Author Topic: A Friendly Play Through-Ghost Hunter Profession  (Read 2351 times)

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Re: A Friendly Play Through-Ghost Hunter Profession
« Reply #15 on: March 10, 2019, 12:56:27 AM »
If I had just played a little longer last night (Friday night in real time) I would have finished. As Calista only had literally 1 more job to do *Blush* before she completed the lifetime wish.

I took some time to play a quick-ish test game to see if I could answers some questions I had with the profession that I wasn't able to find answers to.

Here's Calista's stats and some notes.

Date: Week 2 Day 5 - Fri.
Levels: Career Lv10, Logic Lv10 ; Writing Lv7 ; Handi Lv5 ; 18 jobs done.

Completed the Paranormal Profiteer (PP) Lifetime Wish yesterday (Thurs.) and today completed the Logic Skill.

I did take note of some tips and information, shared in the 3rd post above:

I found my test game to be a little easier going than my main game. Only because I crammed Logic with my test Sim with the chess board till she completed it. By then she was PP Lv9. So she probably only has a couple-few jobs to do. *Snicker*

I enjoyed the game as it seemed to overall go pretty smoothly. No real hiccups.

I think my favorite part is... shoot It might be a tie between exorcising objects, banishing ghosts and zapping the little ghosts. There's something about them little glow-in-the-dark green ones. :)

I kept forgetting to scan for ghosts *Blush* when I clicked to do the Ghostly Presence job.

Maybe that's another reason my test game went so much faster. *Embarrassed Grin*

I did get the Help Investigate opportunity quite a few times, and canceled each time, as it still is bugged even in this career. I figured it would be, but did try it once to see what if anything would happen.
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