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A Girl's Garden--A Farmacy Story
« on: July 23, 2019, 02:36:14 PM »
--Newest Gen chapter links will be up top.
--Click spoiler tag for chapters under each Gen section

Please click on thumbnail images to see larger photos.

Gen #4 = Diwan and Marley

Gen #3 = Rielle and Leonard Diwan Kindle

Gen #2 = Summer and Nolan Dean

Gen #1 = Brooke and Jerad

This is a Grow as You Go Farmacy challenge from Mod the Sims.
Here's the link to the rules.

Update as of 08/10/2019: I have deviated from the original rules a bit here and there and I will probably continue to do so.
Neither Brooke nor Jerad is a Rebel at heart, but I am!
As far as I'm concerned rules are made to be, well, if not broken, at least bent now and again.
My rule of thumb for playing Sims is entertainment, so while I like a challenge, my ultimate goal is having fun and enjoying my games.

I'm playing in Adventureland, which is identical to Sunset Valley with all the original homes, but only two new residents, Sally Hardy and Jack Ransone.
I've also added MrsFlynn's Crumplebottom family, consisting of Agnes and her two adopted children, Milo and Olivia.

I'm using NRaas mods: Master Controller(MC), Story Progression(SP), Overwatch, and several others for better and safer game play.
Originally I did turn  on SP's Immigration, to get a few more eligible sims in town as well as a few families.
It's now been turned off as I felt the families and singles it generated were sufficient for a diverse enough population.

I  made the mistake of allowing occult species, but won't be marrying them into the family unless they become human.

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Prologue: My Previous Life
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2019, 02:42:55 PM »

Daddy suggested I start a journal for a couple of reasons:
   1) I can send him reports of my progress
   2) It may help me keep my sanity (what's that supposed to mean?)

Whatever it means, I seriously doubt it!

But it will help me to have  written documentation when I sue! I mean really, how could daddy do this to me?!

So my friends and I had a little too much fun and the party got out of hand.

I mean, our butler and the maids can clean it up, so what's the problem!? (When I said that daddy's frown turned furious for some reason.)

We needed a new bathroom floor anyway. It was ugly!
(This remark earned me a glare from my mother and daddy saying I had no respect for other people's feelings or property.)
But to go to this extent, to take away my credit cards and have me start a garden on some old farm in a backwater town?

It's inhuman, torture of the worst kind!

And daddy's parting 'gift' was this poem! A poem for Pete's sake! Like it will help me in any way.

He said if I followed it, it could help me build character and have a meaningful purpose in my life!

Like some old guy back in the stone age could ever write anything that would have any bearing on my life.

I've read it over, like a thousand time, okay maybe twice, but it's just nonsense!

A Girl's Garden
Robert Frost - 1874-1963

A neighbor of mine in the village
    Likes to tell how one spring
When she was a girl on the farm, she did
    A childlike thing.

One day she asked her father
    To give her a garden plot
To plant and tend and reap herself,
    And he said, “Why not?”

In casting about for a corner
    He thought of an idle bit
Of walled-off ground where a shop had stood,
    And he said, “Just it.”

And he said, “That ought to make you
    An ideal one-girl farm,
And give you a chance to put some strength
    On your slim-jim arm.”

It was not enough of a garden,
    Her father said, to plough;
So she had to work it all by hand,
    But she don’t mind now.

She wheeled the dung in the wheelbarrow
    Along a stretch of road;
But she always ran away and left
    Her not-nice load.

And hid from anyone passing.
    And then she begged the seed.
She says she thinks she planted one
    Of all things but weed.

A hill each of potatoes,
    Radishes, lettuce, peas,
Tomatoes, beets, beans, pumpkins, corn,
    And even fruit trees

And yes, she has long mistrusted
    That a cider apple tree
In bearing there to-day is hers,
    Or at least may be.

Her crop was a miscellany
    When all was said and done,
A little bit of everything,
    A great deal of none.

Now when she sees in the village
    How village things go,
Just when it seems to come in right,
    She says, “I know!

It’s as when I was a farmer——”
    Oh, never by way of advice!
And she never sins by telling the tale
    To the same person twice.
(This poem is in the public domain. From <> )

For starters none of this was my idea! I never asked daddy for such a thing in my life! A garden? Dung? Seriously?

Just look at my photos and my bio:

Brooke Swanson--YA human
LTW: Living in the Lap of Luxury---be worth 100,000, including home value plus simoleans
Traits: Social Butterfly, Snob, Diva, Dramatic, and Party Animal
Favorites: Grilled Salmon, Songwriter, and Irish Green (as it brings out the color of my beautiful eyes)

Honestly, do I look like the girl next door, one who likes to grub around in dirt and thinks a great date is messy BBQ and drippy watermelon!?!

No! I do not! And I have never eaten BBQ or watermelon in my life!

I like high dollar foods, like Grilled Salmon and Lobster Thermidor, and eating at fancy restaurants where the tab isn't under $500.

And going to elite clubs and dancing the night away. Hobnobbing with all the right sims. You know, rich ones!

My shoes alone could probably support a small country as my favorites are the Italian Gucci between $1200- $4000 a pair, and Christian Louboutin's with their signature red soles and high heels going for $700 at their low end and over $3000 for a custom designed pair. Mine went perfectly with one of my everyday outfits!

And before the disastrous party, I was begging daddy for a pair of Stuart Weitzman's, not their cheap ones, but the ones I wanted weren't the overpriced ones either, just the 1/2 million dollar ones. Like I was being unreasonable!

But daddy said I couldn't  take any of my expensive shoes or sell them either as, get this, they were really all his since I paid for them with his money! The nerve!

Now I could have easily completed my LTW living in the family home, but Daddy wouldn't allow it, he said I had to earn it myself for it to mean something!

And he made me leave my fur coat at home too! Said it wasn't practical for the farm life.

Practical? Who needs to be practical when you have money? Lots of money!

But apparently that's not me anymore.

Daddy said it was the farm and growing a garden or nothing. I'd be out on my own, totally cut off!

He said if I could show some responsibility, some focus, and give my life the least little bit of direction, then I may have a chance at a decent life. (My life was perfect before daddy got this bug in his ear!)

He gave me an old picture of the property long after it belonged to his great grand-parents.

He said it needed lots of work as no one had lived there for years and he wasn't kidding.

There was junk all over, a pile of tires on the lawn, and a rusty old tractor, and half a fence!

The place didn't even look habitable with the front door hanging open and the front porch windows all broken.

And the town, well, the town was still there with all the amenities towns have, but the populace had dwindled down to a small handful of sims.

The Alto's, the Landgraab's, and the Goth's all gone now and their mansions just empty acres of land.

Too bad, as they sounded like my kind of people. Rich people.

It was all being funded by a widow, Agnes Crumplebottom, who's family had been there since the beginning of time, but she was the only one left now.

In fact they called it Aggie's Corner. How quaint!

She'd adopted two children who are around my age now. And she was starting a campaign to repopulate the town.

As if! I mean who would want to live where there were no parties, no night life, and no dance clubs?

She would me meeting me at the farm and giving me further instructions.

Oh joy! Like I need someone else telling me what to do!

Oh well, looks like the plane, if you can call this piece of junk a plane, is getting ready to land.

I started out on a decent enough jet, but after three layovers, yes, three!, I'm finally on the last leg of this appalling trip.

Better get this over with and get back to civilization as soon as possible.

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Re: A Girl's Garden--A Farmacy Story
« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2019, 03:23:38 PM »
I absolutely looooovve your "spoiled rich brat" persona for your sim, LOL I'm looking forward to seeing how you develop this.

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Re: A Girl's Garden--A Farmacy Story
« Reply #3 on: July 23, 2019, 04:12:18 PM »
Thank you! I already love her too. But she's surprised me already with some of her wishes since she moved onto the farm. She's even smiled a time or two. But wait 'til you see some of her upcoming thoughts and reactions. Some of those are priceless. I couldn't have planned them better if I tried.

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Chapter 1: The Beginning of a New Life
« Reply #4 on: July 25, 2019, 06:12:38 PM »
The pilot of the little two-seater knows the address and flies me over for a quick look before heading to the landing strip.

He seems excited about someone finally living on the place, but it's worse than the photo daddy gave me.

There's no porch anymore so it's smaller, and there's no windmill  or even a partial fence.

The pilot tells me that those things rotted away years ago but the land and building are still worth quite a bit.

"Like what, maybe $20,000 dollars?"

He just smiled and said, "Oh at least that much!"

Sarcasm is lost on some people!

I get out of the taxi, (at least they have those!) and a tall blonde woman with a rather old-fashioned hair style is waiting on the front lawn.

She's dressed quite nicely so I'm thinking I can appeal to her sense of womanhood.

United against the male dominated society, blah, blah, blah, anything to get me out of this!

But it doesn't go as I planned at all!

She introduces herself and tells me she's going to help me out and have the lot cleaned up, someone to come in and remove the dried up well, the rusty tractor and the old tires, most of the junk.

But that it will be my job to get a vegetable garden started.

I don't bother to thank her for her 'help' and tell her in no uncertain terms that I'm not planting anything!

Then we both just glare at each other!

Then she has the nerve to say, "Then you'll starve then! And you may think your outfit is fit for slumming, but after a day or two in those Prada heels, you'll be in so much pain. Hah! You'll never make it here! I don't know what your father was thinking. I did this as a favor to him, old ties to his family and all that. But unless you change your attitude, I don't hold out much hope for his challenge!"

"Challenge? This is a punishment! I don't know anything about vegetables or planting a garden!"

Instead of giving me a break and showing some womanly compassion, she says, "Then you'd better learn! I suggest a trip to the library to study up on gardening once you get settled in."

Then she adds, "The appliances aren't much, but they work. Be careful with the stove. Wouldn't want you blowing yourself up or burning the house down!"

"I'm expected to cook too! There's no staff?"

This time her smile is definitely snarky as she says: "Your father was very clear about what he expects. With the $500 simoleans you have to exist on, no, there's no staff! So you'll be cooking, cleaning, doing laundry. All of it princess!"

"At least I can use the computer to look some of this stuff up! I've never been to a library in my life."

She steps back and raises her hands preparing for my reaction, and says, "No internet service out here. And no computer in the house. In fact, besides the stove and fridge, no other electronics at all. But your father said you could keep your cell phone."

"Oh, the generosity! My cell phone, 500 simoleans, which is less than I paid for these shoes, by the way, and a wreck of a house that I wouldn't let a dog sleep in! And I get to do all the cooking, cleaning, and gardening myself. Could this be worse?"

Why on earth did I ask that question?

The front door is only hanging on by a…what do they call that metal thingy anyway?

And I know I saw Agnes' daughter Olivia smirk at me as she headed home! Home to their mansion with servants, I bet!

I close my eyes in frustration before taking the final steps into the house, hovel.

It's even worse than I expected! Everything is dingy and dirty, and all the windows are broken and boarded up.

And the appliances? I've not really paid attention to what they look like before, but these make me look away in horror.

Apparently Olivia and Milo were in here cleaning and placing buckets to catch the drips as the roof leaks. Wonderful.

I gingerly sit down on one of the two chairs, which doesn't match the other, (no surprise there), in what passes for a dining area.

My skin crawls as my feet step on something, but I glance down and it's only a few pages of newspaper.

I'm hoping it isn't full of something creepy and disgusting, and pick it up to see it's actually today's paper.

Slim, only a few pages, but what passes for the entire newspaper in this hick town.

I look around the house and find an odd looking white mesh box in one of the bedrooms.

Maybe it's a type of bucket?

It's so white it has to be new, so I guess something else old Aggie 'helped' with.

But since I don't even know what it is and don't want her help anyway, not if it means being stuck here to be a slave, then no reason to thank her for it.

Like I would!

I've never thanked anyone for anything in my life.

I mean, I'm Brooke Swanson, THE Brooke Swanson, other sims should be happy to even bask in my presence!

The paper mentioned a book sale at the library so I call a taxi and give the driver the address.

Anything has to be better than this dirty, nasty place!

He knows where it is and says, "No problem miss. And don't worry about the fare, Ms. Crumplebottom has taken care of it."

"It's about time someone around here acknowledged my position in society!"

The taxi driver ignores my tone and rambles on about how nice it is to see someone occupying the old place.

I don't deign to reply and the driver finally takes the hint, so the rest of the drive is spent in silence.

To my surprise, the library looks well kept and is full of books.

I guess I expected a book mobile (not that I've ever been to one!) or something along those lines, but it looks like old Aggie has kept all the buildings in town looking nice, at least the ones I passed on the way to the library.

I look around for a fashion magazine, but then I get a phone call from daddy.

Yes! He's realized the error of his ways and wants his darling princess back home!

NO! Apparently Ms. Snitch has already called him about our encounter at the farm and he's not happy with me.

He tells me in no uncertain terms that I need to change my attitude and fast!

He asks where I am and what I'm doing.

I tell him I'm at the library, which he doesn't believe until I describe it to him.

He seems surprised that I actually found the place so I don't mention it was just to get away from the farm.

No need to make myself look bad.

Then he says that as long as I found it, no need to waste my time on fashion magazines (how did he know!?!) and I can buckle down and learn some things about gardening, the basics anyway.

With that demand, he hangs up! Well, really daddy! And he calls me rude?!

I don't want to, but I check out a bookcase and find a volume entitled, Gardening: Volume One, and sit in a surprisingly comfortable chair to read it.

After a time, Milo joins me, so I'm glad I did as it looks like daddy's spies are going to be keeping a close watch on me!

Milo's focused on reading a book of his own, and I can hear other voices in the next room, so I keep studying.

With a start I realize I'm starving as I haven't eaten since lunch on the 2nd plane!

And time passed surprisingly quickly in the library as I've earned 2 gardening skill points already.

I put away my book, (wow, that's a first!) and say goodbye to Milo.

He seems startled that I spoke to him as he continues reading, so now I'm thinking I was probably rude not to have greeted him back at the house.

And it strikes me that daddy was right about me not taking anyone else's feelings into consideration.

I quickly banish the thought as I don't want daddy to be right about anything!

But then I get this odd wish to buy some tomatoes.

This place must be getting to me already as I wonder where you can buy them.

I ask a passing taxi driver, expecting a rude remark, but the driver smiles and politely directs me to the right building.

I  grab a couple of tomatoes and some other produce, and remember to head inside and pay for them.

It wouldn't do my Bridgeport reputation any good to be jailed for shoplifting produce!

All my friends would just laugh at the thought and think I'd lost my mind.

I'm surprised by the cleanliness and appeal of the town with it's fresh vegetables stacked outside with no one watching them.

Well, there's not a lot of sims here after all, so I guess it's safe enough.

And a bench that looks more than inviting as Agnes' remark about my heels returns and my feet begin to ache.

Before I head back to the farm, I actually see another sim in town.

An odd looking sim with wings.

I can't help but smile as I think, 'You're not in Bridgeport anymore Dorothy!' as the only super natural's I've ever heard of are vampires.

The Man? Fairy? Elf?, smiles in return and I actually giggle!

I'm so shocked at my own laugh that it must show on my face as his smile grows larger.

But then I spot a nice looking guy lounging on a nearby bench and walk over to introduce myself.

I may not know much about cooking or cleaning, but men I know!

But it doesn't go as well as I'm used to, which means he didn't fawn all over me and drop to my feet upon hearing my name.

But hunger is getting the best of me, so I give up on socializing and head back to the farm.

After another long taxi ride, I check out the fridge and realize, though it's beat up, it's actually clean and stocked with fresh food.

Or the ingredients to make something anyway.

Something else I should have thanked the Crumplebottom's for? Will it never stop?

I debate whether I should eat an apple or head back into town and try to find a decent restaurant, then decide I can't waste my limited funds on that.

I take out the makings for salad, at least what I remember is in it, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, and realize I didn't need to buy tomatoes after all.

A cold meal helps me avoid having to use the stove.

Although it's beat up and worn, it looks clean, but I don't even know how to turn one on!

And Agnes' remark about blowing myself up or burning down the house is still fresh in my mind, so tossed salad it is.

I find a knife in a drawer and chop the vegetables as best I can but I'm glad no one's watching as I'm pretty bad at it.

The salad's not half bad and I'm starving now, so I eat it quickly.

The first food I've ever made for myself.

Then a quick turn in the bathroom and after a shower, I'm feeling almost my old self.

I pick up my dirty clothes and smile as I finally realize what the white mesh basket is for!

It's a laundry hamper!

I decide to check out the paper and see what jobs are available before daddy can call and tell me to find a job.

But it turns out I have to go back into town, to City Hall, and fill out some forms.

I like towns usually, well cities anyway, but having to travel back into town for every little thing is getting tiring.

At City Hall, to my surprise, I'm allowed to register as a self-employed gardener.

Apparently my reading of that gardening book was enough to qualify me.

My title is Cucumber Smasher, not something I'll be sharing with any of my friends, that's for sure!

As I come out of the building, it's getting dark, and I realize I'm tired after this long day.

Back at the farm, I strip down to my underclothes, too tired to bother with pajamas, and climb into bed.

I survived my first day at the farm and dream of so many things.

Making my first meal.

My clothes and jewels I left back home in Bridgeport.

And I must have heard a noise in my sleep as I begin to dream about burglars!

I wake to sunlight streaming in the window and realize the burglar dream has a basis in reality.

It's no wonder I was dreaming about them with that open front door just hanging on a hinge.

That's it, it's called a hinge!

I smile at remembering the word but wonder what my new life will be like if words like hamper and hinge are going to be a normal part of it.

Check out what happens in Chapter 2: First Time for Everything
Coming soon.

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Re: A Girl's Garden--A Farmacy Story
« Reply #5 on: July 25, 2019, 10:24:59 PM »
I adore your founder! I like the little details you added to her house to make it rundown and her ungratefulness for what the Crumplebottoms have done for her. It's fun reading about her not being made for farm life, but instead seeing it as a punishment. I'll definitely be reading! I'm excited for what Sunset Valley has in store for Brooke.  ;D

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Re: A Girl's Garden--A Farmacy Story
« Reply #6 on: July 25, 2019, 11:38:23 PM »
Thank you! It was hard making it look rundown but keeping it within a decent price. Old stuff is expensive! And between Brooke's traits and Agnes' grumpy trait, the two of them just spark off each other. But she does mellow soon enough.

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Re: A Girl's Garden--A Farmacy Story
« Reply #7 on: July 26, 2019, 02:03:00 PM »
I also love your start! I'm looking forward to reading more.

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Chapter 2: First Time for Everything
« Reply #8 on: July 26, 2019, 02:27:48 PM »
My second day and the morning brings chores. Ick!

I moan and groan and complain as I make the bed.

It's a lot harder than my super comfortable one in Bridgeport and I don't make it very well.

I get dressed and eat the small portion of leftover salad.

I even wash up my plate as the thought of it attracting bugs is worse than the thought of washing it!

Then I head outside and plant everything I can!

Lettuce and tomatoes I recognize, but mandrake, red valerian, and ginseng are new to me.

I plant them all anyway.

Along with 2 apple trees.

So I've begun my vegetable plot and my orchard!

I send daddy a quick text to let him know I've actually put seeds in the ground.

Not bad for a rich city girl, even if I'm the only one admiring my handiwork.

I love admiring myself and I'm beautiful so why deny it. Just saying.

I'm hungry after all that planting, so I brave the stove, well, the oven.

I never knew you could bake waffles in a oven, I always thought they used waffle irons.

But what do I know? I can barely make salad!

Well, I burnt the waffles, but thankfully didn't catch anything on fire!

I gritted my teeth and ate them anyway.

I can't afford to waste food, even if it did taste like charcoal.

Or what I would think charcoal tastes like as I've never actually eaten it.

Whatever, they were awful!

I hate to say it but I think daddy's right about something else.

I'm going a little nuts with only myself for company even with keeping a journal.

So I head back to the library to study up on gardening some more.

But before I have a chance to grab the next volume, a blonde stranger walks through the doors.

And it's love at first site for both of us! Well, attraction anyway.

He's not my usual type, as he's dressed casually, but there's just something about him that appeals to me.

We both stand there and stare at each other and share goofy smiles!

I introduce myself and he tells me his name is Jerad Cartwright and that he's a self-employed photographer.

I tell him all about the farm and I'm amazed at how happy I am discussing it with him.

Then I realize it's not talking about the farm that's making me happy, it's just socializing with someone!

I'm eager for conversation and any topic will do.

Oops! Not any topic, turns out Jerad doesn't like gossip!

So I start telling him about all the stuff I planted this morning.

When I mention the mandrake, red valerian, and ginseng, he tells me he's not sure what those are either as he's never planted anything.

I can't believe how proud I was to explain some simple things about gardening.

I've never had a conversation before where I knew more about a subject than the other person.

Well, unless it had to do with fashionable clothes, shoes, accessories, partying with the 'in' crowd, and spending money!

Then Jerad brings up cooking and says he loves the idea of it, but so far he's not had much success.

And then we share a few laughs over how bad we both are and what we've burned!

I don't tell him I ate the burnt waffles though, don't want him to think I'm a slob so early in our relationship.

Then we both settle down with a book.

Jerad chooses a novel for some fun reading, but I keep studying gardening.

And I learn something new.

Lettuce and tomatoes are considered vegetables, and apples are fruit trees of course, so I'm okay there, having started a vegetable garden and an orchard.

But the red valerian and mandrake are actually for alchemy recipes and don't belong in my vegetable plot.

Neither does the ginseng as it belongs in an herb garden!

So I'll be picking the produce from them but not selling it and not replanting, as a vegetable garden and an apple orchard are more than enough for me to handle.

With a shock I realize I'm actually thinking of taking up daddy's challenge and really giving this farm and gardening idea a try!

With that thought in mind, when Ms. Crumplebottom shows up, I try to apologize for my attitude when we met and thank her and her children for all they've done for me.

Cleaning up the junk in the yard, cleaning up the house, stocking the fridge, and for the new hamper.

But she just stares at me with a totally disbelieving look on her face.

I guess she doesn't believe I'm being sincere and I guess I can't blame her.

I was rather rude. Okay not rather, just rude.

I try to make small talk, but that doesn't go over well either.

Well, maybe I should just give it some time.

I get back after dark and pay the bills.

They're not a lot, but between buying the produce and paying the bills my $500 is now under $400.

And I found out that the old clothesline in the yard is rotted and will also need to be replaced.

I was up early planting so I'm too tired to worry about it now.

I glance at my phone and see it's not even 11 pm!

But time for this former party girl to get some sleep as the sun rises really early here.

Or rather I'm now awake when the suns rises.

I dream about money, probably due to my dwindling funds.

The next day I wake up to more rain.

I can't stand the thought of being cooped up by myself all day, so I throw a party!

Mrs. Crumplebottom declines, but Milo and Olivia accept and so does Jerad and Jack Ransone.

Milo even brought his fiancée, Sally Hardy, and they brought one of my favorite dishes, Lobster Thermidor.

And he tells me a secret! His mom didn't come because she's having morning sickness, expecting a baby after all these years!

Milo *glancing around* "And Jack's the father. He was actually dating Olivia but then he met mom, and well, I guess they hit it off."

"And Olivia's not upset?!"

Milo: "No, she's got another boyfriend already, so I guess it really wasn't anything serious between her and Jack. Good thing as I have a feeling he's going to be our step-father soon!"

I'd love to hear more but I realize Jerad's waiting patiently to talk to me.

Turns out he had more than talking in mind. He gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

And he looked so sweet waiting to see if I liked them.

Now I've been given flowers before. Well, had them sent to me actually.

But to have a man hand them to me personally, well it was a different experience.

So much more thoughtful than just picking up the phone and ordering them or having a secretary do it!

Then Jack and I realized we both love parties and gave each other a famous party Woo! Woo!

Then we all chatted a bit and ate the food my guests brought.

That was a new experience too. Guests bringing food.

Back in Bridgeport, guests expected everything to be catered and expensive.

I even got to chat with Sally before they all had to head off to work.

But after everyone leaves I have a mess to clean up!

The sink broke while someone was washing up and it's leaking water all over the floor.

I've never fixed a sink before, but a quick google on my phone and I've got the gist of it.

And I find a wrench under the sink! Just the tool I need.

Then to get all the water mopped up.

I found a mop stuck in a corner of the spare room.

It wasn't falling apart, so something else new the Crumplebottom's gifted me.

My guilt at my rudeness is growing!

I'm sure daddy would be proud that I'm finally feeling guilty about being so thoughtless.

I'm tired but I realize I need to check on my plants.

Most of them have sprouted and need a little water or some weeds pulled.

The next morning it's still raining, so I head to the library to study about gardening again.

And my reading adds to my knowledge as this chapter says that fertilizer is important for plant growth.

And fish is one of the best fertilizers. As is cow dung.

As soon as I see the word, I can't hold back my smile. Dung? Just like the poem!

Even though I've progressed some in attitude and aptitude, I still don't see me using dung!

With more gardening knowledge under my belt, I head to the farm.

But as I'm getting out of the taxi, I realize there's a pond across the road.

I ask the driver if it's a fishing pond and he says most ponds around have fish, just pop in a line and see what bites.

So I do!

I catch a few small fish but it starts raining harder and I decide to call it a day.

But when I see my plants all blossomed and growing, I can't resist tending them!

With all the rain, they're getting plenty of water, but that's making the weeds grow too.

Weeds? Not around my plants! Take that and that and that, you nasty weeds!

I'm shocked at my own thoughts, that I even care about these dumb plants, but I do.

I would have never believed it last week if someone had told me what I'd be doing this week!

I've cooked, cleaned, and done my own dishes.

Stranger than that, I've been to the library several times, read about gardening, planted a few plants, and gone fishing!

It's not fun and games, but it does have a certain appeal.

A certain satisfaction that I've never felt before.

Bah! This place is getting to me! I'm just lonely that's all it is!

I'm not used to being on my own so much of the time.

And with a shock I realize that none of my Bridgeport friends have called me! Not one of them!

Suddenly the well being I was feeling is gone.

I'm just lonely, wet, and tired.

Tired of the constant rain, my aching feet, my confused thoughts and feelings.

I'm just a lonely girl on a farm that her city friends have forgotten.

Hope you don't forget me too daddy!

Chapter 3: Taking a Chance
Coming soon.

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Re: A Girl's Garden--A Farmacy Story
« Reply #9 on: July 26, 2019, 04:36:14 PM »
Nice update! She's learning.

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Re: A Girl's Garden--A Farmacy Story
« Reply #10 on: July 26, 2019, 08:06:46 PM »
Thank you! She is learning. :)

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Re: A Girl's Garden--A Farmacy Story
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Yep! That she is. :)

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Chapter 3: Taking a Chance
« Reply #12 on: July 27, 2019, 03:01:06 PM »
Depressed about everything, I'd planned on just heading into the house and burying myself under the covers, but I spot something glowing across the yard.

It's still pouring but I'm already soaked so it won't make any difference.

I quickly head through the field and find several seeds along with some mushrooms.

But I'm no longer in the mood to plant anything else so I head to the house.

But depressed or not, the laundry won't do itself so I throw a load into the washer.

While it's washing, I just sit slumped in a chair and count the water drops dripping into the pails.

I'm stunned as I think this is what my life's come to, watching water drip!

Then I notice that it's not dripping anymore.

I listen closely and realize the rain has stopped. After two whole blasted days, it's stopped!

And so has the washer.

I jump up and grab the clothes from the washer and head outside to hang them up on the new line.

The line that cost me $155! For wood and rope! But at least I can have dry clothes now.

I hang the clothes up in the dark and a tiny spark in the sky has me looking up and making a wish.

I wish for things to change, for me to have a normal life again.

But I frown when I'm not sure if that means going back to my old life or doing better here.

Is it the place I want to change or me I want to change?

My confused thoughts exhaust me and I go to bed, too tired and depressed to even dream.

The next morning dawns clear and sunny and I'm feeling a renewed energy.

If my city friends can forget about me so quickly, who needs them?

I quickly dress in more appropriate clothes and garden boots and head outside.

And I'm stunned by the growth of my plants! They look beautiful! Just like real plants!

I laugh at that thought as they ARE real plants.

But since they're the first ones I've ever grown, they're special.

Frankly, I'd expected them all to wither away and die.

Even with all the rain, a few of them need watering so I get that done and I plant the 2 mushrooms I found.

I putter around the yard all day just soaking up the sunshiny day as I clear some of the weeds and brambles.

Looking frequently at my beautiful plants and feeling so proud!

The paper girl stopped by so I grab today's issue off the lawn and bring it inside.

But my thoughts turn to Jerad and I do something I've never done before.

I write him a love letter!

Then I shower and change into clean clothes and skim over the paper.

All thoughts drain out of my head when I see this announcement:
'New resident, Lorie Haras, is happy to announce her engagement to our new town photographer, Jerad Cartwright! The happy couple will be announcing a date soon. Make sure to stop by and offer your congratulations!'

Then my head is buzzing with thoughts.

Jerad is engaged! MY Jerad!!! And I just mailed him a love letter!

I'm too depressed again to do anything but go to bed.

And even my dreams taunt me!

In the morning I'm still unsure.

Was I dreaming about Jerad marrying someone else?

Or me marrying him?

After checking on my plants, I can't stand it any more and I just have to call him.

He answers my call with a cheerful greeting and accepts my invitation to come over later that day.

Jerad shows up just as the sun is setting and we chat.

Or at least I do, telling him how thrilled I am that the rain finally stopped but he seems preoccupied with something else.

I've never bothered with what was on somebody else's mind before, but I want to know, need to know what he's thinking about.

So I ask him.

He tells me he's sorry for not paying closer attention to the conversation but that his photography career isn't doing very well and he's afraid that without earning some funds soon, he'll have to move on as he can't afford his place on his own.

I suddenly realize this is my chance, fiancée or not!

I tell him I need some funds too but I can't leave the farm or the garden that I've just started, so we could pool our funds by him moving in with me!

Win, win for both of us.

Jerad seems surprised by my offer and then confesses that somehow this Lorie girl in town got the totally wrong impression and has announced their engagement!

"So you're not really engaged?"

Jared tells me to hold that thought and to my amazement he calls Lorie on the phone right in front of me and tells her she needs to get a life and stop stalking him! He's sorry if he's broken her heart but he's got someone very special in his life right now and he's not messing that up.

No one has ever done anything that sweet for me before in my entire life!

Okay, for Lorie it was pretty harsh. Even I, the self-loving queen of heartlessness realize that.

But after Jerad tells me he only met Lorie two days ago and doesn't even know her all that well, I feel a little better about it.

Then I realize I've only known Jerad 4 days, maybe 5, and we've never even gone on a date.

Well, I can fix one of those things.

So I ask him out and he says yes!

He takes me in his arms and pulls me close and tells me the letter I sent him was the most romantic gesture he's ever received in his life!

Until now.

That having me in his arms tops that completely.

And then he kisses me. Our first kiss.

And I see tears in his eyes when we break apart.

Turns out my big strong guy is actually a Hopeless Romantic!

And he proves it by asking me to watch the stars.

It's getting late and we head inside.

Just inside the front door, he hugs me close and asks if I'm sure about him moving in.

"I've never been more sure about anything Jerad. I want to take a chance on us!"

Then the big teddy bear asks me to be his steady girl! Just like that!

I'm not taking any more chances with girls like Lorie in town, so I eagerly accept.

When Jerad said he was getting low on funds I expected him to be in the same boat as me, but I was wrong.

And wow, for once, boy was I glad.

Jerad moved in with $5000!

Just last week that would have seemed like peanuts to me, but with only $213 left of my $500, it felt like a fortune.

I wasn't sure how daddy would feel about me getting money that way, so I told Jerad we needed to use it to fix up the house a little.

Not for frivolous things like shoes, jewelry, and clothes when you have a closet full.

Maybe save some for a rainy day.

We both laugh when I say that because it's been raining most of the week!

But under the laughter I was proud of myself, I guess I'm learning some of the lessons daddy wanted me to learn.

Over the next few days Jerad and I spend a lot of time together.

He helps clean up around the house, getting rid of trash, while I tend to my plants.

I was so excited when I looked out the window one morning and saw actual produce that I was outside harvesting it before I even got dressed!

It wasn't a large or grand harvest but it was my first one so I felt super proud of myself.

Lettuce-4; tomatoes-3; mandrake-3; red valerian-9; apples-8

Not bad, not bad at all!

We celebrate by going to the Spring Festival since it's Love Day.

But not long after we arrive, it starts pouring.

I can't believe I'm saying this but we have fun despite the rain.

Turns out it's not where you are, but who you're with that's important. (yeah, yeah, daddy another lesson learned)

We fish together, have our picture taken, and even get our faces painted.

My hearts turn out great!

But Jerad's stars weren't stars at all, but he didn't get mad.

Just enjoyed the silliness of it and stuck out his tongue to catch raindrops and make me laugh.

Then we checked out the Love Tester and got 'burning', so we decided to go home and see if it was true!

But before we can head inside, my hopeless romantic drops to one knee and asks me to marry him!

We hug and kiss and Jerad cries a little bit.

Okay, maybe I did shed a tear or two, but hey, a girl has a right when she gets engaged.

I can't believe I just used the word 'hey'!

This little hick town is really wearing off on me, before I know it I'll be talking about actual hay.

I have to tell someone so I call home and tell my parents all about Jerad and his proposal.

And I tell daddy I harvested my first crop.

He seems prouder of that than my engagement but I know he's happy for me. For us.

Then Jerad and I head inside and celebrate our engagement.

It's getting late so we snuggle close and we dream of each other all night.

The next day I get violently ill!

It was pretty gross but I even cleaned the toilet myself, too embarrassed to even mention it to Jerad.

I check myself out in the still crappy little bathroom mirror and I look fine.

Just the same as always, beautiful, with good color, flawless skin, my gorgeous self.

Okay, I know, going overboard, but there are some things I just can't change!

Must have been something I ate, my cooking is still pretty bad and Jerad's is not much better.

Now it's not just me, but me and Jerad.
Having a partner is making me feel a lot better about this whole thing.
Well, better when I'm not being sick.
Maybe Jerad and I should study up on cooking.

Chapter 4: Fixing Up the House
Coming soon.

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Chapter 4: Fixing Up the House
« Reply #13 on: July 28, 2019, 07:23:15 PM »
Not long after my bout of 'food sickness', I realize it wasn't that at all.

I'm sure a farm girl would have recognized the signs, but I'm pretty oblivious at the best of times.

Though I've been working on that.

I never even thought about ever having a child or being a mother.

It wasn't something my old city crowd ever discussed. We were just sooo beyond such things!

But at soon as I realize I'm expecting Jerad's child, I'm filled with an overwhelming feeling of love .

I want a healthy child of course, but my heart is also hoping for a sweet little girl!

Maybe with Jerad's blonde curls?

Jerad's still asleep and I'm still a bit sleepy myself, so I crawl back under the covers.

I hope my news is something Jerad will be happy about as we've only just gotten engaged.

But I have a feeling he'll be just as excited as I am!

Jerad isn't just excited about our coming child, he's ecstatic!

The joy and excitement he feels surpasses mine.

Maybe because he's older and feels time catching up with him?

In fact, he wants us to get married right away.

But I'm not giving up on a beautiful wedding dress even out here in the country.

I talk to my mom and she's says she'll send me something appropriate.

I trust her as she's known me my whole life and knows just how particular I am.

After all, I am her daughter and I learned from the best.

There's no one classier and snobbier than Murielle Swanson!

Unless it was me in my former life.

So Jerad contents himself with getting our house cleaned up and ready for our child.

He buys a 2nd hand crib and says he can fix it up like new to match whatever nursery colors I pick out.

It's at this time that I learn Jerad is Frugal.

Well, that makes one of us!

Since I figure he'll be much better at it, I decide he needs to take over the household accounts and keep us within a reasonable budget.

Then Jerad works like a man possessed!

He removes our old front door, which was pretty easy as it was just hanging by that one hinge!

And replaces it with a sturdy new one.

As well as all new windows, fresh paint on the outside, and some foundation stone that was free as it was discontinued.

There was some of that stone left over so he used it for accent on the roof as well taking care of all the leaking areas.

He tells me it's not going to be fancy but it will be practical.

But nothing prepares me for how it turns out!

I'm so amazed, I send a before photo to daddy and mother as soon as my eyes stop tearing up.

And after, where Jerad has transformed our house into the cutest farm cottage ever!

Then he works on the inside.

We've had a sudden cold snap and all my plants went dormant so he shoos me off to the library.

I take the time to read a pregnancy book as I know I'm going to need all the help I can get.

I know as much about babies as I did about gardening when I first got here.

Which means I know nothing.

He doesn't want to expose me or the baby to any dust, old paint flakes, or anything that could be harmful.

I send up grateful thanks for whomever brought this wonderful, thoughtful, man into my life.

And when he's finished he let's me look at each room.

I send a before overview to my parents.

As well as  a couple of after photos with Jerad's handy man skills apparent in the transformation.

It doesn't come naturally to him but since he's such a Perfectionist, he does things slow and steady.

I squealed with delight when I saw the green trim in our bedroom!

He lightened the cream on the walls and bedding to take advantage of the increased light shining through our new windows so the whole room was airy and bright.

And new hardwood floors throughout, a style that was on sale, so very appealing to my frugal man!

With some updated appliances and refurbished counters in our new kitchen.

And Jerad splurged and got me a little radio so I can dance to my hearts content.

He even tried it out with some exercises!

He said he needs to trim down a little and be healthy for our baby.

Here's another photo showing a closer view of the nursery with the crib bedding matching the wall trim!

I picked yellow and blue so it wouldn't be gender specific, and Jerad surprised me with the cute border.

We chose a basic tile for the bathroom.

I was thrilled just to have something finished rather than that old wall board with rivets in it!

Then I get a surprise package from mother in the mail.

Two actually.

One is marked 'after the baby arrives' so I reluctantly put it aside.

The other has 'open now' on it and I don't hesitate, I've never had self-control when it comes to gifts!

It's a box full of maternity clothes.

I had to try them on right away!

They all have tummy panels and extra room in the tops for my expanding waistline.

I never even knew clothes like this existed really. Some sims are just so clever!

Imagine me admitting something like that. (I can see daddy's grin now!)

Here's my new everyday look with garden boots.

Mother thought of everything!

Though I'm sure she was guided by daddy as she's never been in a garden in her life.

Unless it was a garden party tea!

My 2nd everyday outfit.

I can't believe I'm so excited about having just two outfits when I used to change at least 6 times a day!

And Mother even acknowledged my love of green, though she's not fond of it herself.

And for cooler weather, a 2nd pair of jeans with a light jacket.

I call and thank her for everything and she's so stunned at my thanks, I thought the line went dead!

She stammers a bit and says she's still there but doesn't know what to say.

I softly tell her that the proper response is 'you're welcome' and that I know she's just shocked because I've never said it to her before.

I tell her I'm ashamed of that and she says it's not all my fault, she's not been the best example, and it takes two to form a relationship.

Then we chat a bit and actually have a real conversation.

When I hang up I suspect mother may have tears in her eyes.

I know I did.

Since I got some new clothes, I tell Jerad he needs to get some new outfits as well.

But first he changes his hair style and he's been letting his facial hair grow so now he looks like this.

Here's my handsome man:

Jerad Cartwright--Adult human
LTW: Perfect Student (he's working on LH points to change this)
Traits: Perfectionist, Photographer's Eye, Hopeless Romantic, Frugal, Coward
Fav's: Rap, Firecracker Shrimp, and Violet
Career: Photographer (will be changing to Gardener)
Skills at Move in: None

So we felt perfectly justified in using his move in money to fix the house as we're both newbies to this life.

Then he checks out the thrift store in town and finds some nice things.

His everyday outfit is a light brown colored pair of pants, a sky blue t-shirt with a lighter blue vest, and sturdy boots.

And new pajamas.

He made me laugh when he tried this one on!

His new career outfit. Farmer Jay!

We both laugh until I almost pee myself. Oh wow. Never thought I'd ever write that!

Or actually have it happen to me. I never knew it even could!

Guess it's not just the house that's getting a make-over.

My whole self seems to be adjusting to my new life.

My traits haven't changed but I seem more at home in my own skin.

More satisfied with myself.

And Jerad is constantly praising my efforts.

I can't say I still don't crave praise and attention as I probably always will.

When the weather warms a little and my plants come to life, I happily take care of them.

I head to the Consignment Shop to sell what I can.

I'm a little nervous as I hand everything over.

The fairy behind the register tells me I'll be notified when any of it sells.

What if it doesn't sell? Oh, I never asked daddy what happens if I try and I fail!

But my worries are found less as my first sale comes through before I even leave the lot!

I was outside checking out a strange bush when funds are added to our account and I receive not one but two promotions.

I flew past Dirt Digger and went straight to Clodhopper with my first $130 simolean sale!

I forgot about the bush and immediately called daddy and I think he was more proud of my sale than I was.

Maybe, as I was pretty proud.

Imagine me being proud to be called a Clodhopper!

As my pregnancy progresses, Jerad is even more attentive.

Rubbing my tummy, listening to my tummy, and talking to the baby.

Something my city friends and I always thought was just so lame.

We always laughed and made fun of couples acting like that over a baby, making such a big deal of reproducing!

But now that's it my child and that child's father, I can't help but smile as I realize just how special making a new life is.

And assuring me that I'm even more beautiful and attractive than ever.

Not something I ever forget, but it's sweet of him to acknowledge it, just the same.

He even takes the time to read a pregnancy book himself.

Preparing to be the perfect father!

But my Daddy was right.

I needed something to shake me out of my own selfish self-involvement.

And now I have some focus in my life.

First it was just my garden, then loving Jerad which brought about our coming child, and then making this farm, this house, our home!

I'm sure I'll still be preening in front of mirrors if given half a chance.

And having to remember to thank people as a matter of course, not just take everything as my due.

But I've definitely taken a step, several steps, in the right direction!

With my man by my side, supporting me, loving me, I'm no longer a lonely inept city girl.

I'm a bona fide Gardener, fiancée, and soon-to-be mother!

Imagine that!

Chapter 5: And Baby Makes Three!
Coming soon.

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Chapter 5: And Baby Makes Three!
« Reply #14 on: July 29, 2019, 09:19:10 PM »
Much sooner than I expected actually.

My labor pains hit in the middle of the night, of course, after only a few hours of sleep.

Jerad panicked a bit but I had read about that so I was prepared for that part.

The pregnancy book was very plain about how others are absolutely no help at all.

You'd think that after all this time sims would know what to do, but I guess a woman in labor renders them all clueless.

That makes me feel better actually.

I'm not the only one!

It's just one of the big mysteries of sim life that we'll never comprehend.

But they weren't kidding when they said labor pains hurt!

I know I said a few things that must have hurt Jerad's feelings as they were quite nasty.

We thought about going to the hospital but I never made it out the front door!

Our beautiful daughter arrived on the first day of summer.

So we named her Summer, naturally.

She's Friendly and Loves the Outdoors, not traits that either Jerad or I have, but her own sweet self.

I felt such love and joy and even remembered to apologize to Jerad for anything awful I might have said.

He assured me that there was nothing to apologize for, the teddy bear.

But I knew better.

I cuddled and fed her with her proud daddy looking on.

Then Jerad holds her, cuddles her for a bit, and gets her settled in her crib.

Jerad sends me to our room to get some rest before morning while he takes care of some household chores.

He unclogs the nasty commode.

And grabs the dry clothes off the line.

But I'm too keyed up to sleep and when I remember mother's 'after the baby package', I leap out of bed.

That was a mistake as I'm still a bit weak after childbirth.

I have way more respect for mother's now, and realize why I'm an only child.

I move a bit slower and unwrap the package and find a new wardrobe of practical clothes all in shades of green.

An everyday outfit of comfy blue jeans and a classic sleeveless shell with sensible brown flats.

A 2nd everyday outfit for cooler weather with a layered-look top and sturdy boots.

A  timeless formal dress with a sweet string of pearls. Grandmother's pearls!

And a circlet of flowers for a more sophisticated, special occasion hair style.

New pajama's.

Athletic wear with boots for muddy weather.

Perfect for the strenuous activity of tending the garden!

A cute career outfit with a county-style top and one of the pairs of boots.

Mother knows me so well that she even included something fun, a fashionable winter outfit with a bulky gray sweater layered over a white tank with gray boots and my trademark green scarf!

I couldn't keep the smile off my face when I tried this one on.

And it strikes me that this is mother's way of showing that she loves me.

Doing kind and considerate little things that I've always overlooked and just thought was my due!

She's always been a very conservative woman, especially where her feelings were concerned.

I thought that meant she was cold and uncaring, but it strikes me now that it takes two to have a relationship and I was just as much at fault as she was.

Maybe more so. The thought makes me feel uncomfortably guilty. Again.

Having a conscious is no picnic! Maybe that's why I resisted it for so long.

Being self-involved was so much easier.

It's too early to call her so I send a text expressing my thanks, telling her she's a grandmother, and adding that I love her.

I'm sure she'll be shocked, but I hope happily so.

And daddy will be thrilled to know I've grown up a bit more.

But it's the separate package inside labeled 'For my daughter on her special day. Wishing you all the love and happiness a heart can hold. Love, daddy and mother' that brings tears to my eyes.

I'm even happier that I sent that text and hope it's the start of a healthier mother and daughter relationship.

I dash away my tears and quickly put on the beautiful dress and tell Jerad to dress in his best.

I find him waiting expectantly outside the door and I tell him it's time I became his wife.

We stand closely together and exchange heartfelt vows along with our rings.

I wipe away more tears as he tells me that this is one of the happiest moments of his life, making me
his wife.

And we both know this moment will become one of our most cherished memories.

Then I find myself filled with love, joy, and happiness so great my smile can barely be contained.

We are now Mr. and Mrs. Jerad and Brooke Swanson!


It was hard for Jerad to give up his last name, but he knows how much it means to me to have this farm bear my family name, so he generously agreed to share it with me.

I want to make it up to him so I promise that our first boy will be named Cartwright in honor of his family name.

But lucky for me our first child is a girl as that name isn't one that I especially like. Maybe we can compromise with Carter?

Listen to me, already speculating on another child when we've just had our first!

Jerad loves her as much as I do, but as he rocks her for the first time he looks terrified!

I tell him it's okay, that Summer won't break, but he says that it's not Summer he's worried about, but the rocker holding him!

I would love to have thrown a house party in honor of Summer's birth and our marriage, but their just isn't time.

The next few days are busy caring for a nooboo.

Who needs to eat and have her diaper changed, a lot.

And needs play time and cuddles in between!

Parenting is a full time task. One I never appreciated before. Ever.

I'm so thankful that Jerad takes his daddy duties seriously and spends as much time with Summer as I do.

Look at her beautiful smile as he blows raspberries on her tummy!

Keeping up with household chores.

That old commode always needs cleaning, flushing, or unclogging!

I'm planning on a new one for our next household purchase.

And tending the garden, rain or shine. Seems like mostly rain.

I'm getting used to being wet and I have to remember the bright side of that.

When it rains we don't have to water!

The garden has grown considerably so it takes a lot more work to keep it tended.

Jerad does more than his share, but he tells me I'm still recovering from Summer's birth so I need more rest until my strength returns.

But even though we diligently tend to it everyday, our produce isn't bringing in all that much cash.

The quality of it is increasing, but the items aren't really high dollar ones, being common plants.

I've reached level 5 so I can plant some better money maker's but it's a slow process.

Jerad's changed is LTW to Swimming in Cash to give him more incentive to get our garden producing a reasonable income that we can live on.

He's also given up his Photography career and signed up at City Hall as a Gardener.

I was concerned he'd be unhappy with that choice, but he called me afterward and I could hear the happiness in his voice as he told me it was official.

Swanson's Farm Produce now has two full time workers!

But it's not all work and no play.

Once all the chores are done, and the garden's been tended, and Summer's cared for, Jerad and I take advantage of that and spend time together.

He's so romantic that he gazes at me with love in his eyes, whispers in my ear, and strokes my cheek lovingly.

Our love for each other has deepened since our daughter was born.

So we express that love to the full before we fall asleep on those special nights.

We're still newlyweds, after all!

The garden is growing and so is little Summer.

And I'm determined to take the time to throw her a birthday party.

Join me in Chapter 6: Birthday Surprises
Coming soon.