Author Topic: Jude's Beach House 2-Story 5Bds/4Ba Home (40x40) - By Request from Jude  (Read 2768 times)

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House/Lot Overview - Click image to see larger view

== * == ~ == * ==

House and Lot Details:
---- -- -- ---- -- -- ----
* Name: Jude's Beach House
* Bds/Ba: 5 Bds / 4 baths
-- --- --
* Lot size: 40x40
* Built on: 2500 Pinochle Point, Sunset Valley
* Created for lot: Sandy Beach, Northwest of Tropical Circle Rd, Sunlit Tides.
-- --- --
* Unfurnished - On Lot:  $71,269.
= based on actual unfurnished/empty house.
-- --- --
* Fully Furnished - On Lot: 172,687.
* Unique Things: 2 stories, Library/Office, Familyroom, Play area, Pool,
Poolside BBQ and Juice Bar, and three decks.

* Additional Information:

Nursery, Kids and playroom are all on the main floor along with the livingroom, kitchen,
dinningroom and two bathrooms.

Upstairs has a master suit with bathroom, two "teen" bedrooms and a familyroom with a
foosball table, dominoes table and wall tv with a game console, for game night. It also has
an office/library.

Outside there's a big play area for the kids, nice sized pool with a poolside BBQ and juice
bar and a few lounge chairs scattered about for sun bathing.

Created for lot: Sandy Beach -- 40x40, beach lot.
Northwest of Tropical Circle Rd (Using Volcano/Relaxation Station as North)
Next door to Parrott and Allender families.
* Includes items from:
* Base Game, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Showtime
* Supernatural, plus Outdoor Living Stuff.
-- --- --
* Some Store Items:
- Lounge Chairs from Gold Edition Sunlit Tides
Only available with Gold Edition ?
-- --- --
* NO Custom Content

* YES to use in stories and town/world remodels
= -= * =-= ~ = -= * =-=
Created By: MrsFlynn, and Flynn Arrowstarr
[Date - Oct.2012]

Main Floor -

Second Floor -

Seaside Pool, BBQ and Juice Bar -

Kiddie's Play Area -

== * == ~ == * ==

This house was built by request from Jude. She wanted something built that looked like it belongs in Sunlit Tides. Took a peek-see at a few houses in Sunlit tides before deciding on this particular style of build.

With the help from Hubby, Flynn Arrowstarr, we drew out a couple of designs and this is what came of it. Use the house as you like. Recolor to suit your or your Sim families tastes.

I'm offering both the Fully Furnished file as well as the Unfurnished file, for those who want to decorate the house as they like, and just because I want to.

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Re: Jude's Beach House - By Request from Jude
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2012, 12:00:31 PM »
Thank you both! I'm off to try it out :)

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