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Creating Symbolic Links
« on: August 30, 2020, 08:39:08 PM »
This may help with not allowing OneDrive to mess things up, if you have to have it turned on for whatever reason.

Move the Electronic Arts folder to where you want it to be, for example: D:\temp\Electronic Arts  Go back to your documents folder and create a link called Electronic Arts that points to where you moved the Electronic Arts folder.

Symbolic Link - both hard and soft links work.

Open command prompt as Admin and CD to your Documents folder

mklink /D "Electronic Arts" "D:\Temp\Electronic Arts"
  - Creates a soft link in Documents to D:\Temp\Electronic Arts

mklink /J "Electronic Arts" "D:\Temp\Electronic Arts"
  - Creates a hard link in Documents to D:\Temp\Electronic Arts

Try with a soft link - it should prevent OneDrive from backing up your saved games (you'll need to test this) and Sims 3 should still see your store content.

** Need to reinstall store content to get this to work.

This process may need to be done every now and again if the links break due to Windows updates or your computer hiccups.

If you need help with OneDrive, or Symbolic Links please ask over at Microsoft's Help Forum.

Note: This post has been locked as it's for informational purposes. Please create a new topic if you have any questions. :)
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