something we can do easily with our current household funds as we just need the family to earn $50,000 more simoleans. And as Adam says, it goes with Loves to Swim!

Adam Frio---YA
LTW: Swimming in Cash
Traits: Easily Impressed, Light Sleeper, Ambitious, Perfectionist, and Loves to Swim
RI: Sophie Rodgers

The guests include Aunt Audra (she did keep her adult birthday hair!), Cousins Kenyatta, Cameron, and Blake, and Cemre Frio. Cemre doesn't look thrilled to have someone between him and Clarisse, especially a male someone!

Sam gives Adam a birthday present!

Adam and Sophie eat cake together and with both of them now being young adults, their status updated to steadies automatically! How long before they take the next step?

Well, first there's Adam's graduation. It was raining of course, and such a crush that Sam, Rae, and Clarisse barely made it inside before it was over! But they were just in time to see Adam become Valedictorian and be voted Most Likely to Fulfill His LTW! They all look pretty sober and thoughtful when they leave City Hall.

And then Adam went over to the Timbley residence. He had been planning on asking Branch for Sophie's hand but then remembered he was Sophie's step-dad, so he asked Linda. She was honored that he asked and thrilled to have Adam as a son-in-law! And he'd be gaining a very young brother-in-law as well, with Linda and Branch's Julius still being a toddler!

Then Linda brought Adam to Sophie and he quickly asks her to move in!

Linda leaves the room so they can continue in private.
Adam: "I love you Sophie and I want us to be together for the rest of our lives!"
Sophie: "I love you too Adam and I can't imagine my life without you in it!"

Sophie and Adam head back to the Frio house where Sophie gets a new hairstyle and clothes. She loves pink and it goes beautifully with her coloring and her gorgeous pink wings! She chooses this for her everyday.

Sophie Rodgers---YA (with 92 days before she ages to adult!)
LTW: Greener Gardens (Level 10 in gardening and make 100 plants grow using bloom)
Traits: Brave, Athletic, Proper, Can't Stand Art, and Friendly
BF: Adam Frio

And with the weather getting colder, this for her outerwear.

For her formal, she chooses a traditional fairy outfit in her favorite pink.

The last week in Moonlight Falls will be packed with events, both good and sad.
An heir will be chosen and a new town revealed!

Chapter 16-- Hectic Final Days in Moonlight Falls
Coming soon

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Chapter 16-- Hectic Final Days in Moonlight Falls
« Reply #18 on: October 10, 2018, 09:28:05 PM »
Adam and Sophie spend most of the last week together just getting to know each other as young adults.
Skating on a pond and then falling down on the ice!

And Adam loves getting to be romantic with her again!
Watching the stars.

Sweeping her into his arms for a kiss!

Giving her flowers!

Or a special massage!

So it's no surprise when he pops the question, places Grandma Claire's ring on her finger, and Sophie excitedly accepts.
(That was the special gift that Sam gave him on his YA birthday---Adam hopes it was actually a ring Grandpa Jared bought her and not one 'borrowed', but he doesn't ask questions!)

But they take the time for some practical things as well.

Sophie wants to build up her athletic skill for all the gardening she'll be doing in the next town so she starts with a simple Cardio workout.

Adam was helping his Mom go through Grandpa Jared's things and they came across a bunch of books that turned out to be his great-uncle Connor's sports novels. He reads a few of them and is inspired to take up writing as his career. He knows his LTW can be met with the families income, but he's a Perfectionist and his Ambitious nature makes him determined to earn the $50,000 on his own! So he starts writing his first novel picking the sci-fi genre, and naming it "Time Warp".

Sam completed his LTW: Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers this week! He gifted his guitar to Adam. He never wants to look at a mirror again. Art is now his life and passion. He takes a break from packing up his art supplies to play with Misty.

Sam:  *rubbing her ears* "We've left you alone too much again girl, haven't we? I do luv you kitty. I promise we'll be paying more attention to you as soon as we get settled in the new town."

Rae's love for music is as strong as ever. The fact that she completed her LTW this week and is now a Hit Movie Composer doesn't stop her from playing her guitar every chance she gets. In the park in her top hat and tails.

Or in the upstairs family room in her nightgown! It doesn't matter where she plays, she's just happy playing.

She even turns her hand to making potions as ever since she maxed logic she's wanted to discover them all!
But she puts everyone else's fears at rest when she tells them she won't be USING them just discovering them.
The family sighs with relief not wanting any other surprises like Audra's, be it ghosts, Imaginary friends becoming real, or whatever else those potions may do!

Clarisse works on her final days of homework, not enjoying it at all! (She insists on wearing her prom dress as much as possible as the dance was being held AFTER she graduated)

And Sophie gets talked into planning a bachelorette party for Friday night! It's not really her style, but they persuade her it's the *proper* thing to do.

But on Thursday, they are shocked by another loss! Grim comes for Misty and everyone is in mourning again!

Sophie: *proper to the core* taking Grim to task for his bad timing! "You couldn't have waited a little longer? This family has barely gotten over the loss of the Patriarch, and you do THIS to them?! Manners must be adhered to at all times!"

Grim: *face to face with a fairy going all PROPER on him* "Ummm, just doing my job, Miss, but I'll try to pay more attention to manners next time."

Sophie: "See that you do because you've made a mess of it this time!"

And they part as friends! Wow! Grim likes forceful women, who knew?!

Sophie wants to cancel the party, but it's too late, so they all endure it. She looks uncomfortable in her dressed to impress outfit. And not impressed with the guest in front of her either!
Sophie: *proper as can be* "You'd better keep your inappropriate looks to yourself."
Guest: *giggling* "Not for you honey, I heard some special music downstairs and I know what it means. Let's go watch!"

And the guest was right! Down in the kitchen some firemen have arrived.
But like Sophie, Rae and Audra don't seem impressed either. And poor Clarisse is distraught and crying over Misty!
Rae: *thinking* I don't know who hired these guys but we really should have cancelled this. What a mistake!

And poor Sam! He's blaming himself for not paying more attention to Misty, and decides to go upstairs and relax, maybe take a nap while the girls are having their party. He's in a deep sleep when he's jolted awake by this! Aging up!

And he breaks down over Misty's death again! I am so sorry your elder years had to start like this Sam!

And Rae realizes that it's time for an important conversation.

Rae: * in a serious tone* "Adam, we need to talk."
Adam: "Sure Mom, is something wrong?"

Rae: "No, not at all. It's about the heirship and picking the next town."
Adam: "But Clarisse hasn't aged up yet. It's too soon to decide.

Rae: "Clarisse has already made her decision to have Cemre move with us and he has agreed, so the heirship is yours."
Adam: * a little angry* "What? How do I get it because she chose Cemre? That doesn't make sense!"

Rae: "Adam, calm down and let me explain. Our heirship laws require the heir to choose a spouse from the town he or she was born in, to keep the genetics linked to those towns."
Adam: "But Cemre was born here in Moonlight Falls!"

Rae: "Yes, but not from original residents of the town. It wasn't necessary to inquire about Crissy's background or ties to this town because we know Hesper is Cemre's father and Hesper wasn't born here. In fact, he wasn't really born at all, he's magical, and only exists because of magic!"
Adam: *as understanding dawns* "So just by being with Cemre, loving him, choosing him to move with us, she's not eligible for heirship! But I don't want it that way, not just by default!"

Rae: *a slow smile creeping over her face* "Neither did I! And I am going to tell you the same thing your Grandma Claire, my mother, told me. It's always been you. In my heart I knew that from the moment you were born. Moonlight Falls is all about acceptance of different life states. You were fascinated by fairies as a toddler and your first friends were a ghost and a fairy, so my feeling that it was you continued. And when you found Sophie, your fairy with beautiful wings, my feeling grew stronger. Especially when it seemed like a miracle with your ages being off back then, when you both kept that alive even though it wasn't easy. The love you shared, waited for, it all confirmed that it was YOU Adam, you and Sophie. It was meant to be."

Adam: *Stunned* "Mom, I don't know what to say! That's so much to take in!'
Rae: "At least you can talk. Your father and I were shocked speechless!"

Rae: "So now there's a decision to be made Adam. What town are we moving to next?"
Adam: "I get to choose? How come? You didn't get to."

Rae: "Mom would have loved for me to get my first choice, but it just wasn't possible. But I wouldn't change a thing if I could, Moonlight Falls has been wonderful."
Adam: "Well, since it's my first decision as heir, I'll discuss it with Sophie and we'll book the flight and it will be a surprise for everyone else!"

Rae: *laughing* "Now I know you're a Frio! But you can tell me Adam, I won't spill the beans."
Adam: "You'll know soon enough, Mom. And I have you to thank for the idea!"

And it's the day they've all been waiting for! Clarisse's YA birthday! Only immediate family attending this time as the flight out is early the next morning. The house is empty, the furniture shipped to their new destination, and their bags are packed and ready to go. But Clarisse chokes up and has to stop.

She takes a deep breath, makes a wish and tries again.

She sparkles and starts to twirl…and then they hear a car outside. Rae peaks out the window and sees the Airport Taxi in front of the house.
Rae: "The Airport taxi's here Adam?
Adam: *frantically pulling out their tickets, scanning one and yelling, "Everybody grab your bags. The flight is 7 PM, not AM!"
Clarisse: "But I didn't get to finish! What about my YA pictures? What about Cemre?"
Adam: "No time, we'll have them taken at the new house! I'll call him and have him meet us at the airport!"

And that ends their lives in Moonlight Falls! But where did heir Adam decide to live?

Find out in the next chapter: Moving Day
Coming soon.

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Re: Beyond Sunset Valley---A Town Jump Story
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Sorry. Not a new chapter yet. We lost power for almost 24 hours and now have family visiting for my hubby's birthday weekend. I appreciate all the views and will get the next chapter written and posted as soon as I get a free moment. Would anyone be interested in an heir poll for the next gen? Happing simming! Dee

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Chapter 17-- Moving Day Surprise
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Sam: "Keep your eyes closed Rae! Adam made me promise that I wouldn't let you look until we got to the new house."
Rae: *laughing* "I'm capable of doing that on my own Sam, but I'll humor all of you! Are we there yet!?"

Sam: "Not yet.  But we're getting closer. A few more turns according to Adam's directions. We have a view now, but don't look Rae!"
Clarisse: *squealing* "Wow, look at that! Not you, Mom!"
Rae: "Not looking, I promise. But please don't do that, I nearly jumped out of my skin and opened my eyes!"

And around the next bend.
Cemre and Clarisse: *all excited* Wow, look at that, man, this is so awesome! It's going to be so cool living here!"
Rae: "Come on you guys, you're killing me here!"

The next vista stuns them all to silence. Which worries Rae more than ever!
Rae: "What's going on? Are we there yet?
The others chorus, "No, and keep…
Rae: "I know, I know, keep my eyes closed!"

The house comes into view and the exclamations increase again!
Sam: "Wow, Adam knows how to pick 'um!"
Clarisse: "It's huge!"
Cemre: "It certainly won't be a hardship living here!"
Rae: "Hurry up and park the car so I can open my eyes!"

Adam guides Rae out back by the pool and then has her open her eyes and take her first look at the view from their backyard.

Rae: "Oh by the Watchers! Adam, this is Bridgeport! You weren't supposed to pick for me. It was your choice."

Adam: "Mom, I write, Sophie wants to garden, Dad paints, Clarisse wants to invent things, and Cemre's an artist too.
All of us can do those things in any town."
 *he smiles hugely* "But for you,  you need, "You know, bright lights, big city, playing your guitar in the subways for tips, composing musical scores for their top-rated symphony, enjoying the clubs and nightlife, maybe even becoming a celebrity."

Rae: "Those words sound familiar! You talked this over with your father!"

Adam: "And with Sophie, Clarisse, and Cemre, and we all agreed. And you made me see it Mom. Being an heir isn't about just the heir. It's about all those under their care. You do what's best for the family, not just you. You let Grandma Claire choose a place that was safe for her. I chose the place that you needed to be in."

Rae: *with tears in her eyes* "See, I did choose wisely. Thank you so much Adam!"

Adam starts to head back into the house when he notices his mom's still standing in the yard.
Adam: "Aren't you coming in?"

Rae: "Just give me a moment Adam. I'm still taking it all in."   
And as she looks down into the city of Bridgeport she thinks: *I'm here, I'm finally here* and brushes a tear from her cheek. *Another dream come true!*

As they all check out the new house, Adam explains that it was the potential he saw in the house that made him choose it, not the existing layout. They agree that it's too chopped up, and that 2 bedrooms just isn't going to cut it.

It has a garage at the top of the 'L', a courtyard, a tiny kitchen with a separate but tiny dining room, and a large living area. The 2 bedrooms are on either end of the bottom of the 'L' with multiple bathrooms and the stairs to the lower level.

The lower level had another bathroom and a lot of space for recreation, so this space is going to be great to have and may not need much renovating!

The family decides to hang out in the backyard pool while I'm busy with the renovations.

The courtyard was just wasted space, so the walls were pulled out level with the garage and new entry doors were added.

We made a new nursery/children's room, 2 baths, a great room, a bath/laundry and a study/library with the added space! Here's a view of the new living area with it's relocated fireplace just right of the front entrance doors, and off the new kitchen with the dining area to the left, next to the doors to the backyard and pool. The nursery/children's room is behind the wall with the easel. It took a bit of imagination to get this section feeling right, but I was very happy with the end results!

The black and white tile room is the new 1/2 bath for this end of the house and includes a laundry room.
A gnome has already found this room to his liking!

Just off the garage is the new study/library.

The family is exhausted after the move, so they've all gone off to bed. We'll have to be quiet for the rest of the tour so we don't disturb them.

This bedroom is on the far short end of the 'L', and this is the room Clarisse chose. Instead of keeping the Jack and Jill baths for this room, we made one large shared bathroom. This bedroom has doors that go straight out to the pool area.

Rae and Sam chose the new bedroom next to Clarisse's with the shared bathroom between.
The hall in front of this room has doors to the pool area. Notice the white table with the golden urns. Our founders have survived the move to this new town! Unfortunately, Misty the cat's gravestone did not survive the move and Sam is pretty devastated about that.

This corner bedroom was originally the nursery, but it was enlarged by relocating the bathroom to between this room and the new nursery/children's room, plus adding the 2nd bath that opens to the main space. This is heir Adam and Sophie's room, which is fitting with the nursery/children's room next door.

This is an inside view of the new nursery/children's room. SSShhh,  that's Cemre asleep in here in the narrow single bed. Being the gentleman that he is, he chose his own room the first night in the new house. Who knew that the children of imaginary friend dolls would have such morals! Maybe he's just trying not to offend the oh so proper Sophie or his, hopefully, soon-to-be-in-laws!

And then another family member makes his 1st appearance!

Dee: "Welcome to our new home in Bridgeport Jared!"

He doesn't respond but continues rocking, content in the new space, so I leave him to it.

Rae wakes up early and plays a song for her dad in this part of the great room that has the rocker, a stereo, a chess table, and multiple easels as both Sam and Cemre are artistic. The staircase behind her leads to the lower level.

Then Rae decides to head out to the closest subway and play for tips during the early morning rush hour. With the house still quiet, Clarisse enjoys a pretty tune from the music box in the newly decorated living area.

Rae comes home all excited as she's earned over $5,000 in tips playing in the subway! But her excitement turns to dismay as she sees what awaits her on the table. A. Birthday. Cake. **Not yet, she thinks, I've just gotten here. I still have so much I want to do! But not as an elder…And she realizes that coming to Bridgeport may not fulfill her dreams after all*

But time waits on no man or woman! And neither does cake! So she fakes a smile and starts the party!

Sam and Adam join her but her smile slips as the sparkles engulf her.

And welcome to elderhood Rae Frio!

Dee: "I'm sorry about the timing Rae. For your sake, I wish it could have been earlier in your life. But don't give up. Make the most of this time. You are still a talented guitarist and a hit movie composer! Elderhood doesn't change that!"

Rae: "I don't feel all that different, but I'm NOT looking in a mirror or changing my clothes. If I can't see my gray hair, then I won't be old!"

Dee: "That's the spirit! The mirror and dresser will be there any time you're ready. Right now, it's time to take Bridgeport by storm!"

Without even having a piece of cake, Rae rushes out the door, hops into her motive mobile, and hits the subway again! More tips for the taking!

Chapter 18---A Wedding, Makeovers, and More!
Coming soon.

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Chapter 18---A Wedding, Makeovers, and More!
« Reply #21 on: October 14, 2018, 07:44:27 PM »
Adam and Sophie had been spending a lot of time out at the pool with Adam loving the water and Sophie cooling off after gardening, but they decide that they've had enough relaxation and need to get down to serious heir business.

Getting married!

They decide on a simple ceremony, but Sophie insists on proper formal clothing, of course! Rae apparently missed that memo and attends in her swimsuit! But it doesn't matter as Adam and Sophie can only think of each other.

First thing after the wedding, Clarisse is chomping at the bit to pick out new clothes for her YA pictures.

Clarisse: "First the remodel of the house and getting all the furniture placed, several times! Then Mom's birthday, and then Adam and Sophie's Wedding! This is probably the longest wait for YA pictures and a bio that ANYONE in the history of Sims has EVER had!"

Dee: "And I do appreciate your patience. I tried putting this in the previous chapter but there was too much else going on and I went over the picture limit. And then I had to start the whole chapter over. Believe me, I feel your pain! And I'm seriously thinking that you got your Grandma Claire's hot-headed trait instead of angler."

Clarisse: *takes a deep breath* "Please can we get on with my makeover and pics, pretty please?"

Clarisse Frio---YA
LTW: Living in the Lap of Luxury--- which autocompleted once the house was done!
Career: Inventor
Traits: Eccentric, Loves the Cold, Kleptomaniac, Angler, and Commitment Issues
Favorites: Kid's Music, Vegetarian Chili, Violet
BF: Cemre Frio (not a blood relative)

Dee: "What? Commitment Issues?! NOW you get commitment issues after you asked Cemre to move hundreds of miles from his home?"
Clarisse: "Uh, I'm not sure what to say to that. I can't really commit to an answer! Just joking! I have no doubts about my feelings for Cemre. How it will affect other aspects of my life, I guess only time will tell."

Dee: "Well, I guess that's fair enough."

Clarisse: "And it's Adam's fault anyway!"

Dee: "Why Adam's fault?"

Clarisse: "He's the one that had the time of our flight wrong and messed up my YA birthday! I was in the middle of my twirl when we all had to grab our bags and run out the door. No wonder I got stuck with commitment issues as my trait."

Dee: "Hhmm, you've got a point there, but that probably falls back on me, not Adam. I should have been paying more attention and planned your aging up and the move better."

Clarisse: "Or it could have been my destiny to get that trait. I've never really had any focus in any one particular direction, not even the heirship."

Dee: "I take it back, you're not really hot-headed, your Grandma Claire would have never let me off the hook that way! Let's get on with your new wardrobe."

She's changed her violet to more of a  purple tone for her everyday.

And this one for when the colder weather arrives.

For swimming in their huge new pool, she goes for this suit!

And next up is Cemre.

Cemre Frio--YA
LTW: Originally was Home Design Hotshot but changed to Master of the Arts (Master Painting and Guitar)
Traits: Brave, Hydrophobic, Light Sleeper, Artistic, and a Dog person
Favorites: Chinese, Potato and Truffle Tort, Blue
RI: Clarisse Frio

Dee: "Welcome to the family Cemre! I'm sorry it's been such a rush with the earlier flight and all. And for sending you all out to the pool while the house was remodeled. Everyone else really enjoyed it but I'm sure you didn't."

Cemre: "No apologies necessary. I'm actually trying to overcome my fear of water. My brave trait no doubt. But I'm hoping Clarisse doesn't get cold feet with her last trait and…"

Dee: "No worries there Cemre. I asked her about it and she said she has no doubts about her feelings for you."
Cemre: "But she doesn't know about the imaginary friend thing yet."

Dee: "Of course she knows about your Dad being an imaginary friend made real. That all came out after Adam's birthday party."

Cemre: "Yeah, dad told us how Audra got the family together after the party and formally introduced him to everyone and explained how his last name was Frio and how he came to be."

Dee:' " So what doesn't Clarisse know?"

Cemre: "It's easier to show you."
Dee: "Show me? Show me what?"

Cemre: "This!"

Dee: "Oh wow, you can turn into toy form! You inherited that from your dad!"

Cemre: "Yup, and I haven't told Clarisse yet."

Dee: "Why not?"

Cemre: "Well, it doesn't just come up in everyday conversation! Oh, hey sweetie, guess what, I can change into a 6 foot doll with a silly outfit, blue button eyes, and a glowy, bouncy ball coming out of my head!"

Dee: "Well, when you put it that way---yeah not your average date conversation. But you do realize you have to tell her!"

Cemre: "My brave trait keeps kicking me for not doing it yet! You'd think I was a coward, not a brave hydrophobic. But if I promise to NEVER change into toy form, does she really have to know?"

Dee: "Better now than if you pass it on to your children and one of them turns into a toy and totally freaks her out!"

Cemre: *alarmed* Oh, I never even thought of that! I DO have to tell her. *firms his doll shoulders* On our next date then, I promise! Let's get on with the makeover!"

Dee: "Uumm, you need to change back for that."
Cemre: *shaking his doll head* "You can't see it, but my cheeks are burning!'

Cemre looks sharp in his formal! I love having a new hair color in the family and I think the dark blue goes great with his blonde looks! I hadn't checked his favorites before the make-over so was pleasantly surprised that his favorite color was blue--he must have been sending me signals through his glowy, bouncy ball!

And for outerwear he picked this one.

And this for his everyday, to show his love for dogs!

Then Sam decides he needs some new 'city' clothes!
Here's his new outerwear.

Sam's new formal with a tie in his favorite color, green.

And his everyday.

And Adam and Sophie weren't kidding when they decided to get down to heir business!

As out in her garden, under a moonlit sky, which is only proper for a fairy, Sophie pats her tummy and smiles. She's filled with joy that the next generation is on it's way!

And Clarisse decides it's time to get to some serious inventing. So it's off to the junkyard to collect some scrap!

Dee: "That's a funny way to collect scrap Clarisse?"

Clarisse: "Cover your ears and stay behind the building, quick!"

Dee: ***huh***

Dee: "I think my eyebrows are singed!"

Clarisse: "I told you to stay behind the building!"

Dee: "This is payback for your YA birthday and makeover isn't it?"

Clarisse: "Payback? Not at all. I just found out that to get scrap, I can make things explode! It's glorious!"

Dee: *blinking the soot out of her eyes* "Not the word I would pick! Please be careful and don't blow yourself up!"

Dee: "Didn't I tell you to be careful and NOT blow yourself up!?"

Clarisse: *shaking her head to stop the ringing in her hears* "What was that, can't hear you very clearly?"

Dee: *just shakes her head thinking 'eccentrics!'*

But when she's not trying to blow up the junkyard and herself, Clarisse spends time with Cemre.

She did take him to the junkyard with her once. While Clarisse was busy picking up scrap,  Cemre amused himself with some street art. Then he  got caught in one of her blasts! She appeased him with a shower in a can, but on his way home he got arrested for defiling public property!

Officer: "You may get away with that kind of stuff where you come from buddy, but not in our city!"

Cemre: *with a frown* "It's just artistic expression! I wasn't hurting anybody or anything, not like Cla..*he realizes he can't mention Clarisse blowing up the junk piles!* Oh, never mind, Officer. I understand you have rules here and it won't happen again. I'll pay the fine."

Officer: "You bet you will, young man! And don't let me catch you doing it again or it will be a fine plus jail time!"

Cemre is not pleased when the fine is $1000! When he tells Clarisse about the incident, he informs her he won't ever be going back to the junkyard. 

So they play on the see saw in the backyard and he tells her about his art.

They go down to the basement to check out all the recreational activities, bowling, shuffleboard, foosball, but end up making out!

They check out the Summer Festival and go roller skating.

Then they decide to go out for a night on the town.

But they never make it out the front door as Sophie goes into labor!

Disturbed by all of the yelling and screaming, Jared pops out to see what's going on!

A few more moments and Logan Frio arrives! He gets the traits clumsy and good.
Adam and Sophie had hoped for a girl but they love their little man with the pink sparkles floating around him.
And they can try for a little girl soon!

But what or should I say who is the little pink sparkly bundle on the floor?
Twins and it's a girl! Welcome to our brave virtuoso, Sadie Frio.
Again with no fruit eaten, music listened to, or TV watched! And Sadie's name is made from the letters in Adam and Sophie's names!

Adam and his newborn son.

Little Sadie in her swing.

And the next Chapter will include nooboo birthdays, toddlers…

Clarisse: *clearing her throat* "Hey, what about me and Cemre and our big night on the town? How come my life keeps getting interrupted?"

Dee: "Uumm, because you gave up heirship?"

Clarisse: "Really, that's the best you can do?!"

Dee: "Okay, I realize that you keep getting short-changed. I promise your night on the town will get top billing in the next chapter."

Clarisse: *outraged* "Right and everyone will rush through it to get to nooboo birthdays and cute toddler pics. Fairy toddler pics!"

Dee: *thinks a minute* "This night on the town, was it an actual date? A date Cemre planned?"

Clarisse: "Why does that matter?"

Dee: "Just humor me and answer the question."

Clarisse: "As a matter of fact it was a date that Cemre planned. He said he had something important to tell me. *all excited* I think he's going to propose! And we got postponed, again. Not that the twins aren't super cute and cuddly, it's just that…"

Dee: *nodding* "I understand. You two have a life too. Very well. The next chapter will focus on you two and the nooboos and their birthdays will take a back seat. Just this once!"

Clarisse: *shocked* "Really? Can you do that?!"

Dee: *smiling* "Just watch me!"

Chapter 19---Clarisse's 15 Minutes of Fame

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Chapter 19---Clarisse's 15 Minutes of Fame
« Reply #22 on: October 15, 2018, 12:15:01 AM »
As promised Clarisse has the spotlight in this chapter.

Cemre and Clarisse get all dressed up but seem a little shy with each other.
Both of them have something big on their minds!

Clarisse: *I wonder how he'll ask me?*

Cemre: *She's going to hate the toy form! And me for not telling her sooner, immediately when we started dating!*

They grab a motive mobile and head to the city, crossing the bridge. Both of them quiet.

As they near the end of the bridge and the bright lights of the city start blinking on all around them, Clarisse breaks the silence.

Clarisse: "Wow, I'll never get tired of these city lights! It makes Bridgeport seem so magical! Like just about anything could happen!"

Cemre: *clearing his throat* "You like magical things? Having the unexpected happen?"

Clarisse: "Of course, I'm eccentric and I love inventing new things, discovering new things. It makes life so exciting!"

Cemre: *relaxing a bit* "Then excitement, here we come!"

As they ride through downtown, they can see the tower of the plaza all lit up. And Clarisse can't contain her excitement.

Clarisse: "There's the building! The club is at the top isn't it? I wonder if any celebrities will be there?"

But the club is super quiet and empty as Cemre sits at the bar and orders drinks.

And Clarisse, feeling nervous suddenly, sits several seats away from him instead of beside him.

She asks the bartender why it's so quiet and he tells her that there's an exclusive party a bit later on, but only those with invitations are allowed to attend.

Cemre: "In that case, we'll finish our drinks and go somewhere a bit more private."

They go back down to street level and Cemre asks Clarisse to watch the stars. He attempts to change but it doesn't work right sitting on the pavement and touching Clarisse.

Clarisse: "My legs feel odd. Cemre…..what's going on…?"
Cemre: "Oh, Clarisse , look a shooting star! Right up there!"

Then as they stand beside the building, he tries again, but only fades a bit and merges with the stone of the building behind him!

Clarisse: "Cemre have you been messing around with the potions in the family chest? I can see right through you! I need to get a picture of this! Aunt Audra would be thrilled to have this for her research!"

Clarisse: "Can you even talk that way? Oh, who cares about talking!"
And she grabs his visible arm, pulls him from the stone column and…

Dip kisses him right there on the street!

Finally out of the column and not touching Clarisse, he transforms into his toy form!

Cemre: "This is what I've been trying to tell you all night. I have this magic ability I got from my Dad. I can become an imaginary friend doll!"

Clarisse: *just stares at him*

Cemre: "Please Clarisse say something! Are you freaked out? Disgusted? Horrified?"

Clarisse: *gazing into his eyes* "It's hard to speak. Your eyes, I can't look away. I could drown in those eyes!"

Cemre: *puzzled* "Is that good or bad?"

Clarisse: *tearing her gaze away and walking quickly down the street*  "Oh, it's good, very good! We need to get home, somewhere private. I'll drive!"

Cemre walks jauntily behind her with a smile on his face. He's never been happier than this very moment! She didn't reject him!

Back at the house in the privacy of Clarisse's room, they chat on the bed.

Clarisse: "So it's possible that any children you have, we have, could inherit this ability to turn into toy form?"

Cemre: "Yes, very possible. That's why I had to tell you now, before that happened!"

Clarisse: *all excited* "I don't know why you were worried about telling me. This is amazing, awesome, magical! Don't you see how wonderful this is, that you are?"

Cemre: "Not really. There are a lot of Watchers out there that think we're freaky, scary, creepy, devil's spawn! They try to delete us from their games! But I think that's because our magic can mess up their games sometimes. Why do you think this is so great? That I'm so wonderful?"

Clarisse: "Because this makes us unique. The spares that will bring imaginary friend dolls into the family lineage!"

Cemre: *astonished* "So you are HOPING that our children inherit my ability! You really want that! But what if our kids don't inherit it? You are completely human, so there's always a chance they won't get it."

Clarisse: *with a flirty glance* "I'm not opposed to a big family! Are you?"

Cemre: *with a cute doll grin* "Not in the least!"

And they both settle back on the bed. Each one thinking their own private thoughts, content in each others company, and where their love is leading them.

In other family news. The nooboos have their cake and grow up.
After their birthdays…

Clarisse: "No, no, stop! It doesn't work!"

Dee: "What doesn't work?"

Clarisse: "Just skipping over them. It's not right. I can't let you do it that way! I can't be that selfish. I'm not a Diva or Dramatic or a Social Butterfly, none of those things. They are potential heirs and their birthdays need to be recorded. I don't know what I was thinking last time."

Dee: "You were thinking that you’re a young vibrant girl with a life too. And I agreed, you're not just a spare! In fact, the spares that stay behind or the ones that travel with the heir family, everyone is important. They fulfill a purpose. And I need to remember that and give them their share of attention."

Clarisse: "But not at the expense of others. This journey is about the whole family, not just me."

Dee: "So we agree then. Balance needs to be the key. Not just heirs, not just spares, both. All of the family, because you're all in it together!"

Clarisse: "Yes. So start that part over and give those nooboos their share of the spotlight!"

Okay. Rewinding. In other family news, Rae has been busy with work, playing for tips in the subway, being an honored guest and playing her music at the symphony, which earns her $10,000 a pop! Here she is outside the theatre after her first symphony performance.

And she's making a name for herself. There's not many in Bridgeport who haven't heard of Rae Frio! Elderhood hasn't slowed her down a bit. In fact, with her motive mobile, she's busier than ever. And you can spot her zooming all over the city! She's become a celebrity herself, but not the prima donna kind.

So when it comes time for the twins birthdays, the house is crowded with invited guests. That's Ms. Lola Belle playing Happy Birthday on the keyboards as Sophie brings Logan to the cake!

And here's his 1st toddler pic! Logan looks a bit dazed by the sparkles!

Next up is little Sadie. And Sophie does the honors again.

And Sadie ages to toddler in both her and Grampa Sam's favorite color, green!

Cemre loves the toddlers! He picked Logan up right away and wanted to get him started on walking. I think he's getting in practice for his own!

And here they are in their playpen playing peek a boo with each other. Too cute!

And now that Rae is solid in the community and has come to terms with her elderhood, she's ready for her makeover!
She ditches the hair garland she aged up with and goes back to her regular hairstyle. She looks so elegant with her pearl earrings! She picks a gray dress with a green jacket, for her every day outfit. Still trying to use Sam's favorite color.

She's developed an avid interest in athletics in her elder years and wants to max the skill. She's disciplined so has had an urge to go to China and learn martial arts, but she's too important to have her die there! She settles for a martial arts outfit as her athletic gear.

And for her formal, she chooses an upswept hairstyle and a gray gown embellished with a flower. She's really come into her own here in Bridgeport and is nothing short of a Superstar! Congratulations Rae! Enjoy your grandchildren and continue to make the most of your time!

Chapter 20---Toddler Time in BP
coming soon

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Chapter 20---Toddler Time in BP
« Reply #23 on: October 15, 2018, 09:58:53 PM »
Sophie is proper and likes to formalize a lot. That means she decides to change into her formalwear at any given time!
Gardening in her wedding dress with the harvester that Clarisse made.

Standing in the dining area in her wedding gown looking…confused! She's not absent-minded but sometimes she seems that way.

And in her wedding dress chatting with a very serious Logan.
Logan: "Mommy….pretty. Can Mommy play?"

But she's not the only one playing with the toddlers. Cemre really gets into music time! He's going to be a great Dad!

Adam loves attacking Logan with the Claw!

But Adam gives Sadie equal Claw time. He just loves making them laugh!

But the family keeps putting the toddlers to bed constantly!

So the cribs went into storage and a fairy house was placed in their bedroom!

There's a bigger fairy house outside that Sophie likes to use. And little Logan too. He will toddle all the way from the play area in the middle of the house to use this fairy house. Maybe the pollen punch is better here?

The twins get some practice walking on their own and using their wings! Logan is giving that ghost a side-long glance!
I'm sure he's wondering who or what it is!

No need to worry little guy. It's only Great-Grandpa Jared chatting with Grandma Rae!

Jared: "You're looking a bit tired girl."

Rae: "Dad, my grandkids are behind you, I'm not a girl anymore!'

Jared: *smiling* "You'll always be my little girl! You're not overdoing it are you? You come and go at all hours, head off to the subway, the park, the symphony. And you're still working full time. Plus I hear and see you exercising all the time. Looks exhausting!"

Rae: "I'm making the most of the time I have here in Bridgeport Dad. I love doing all of those things and I have a motive mobile, so I'm always full of energy. Besides, you never retired!"

Jared: "A motive mobile, now that's impressive! But take some time to enjoy your grandkids, before their toddler years go by. It goes fast!"

Rae: "I will dad, I will. There's nothing more important than family!"

And with family in mind, Adam and Sophie spend an afternoon at the Library reading toddler books with the twins.

Then they switch kids so they get to bond with both of them!

But when Mommy and Daddy are busy getting toddler books, the twins play with their special toys!
Logan with Riley.

And Sadie with Puzzle.

Later that evening, Rae takes her Dad's advice and gets in some cuddle time in the rocker with Logan.

Grandpa Sam has been spending lots of time painting and then heading off to the Elixir Consignment shop.
He was doing fine with the clerk as he knows her well, but then strangers walked in and he hightailed it home!

And Sam takes a turn at Street Art after talking about it with Cemre. But he makes sure it's on the home lot! No fines for him. I mean, the policeman would be a stranger! The gnomes all seem to like it as their last party took place here!
And did you notice that hole in the backyard?

Clarisse has a new past time! Mining, mining, and more mining! Here she is drilling holes in the backyard between the kid's clubhouse and the greenhouse.

She finds an explorable hole in the backyard! Her inventing has provided Sophie with a harvester and the household with a miner and a time machine! She has gone above and beyond in proving herself a valuable asset to this family!

Confident after her success on the home lot, she takes a chance and drills a hole in the yard at City Hall after dark!
And hits pay dirt! An explorable tunnel! She found many gems in these tunnels, all of which she deposited in the family chest for future generations to use. Another contribution that is gratefully noted.

But her passion is still at the junkyard! Kaboom!!! It doesn't provide her with much beyond scrap but the thrill she gets from it is more than money can buy!

And when Adam isn't writing, or enjoying the pool, or playing with the toddlers, he jams with Cemre!
Cemre's getting closer and closer to reaching his LTW! He's maxed painting and is Level 8 on guitar. Soon Cemre, very soon.

And little Logan's hair grows enough to determine it's definitely red!

And the toddlers spend some time together in the playpen. Peek-a-Boo!

But time is catching up with several members of the Frio family. It's almost time for Adam's birthday and then the twins!
So get ready to party and eat cake in the next chapter.

Chapter 21--Time to Celebrate in BP
Coming soon.

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Chapter 21--Time to Celebrate in BP
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Adam can't believe it's time for his adult birthday already but it is! They have a house full of guests and celebrities again.
Matthew Hamming, Suzy Strummer, and Buster and Lola Round-Belle, just to name a few! With Rae, Sophie, and Clarisse all clapping and cheering! But who's that in the foreground with the wings?

It's Cousin Blake Bean from Moonlight Falls here for a visit. He brings birthday congratulations from Aunt Audra and Uncle Victor and his siblings, Cameron and Kenyatta. And the news that Kenyatta has a daughter now!

And Adam is now a fully mature (some of the time) Adult! Sam and Clarisse sure are excited, but Adam is trying to show his maturity. He's always been serious for his birthdays.

Then Clarisse dances with one of the guests while Lola Round-Belle plays the piano.

*Dee does a double take*

Dee: "Shouldn't you be dancing with Cemre?"

Clarisse: "He's over there having cake and I wanted to dance. Lola is amazing on the keyboards!"

Dee: "But…"

Clarisse: "It was just a dance! Don't go all watcher on me!"

And Clarisse was right!
Cemre was just finishing up his cake while others were indulging in a slice or checking out the other goodies the guests had brought.
Rae was listening to Lola of course. Who cares about food when there's music!

And then  Rae decides Clarisse has the right idea and starts dancing with an attractive vampire!

Dee: *thinking* I guess they were right, I'm being too watcherish---it's a party and they're just having fun!

After the party, Grandma Rae notices that little Logan has toddled off to the fairy house outside. Since it's cold, she brings him back in, with an Attack of the Claw! But he doesn't look amused. He really likes that fairy house!

Once in his room, Logan spins into fairy form and heads for the fairy house. He is not giving up on a fairy house party!
Little Sadie is playing on the floor, but is soon enticed by the party music and joins him.

And the gnomes have their own party outside the front entrance. Looks like some of them have indulged in too much pollen punch already!

But once all the hullaballoo of Adam's party is over someone else decides it's time to celebrate.

Clarisse: "What do you want to show me?"

Cemre: *Falls to one knee, pops out the ring box*  "Will you marry me Clarisse and make me the happiest mandoll in the world?"

Her answer is a definite yes and he places the ring firmly on her finger!

He squeezes her tight and whispers, "When?"
To his shock she answers, "What's wrong with right now?"

Cemre takes a moment and thinks of how he felt when he saw her dancing with that guy at Adam's birthday party.
*thinking* The quicker the better before she changes her mind!

Dee: * I knew it. He WAS bothered by that. I was NOT being too watcherish!*

Cemre: "No time like the present! Go change into something special and meet me back here in 5!"

It might have taken them a few more minutes to change, but soon they were facing each other, looking deeply into each others eyes.

Clarisse: *solemnly* "With this ring, I thee wed."

Cemre: "To have and to hold and cherish until death do us part."

And as they share their very first kiss as man and wife----my camera jumps to this!

Dee: *thinking* Oh no, Sam? Rae? Nope. Thankfully wrong on both those counts!

It's a double aging up on their own for the twins!

First Logan, who gains the Kleptomaniac trait! Again Claire! Wow, that one is sure hanging on!

Then Sadie. She twirls and sparkles.

And Sadie gains the Can't Stand Art trait---thanks Sophie.

Dee: "It couldn't have been any of your other traits? Athletic or Friendly? Proper would have even been better than Can't Stand Art with two artists in the house!"

Sophie: "But now it's even, which is proper!"

Dee: *sighing* "I can't argue with that."

Sophie: *smugly* "Of course not."

Sadie likes the green shirt that she grew up in, but the hair, not so much. She's seen pictures and this is Aunt Audra's hair when she was a child. And not wanting to tempt fate with those other hairstyles Audra grew up in, she flies off to a mirror to pick out something more her style.

Sadie: "No one's had this one before. I like being different."

Dee: "Well, different in your hairstyle anyway. You have Grandma Rae's Virtuoso trait and Brave and Can't Stand Art, which both come from your mother."

Sadie: *sadly* "Oh, then I'm not different."

Dee: *smiling* "Of course you're different! You're you! I only meant you've inherited traits from both the Frio side and the Rodgers side---a nice mix."

Sadie: *smiling back* "So that's a good thing then, being the same as them in those things!"

Dee: "It is. A very good thing. It's nice to see family traits being passed on, but how they're mixed, what you do with those traits, that's what's different. That's what makes you, you."

And while the children grew up unexpectedly, Adam and Sophie were outside sharing some alone time.
Watching the stars, sitting in the snow.

Adam: "Aren't you cold in that fairy formal?"

Sophie: "Freezing. Oh, look more stars are popping out."

Adam: "Forget the stars. Let's hit the hot tub!"

They run over to it and in her excitement Sophie jumps into Adam's arms!

Adam: *lovingly* "Well, well, my fairy princess, alone time it is!"

With school, the children are busy with homework and after school activities. Sadie in ballet and Logan in scouting.
Which is only proper. One guess on who said that!

Some time later, Sophie takes Adam to the Winter Festival to share some special news.
She's expecting! She's wanted a baby since the twins were born, but with twins and her gardening, and everything else it just wasn't the right time. But with the twins in school and her gardening almost maxed, she's thrilled! Adam looks pretty happy about the news too.
I was just irritated that the paparazzi guy wouldn't move away for the expecting pictures!
He looks more pregnant than Sophie and it almost looks like Adam is talking to HIS belly!

And with the news that Adam and Sophie are expecting their 3rd child, Clarisse and Cemre decide it's time for a home of their own.

They discuss it with everyone and the vote is unanimous! With everything the young couple has done for the family, they deserve a nice place and they kick in $100,000 from the family funds!

So they scout the neighborhood and find the perfect home just beyond the Elixir Consignment Shop, on their side of the bridge.

Cemre and Clarisse were kind of hoping for a penthouse in the city, but with a knowing look at both of them, Rae says a family home would be more practical. With sheepish nods, they both agree.

So we say goodbye to this lovely young couple as they begin their own journey in Bridgeport with an awesome view of the city. (photo courtesy of Bridgeport Realty)

Birthdays, an engagement and wedding, nooboos on the way, and a new home---lots of reasons for celebrating in this chapter!

But don't worry, Snowflake Day is fast approaching and Cemre and Clarisse have promised to spend the day with us!

Chapter 22---School, Making Friends, and More
Coming soon