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The Path of Gentle Light - An Immortal Dynasty
« on: November 28, 2019, 12:07:20 AM »
Chapters Because I Forgot To Make A Separate Post For This
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Hello! This is my first attempt at anything like this. I read a couple of the Immortal Dynasty stories years ago and I have always loved the idea of it all, but it intimidated me hard and I am a coward. Which is why this is not even attempting to be a HoF dynasty. The bugs are too much for my frail heart and I didnít want to uninstall Into the Future because it has great cult outfits and I really didnít want to have to deal with getting everyone rabbit hole opportunities. Because as I mentioned, coward. But other than that, Iím doing my best to keep it as to the rules as I can. Oh, and I use the makeover station on birthdays only. Iím lazy and indecisive and hate having to switch between hair and clothes like an animal when using a mirror and a dresser.

I also made poor choices because I am a fool in addition to a coward, such as wanting to start in Bridgeport. Because I wanted the big city and the celebrities. But the sims there are rather boring looking, the lot is tiny and so very far away from everything. But what is the point of life if not to make poor choices that you stick to regardless! The big city really is the best location for a fancy cult.

We start off with my magnificent Founder. Sheís very fancy and striking and Iím not the best at designing interesting looking sims but I love her nose. I almost made it bigger, but then I was again a fool and a coward and we must all live with my regrets. Iím also terrible about remembering to take screenshots and I am hoping Iíll get better with that as this goes on. Fingers crossed.


My Founder is a Natural Chef, Green Thumb, Irresistible, Friendly and a Great Kisser. And is ready to find some vulnerable sims to convince to leave their lives and come join her totally legitimate religion how dare you imply otherwise!



There was nothing but darkness. Empty, still darkness. She was there, but she couldnít tell if her body was. There was only the dark. She knew she was someone, but there were no memories. She knew she loved lobster. She knew that people had families and childhoods and hometowns, but her own were...simply not there. They should be there, but...nothing. Not even her name.

ďVesper Bellamy.Ē

That was it.

The voice was less of a voice and more of an experience she felt deep in her core. It was terrifying and wonderful all at the same time. She felt born again, her heart beating sluggishly in her chest at her naming. Vesper was beginning to feel again, to have substance again, not just a consciousness in the dark.

ďYou Have Died. Your Old Life Is Gone To You But You Have A New Purpose. A Second Chance At Life. If You Complete The Tasks, You Will Live Forever.Ē

Vesper didnít feel surprised to hear she was dead, she felt like she knew that already, even if she was only just now aware that she knew. She also knew she wanted to live again. Experience the pleasures and sweet pains of lie again, to be adored and worshiped, something she felt deep in her core was her due.

ďAnd what is the price for this?Ē

ďDoes It Matter That There Is?Ē

Vesper smiled, her lips blood red in the darkness, her smile bright and dangerous, ďNo.Ē

A moment later she stood in an empty field, a black and white dog at her side. Everything she needed to do was etched into her mind and there was a book in her bag. A recipe that was for her eyes. She reached down and stroked the dogís head, ďThere is much work to be done.Ē


I have been blessed with a great and glorious purpose, chosen by Death to bring Their desires to this realm. And that requires something more thanÖthis. Though the view is nice, the lot is small. The price of living in the city. But I am not meant for some dirty little backwater or dull suburbia. I belong in the city, with the wealth and beauty and celebrity might hope to be worthy of my family and my purpose.

Speaking of family, it was time to find the first members of my new one. And I have just the ones in mind. Time to meet the neighbors!


Sugar is a sweet and simple girl with huge...assets. Living with Tom had its perks, but it wasnít hard to make her realize how unhappy she was there, between Tom and his temper and refusal to make her an official girlfriend. Plus, there was the constant fighting with  Big and Lil.

Sugar: So, like, itís a cult?
Vasper: I really prefer the term family. It is a very legitimate religion. The one true one in fact.
Sugar: Iíve always wanted a real family!
Vesper: And Tom doesnít even want to make you his girlfriend. You deserve so much more.
Sugar: Really?
Vesper: Of course. And how do you feel about sculpting?
Sugar: Um..I dunno?
Vesper: You get to use a chainsaw.
Sugar: Okay!
Vesper: Then come home with me, to the Path of Gentle Light, my sweet and tender lamb.

Like shooting fish in a barrel really. People are so easy really, just have to know how to pull their strings, find out what they want. And the pretty ones usually just want to be loved. And now there were two in my very legitimate religion.

We arrived home to a real house! A proper start, though we would need to expand it later. But I wasnít going to be sleeping outside like some lesser founders! I am far to special and important.

Cerberus had spent the day digging up goodies, including some worth a decent amount. We might have the temple, but cash was tight for now. The fancy decorations would need to wait. Here is a shot of simple, sweet Sugar in her new uniform. The followers all have shades of black, white and gray. Colors are for the Chosen Ones.


With Sugar sculpting away, it was time to find the next member.

Sugar: This is like, totally not a chainsaw!
Vesper: I know, my lovely, empty little doll, but you have to work up to that one. It would be very inconvenient if you died.
Sugar: Huh?
Vesper: You look pretty.
Sugar: Yay!

I headed out of the town, needing someone to capture my majesty on canvas. And maybe have a few drinks. Plus, it never hurts to introduce myself to potential new members. I have so many plans beginning to form for all these little helpless fawns. Another girl would be best I think, so I can have her and Sugar have sons. It is so much easier to get them to do what you want when you get them young. And boys can make sure there are plenty of future members for later.

It took visiting two bars before I got lucky and met a pretty bouncer with a rough family in her past that led her to channeling her pain into art. And cocktails! Perfect!


Vesper: I can give you something much better than this crappy job and lonely life. Come with me and walk the Path of Gentle Light.
Brandi: Uh, what now?
Vesper: Youíll get to come live in my home and help us bring about the will of Death.
Brandi: I donít want to kill anyone!
Vesper: Oh, no. We arenít that kind of legitimate religion. We are more of a family. We serve Death as their chosen ones. I have been tasked with a duty and you are part of that.
Brandi: What will I do exactly?
Vesper: Come live and serve with us in the Temple. I and my heirs must complete our holy tasks and record them for history. We serve Death and you serve Death by serving us.
Brandi: That doesnít actually sound that great?
Vesper: Oh? And being a bouncer is so fulfilling? This is what you want for your life? If you come with me, I can give you things. Like the chance to do the things you really desire.
Brandi: Can I be a scientist? And I can like paint all day and stuff?
Vesper: Yes.
Brandi: I want a garden! I could never have one in my crappy apartment.
Vesper: That is fine. Just fine.
Brandi: Iíll...come by tomorrow. Once Iím off work. See what itís like.

The next day, she came and saw the place and we prayed together. And Brandi found the Light and it was off to collect seeds for her future garden and to read some books on the subject on the subject. As for me, I went out and got a job at the local Bistro. I like a bit of class and Iíve always found food a wonderful way to lure future members to my web.

And I ran into my next victim, er, new friend. Heís got good looks that I wouldnít mind seeing more of around town. And heís easy to talk too. After all, there is no reason not to enjoy myself. And he was mature enough that I could enjoy his looks but he wasnít exactly going to be sticking around too long. Men should be like Kleenex, soft, strong and disposable.


Romeo: So you want me to impregnate a bunch of people?
Vesper: That sounds so vulgar. I want you to evangelize to the public. And maybe also leave them with a baby or two. And do a few tasks around the temple.
Romeo: Will I get to evangelize with you?
Vesper: I think that might be arranged, depending on how you do. But first, letís get you into your new uniform.


Things are going along well, Romeo headed out to the gym to workout and try his hand at spreading the mission and I went to work in the kitchen. Brandi and Sugar had their own missions as well. Sugar made one last visit to Tom and unknown to him, left with a nooboo in the making before getting back to work. Sheís a dream to have in the house, such a passive lamb, eager to please and happy to sculpt the day away, leaving her station only when she needed too and occasional play sessions with the dog. Because none of us can resist that sweet little face. Not even I!

Brandi took a little longer. Between searching for seeds, she kept trying to get a hold of her old friend Mike, but it was like he knew she was hunting for a baby and kept away. However, a pretty golden eyed boy caught Brandiís eye and the next morning she invited Kai over and soon chimes filled the house.


Good. Good. Things are going along so well. Most sims are so happy to be led, to be given direction. And Iím very good at leading them.

Brandi and Sugar are thrilled to be pregnant together and canít stop gushing at each otherís swollen bellies. I donít think either one has bothered to tell the fathers. Good riddance honestly, all we needed was the DNA.


Brandi: Ugh. Mike wont stop calling now that I donít want him.
Sugar: At least he calls. Like, Tom is always so grumpy!
Brandi: Heís the worst. Why are you even with him still?
Sugar: Cause Iím too busy sculpting to bother dumping him. I like chainsaws!
Brandi: Is that even safe while you are pregnant?
Sugar: Huh?
Brandi: You are so pretty.
Sugar: Yay!

And Romeo was turning out to be a wonderfully handy minion to have around.

Romeo: I feel like I was promised more woohooing and less unclogging toilets and cleaning up messes.
Vesper: Well, yes, but the girls are busy with important things. And you look so good doing it. How about you work out again later.
Romeo: Canít I go to the gym? I like working out at the gym
Vesper: No. Now strip.


Romeo is quite easy on the eyes. I think he will make a fine Donor for my future heir, assuming he does well with the babies on the way. Either way, sheíll have a magnificent nose. Children are fine enough, easy to control and it was good to train them up young. But the icky parts are for the others to handle. I have cooking to do! I shall stick to the teaching to talk or maybe read them a fable or two.

Time seemed to fly by and Sugar and Brandi have had the twins. They are technically a day apart, but they look quite similar and are never want to be apart. Meet Bard, Sugarís son, and Fox, Brandiís kid. Fox seems to have his daddyís golden eyes, which I hope he will pass on to his hopefully numerous children. They are quite the striking feature. I am terrible at telling which parent they take after, but maybe itíll become more obvious later. They should be little heartbreakers when they are older.


Most of the toddler care falls to Brandi, in between tending the garden and getting in some fishing. I like to spend some time teaching them to talk when I bother with them. I should be in the kitchen, getting my skill up so I can understand the sacred recipes; but unlocking immortality is no easy task and there always seems to much that needs to be done. I look forward to when I have finished all these requirements and can focus on leading the family. But for now I must focus and get as much done as I can before I bring in the next heir. And the toddlers are pleasant distractions.


Vesper: Youíll need to get strong and buff so you can show off for the ladies.
Fox: Buff ladies!
Vesper: Good boy. And youíll get to decide how else you want to serve as you get older.
Fox: Serve?
Vesper: Oh yes. You are special, born to fulfill a sublime destiny.
Fox: Ladies!

Romeo wasnít the most efficient at spreading the Light, but he had three children and did enjoy spending time with the boys at home, teaching them all about how to talk to ladies and the finer points of working out. Even Sugar took a bit of time to read with each of them, though she was in front of her studio most days.

Though the boys loved each other best and were soon tighter than ever. They were always laughing and planning and never more than a few feet apart without them both having a meltdown.

A few days before my adult birthday and Sugar was ready to sculpt me in ice. My painting was already finished, though I was only half way through my career and I kept getting calls asking for things I needed to travel for. And we werenít ready for that. Things needed to be settled here, secure before we could consider traveling.

Thanks to Romeo, we were doing better in the money department and I am now the owner of the cemetery and the bistro. I was really going to have to think about having the next heir soon. Time is feeling so short. But I will not fail.

Romeo: Can I kiss you yet? I yearn for you!
Vesper: Hmmm. No. Not yet. I think you still need to do more to prove your devotion to me.
Romeo: Iíve done everything youíve asked!
Vesper: And I still want more. I am very greedy. If you arenít up to the task, go father the family some more children.
Romeo: You are the one I want to father a child with!
Vesper: I like when you beg. For now, wash the dog.
Romeo: I shall wash the dog better than heís ever been washed!
Vesper: Good boy.

Iím starting to warm up to Romeo. And those muscles really donít hurt.

The last few days of my young adulthood go by quickly. I have much to do and I want to prove myself quickly. This Dynasty will not fail and with the gift of immortality, I will have plenty of time to enjoy life once it is my heirs turn to shoulder their burdens and prove their worth.

The twins had their birthdays and are now children, which is better than toddlers if only because they can finally take care of themselves and are one step closer to starting their destiny. Fox is a friendly genius with a good sense of humor and Bard is a lucky, friendly virtuoso. I look forward to their spawn.

Vesper_chap1_pic12.jpeg Vesper_chap1_pic13.jpg

Bardís party was a bit smaller than Foxís, but that was mostly because I had time to socialize when it was time for Fox to age up and Iím not one to waste an opportunity. The house also got an expansion to fit the larger household. It is mostly empty upstairs, waiting to be filled with my glorious and useful progany.


Just in time for my adult birthday. I threw another party and invited a bunch of people who don't matter. Sheep that have yet to find their flock.


I look forward to it, I have always felt that age can lend a certain regalness to a sim. And I like the authority and confidence that comes with it. No longer a young waif who needs to prove her intelligence and ability, I am now in my prime. Though, that hair is not going to work for me. Why mess with a classic?


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Re: The Path of Gentle Light - An Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2019, 04:18:53 PM »
The big city really is the best location for a fancy cult.
I want this on a shirt.

Vesper is gorgeous, and I'm really digging your writing style. Those kids are cute, too!

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Re: The Path of Gentle Light - An Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #2 on: November 28, 2019, 06:56:48 PM »
I'm glad you like it! I live for praise and it fuels me to hear it.

Vesper also agrees that she is gorgeous. I've never really done the rainbow sims before, so I hope it sticks around for awhile. I hope the boys got their parents more interesting features. I am deeply lazy about pollinating but I really want to avoid clone face as long as I can

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Re: The Path of Gentle Light - An Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #3 on: November 30, 2019, 08:54:12 PM »
The "immortal dynasty as a cult" concern was something we probably all thought about and were too worried to actually use as a concept. ;) Best of luck! I await their takeover.
No respect, no chance, cease and desist when I chant-

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Re: The Path of Gentle Light - An Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #4 on: November 30, 2019, 10:39:07 PM »
Excuse me, I think you mean "Immortal dynasty as a very legitimate religion". Honestly, I couldn't resist. I...hesitate to say love cults, because they are very bad, so let's say fascinated by cults. I do have to keep reminding myself "teen rating. Back it on up" but I remain blindly confidant I'll be fine and it'll be a fun ride for everyone

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In which I am BETRAYED
« Reply #5 on: December 01, 2019, 05:02:26 PM »
Chapter 2

Oh yes, I seem to have forgotten to mention that it was also Brandiís birthday, but I donít plan on sharing my day with anyone, let alone a non Immortal. Though, I do admit that Brandi has been a wonderful helper. If only she could have fathered the next heir, I doubt she would have failed me the way Romeo did.


Iím getting ahead of myself now. The white hot pain of disappointment is difficult to ignore, but I shall do my best. Curse that man and his useless genes.

Back to the day of my party. After I fixed myself up, I was feeling quite lovely. And Romeo had spent the day slaving away to get the house party ready. It might be time to reward him. He had been working so hard.


Romeo: Finally!
Vesper: Itís also your birthday soon. And I want to do this while you are still hot.
Romeo: Hurtful, but not a dealbreaker!
Random Guest Whoís Name I Never Bothered to Learn: Well, what a cool mirror!


I thought I was going to have to throw him out, he really didnít get the hint until Romeo and I were in the bed. Though, I suppose being in my presence would overwhelm anyone, let alone such a weak willed lamb.

It didnít take long before the morning sickness hit. At least that is what I assume; I only eat my own cooking and I know it is not the problem. I was so upset by the sensation I walked past several free toilets so I could throw up in my future bedroom. And made Romeo clean it up. It was his fault after all. If Brandi could have been the father, it would have gone smoothly, she would never have done this to me. But instead I have to spend an annoying amount of time bent over a toilet. It is not dignified.


It was also time for Sugarís birthday. And as I am a kind and magnanimous leader to those who are loyal to me, I let Sugar spend the afternoon at the Summer Festival. She said she had a wonderful time and was feeling very inspired in creating my adult sculpture.


Sugar: There is, like, a secret to winning!
Random Lady Because Who Cares About Their Name: Why are you telling it to me? Iím your only opponent.
Sugar: You have to, like, use your brain!
Sugar: Thatís strategy!
RLBWCATN: How is that a strategy?!
Sugar: I win!


The twins really are twins now, though they are starting to look less alike. But at some point, they became the same age. Not sure how that happened, but they are thrilled by it. When they arenít at school or painting, they are talking up a storm to each other.

Bard: Fox, Iíve been thinking.
Fox: Not something you do often
Bard: Haha. But Iíve been thinking about chemistry.
Fox: What? Really?
Bard: Well, mostly the chemistry between people.
Fox: That makes way more sense.
Bard: I heard when we are older, we can smooch girls.
Fox: ...tell me more.
Bard: Well, that is all I got. But it sounds great!
Fox: We are gonna smooch all the girls!


Speaking of pollination, I have the one picture I have managed to get so far of any of Romeoís spawn. This one is Wendi Smart. Her mother, Matilda Smart, has an odd relationship with Romeo. She was one of his first evangelizing projects, Wendi being his first born, and the only one to accuse him of cheating. She broke it off with him, but every so often, she calls him up, asks him out on a date and he leaves her with a baby. She must have the brains of Sugar or just appreciates a free baby.


You may have noticed I was carefully absent from pictures during my pregnancy. That is because I have been cursed by Romeo again! My maternity outfit had shorts! Yellow shorts! Like I was some schoolboy! Absolutely not. Oh Brandi! Why werenít you a man!


I did remain calm and centered in the prayer circle, thinking about what was really important in life. Just breathe through the pain.


If only I had known the pain wasnít the worst part! But this is where the ultimate betrayal happened. My daughter arrived and she was hideous! What a disgusting color! I can only hope she grows up smart since she had her looks ruined by her useless father.

But for now, meet Wintersweet Bellamy. She is named after one of my favorite flowers as Iíve always been fond of poisons.


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Not really a chapter, but I wanted to show them
« Reply #6 on: December 01, 2019, 06:15:09 PM »
Cerberus hasn't made it into many of the updates and I find that tragic. He is the best boy and I've gotten a few shots of him that I feel everyone deserves to see. Also, he aged up the Elder in the game and I am in deep denial BECAUSE HE IS GOING TO LIVE FOREVER AND NEVER DIE. I had a few other shots, but there were too dark to be worth uploading.


The "twins" did this a lot. They would both paint the same picture at the same time. Not every time, but often enough I laughed. I'm guessing it's because there are less options for the low level painting? Honestly, I'm pretty sure those two really are soulmates. They are obsessed with each other and it's really cute. Two best buds being best buds together.


After one of the parties, I forget which one, this guest stayed the entire night. I hadn't realized he was there until I saw him just watching Sugar sleep. All night. You'll notice it's light out in this screencap because he literally stayed until the next afternoon! Being a massive creepier. I don't think he was stuck or anything. And he left on his own. So....uh...he's probably a murderer or something.


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Re: The Path of Gentle Light - An Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #7 on: December 01, 2019, 11:38:48 PM »
I love your story! It's funny and very fresh. I also like that you used some of my favorite Bridgeport townies. Good luck on your road to immortality! :)

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Re: The Path of Gentle Light - An Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #8 on: December 02, 2019, 11:25:10 AM »
I'm glad you like it! It's been interesting using Bridgeport as it's a town I'm not super familiar with, but it's been fun to explore. I was a little surprised how uh...ample most of the female townies are

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Birthdays, birthdays and more birthdays
« Reply #9 on: December 03, 2019, 07:22:25 PM »
Chapter 3

So many birthdays. Romeo is an elder now, though I don’t think I have any pictures. It’s much less exciting to watch him workout now. It feels like never ending birthdays here, but it’s rarely for anyone important. The twins aged up into teenagers and they are looking very handsome in their uniforms and should make me some beautiful babies once they get older.

vesper_chap3_pic1.jpeg vesper_chap3_pic2.jpg vesper_chap3_pic3.jpg

The next day, as soon as the boys came home from school, they did their homework together then instantly threw up wishes to be each other’s BFF and who am I to say no? As long as they perform their duties, they can be soulmates for all I care. They also continue to work on their art skills. Bard paints and Fox has taken up sculpting. Such useful, sweet puppies, so eager to please. Just what a woman wants in a man.


Soon it was time for Wintersweet to become a toddler. Honestly, I hardly ever pay attention to her, most of her care is handled by the rest of the family. I forgot it was even her birthday until the guests arrived. I have too much to do, spreading the Path of Gentle Light to those wallowing in darkness without it. Sugar and Romeo in particular seem to have a feud over who gets to take care of her first. Though Brandi isn’t often far behind. They really do live to serve, don’t they?


Thankfully she got my white eyes at least, so not all is lost. I shall do my best to not hold her color against her, though I remain disappointed. No red hair either, though I think I am glad to be the only one with that color. I haven’t allowed Romeo back into my good graces yet either, the swine. Though, he does look a bit dashing with his white hair. I might forgive him. Maybe after I get him to clean the bathroom.


Apparently people like seeing pictures of toddlers, so I suppose I’ll include a few, though she’s hardly very interesting yet. I suppose there should be some historical record of her younger years, beyond the museum and it’s pieces. We are a very important family after all. If only she hadn’t been born such an unfortunate shade.

vesper_chap3_pic7.jpeg vesper_chap3_pic8.jpeg vesper_chap3_pic9.jpeg vesper_chap3_pic10.jpeg

Sometimes I wish Brandi weren’t so clever. Sugar is so much easier to distract, jingle something shiny and she’ll forget anything that was bothering her. And very little bothered her. I think not getting constantly berated by Tom and crew make anything seem like a step up. But Brandi, strong, capable Brandi was a little trickier to handle.

Brandi: So, I mean, it’s not exactly terrible here and I love my son and getting to raise him with his best friend and all, but, this, uh all seems to be about you.
Vesper: Oh Brandi. Those are some dark thoughts. I think you should examine why you feel the need to project such negativity on me.
Brandi: What? I just think that maybe you could do a little more-
Vesper: I am doing so much already. I have carried the next heir inside my body. I gave them life and I have kept this family together. I work so hard spreading the message to those that are lost. And you accuse me in this way?
Brandi: It’s not that. I just-
Vesper: I think you need to meditate and pray. Figure out what is so dark inside you that it’s blinding you to the Light. Blaming others for our own failures isn’t how we grow and walk in the Light.
Brandi: You are right. I shouldn’t have put my issues on you.
Vesper: The Light will always guide you on the correct Path. You just need to listen to it. You are so strong Brandi. I have such faith in you.

See? Such work I must put in. But it’s fine, I have more time now and Brandi is worth the extra effort. It will be so hard to replace her and Sugar, though the twins aren’t bad.


 My properties are purchased, the Bistro I’ve named Manna of Heaven and the Cemetery because, obviously. My cooking is Supermaxed and I have my Blackops so I just need to work on my career and friends and who can resist me for long? And who doesn’t love a good party or two? It’s also a good excuse to show off Wintersweet, even if she is shamefully colored. I do love every opportunity.


The twins went to prom and had marvelous times. I can’t recall my own teenage years, but I feel very confident that I would have been the most popular student. Fox got in a fight and won a crown! He does have a striking face, so I can’t say I’m surprised. Bard saw someone wearing the same outfit, which shouldn’t have been a surprise. He and Fox both wore their religious wear, as is proper. He also came home with a romantic interest. Some vampire girl. Pretty enough. She’ll make good babies when she comes of age. Hopefully she isn’t the jealous type as shortly after hooking up with her, Bard got in trouble for chasing another crush around. That’s my good boy.


Wintersweet really is attached to Sugar. She is almost never far from her, clinging to her like some little lamprey. And we did throw her a party and people did show up, just not many of them made it to the patio in time for the picture. Here is Wintersweet as a child. She’s a bit...dreamy. I wonder if it was a mistake letting Sugar take on so much of her raising.


Here are a few of the guests, which included several of Romeo’s children and Wintersweet half siblings. The one with brown pigtails is Rocio Rubble and the bald boy is Jimmie Xu. The blond pigtails belong to Tawanna Missoni and next to her is Tanesha Rubble. I was also reminded that the strange stalker boy is Quinn Chique, another of Romeo’s sons. I wonder if I can get them to join the Light.

vesper_chap3_pic16.jpeg vesper_chap3_pic17.jpeg vesper_chap3_pic18.jpeg

Wendi and Fox went right to each other and flirted away. What a delightful turn of events. Things are going along smoothly, though it’s hardly a surprise with me in charge.


I’ve been doing my best to spread the Light and get to know people around town. It was always important to have friends in powerful places. The things I suffer for my faith and great, but I remain strong in spite of it all.

vesper_chap3_pic20.jpeg vesper_chap3_pic21.jpeg

Sugar: You are so special Wintersweet!
Wintersweet: Am I?
Sugar: Yeah you are! You and your mom are, like, so wonderful and, like, important and you are gonna save like, I dunno, tons of people! Just like your mom saved me!
Wintersweet: Really! That’s cool! I’m gonna save Sugar lots!
Sugar: Yay!
Wintersweet: Can I get another hug?
Sugar: Of course! I love hugs!
Wintersweet: Mmmmmm. I can’t wait until I can be big and strong and give the best hugs!

vesper_chap3_pic22.jpeg vesper_chap3_pic23.jpeg vesper_chap3_pic24.jpeg

She was always hugging Brandi and Sugar. Practically obsessed with it. I am starting to worry she might cause some problems as she gets older. Nothing I can’t handle, the girl isn’t difficult to manipulate, but she seems to have her father’s smarts in addition to his coloring.

Then came the twins young adult birthdays! Finally! I made sure to throw a party, inviting by pure happenstance a number of attractive women of childbaring age. Hopefully once those cakes were finished they could get right to work.


Last but not least, I forgot to include these before, but here are my most glorious museum pieces. I really am a most inspiring muse.



Can we talk about how cute Wendi’s face is! So cute! Romeo’s kids are turning out nicely, though I’m looking forward to when the twins can take over so they aren’t all related to Wintersweet! But at least she’s got some friends!

I ran out of pictures, so I didn’t include the twins as Young Adults. They look basically the same as when they were teenagers and are just wearing the standard cult outfit. I do regret that choice at times as I love fashion in the sims. Well, for the adults. I hate doing toddlers and kids, the options just feel so limited to me. Also I am not really very good with children. general. So that is probably part of it.

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Re: The Path of Gentle Light - An Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #10 on: December 04, 2019, 07:17:14 PM »
Your paintings for the museum look amazing! Really digging the story, and I love your use of the Anubis statues. Share some pics of the Totally Legitimate Religious Complex sometime!

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The Very Legitimate Temple
« Reply #11 on: December 05, 2019, 09:26:58 PM »
I love how her paintings turned out! Normally they are my least favorite. Her Young Adult one was so good I couldn't resist. It's not actually worth that much and I had actually gotten a masterpiece one, but I just loved that one too much. And at my core, I am a style over literally everything else kinda player. My friends all tend to be horrified that I turn down better equipment in games because I like the look of my old stuff better. I am a shallow person, what can I say! Wintersweet is continuing to have lots of beautiful looking portraits (this never happens to me!) though, they are also cheap.

And here is the Temple. Full disclosure, I didn’t actually build it. I am super awful at building houses, just absolutely boring, ugly things that I hate, so I forced my partner who doesn’t play the sims to build it for me. I just decorated it. I don’t think that technically violates the rule, but, eh, I’m not HOF eligible anyways.

Originally the gate was in front of the front door but it kept causing issues every time they had a party. Sims couldn’t handle it. I’m not sure why, there was enough room and I kept it pretty clear, but eh. I tried a couple of things and nothing worked so now we have the gate in a weird spot. Which is fine because all the guests go to the patio anyway.


Here is the outside including the house. I'm clearly terrible at taking screenshots (what am I good at? Truly nothing), but I did my best. I'm hoping once the family has more money we can go in a more temple like direction, but for now, we had to keep it a little more simple. Though I did try and make this one have enough space in case I get lazy/depressed and don't upgrade.


Just a better shot of the patio. The pond is stocked with deathfish and I tried to give it a pretty backdrop for photographs. The little building is gonna be for a future immortal and the garden is pretty pathetic, but that might change later.


This is the downstairs. The red bedroom is Vespers, for now. She's going to move upstairs once Wintersweet is older. Keep the active heir on the downstairs is the plan for now. The potted plants are all deathflowers, one for each heir, plus a couple of extras just in case. I'm looking forward to having more heirs on the house so there is some more color.

 Screenshot-5.jpg  Screenshot-9.jpg

I really should have moved those trees. I do like to give my sims some privacy trees with all the paparazzi hanging around. Don't want them getting a glimps of their secrets! Fox's room is on the left, Bard's on the right. And Romeo has the sad little cot. I feel bed every time I look at it and then do nothing about it. Because he deserves it for denying me my colorful sims! I never use them! Now was my moment! Well, I got Vesper at least. The little red room behind the bookcase is Vesper's special room. She keeps the alchemy shelves in there that store all the forbidden things and also houses two life plants and a flame fruit. She controls all the important stuff, including the deathfish.

Screenshot-8.jpg Screenshot-7.jpg

This is the museum. I'm still messing with the look of it, because I don't love it yet. And a closer shot of the pieces so far. I also took a cheaper Adult statue for Vesper because I refused to use the one where she was in a silly pose. It did not fit the vibe. But I'm not really worried about my final score. Just finishing it will be enough for me. Maybe in another attempt I'll try to get a decent score. That's assuming one of a million things doesn't go wrong and my Dynasty goes up in smoke.

Hopefully it's not too disappointing. I'm in awe of some of the stories and their houses! There are some talented people on this site! I feel like I'm a bit better in Sims 4 honestly. The ability to have so many patterns is overwhelming and then I make poor choices. As I tend to do. Which is also why you might notice lots of little tweaks over time. I tend to stare at something for a while before switching it. The walls in the upstairs halls have gone through like 8 different looks. Still not happy with it.

Edit: I have no idea why, but every time I upload pictures, one of them wont work. The code seems fine in my post, so I have no idea what I'm doing, but this is probably my curse for inflicting Vesper on the world.

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Re: The Path of Gentle Light - An Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #12 on: December 05, 2019, 09:52:14 PM »
Thanks for the house tour! I actually like Bridgeport's dynasty lot because I don't like fretting over filling up a 60x60 lot (Twinbrook also wins for me that regard) The yard is my favorite. It almost hits the "zen garden" aesthetic...if Vesper is aiming for peace anyways! Some of my favorite dynasty houses have input from kids (so yeah it's legal), but I'm not gonna abuse your partner of being childish yet. :P
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Re: The Path of Gentle Light - An Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #13 on: Today at 07:07:19 PM »
The yard is my favorite too. Mostly because we have enough money to decorate the yard. But in general, I love big yards in the sims. That's what I miss most about not having a bigger lot. I would probably leave the house about the same size and go ham on the yard.