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Stylist Career Notes
« on: June 23, 2019, 12:36:54 AM »
My take on the stylist career (So far...)

You start out with only 1 job at the salon in the earlier part of the career, as you get promoted in the career you'll get more jobs. You usually get 2 or 3 of these a day, during your work week. The most you can get in a day is 4 jobs, if I'm correct. The jobs may carry over to the next day, if you don't have time to get to all of them during your work day.

You can take the jobs the game gives you and/or you can invite Sims out to the salon or invite them over to your house if you have the stylist station to give them a makeover.

Each new job that has a successful makeover will allow you to take a photo of the client for the portfolio.

It's my understanding that the portfolio isn't all that important overall. It's a tool to help with free styling makeovers starting at Lv3, you can solicit Styling Services. There isn't any special prize for getting it to 100%.

Only the named jobs count - for example New Hair Color, New Everyday outfit, New Makeup. Basically if you just offer to do a makeover, it doesn't count towards the portfolio.

However, you get paid and job experience from most makeovers.

Be for warned, the game may play a trick on you and give the client a terrible makeover. You won't get paid for the makeover.

If this happens, apologize and offer to do the makeover over again. Once you change their hair or shirt, etc. the look you previous made for them should come back.

If you desire to get a completed portfolio, take note of what brand new jobs you get and take photos of.

It doesn't matter what photo goes with what job. What counts more is getting a photo of the brand new job. The name of the photos in the portfolio don't match the job names. For example you get a new job called New Everyday Outfit. The photo you take of the client won't be called that. It will be called something different when you look at it in the portfolio.

Any photos you take regardless if it's for the portfolio, just for fun or an opportunity will cost money. The money will come out of the household funds. ** However, photos taken with the mobile phone doesn't cost any money.

Some jobs require more than 1 new outfit. For Example:

Job #2 - Everyday Outfit 0/1

This means the client wants an additional everyday outfit. When in the Everday tab, click the + button to add another Everday outfit.

Watch out for clients that have the snobs, and hot-headed traits, they may not like their makeovers no matter how well you do. This may also happen with other traits as well.

I looked the client up on Sims Wiki and found she was a snob, so I didn't think it would go well. It gave me a message saying did a good job, but maybe the client is too picky.

There's not much that can be done about that, but you can try to apologize and offer a do over makeover.

If you have done any of the jobs already, you may not get to take photos for the portfolio. However, you get paid and job experience.

Lifetime rewards that help with this career are:

Observant (5,000 pts) - Find out traits quicker.

Inappropriate but in a good way (5,000 pts) - For the inappropriate moments.

Never Dull (10,000 pts) - For the repeat social interaction you may need to do.

Long Distance Friend (20,000 pts) - Don't need to worry about loosing friendships.


Skill up painting first before starting the Stylist Career. This will definitely help with getting more successful makeovers and less cancellations.

The styling station and drafting table aren't necessary, they're more nice to have to boost up the career. You can do most of the makeovers at the salon until level 3 where then you do makeovers at the client's home or where ever the clients are.

Using the drafting table - Research New Fashion Concepts helps gain job experience, painting using the drafting table or easel does not.

During the earlier levels, your jobs will come from clients at the salon. You will get messages of those jobs up in the right corner of the screen. If you miss them, Click the Map View Button or the M key to check for the Stylist job icons.

Use Sims Wiki to look up the town you're playing and the clients you serve to get to know them better. This may help with a more successful makeover.

For Example:

When doing a makeover, use a handful of any friendly, funny, joke and fashion interactions, before offering a makeover.

It may not be a good idea to start off the stylist career using only the drafting table. The game didn't seem to work as it should when I tried it, as far as trying to get clients for makeovers.

Stylist station can be found in Buy mode > Entertainment > Hobbies and Skills > Fuss No Muss Styling Station = $1,500.

Drafting Table and chair can be found in Buy mode > Entertainment > Hobbies & Skills > The Drafting Table = $750. and chair - The Drafter's Companion = $150.

Cheats for getting Jobs and boosting the Career
- These are under the spoiler tag, just in case you don't want to see them.

Spoiler (click to show/hide)


Carl's Sims 3 Ambitions Guide - Stylist Profession - A Career in Fashion

Sims Wiki - Sims 3 Stylist

The Sims 3 Ambitions: How to Get Photos Into Your Portfolio
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