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Re: Replacing Jimmy Bond: Mission Impossible?
« Reply #180 on: July 02, 2014, 12:36:14 PM »
I found this a very hard challenge to do, but I also had very limited free time to play, so only did one test run with a couple of things I tried. So I knew I had to get 20,000 to get to a new town, but I hadn't counted on making money to be so hard.
The mistake I made (I think) is not starting in Bridgeport. I started in sunset valley, then moved to moonlight falls and finally to bridgeport. I became a 2-star celebrity in moonlight falls, but in bridgeport I was a 5-star celebrity in no time (just date and woohoo with one of the twee 5-star celebrities and you're done). I only got 3 celebrity gift during my whole challenge, so I might have been a bit unlucky, and all three of them I got when I was a 5-star celebrity. I think know that when I had started in bridgeport, I would have gotten a 5-star celebrity real soon and I had more time to get those gifts. The hardest part (for me) was making money, so getting those gifts (and be able to sell them!) made a big difference. Also the opportunities that you get as a celebrity are a good moneymaker, so if I was to do this challenge again I would start in brigdport to get a high level celebrity quickly.
I fist went to China first, because my Sim got a wish to go there. I used my six days to do some more vacation opportunities to make money (not by selling things, but by completing them). But I still had to make a lot of money before I could move. I only needed to have a date and woohoo a sim in moonlight fall and get 1 promotion (that's why it took my only a couple of days) to be able to move again. I went to France just a few hours after moving to moonlight fall and as I didn't need that much money I just did the things I needed to do. Then I went to bridgeport and maxed the career in the beginning of the second week in that town. I forgot to get my mixology skill started early, so after maxing the careerd I still needed a couple of days to max the mixology skill, while still going to work, and had enough time to make the remaining money needed to buy the car.

I had a lot of fun, but found it really challenging. Congratulations to Nutella on winning this challenge!

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Re: Replacing Jimmy Bond: Mission Impossible?
« Reply #181 on: July 02, 2014, 05:01:14 PM »
As Femke82 mentioned, I did the same thing and started in Bridgeport too late as I thought that getting the 5 stars would be easier. I did some research mid-challenge and found the same information as Joker but it was too little too late!

The thing that took my time at the end of the challenge, even after completing my LTW, was maxing out mixology. Once I knew I had enough simoleans to get the car I bought the professional mixology bar and used that to finish levelling up, with my trusty incense burner from China going constantly (totally didn't think of getting one from each world and using all 3 at the same time!) I thought it might be quicker actually using the skilling object rather than just reading at the library even with the extra moodlet. But from reading others comments I think it slowed me down.

The way I made money was by becoming a business partner in the most profitable place I could in each town. I wasn't sure if this was worth it at first as I knew when I moved the resale price would be less than I'd invested. However, I figured I'd break even with the first payment and any after that was a bonus. By the time I got to Twinbrook (3rd town) I was making a hefty profit from investments. Although, I did become partners in the criminal warehouse which is ironic for a guy in Law Enforcement career ;)

Amazing scores everyone and thanks for sharing your strategies. I'm fairly new to the Sims still and it's great to learn so much from each challenge! Looking forward to the last 2 :'(

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