Author Topic: How To: Download Sims 3 Content Into Your Game  (Read 28405 times)

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How To: Download Sims 3 Content Into Your Game
« on: August 28, 2012, 07:11:23 PM »
How To: Download Sims 3 Content Into Your Game:

In relation to downloading files from this forum, Left-click on the file and select to either open with the Sims 3 launcher or save file to the downloads folder or where ever you'd like.
01.) Make sure the files you want to download are in your downloads folder.

-- Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 3 > Downloads

02.) Open launcher, click the Downloads tab.

03.) Check to make sure all the files you want to download are in this tab. -- Click the All tab for all downloads.

04.) Select all and then Install. This might take a few minutes depending on how many files you have to install.

05.) Click Okay when it's finished downloading. If you'd like, you can click the Installed Content tab to look over what's been installed.

06.) Click the Play button, and load your game.

07.) Select Edit Town from the Options menu. Your Household, Empty Houses, and Community lot Libraries should be there.


Click the Household tab to find families that are in their homes.

Click the Show Empty Houses tab to find the houses you've downloaded - if they do not have a family in them.

Click the Community Lot tab to find community lots.

Files with a star-like symbol on it are downloaded items.

Files with a folder-like symbol on them are in-game households, houses and community lots you've saved.

I hope this helps, :)

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Re: How To: Download Sims 3 Content Into Your Game
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2012, 08:11:31 PM »
Thank you Mrs. Flynn. When I was downloading it automatically got in my game somehow, except for the lots and houses, must check simming computer. Thank you so much, I'll try this! Edit: I figured out the problem! I'm not updated to the correct patch I believe... I tryed to install it but it told me I wasn't updated enough. Thank You!

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