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Boarding school
« on: March 29, 2019, 04:50:24 AM »
Hi , all

So my sim was in boarding school and she came home apparently for her brothers wedding.
I didn't bring her home. Well she has not gone back yet. It was her birthday so she grew into a teen while home for wedding.
I didn't get to pick a trait because of her poor grades at boarding school it stated. Now it still says she is enrolled in boarding school but has not gone back yet.
I don't see the option to take her out of boarding school so I can re-enroll her. What to do? Suggestions?
Thank in advance.

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Re: Boarding school
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2019, 01:26:25 PM »
This a known bug/glitch. Here are a few tips to try:

There is a bug with sending Sims to boarding school. It may be best to go back to a previous save, to before sending them away, if you have one.

Go Back to a Previous Save

If you don't have a previous save, or don't want to try that. A couple other things you can try is:

1. If they are still home delete them with MoveObjects off cheat. (Back up the game before.) To see if that helps.

2. Reset Sim/Town or Evict the family and move them back in.
-- Reset Town, Individual Sims and/or Evict Household

3. Try Nraas Debug Enabler - May help "reset" bugged/glitched/invisible Sims

However, I am not familiar with the mod. If you have any questions about it. They need to be taken to Nraas's site. --

Read more about the Boarding School Bug in the link below:

Boarding School Troubles
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