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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 95: Sneaky Simon
« Reply #210 on: October 12, 2012, 01:18:58 PM »
Wow The Dynasty house is great.

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 95: Sneaky Simon
« Reply #212 on: October 12, 2012, 02:02:02 PM »
How dare he slap her!  >:(  And not to love art is near unforgiveable too, especially in an Imortal Dynasty!
He puts cavemen to shame!
I'm thinking that Gregory would look rather fine as a yellow, pink or blue ghost! Mwahahaha! Good riddance...

EEK! Simon is... spectacular!  :-*

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 95: Sneaky Simon
« Reply #213 on: October 12, 2012, 02:41:57 PM »
I was so mad when he slapped her! And then he went and made it even worse by breaking up with her + flirting with the other girl (who was one of her friends by the way) right in front of her right after.

Simon is gorgeous! He really improved with age.

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 95: Sneaky Simon
« Reply #214 on: October 12, 2012, 03:29:40 PM »
Ugh, that jerk! Simon was right all long!

And wow, did HE age up nicely. :)

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Chapter 96: A deeper friendship
« Reply #215 on: October 13, 2012, 04:17:34 AM »
Twenty four hours later I was still obsessing over what a fool I had been with Gregory. All my plans for the future had been thrown into a tail spin and I didn't know where to begin to pick up the pieces. So, I headed out to my sculpting area, even if my life was a mess I could at least work om SuperMaxing the sculpting skill. As usual, Simon was there to keep me company.

Simon: What's wrong?
Elise: I just want to get over Gregory and move on, but I'm having trouble letting it go.

Simon: Let me help you with that.
Elise: Oooo, pretty!

Simon: So, feeling better?
Elise: Yes, thank you. How come you always know what I need to cheer me up?
Simon: I'll tell you my secret, but promise to not laugh at me.
Elise:Of course!
Simon: I've had a crush on you ever since I was a kid, why else do you think I spent so much time trying to make you notice me?
Elise: You do know there are better ways to get a girl notice you than to color her hair fuchsia, don't you?
Simon: Well what can I say, I was a kid, and you always called me your "little" cousin, it was driving me mad.
Elise: What did you expect? I couldn't let myself think of you as anything else, you are younger than me you know. I couldn't very well notice you when you were a kid and I was a teen, now could I? Sorry, but that's just a bit to creepy for my taste.
Simon: Well, I'm not  a kid anymore.
Elise: No, you're all grown up now.

Simon: So...
Elise: So... 

Simon: Still thinking of Gregory?
Elise: Gregory who?

Simon: I really am serious about you, I want you to be my girl.
Elise: I..
Simon: Don't let that fool Gregory ruin what we can have. I hope you know me well enough by now that you know you can trust me.
Elise: I do trust you, and I want to be serious too. And that means telling the family, this time I don't want to do any sneaking around!
Simon: I wouldn't dream of keeping this from the family! Why don't we go tell them as soon as Selma comes home from work?
Elise: Yes, lets!

Simon: Cecilia you were my mothers best friend, and during all the time I grew up here you always made me feel like I was part of the family. Now I'm asking your permission to marry Elise, and become part of the family for real.

Cia: You want my permission to marry Elise?
Simon: Yes, I love her.
Cia: I know that, you kind of spilled the beans on that earlier today. I just never thought this day would come.
Simon: You never thought someone would want to marry Elise? Are you crazy?
Cia: No! I never thought I would be standing here, having this discussion, it's all so, so, so traditional!
Simon: Would you have preferred that I just spirited her away for a private wedding.
Cia: Actually, yes. But I see that's not going to be your style. So, yes, of course you have my permission to marry Elise.

Elise: What did you want to...oh!
Simon: I have something to ask you...

Simon: Elise, will you marry me? Let me always be the one to protect you? Always be the one to love you. Please say yes.

Elise: Yes, yes, yes! A thousand times yes! Oh, the ring is so beautiful!

Elise: Iiiiiiiii!
Simon: Come here.

I still can almost not believe I'll be Mrs. Ursine in a few days! Mom and the grandmas are all buzzing with ideas and plans about what we should do for the wedding. The grandmas are pushing for a big lavish event, but mom is urging me to go for a more relaxed ceremony. All dad is asking is that it's soon. He's already 90 days old, and I really want him to be part of my special day.

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Chapter 97: Graduation present
« Reply #216 on: October 13, 2012, 04:30:36 AM »
Would you look at my handsome fiance. He's graduating today, and after the ceremony I and mom have a surprise planned down at the beach.

It's a good thing Simon is so secure in his masculinity, because nothing says being manly like arriving at City Hall in a pink limo.

Simon graduated as Valedictorian of his class, and was voted most likely to take over the world. He says he has plans...

Down at the beach we all changed into our formal wear, and yes, that's a wedding dress you're seeing! The grandmas were disappointed that there wouldn't be any bachelorette party, mom thinks I made a good choice not having one. I think she had her fill of them when she was young (she had two after all).

It was a lovely private ceremony, we had the beach all to ourselves which was great!

It was a perfect day!

Spent in the arms of the man I love, and I know loves me.

I just had to keep checking my ring to make sure it wasn't a dream.

But as soon as Simon cut the cake something horrible happened...

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Chapter 98: Death on the beach
« Reply #217 on: October 13, 2012, 04:40:56 AM »
We were just about to dig in to the cake when the sparkles came for dad.

Grim showed up and dad went with him.

Mom was distraught.

Simon was upset, but at the same time he couldn't keep himself from being excited at seeing Grim.

We all mourned dad together. He was a loving and understanding husband, a great father and a close friend to everyone in the house.

In the midst of all the sadness I was happy, for myself and Simon for starting a new life together, and for deciding to have the wedding today. I'm so happy dad got to be there, I know he died happy, because all he ever wanted was for me to be happy and marry - and that's what I did.

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Chapter 99: Housemates
« Reply #218 on: October 13, 2012, 05:12:00 AM »
The next morning I had two things bringing my mood down. One was missing dad, and the other was feeling nauseous.

Elsie: Good morning. Uhm, mom can I talk to you for a moment?
Cia: Sure, what is it?
Elise: Why are there two strange ladies sitting on out couch?
Cia: They are not strange, they are my best friends Tomika and Kate.
Elise: Yes I know who they are, what I want to know is what they are doing here?
Cia: Well, I was feeling so low after your father passed. And when I mentioned having more friends around might make me feel better mom suggested I invite someone over. So I asked Tomika and Kate to move in.
Elise: You asked them to move in! You can't just move people in and out of the house at will mom! I'm about to have a nooboo, you can't continue doing things like this!
Cia: I'm gonna be a grandma? Hey mom, grandma, Kate, Tomika we're having a nooboo!
Everyone: Nooboo!
Elise: Argh!

I escaped the madness that had taken over my house and found Simon out by the sculpting stations.

Simon: So, new housemates?
Elise: Don't wanna talk about it.
Simon: Sure love, let's just sculpt.
Elise: Best thing I've heard so far today.

By next morning I had changed into maternity wear and was feeling a lot better. No matter how crazy the house was I just knew out baby would be OK. She had loving parents, and well meaning, if slightly deranged, relatives.

Grandma K spent most of her time in her study writing Waiting for the fifth, a crazed comedy about an expectant mother is a house of eccentric old ladies.

Tomika and Kate acquired two miners and proceeded to make horrible noise. It was either that, or harassing the world. Mom was benefiting from their company and hadn't gone around complaining about feeling desolate in ages, so I guess they were all right.

Sometimes they would drill into strange glowing tunnels and then the noise would stop, while they went exploring.

Once I got over the surprise at out new housemates the rest of my pregnancy went smoothly.

Except for my food cravings of course. Bacon.

And ice cream.

Mixed together and deep fried. Please, don't judge, just don't.

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Chapter 100: Meet Frida
« Reply #219 on: October 13, 2012, 07:12:38 AM »
I had just lain down for a nap when something prompted me to get up.

Then a pain like I had never known before came, and I knew my nooboo was on the way.

Even if the birth was quick, I was still relieved when the sparkles came.

Meet Frida. She's an evil genius just like her dad.

Simon showered me with flowers and kisses. And let's just say that if there had been room in the house, Frida would quickly have had a sibling. Alas, that was not to be.

Grandma K and everyone else spends their days wanting to coo over Frida in her swing. She is a very well looked after little girl.

Here's a picture of her nursery. It's done in brown, since it's her favorite color.

The days just speed by when you have a nooboo in the house, and soon it was time for Frida to become a toddler.

Frida has her fathers eyes and hair color, but my mouth and nose and skin color. Her wardrobe are in shades of brown and soft apricot.

Isn't she pretty?

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 100: Meet Frida
« Reply #220 on: October 13, 2012, 07:39:58 AM »
Isn't she pretty?

She is! I can't wait to see what she's like when she grows up  :). How lovely that she was born in chapter 100, congratulations!

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Chapter 101: Frida tells a story
« Reply #221 on: October 13, 2012, 07:56:16 AM »
Our little girl looks a lot like her father when he was a toddler. But unlike her father she prefers throwing her food to eating it.

Mom has really taken a liking to Frida, and spends a lot of time scaring her with the claw of doom. Frida doesn't seemed very upset about that, mom claims she enjoys being scared.

They also play with the peg box together. Frida is such a clever girl. I'm convinced she'll become a scientist or a doctor some day. Simon just smiles and tells me he has even bigger plans for her.

Who knows what is in store for her in the future.

Like all the girls who have grown up in this house over the years, playing with her toys outside is one of her favorite things to do whenever she gets a moment alone (which is not often).

I had been rather happy letting all the grandmas (Tomika and Kate included) take care of Frida, while me and Simon were busy sculpting (we are racing against the clock in order to be able to sculpt Frida as toddler in time). But as I sat down to have a chat with her the other day I heard something that made me consider a little more close supervision.

Elise: What have you been up to today sweetheart?
Frida: Granny K and the others and I made up a a story about grumpy Grim.
Elise: They talked to you about the Grim reaper?
Frida: No, they helped me make a story about grumpy old Grim. Wanna hear?
Elise: All right, why don't you tell me.
Frida: OK.

Once there was a grumpy old Grim who liked to come and reap people.

He would come in the middle of the night and reap the sims who were afraid of the dark, granny K helped with that part. And he would stalk deep dark tombs to reap the brave adventurous sims that tried to hide from him there, granny S helped with that part.

And sometimes he would hang around sims playing guitar so that he could reap many sims at the same time, because everyone knows that when someone is preforming lots of sims will come to listen, granny C helped with that part.

Frida: Do you like my story mommy?
Elise: *gulp* It's... it's ... very original sweetheart.
Frida: Good, because there is more.

If sims were happy to go with Grim, then he was disappointed because he was mean spirited and liked when they were upset, aunti Kate helped with that. If he was lucky the sims begged for more time, and he always enjoyed watching them squirm like a worm, aunti Tomika helped with this part.

Sometimes he decided that the sims would be happier to leave this place rather than to stay, and then he made them live again! He was even more happy then, because he could come back and reap them later. 

Elise: That's enough honey. I think you should play with your toys while I go and talk to the grandmas, OK?
Frida: OK. Mommy?
Elise: Yes, sweetheart, what is it?
Frida: Can I go to the cemetery soon?
Elise: You want to go to the grave yard?
Frida: Yes, can I go at night? I want to see a ghost!
Elise: I'll talk to your father about that. *thinking* Not on your life my little girl, and what have the crazy women been teaching her?

As you can guess I had a long talk with everyone and they have agreed to no more horror story making, clandestine trips to the family graveyard or cemetery and to steer her interests away from death. I heard grandma K mutter about aliens, well they're not real, so they are bound to be better than ghosts right?

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Chapter 102: Elise turns adult
« Reply #222 on: October 13, 2012, 03:23:37 PM »
All to soon it was time for me to age up to adult. Ops, I forgot to change my formal wear after the wedding, well, grandma S did the same thing. We had a small party, only close friends attended.

Frida was occupied with something far more important than watching her mother age up.

My midlife crisis hit me hard. I decided to get a new haircut.

After dedication rivaling my fathers, Simon was ready to immediately sculpt my likeness.

Once he had the sculpture done, he took the time to socialize with his daughter. They are so much alike, and she clearly adores her father. He taught her to walk, and she was running in no time. She really is a genius.

I went down town to complete my opportunity to help the school. When I was there I overheard a student ask another "Who's the old woman standing over there?" It hit me I was the one being referred to as old, and I realized I needed more of a change to feel better about myself.

I decided to have a new makeover, and picked a more refined hairdo. If I'm going to look old I'd prefer being called old lady rather than old woman, so this is the lady in me coming out.

[Over the next few days we Simon and I worked on Frida's museum pieces. We took many pictures of her, and our favorite we put in her room. The other went in the museum. As you might suspect, Simon was the one doing her portrait.

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Chapter 103: Frida becomes a child
« Reply #223 on: October 13, 2012, 04:40:15 PM »
Simon came home from town today with news of a new job at the Outstanding Citizens Warehouse. He says he'll take over the world in no time, not officially, of course, but he'll be the power behind the scenes. It's good that he has ambition, but I just hope this means he'll not be at the office all the time.

His work outfit is rather "interesting". Or like Frida puts it "Daddy is an evil elf!"

Right now he works mostly in the daytime, so we always have dinner together once he gets home. Mom and the others have been drumming in the importance of me taking time to enjoy Simon's company while there is time. I would have preferred if he would have stayed at home more, but I can't really stand in the way of his wish to do something productive with his time, now can I?

I'm working hard to max out the sculpting career. Sometimes I have a mishap.

Children grow up so soon don't they? When it was time for Frida to celebrate her child birthday she was suddenly missing. After a brief search she was found hiding in her toy box.

Naturally her dad carried her to the cake.

A quiet family celebration meant more cake for the birthday girl.

Klara: Happy birthday kiddo, cake good?
Frida: Excellent granny K.
Klara: We have a present for you, I hope you'll use it well.
Frida: Can I see it?
Klara: Help you mom first, and then you'll get it.

As she get's older I think Frida is more of a combination of me and Simon. She is a serious child who gained the kleptomaniac trait to add to her evil and genius traits from before.

Frida was very impatient while posing for her child sculpture.

She was jumping up and down by the time we led her to the door leading to her birthday present, her own skilling area, courtesy of the grandmothers.

The chemistry set would have to wait, she just had to try the chess table first. Simon has promised to play with her, since no one else in the family should practice logic (I confess I have gained a level, but I had to you see, how else was I to know that logic wouldn't be bad for my girl?).

As the sun was setting I saw her searching the galaxy for the first star. She tells me she's planning on finding at least 20 new stars! And an alien or two.

My little girl is growing up so fast. And she is very determined about those aliens. I suspect grandma K is behind it.

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Re: The Aurora Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 103: Frida becomes a child
« Reply #224 on: October 13, 2012, 06:15:04 PM »
Happy birthday to Frida and the old woman err I mean lady, of course. :)