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... Besides the save file?

I having been looking over all the web and their solutions are all over the place and I'm hoping I could get some clarification what what files I need to move also. 

 I have some modes and I know to move those, but what else should go with and if I custom color and item will that pattern/color move to the new machine too?

Thanks much!

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Sims 3 - How To: Saving Folders/Files
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2013, 05:15:03 PM »
Sims 3 - How To: Saving Folders/Files

- How-To: Save Folders and Files
- Notes
- Extra Information
- Reference Links
- Sims 3 Factory Reset (What & Howto)

How-To: Save Folders and Files:

What I like to do when saving my Sims 3 folder for backup purposes or to play on a different computer is to take the whole Sims 3 folder and save it to an external hard drive, USB key. You could also upload it to any cloud service you might have. Google Drive and/or OneDrive for example.

This way you won't loose any of your saved Sims, lots, mods, custom content, video/game options and other files and folders that are within the Sims 3 folder.

If you need/want to break it down even further than that. You just save the following folders and files:

*** The folders/files below will help with what to copy over to your new Sims 3 folder, after you've done a factory reset and want to play with your previous game saves and such.

Folders: -

- DC Backup - for this file = ccmerged.package
- DCCache - Contains all installed Custom Content/Exchange/Store items that you installed through the Launcher.
- Downloads  - Items to be installed
- Exports - Files you export from the Game via CAS or Edit Town and will have and will be in .Sims3Pack format.
- Installed Worlds - Custom or Store Towns you have installed.
- Library - Sims and lots that you've installed.
- Mods - Mods and custom content
- Recorded Videos - Videos taken in-game using the V key.
- SavedSims - Saved Sims that are in the SimBin
- Saves - Game Saves
- Screenshots - Photos taken in-game using the C key.
- WorldCaches - Cache files for your installed custom and Store towns.

Files: -

* Options.ini - Game and Graphics Options
* userPresets.package - Saved colors, patterns and textures

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When you copy all of these files and folders the game will have all store content installed along with game settings and options. The game will be ready to play.

If the store items have only been downloaded. Then they should be in the downloads folder. If you've downloaded and installed store items, they should be stored in the DCCache folder.

When you want the folders and/or files in a new game, copy them from your backup to your The Sims 3 folder.

Your saved Sims, and lots should can be found in the Exports folder, if you have saved them via CAS or the Edit Town menu.
C:\Users\Username\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Exports

Otherwise you can find them through the Library folder.
C:\Users\Username\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Library

If you want any Sims or lots in your game again, you will need to either copy the files into the Downloads folder (If a .Sims3Pack file) and install them via the launcher. Or if it's a file from your old Library folder (.package file) You need to copy and paste it into the new Library folder.

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Extra Information:

Sim Bin references the bin you save custom Sims to in CAS.

--- When in-game:

Click the Household tab to find families that are in their homes.

Click the Show Empty Houses tab to find the houses you've downloaded - if they do not have a family in them.

Click the Community Lot tab to find community lots.

Files with a star-like symbol on it are downloaded items.

Files with a folder-like symbol on them are in-game households, houses and community lots you've saved.

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Reference Links:

Sims 3 User Files Explained

How To: Save a Household

How To: Save a House/Community Lots

How To: Save Sims 3 Files From the Library (Exporting Files)

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Created: June.2013
Updated: Apr.24.2019
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Re: How To: Saving folders/files
« Reply #2 on: June 15, 2013, 06:56:07 PM »
Awesome, this was the exact guidance I was looking for!  I knew there we as more to it then what was out there on the rest of the web.

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Re: How To: Saving folders/files
« Reply #3 on: January 04, 2014, 04:18:37 AM »
Sorry, I should have caught this six months ago.  I'm moving this to the Technical Help board.
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