Author Topic: Tiamet Tries Ten Times Ten Tots - Zoe's Chaos and Count  (Read 66 times)

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Tiamet Tries Ten Times Ten Tots - Zoe's Chaos and Count
« on: September 12, 2019, 04:39:18 AM »
Hey all!

Been a while, but Gwendy sort of got me into this and who better to share it with than all my friends here?  (The notebook for the Goblin King Dynasty is still missing, but the file is safe.  I will finish that when it's found)

So here is my version of the 100 Babies Challenge.  Here is the rule set I'm using for it.

No actual job for the founder/current busy mom, but collecting things, tips from guitar, selling fish, etc are allowed.
All lifetime wishes and lifetime rewards are allowed as long as they don't extend life.
Normal lifespan for everyone.
No Maids, Babysitters or Bonehilda.
Any traits I may have been able to choose for a child must be randomized.
Only one pregnancy per man.
No cheats.  But I can use strategy and exploits.  And resetsim.
No getting married, sending the kids off to boarding school or using apples or melons.  We get what we get.
Infants can be aged up after a full 24 hours.
Toddlers must learn to walk, talk and potty, as well as read 2 toddler books before being aged up.
Children must get an A in school, then age up the next day.
Teens need an A for three days.  (My honor roll is giving me trouble)
YA may stay in the home but not have jobs.
Once the founder becomes an Elder, she may be moved out or kept at player's discretion.
Founder/matriarch must have kids until they are Elder.
The last girl in a generation is the next matriarch.

And we're off...

This is Zoe.  She may look familiar to Gwendy and NotGwendy.  They grew up with someone who looks similar.  Zoe is raring to go in Sunset Valley, moving into my second favorite house. Sold everything but the wallpaper to buy a guitar and pay for all those cribs.   Zoe's traits are Family Oriented, Irresistible, Virtuoso, Natural Cook and Ambitious.  She has to be ambitious to try this.  Her lifetime wish is Culinary Librarian because I thought it would be easy to get done.  Ha! 


I'm going to tell you straight up front that Zoe has terrible taste in men.  She seems to like them old.  Because out of the gate, Zoe decided to chat up this fine gentleman.


That's right.  Mr Gobias Koffi.  Has he ever had a child before?  Well, he's having one now.  After hearing those happy chimes, Zoe told him they were better off as friends.  At his party, no less.  And she got a half dozen phone numbers on the way home.  Not one to waste time, our girl.  I'm not going to bore you with all the burritos unless it's important to the story.  There was only one name for Gobias' little girl.

Meet Decaff


Decaff's random traits were Virtuoso and Grumpy.  We're off to a great start.

While Decaff was sleeping in her swing, Zoe invited over her next victim, er, romantic interest.  She met him selling some stuff at the Alchemy Shop.  They actually got along really well.  I admit it, I was surprised.  He was really good with Decaff too.  Meet Dad # 2, Mr Iqbal Alvi.


Look how cute they are together!  Him and his little cane!  And he was pretty upset when Zoe said "Sorry, I'm not ready to settle down."  But their brief love resulted in a little boy, who was Friendly and Excitable.

Ravi Alvi


Now, since the house caught fire while Decaff was having her child birthday, (the day I can't age a toddler in a day and have a baby, I'm hanging up my sim shoes), Decaff waited calmly with Zoe and Ravi outside, not bothered a bit by the mess, thanks to that new Slob trait.  But all was not lost!  There's always a silver lining if you know where to look.


Zoe never stops looking, it seems.  Firefighter Andrew Andreason was more than happy to visit for a bit, play with Decaff, try some of Zoe's good old home cooking.  Before he left, Zoe was sick, but not from spoiled food! 


What else could we call him but Mister Andreason?  An Outdoor Loving Genius, Mister was aged up a little slower than the other two, since Zoe had what I considered a rather sinister plan in mind.  Why did she choose him?  I don't know, but the heart (or the scoring) wants what it wants.


Yes.  Gunther Goth.  This is when I realized that this challenge was going to be something else.  I decided to just sit back and go along for the ride. 

Decaff and Ravi were now teens.  Decaff had picked up the Disciplined trait, so that meant she licked the dirty plates in a specific order.  Ravi was now Easily Impressed and a Computer Whiz.  The household budget, consisting of selling windows for cribs at one point, meant there was no computer in the place for him to be a whiz with.  More importantly, they could pick up babies.  It seems Dynasty slaves have nothing on the kids in the 100 baby challenge.  Here they are, aren't they adorable?



Mister aged up to child a little later than normal, due to all the Gunther Goth games going on.  His dad was a firefighter, I don't know why I expected something different for him.  He rolled that Evil so fast I think he had bribed the game beforehand.  And now that he was a child, Zoe took him with her to Gunther Goth's party.  I know in my bones that Mister was going to spill the beans to Cornelia about just whose baby Zoe was waddling around with.  But as soon as they got there Zoe went into labour.   Gunther, realizing that sometimes discretion is the better part of valor, popped his clogs right in the middle of it.


See that kid faking surprise in the back?  That's our Mister Evil.  And, that's all that Gunther's son ever saw of him.  Actually, not even that, since Zoe grabbed Mister and headed home as fast as possible.  I don't know why she was worried.  Gunther's kid looks nothing like him.  But the trauma made him Absent Minded and Hydrophobic.  I panicked for a second thinking he had rabies, but it's all good, friends.  It means he won't shower.  Ever.  Especially in the six seconds that each person gets before someone has to use the toilet, or the potty or throw up.  And it breaks down on the regular.  And he forgets everything. 

We had to name the poor tyke Gottabea Goth.  I'm starting to worry about the naming scheme in this.  We call him Emo for short.  Zoe picked herself right up and called another old friend.  I'm starting to see the pattern.  It's OLD.  She called up Buster Clavel.  Seriously!  But not before she spent those happy lifetime points on a Fertility Treatment.  And a radio. 

Buster scares me for some reason.  He's good with the kids, don't get me wrong, but there's something about the way he starts protesting in the bathroom that unnerves me.  And then...


NO! Buster, that is NOT OKAY!  It does, however, give Zoe a reason to chase him out the house with the broom.  Woot, she is single again!  And throwing up...

Stay tuned.

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Re: Tiamet Tries Ten Times Ten Tots - Total Triumph or Toast?
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2019, 11:13:02 AM »
Oh god the last screenshot but also: I was thinking about you recently. Glad to see my wishes come true! ;) I hope you're having fun and all and that Gwendy and NotGwendy are hanging in there.
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Re: Tiamet Tries Ten Times Ten Tots - Total Triumph or Toast?
« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2019, 02:53:43 AM »
Wow, Trip, what timing, eh?  I have missed this forum so much!  Gwendy and NotGwendy are well, thanks!   I have a quick question for you or one of the other mods.  Is it okay to edit the screenshots like this before attaching them?  They're jpg and I'm doing them in the 800 450 size.  I don't want to overwhelm the story with scrolling through pictures and pictures.


And here's Gunther Goth's son for y'all.  I never expected him to look like this, I tell ya.  For some reason, we stopped calling him either Emo or Gottabea and he's known as Chris.

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Re: Tiamet Tries Ten Times Ten Tots - Total Triumph or Toast?
« Reply #3 on: September 14, 2019, 12:45:28 PM »
Edits are OK (just remember to upload as a jpg and 800px max but you're good there) and he's a cutie!
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Re: Tiamet Tries Ten Times Ten Tots - Zoe's Chaos
« Reply #4 on: September 16, 2019, 11:07:55 PM »
Thanks, Trip! 

(I should mention that since Gwendy and NotGwendy have their own place now, I'm relying on their brothers, Young Feller and Little Boy for vetting my naming suggestions.)

Chapter Two - Zoe's Chaos

I'm getting a tish worried now, since Zoe seems to only throw boys.  Thankfully, Decaff seems to like kids.  But then, Zoe has the Clavel Triplets.  Hallelujah, we've got another girl, right out of the gate.  Four Leaf Clavel.  Decaff is off the hook!  Her brothers threw me into a panic though, and while Lookin Over came pretty easily, Overlooked B4 sounds weird, even for me.   Four Leaf is Disciplined and Athletic, Lookin Over is a Perceptive Loner, (poor kid, did he ever pick the wrong house) and Overlooked, who we quickly named Overlord is an Insane Heavy Sleeper.  Thank heavens for that.  Here they are, as kids:


Mister aged up, so now the tally was teens: 3, kids, 1 and infants, whoops, they're toddlers now 3.  Full house.  Zoe took a day or two to collect some more gems, get some cash, and get the teens all on the honor roll.  She also went on the prowl for a few more prospective baby daddies. 

Poor Chris, Gunther's kid, is what folks back in the mountains used to call simple.  There's something just not right with the boy.  He tries, Eru love him, but he's just not marching to the beat of his own drummer, he's got his own band.  He aged up to teen one day before his birthday.


He's also an Artistic Snob now.  *sigh*  That'll help. 

Ravi, Mister and Decaff help get the trips maxed in their skills, and hit the honor roll.  Decaff realized that she Dislikes Children, (boy we dodged a bullet there), Ravi picked up Ambitious and Mister adds Unflirty and Good Sense of Humor to his mix.



Love to have you stay and help, kids, but Chris can babysit and Zoe needs the house room.  Everybody get a job, and out you go.  Zoe calls up the next fellow on her list.


Anybody know this guy?  This is Curtis Quin.  Zoe doesn't have a clue what his traits are, but she really likes him.  He tidies up around the place, Chris gets along with him, thankfully, and he even does dishes.  It breaks Zoe's heart to tell him that she just wants to be friends.


Four Leaf and her brother aren't too broken up about it.  They've aged up and Four Leaf has added Animal Lover, Lookin Over has Mean Spirited, (Sweet Eru spare us), and Overlord, who's already Insane, gets Ambitious.  It's best they get used to the men coming and going.  Especially if Four Leaf is going to be the next matriarch.

But, lo and behold, the oldest of the Quin Twins (I love that) is a little girl!  Harley Quin is here, along with her brother, Pen.  Harley is an Easily Impressed Virtuoso and Pen is another Absent Minded Heavy Sleeper.


Zoe decides that the clock is running out and calls up a man who's been saying lovely things about the size of her family.  Leighton Sekemoto.  Sure, why not.  At least he's still her age.  It's all going well, and the chimes are heard through the Earthmother household.  But then...


Are those scales?  Leighton!  Zoe, this is why you need to talk to people more!  How could you not know this?  Do we have to keep him now, or he'll turn into sea foam?  Wait, does he even have a voice anymore?  Start praying for a boy, Zoe.

Thankfully, little Scales is all male, and can be kicked out without compunction when the time comes.  And he doesn't seem to have any fins.  He also Loves the Outdoors and is a Heavy Sleeper.  I'm starting to see a pattern in the kids.  I don't know if the game is taking pity on all these poor bebes. 

Meanwhile, Chris, struggling through school, tries to help out by making dinner while Zoe takes all the kids to the park in the motive mobile.  Bless him.  But then he sees that chipmunk on the front lawn.  Chris?  Chris?


Oh, Chris...

The trips age up to teens, and it looks like we're in for a heck of a ride.   


Four Leaf gets Savvy Sculptor and the wash and set my sister's mother-in-law has been getting every week for the past 50 years.


Lookin Over picks up Loves the Outdoors, and despite disguising himself like Greg from the Brady Bunch, continues to fight with everyone in the house, except Scales, for some reason.  But now he takes the arguments outside, so he doesn't upset the twins that much.


And my poor Overlord, who just wants someone to play on the see-saw all the time, starts turning out lights, thanks to his new Eco-friendly.

Here are the Quin Twins, just before they age up.  No pictures of them as kids.  I, I mean Zoe, didn't have time to run around with the camera right then, it was a little crazy.


And Baby Scales, of course.


But now we're down to the wire.  Can we get any of the kids out of the house before Zoe goes grey.  Come on, all of you!  Work!  Study!  Do those extra assignments and ops.  Yay, the twins get an A! 


I honestly thought we'd have to wait for Chris' birthday, when Bing!  Honor Roll!  I mean, he even got to go to prom and everything.  Oh Chris, we're all so proud of you.  He gets Night Owl, a job at the paper, and out he goes.  I mean, we're all heartbroken, and worried about him out in the world by himself with some of the worst traits rolled into a sim.  Good luck, Chris!


Alas, not quick enough for Zoe.  Her time has come.  Now she's an Elder.  Spending her retirement chasing teenagers and sneaking out with Curtis Quin.


Not in those clothes, however.

Oh, yes!  The trips all age up the same day!


Overlord gets the Schmoozer trait, which is going to just compliment that Insane thing perfectly.  Job at the paper, move out.


Lookin Over gets Cat Person.  Puuurrrfect.  He's going to be an Astronaut.  Nobody to fight with in space, right?  Out you go!


Four Leaf is a Genius.  Zoe is so proud.  Four Leaf becomes a journalist.  Why do they all want to write?  Anyway, off she goes, into her new life.

Wait, which one of you stole the motive mobile?  It was right here!  Hey!  Oh man...I bet it was Lookin Over.  He's like that.

The twins age up the next day.


Pen goes for a music career, after picking up, oh hey, I haven't given any of Pen's traits.  He's got Absent Minded, Heavy Sleeper, Supernatural Fan, Natural Born Performer, and Great Kisser.  Best of luck, Pen!

Leaving us with out new matriarch, a brand new YA, Harley.


Isn't she cute?  I wonder if she's got better taste than her mom?  Harley comes with Virtuoso, Easily Impressed, Eco-friendly, Brave and Lucky.  Her Lifetime wish is Golden Voice Golden Fingers.  And she had just enough LTH for a Fertility Treatment on her birthday.

Whew!  Now I can get back to playing.

Zoe's total kids - 10.  This challenge might take a while.