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2021 Sims 4 Challenge Tournament World Ranking
« on: December 24, 2020, 03:47:37 PM »
2021 Sims 4 World Ranking

The World Ranking has two components: a Wins component (50%) and a Participation component (50%). It's a simple ranking system, but still a significant measure of player caliber. To receive a World Ranking, a player must finish a) three regular Tournament challenges, or b) one Major and one regular Tournament challenge.

The goal for this year is 50 ranked players. Jump in and help make it happen.

2021 World Ranking — March 1

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Each Tournament challenge has a spreadsheet column. Each column cell ratio is how many players a player beat to total possible players. Let's take a look at Joe Blow and how Joe did in the first three events of the season. Event #1 had 25 players, and Joe finished 8th, so he beat 17 out of a possible 24 players (Joe is not counted). Joe's event #1 cell is =17/24. Event #2 had 30 players, and Joe finished 6th. Event # 2's cell is =24/29. Event #3 had 25 players, and Joe won it. Event # 3's cell is =24/24.

Down the spreadsheet after all the individual challenge columns is the "Sum of Wins" column - the total of all of one's ratios in each challenge column. So, for the first three events, Joe's "Sum of Wins" column is 2.537. Next comes the "# of Events" column - a simple count function for all challenge columns. Joe has only participated in 3 challenges so far, so his "# of Events" figure is 3. The "Sum of Wins" is then divided by the "# of Events" for an "Ave of Wins" column: 2.537 / 3 = .845

Now it's time to add the weight for the Wins component. The Wins weight carries 50% of the final score, so we take .845 X .50 and get .422 for Joe's final Wins component.

The second component is Participation. Everyone who submits a score in a challenge receives a 10% participation bonus figured into their ranking. So, there's a 10-event cap, at which point a player receives 100% of the Participation component. If someone participates in more than 10 Tournament challenges, then a player's best finishes will be used to compute the World Ranking.

Joe participated in the first three events. His participation bonus is .30 (10% per event). Participation counts for 50% of the final score, so we then take .30 X .50 to get Joe's final Participation component of .15.

Joe’s World Ranking is his final Wins component + his final Participation component: .422 + .15 = .572

Tip: If you have limited time and are forced to pick and choose which events to participate in, then do not miss the two Major events because they both count as two regular events.

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