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Help Us, Help You! - Tech. Help - Please Read, if you are new.
« on: September 04, 2014, 09:46:44 PM »
Need Technical Help?

Technical issues are: Conflict between computer and Sims games, Example: video/graphics problems, install/uninstall, downloading, updating, loading/saving and some crashing/freezing issues that DO NOT relate to game bugs or game-play glitches.

Most game bugs are issues that the game developer will need to fix or offer a work-around for. These posts and those about gameplay glitches will be moved to Gameplay Help. As we can't technically fix the game bugs themselves.

It's best to create a new topic instead of necor'ing or posting to an older thread. This will help us solve issues better and be less confusing.

Quick Links

Questions for Technical Help
Important Notes
Asking for Recommendations, Please Do!!
Any Photos of the Issue?
Gameplay Issues - Our Definition
Please ask questions about Mods/CC on it's Board Link here

Questions for Technical Help

When asking for technical help, there are things you should consider sharing based on your specific situation. This information, if not provided may be asked of you.

1.) What are the specs of your computer?*
2.) What is your operating system? Windows 7/8/10 or Mac?
3.) Are you using Mods or Custom Content? - Y/N
4.) What was the error message/code given, if any?
--- The number before the colon. [For example Error 122:] is all that needs to be noted.
5.) What were you doing at the time of the issue?
6.) Is your game up to date? What is your current version?
7.) Is there anything you'd like to add? - Please give as much details as possible about the problem. This will definitely help us search for answers.

** Click the link below if you need help with finding the specs of your computer. [PC Only]

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Important Notes

We DO NOT and cannot offer help support to those who use pirated or cracked versions of the game. - Please do not mention pirated software. - If EA/Maxis hasn't officially offered a fix for the issue, we can't help. These types of posts may get removed.

*** EA/Maxis is not responsible for mods or custom content. They are both always use at own risk. -- It's up to the content/mod creator to keep them up to date with the current game patches. If there are problems, please contact the creator or website that you downloaded the content/mods from.

Issues with game mods and custom content are not technical issues. As those are mostly due to outdated/broken mods/cc.

!!! - However, if you have general questions about custom content/mods, please direct them to that part of the forum. (link below)
Sims 4 - Mods and Custom Content,76.0.html

Please Note: Any questions regarding custom content or mods will be moved to the Sims 4 mods board.

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Asking for Recommendations, Please Do!!

Please DO ask questions or for recommendations or thoughts on your current or new computer to run the Sims.

** If you are asking about a laptop/desktop to run Sims, please mention what country you are in, and your budget range. So we can help search for a computer for you.

If you have one in mind that you're asking about, please note the Manufacturer and Model number, Processor and speed, Memory, Operating system, and Video card. This will help search for information about the computer.

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Any Photos of the Issue?

If you have photos that will help describe the issue. Please either attach a photo, upload them to Imgur or any other photo sharing site. Then share the links to the photos in your post. (The link below has helpful tips on sharing photos on the forum.)

Attach and Insert Photos into Posts

Photo Sharing Using

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Gameplay Issues - Our Definition

Gameplay Help Issues are:  Gameplay bugs and glitches, general game issues, problems with the in-game library/Gallery, auto-save, stuck Sim/inventory items, and routing issues. Please post about these in Gameplay Help. You will be able to reach better help there. (link below)

Gameplay Help and Discussion,67.0.html

If you have any questions on custom content or mods, please post them in the Sims 4 Mods board.,76.0.html

Please Note: Game-play issues, will be moved to Gameplay Help, or another appropriate board. Mods/cc questions will be moved to the Sims 4 Board. As these issues do not have anything to do with technical help.

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