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The Knethen Immortal Dynasty
« on: December 01, 2014, 02:36:25 AM »
Hey all!  So this is my second Dynasty attempt.  I didn't record the first one at all, and I regretted not doing so.  On that note, this is the first time I've done anything like this, so constructive criticism is welcome!  I know the walls are missing on some photos, I'm bad at switching wall views.  Also, for at least the first couple chapters the photos will be a bit random, I keep forgetting to capture important events...

I am new to Sims, Sims 4 is the first (and only) version of the game I've played.  I'm usually very bad at anything social inside of the Sims 4, so I decided that to challenge myself (beyond the normal level, you know...  cause I like pain) I would have my founder complete the Friend of the World aspiration, and his Career would be Secret Agent (Diamond Agent path of course!  Curse my morals), thus locking myself into hours upon hours of conversations with Sims. 

On a positive note, with the Gregarious trait and a decent amount of charisma, its not overly hard to make friends.  And since I need 12 friends for level 3 of my aspiration, I wont hit a road-block on my career when it requires 8 friends!  So in a way it all works.

My Sim-self, Kell Knethen, has been evolving in looks since day one basically.   This time around he's got 2 new sets of clothes, better muscle tone, and is a much more self-confidant Sim than he was before.  His traits are Self-Assured, Music Lover, and Good.  I thought about picking up outgoing instead of Self-Assured, and in retrospect I should have, but it hasn't been a hugely limiting factor. 

I'll post my requirements after 2-3 more chapters, when I'm sure I'll make it past my founder... (a link to my current status for requirements)

 In any case... onwards, to the pictures!

Well hello there Kell!  I see you've woken up.  I'm sorry I had to pull you from your last household, but truthfully... it wasn't going well for you.  I hope you're happier with a fresh start than with a long rest.
Kell:  Watcher, its good to hear from you again!  I was worried when you stopped watching my old household for so long that you wouldn't be coming back.  But...  Do I really have to start in this empty field again?  I was so lonely last life."
Ah well.  I'm sure we can do something about that eventually. In the meantime why don't you head over to Eric's house?
Kell:  Eric?  But he's dead!
New start means everyone you used to know is back.  Just remember that they wont remember you.

Kell:  Ah, this is much better.  I think I'll say hi to everyone.  I always enjoyed my time here. 

It's going well so far.  I'm glad that you were able to remake old friendships.
Kell:  I know, this is going so much better than it did last time I walked in here for the first time.
The last time you walked in the first time?  Now I know how Time-travelers feel.  You're a much more social Sim than you used to be you know.  I hope you still enjoy sitting in front of a computer though, you still have to work on it.
Kell:  I'm sure I can handle a few hours of computer work each day.
Well now that you have a couple friends, I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you ate some food and slept for the night.  See you in the morning.

(I have to note that this happened sometime while Kell was sleeping)
Well this is new... 
Kell:  Eric, what happened!  How in the world did you get back there?
Eric:  Just... don't ask.  Please.
Kell:  Watcher, can you get him out? 
I could,  but building in other households is against the rules, so not this time.  I'm sure he can get himself out after you leave.

Kell:  Well since you're stuck in there anyways Eric... what say we become good friends? 
Eric:  Why me...

Eric was not overly happy when he showed up the next morning.

A three day weekend and the need of level 3 fitness and 5 friends means you get to go to the gym today!
Kell:  I never liked working out... can't I just stand and make friends?
Not if you plan on being a Diamond agent.  Your going to need to work out quite a bit actually.  Just sit down on that weight-bench a sec.

Now, I just need to find...  Aha!  Well arn't you a lucky devil.
Kell:  What do you mean watcher?
Take a look at the gal in front of you.

Kell:  She's...  she's beautiful.  Who is she?
She's your new trainer.  Who'd have thought you'd find a girl that cute with her fitness maxed eh?  And right when you needed a best friend too.

Even if she is a little aggressive.
Kell:  She's lovely.
I'm glad you agree.  Now just make sure you introduce yourself to her before you leave, otherwise all that friendship you built with her is for nothing.  There we go... and...  Oh dear.
Kell:  What is it watcher?
NOTHING!  Nothing.  Its fine, we're all fine, this will all go perfectly according to plan and you like her right?
Kell:  I do. 
Then we'll be fine.

(Just wanted to show off how nice Kell looks in this suit!  I may have to add it to his Formal outfits.  Also, he came home from work feeling pretty confidant and with another 3 day weekend... and the need to get to fitness 5.  The perfect time to invite over a certain someone!)

So you're still sure about this?  It's been almost a week, you still love her?  No issues?
Kell:  I do.  She's the stongest person I've ever met, both physically and mentally.

Kell: She gets mad at me sometimes, and I'm not sure why.  But I think that we can work past it.
I do too.  I wish you both well, and I hope that you never regret your choice.
Kell:  Are you hiding something from me?
I am, and if you're lucky, you'll never find out what it is.  If you do, I only hope that you can forgive me, and are strong enough to keep it together.
Kell:  I will.  Find out that is.  And forgive you, and keep "it" together.  Whatever that is.
I believe you will.  You're a much stronger Sim this time around.  Both physically and mentally, to steal your words.  So... what are you waiting for?

All that charisma and confidence and you still get embarrassed around her.
Kell:  Shut up watcher!  This is... different.

There we go.

I think you may have surprised her.
Kell:  Hopefully in a good way.

Definitely in a good way.  Congratulations sir.

Kell:  Thank you watcher.  For everything. 
Don't thank me yet... you're not even halfway home.
Kell:  A life spent with Ali will be more than enough, either way.

Enough sappy stuff for me.  Go take care of your date.
Kell:  I'll see you next time watcher.

Chapter One End

Alright, some Post-story story!  I'll try to keep the comments under the pictures as "in-game" as possible, the more realistic "here's what happened and why" part will go here.  The first thing I want to mention:  I was ecstatic when I first saw Ali in the gym.  A woman sim, who not only has maxed fitness, but looks good too?  And right when I needed to get a best friend too!  My luck was spectacular. 

I should also mention that I had purchased Observant (can see sims traits) before going to the gym, so as to better sort potential friends out faster.  When I clicked on Ali, I hadnt met her yet and didn't know her traits.  I asked her to Mentor Kell, and in doing so got good friend status, but kell's fitness session ended before she got to the point when I could ask for best friend.  And what do I see when I do a cheerful introduction?  She's Evil.  The perfect Spouse for my Dynasty basically, and she's Evil.  I wouldn't have been to worried about this, but Kell is good!  The 2 don't mix.  Or at least, Evil doesn't mix with good. 

As soon as they got introduced, Ali (who was very happy, and good friends with Kell)  immediately started throwing out insults.  She dropped the friendship level to normal friends before I could stabilize it and get back to good friends.  I couldn't get to the point when I could ask to be best friends for the life of me.  So I quit for the weekend, went back to grinding out promotions, and invited her over the next weekend... and you know what happened from there!  I am very pleased that they ended up together... even when Ali was being mean to Kell, he never got angry and kept showing romantic and friendly whims towards her. 

I suppose I could have asked her to move in, and then manually forced her into dating Kell, but that seemed like cheating, and really...  my morals.  My ** morals. 

Hope you enjoyed this first look into the Knethen Dynasty!
Knethen Immortal Dynasty
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Re: The Knethen Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2014, 04:11:19 AM »
I really like this. Love how Kell looks and I can only imagine how great the story lines are going to go with an Evil sim and a Good one.. let alone randomizing the kids traits! Good luck! I'll be reading  ;D

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Re: The Knethen Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2014, 08:41:49 AM »
I also sort randomly roll for any kids born into my dynasty, it makes things interesting if not entirely optional at all times.
Ha, a good husband and an evil wife. I know from experience that good and evil sims don't really get along so best of luck with those.
At least console yourself with that after the wedding and the kids you want are born it doesn't really matter if they want to spend the rest of their lifes arguing.  ;)

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Re: The Knethen Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #3 on: December 01, 2014, 11:42:47 AM »
This was great!  It's going to be bookmarked.  Can't wait to see how an evil sim and a good sim work out.  I've had two different experiences: first one, they were constantly fighting.  The second one though, very rarely fought and even when they did, they were back to flirting incessantly again a moment later lol.

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Re: The Knethen Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #4 on: December 02, 2014, 02:57:42 AM »
Welcome to part 2!  This chapter won't cover much in the way of in-game time, it all takes place over a weekend.  But those are the busiest times, so lets get cracking!  The first thing I did was to build a new house using the funds from moving in Ali.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out actually.  The inside definitely needs work, but that comes with money and time.  Moving into the chapter itself... 

Welcome home.  I've done some work on the place while you were asleep.
Kell:  It's a nice improvement over the field I was in before.  It could use some detail.
All things with time.

Ali, its good to see you up so early!  Whats got you so motivated?
Ali:  Morning sickness actually.
Ah... I wouldn't know.  Does Kell?
Ali:  Not yet.

Such a romantic.
Kell:  I love you so much Ali.
Ali:  I love you too. 

Ali:  And Kell, I have wonderful news!  I'm going to have a nooboo!

Ali:  Kell?  Kell are you okay?
Kell:  Yes!  I'm fine, I'm just... surprised.  I have to prepare food for the party later, do you mind if I invite over Eric?
Ali:  I...  Yeah that's fine.  I'm going to head out and gather some flowers.

You know you kind of left her in the rut there.
Kell:  I know, I just need some time to think.
Think faster, because Eric and Alice just got here.

Eric:   How many actors does it take to change a light bulb?
Kell:  One! He puts the bulb in and lets the world revolve around him.
Alright I enjoyed that one.
Kell:  Hey Alice, you mind if I talk with you in private?

Kell:  So Ali is pregnant.
Alice:  That's fantastic!  How long?
Kell: Just two days now.  I love Ali so much, but I'm not sure I'm ready for this.
Alice:  Hm.  Well I can't help too much there, I was excited about marrying Eric and having kids from day one.  Why don't you talk with Eric about it?  He told me he had some reservations about having a kid too. 
Kell:  I will.  Thanks Alice.

(Meanwhile...  sorry I had to throw this one in here.  It's way too funny to not be included)
Ali:  Today, this apple tree.  Tomorrow, THE WORLD!  MUAHAHAHAHAHA!
Ali, I know you're sad.  Kell will come through you know.  He always does.
Ali:  I know, I just don't want to have to wait for him to.

Kell: I'm just not sure I'm ready for all that.
Eric:  Do it anyways.  If you want my straightforward advice.  I wasn't sure about getting married, about having a kid...  it doesn't matter.  It all changed as soon as she was born.  Never will anything be as important to me as my daughter.  You're feeling nervous now because it's new, it's different.  Do it anyways, because it will change your life forever.
Kell:  Thanks Eric.  You've always been a good friend.
Eric:  I have.  Now lets get drunk!

Kell:  So 2 guz wok into a bur.  The furst one turnsssss  ahhh screw it
Others:  *laughter*
Hope you know what you're doing...
Kell:  Husssshhhhhh wathher.

Ali:  Kell are you okay?  You didn't come home last night.
Kell:  Ugh...  Me and Eric spent the whole night drinking.

Kell:  *hurk* Gunna be sick...
Ali:  Kell, should I call the hospital?

Kell:  Aaaand TADA!  Ali, Will you marry me?  I know I was hesitant at first, but I know now, and I never want to leave your side.

Ali:  Yes!  Yes of course I will.  And you're a conniving jerk, for making me think you were sick.
Kell:  Totally worth it.  What say we retire to our quarters?

Ali:  And that's why if you use live bait, you're more likely to catch the fish than if you don't use any!
Kell:   Mmm.  You're beautiful. 
Ali:  You haven't heard a thing I've said.
Kell:  Nope.

Ali:  Mmmm...
Kell:  Hang on, you've got a knotted muscle back here, I'll massage it out...
Ali:  That feels really good.
Kell:  Oh hey watcher.  When did you get here?
I've been here.  I know you guys are enjoying yourselves, but you've been in there for over 24 hours and we have a schedule to keep.  What's left of it.
Kell:  What do you mean?
You're getting Married today.

Kell:  I gotta admit, I'm still a little nervous. Um... Line?  Anyone?

Ali:  Really?

Huzzah!  But Kell, for future reference you're supposed to stand ON the platform, not next to it.  Maybe your kid will get it right.  Time for the food!

And cake for the happy couple.

Eat it Eric.  Eat it.  Stop talking with your daughter AND EAT THE CAKE.

Phew.  And with 20 sim-minutes (or 20 real-seconds) on the clock, we make gold.  I'm feeling pretty good about what we've accomplished this weekend.  Shall we wrap it up?
Kell:  After all that, I'll be happy to go back to relaxing at work.

Well your wife's asleep.
Kell:  Feels good to hear that.  My wife.
Good, because you'll be hearing it the rest of your life.  Now go do your Intelligence research, and go to work.

Kell:  I'll see you next time watcher.
Good luck at work Kell.

Alright, the Post-Story story!  When I moved Ali in, she came with around 50k of simoleons, which was more than enough for me to build out that house.  I was only planning on making it 1 layer, but I had so much cash, why not get jiggy with it.  I haven't gotten past tier 3 of the friendship aspiration (12 friends and 5 good friends is hard).  Hoping I will finish it sometime this sim-week.  My soulmate aspiration is at the point of needing 2 silver dates and to apologize while angry to advance, which shouldn't be overly hard. 

I finally got my never weary!  I'm using never weary as one of my "sharable" traits.  If I am incorrect and can not do this, someone please inform me, I still have plenty of time before it'll be an issue.  Actually, the picture of Kell cooking food is the exact moment when I got the trait, fun fact. 

The wedding almost failed.  I had completed all of one set of "goals" and the only thing I had left to do, or so it seemed, was make drinks.  After I had made 3 though, it turned into "eat food 4 times".  I had planned ahead for this, I had made 2 servings of 8 food, ALL of which were eaten prior to me finishing the 3 drinks goal.  As a last ditch effort to save the party, I called everyone to eat what was left of the cake, and Eric finished the last piece with 20 seconds left to go.  Man I was worried. 

Knethen Immortal Dynasty
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Re: The Knethen Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #5 on: December 02, 2014, 03:06:56 AM »
Good luck with your dynasty. Nice bar sceen  ;) LOL
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Re: The Knethen Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #6 on: December 02, 2014, 04:44:51 AM »
What a great wedding! I would have been so worried too, but thank goodness for Eric  ;D The bar/proposal scenes were very funny!  I am really liking the personality of the family, you are portraying them well.  As for the never weary, it's my understanding that it doesn't matter which traits you use for your 'shareable' traits as long as you have the required unique ones for each immortal. But your best bet is to ask a question in the Challenge section of the forum and a someone from the team can give you an absolute answer.  Good luck, you are doing great!

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Re: The Knethen Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #7 on: December 02, 2014, 10:33:01 AM »
Thanks everyone for the encouragement!  I'll tell you, I've never seen as many flirty/kiss/friendly/woohoo whims as I did in the 24 hours they were engaged (gotta take advantage of that moodet).  My goodness.  I went from 3400 points to the full 4000 points for never weary off of whims alone.
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Re: The Knethen Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 3, 12/2/2014
« Reply #8 on: December 02, 2014, 11:00:12 PM »
Part Three!  Time for the drama.  This part of the game was by far the hardest for me so far, not because of lack of knowledge on how to do it, but because of how horrible I felt at the time, and the serious worry that I wouldn't be able to repair it afterwords.

Kell, it's time to wake up.
Kell:  Ugh... I don't want to.
Kell you need to wake up.  You've done some pretty horrible things.  I need to know why.
Kell:  I don't remember. 
Yes, you do.  The sooner you tell me, and I can figure out why this happened, the faster we can move on.
Kell:  I was finishing my aspiration.  I needed to make 5 best friends.  I was so angry.
You fought with everyone.  You accused them all of being evil, of working for a secret corporation.
Kell:  I thought... I felt like there was someone I needed to stop, to fight.  Someone I trusted.
You mean Ali.
Kell:  No, it was someone else.  Watcher, I truly don't remember, outside of the feelings.  What happened?
I'll go through what was happening, retrace your steps.  Hopefully that will help you remember.

You came home the day after your wedding with a promotion.
Kell:  I remember that.  I was feeling great, Agent Rice finally let me into the inner circle.  I'm in charge of hunting any moles we might have in town.
Well the problem didn't happen till the next day.  We'll start from here though so we can figure out where your memory loss starts.

Your son aged up just before you got home.   His mom was there to greet him.
Kell:  I don't remember that, obviously.  But I remember when I got into the room he was talking with someone.

Kell:  When I asked who he was talking with, he just grinned and told me he was talking with James.
Ah yeah...  about that...  That's what he rolled up naturally.  I found it rather fitting, considering you and Ali.
Kell:  What do you mean?

Your son is insane.  He's still an amazing artist, and I think that he will be one of the great artists of his time.  If everything goes well, he'll be a great artist of all time.
Kell:  That does seem fitting, given what I now know about Ali.
You remember that she's Evil?
Kell:  I remember that, yes.

You remember your birthday I suppose.
Kell:  Not until I was told about it yesterday!  I was so busy with work I'd completely forgotten.
Yeah, your son, wife, and Travis set you up an early morning Birthday Party.
Kell:  I remember that we failed it.
Yeah.  Couldn't get anyone to toast, and by the time I figured out how all the drinks were gone, you guzzler.
Kell:  Sorry.
It's not the worst thing you did yesterday, and we have plenty more chances coming up.

Your wife was working on her 2 aspirations all day yesterday.
Kell:  I never saw her, I was busy with my intelligence research.  I had found a lead and I was trying to find more information.
Any idea what it was about?
Kell:  I think there's a criminal mastermind in our town.  I was trying to find them.

Maybe that's what set you off then.  Ali was doing an impression of one at the table.  I noticed you looked kind of tense.
Kell:  I remember that now.  The impression she did, it made me think of something.  I was suspicious of someone, so I went to my office to investigate.

Were you suspicious that Ali was Evil?
Kell:  What?  No, I didn't know until you told me she was.

You were looking up something on the computer, and you said "She's Evil, I can't believe it."  I said something to the effect of "Of course Ali is, didn't you know that?"
Kell:  I remember that now.  I wasn't talking about Ali, I was talking about someone else, but I just can't remember.
Well put that aside for now.  When I said Ali was Evil, you said "She is?  I guess that makes sense."  Then stiffened up, and ran out of the room.
Kell:  I don't...  I don't remember this part.  I mean, I remember running out of the room now... it's all sort of fuzzy, like I wasn't really there.

Kell:  I ran down the hall to the Exercise room.  I saw Ali holding something when I came in, she looked suprised, but I don't remember what it was.  Watcher, what happened after that?

You started screaming at her.  You said you knew she was Evil, you accused her of being a Criminal Mastermind.

She tried to tell you that it was a misunderstanding, that you weren't being yourself

You didn't listen.  You told her that you could never love someone as Evil as she was, and to be gone by the time you returned.
Kell:  I what?  Watcher, I couldn't have done that.  I could never do that.

You did.  And your night wasn't even close to over.
Kell:  What?  Watcher no, please stop.  I can't take this, I can't know what I did.  I wasn't even in control!
I know that Kell.  We need to find out why, so it doesn't happen again.

You went to Eric's house next.
Kell:  I did?  Watcher, is he okay?
If you mean did you fight with him, yes.  You accused him of helping with a Criminal enterprise.

He truly thought you were joking at first.  He was ready to put it off as a laugh.

When you made it clear that you weren't, he told you to leave.
Kell:  I left right?  I didn't try to stay?

You left, but you met Alice on the way out.  Gave her much the same treatment.
Kell:  Will they ever forgive me? 
I don't know.  I hope so. but we still have a little more to go.

Your last visit of the night was with Travis.
Kell:  Travis?  But...  all my friends.
Not quite.  Summer wasn't there.
Kell:  She never is, she's always busy with something.  She didn't come to my wedding either.
Kind of beside the point.  At least you're still good friends with her.
Kell:  Is Travis alright?  I started remembering things while I was fighting with him, but I was still unable to keep my anger in check. 
He is.  You started into your routine about him being an evil Criminal, and he... well.  He wasn't having any of your nonsense.
Kell:  He punched me didn't he.
One shot, straight into un-conciousness.  For a Secret Agent you have one hell of a glass jaw.
Kell:  Watcher, what have I done?  How can I possibly fix this?
It isn't your fault Kell.  You didn't do this willingly.  Go home to your wife, we'll work it out.
Kell:  If she's still there.

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Re: The Knethen Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #9 on: December 03, 2014, 12:03:07 AM »
What??? Oh No!!!  Fantastic story twist dethdukk... now you are being mean by not posting the outcome straight away! Well done.

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Re: The Knethen Immortal Dynasty
« Reply #10 on: December 03, 2014, 12:02:18 PM »
Thanks again!  I actually have the next bit planned out, more or less.  Truthfully, this entire story suddenly came into existence based on the discovery of one very important fact, one that I am going to need to actually set up some custom pictures to take advantage of.  I may have missed the moment it happened due to complete surprise that it was happening.  Everything will be clear later today!
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Re: The Knethen Immortal Dynasty - Chapter 3 Part 2, 12/3/2014
« Reply #11 on: December 03, 2014, 08:38:02 PM »
Alright everyone!  Welcome to Chapter Three, Part Two!  I'd have loved to post the whole story all at once, but time restrictions (and the 25 picture limit per chapter) limited my actions.  As the curtain opens, we find Kell back at home with his wife. 

Ali:  I said it's okay.  I know you better than you think.  Besides, if you think you could kick me out of my own house, you're sadly mistaken.
Kell:  Yeah, you're probably right.

Well I'm glad that went so smoothly.  Now we just have to go fix things with Eric and Alice.
Alice:  Actually, Alice called earlier.  Her and Eric were worried about Kell, they said you weren't acting like yourself.
Ah, good!  Now if only we could figure out what caused it in the first place.

Ali:  Um.  That was probably me.  I found a Voodoo Doll earlier, and I linked it to Kell.  I used some needles on it to see what would happen.

Ali:  I heard Kell's office door open and tried to fix it, but it came to life and threatened me!  I'm so sorry...  I already told everyone what happened.
I suppose that makes sense... that explains why Kell got angry so fast.
Kell:  What happened to the doll?
Ali:  I promise that doll is gone.
Kell:  I'm going to head to Eric's house and talk with them.
And you an I, Ali, will have a chat about your phrasing of that sentence.

Alice:  Of course I forgive you!  Ali explained everything.  Just make sure it doesn't happen again.
Kell:  It won't.  The pressure of my aspiration goals, the voodoo magic, and the surprise of finding a Criminal Mastermind was overwhelming.  I'm done with the aspiration now, so no worries!
Alice:  What Criminal?  You were accusing me of being one.
Kell:  I accused everyone of it, it wasn't just you.  But I still can't remember...
Alice:  Well go talk to Eric.  He's waiting for you.

Kell:  Eric I'm so sorry.  Can you every forgive me?
Eric:  I shouldn't you know.  You said some terrible things.

Eric:  But if I didn't, I wouldn't be a true friend.
Kell:  Thank you so much Eric.  I can't tell you how much this means to me.
Eric:  Just don't forget it next time.  You know, you were sort of right about accusing me.
Kell:  Why is that?

Eric:  You can't judge someone by their traits.  I was worried for you when you married Ali, but you made the right call, Evil or not.
Kell:  That's... That's it!  I remember now, Eric you're a genius!  I need to go.

Kell:  It's you!  You're the Mastermind!  That's why you're never around, why whenever you're on a business trip all my Missions go south!  You've been spying on me for years!

Summer:  So you finally figured it out?  Took you long enough.  I knew what you were from day one, you Goodie Two-Shoes.  If you really think you can stop me, feel free to try.
Kell:  I will!

Kell:  Did anyone catch the license plate of that truck?
Summer:  Hah, too easy.  Feel free to come back next week if you want another beating.

I guess Summer's all done hiding now.  If you don't take care of her soon Travis isn't in for a good time.
Kell:  I can't let that happen.  Travis saved me, in a way.

Ali:  No worries dear!  I can help you work out some more so you can beat her.  Are you ready?
Kell:  I am.

Ali:  I said run fatty!  Is that as fast as you can go you slob?  Come on, I know its hard but you can move those mountain size cheeks faster than that, lets GO.
Well some things never change.

Kell:  Thanks Ali, I could never do it without you.
Ali:  Aw thanks hun, really it *MMMPH*

Kell:  I'll be back soon.
Ali:  Kell wait!
Kell:  I'll be fine love.

Already Kell?  Well hopefully this one goes better...

So lets tally:  you've been knocked out by Travis, and lost two fights to a skinny girl now.
Kell:  Wow she hits hard, my ears are still ringing.
Go home.  And if I may make a suggestion, practice fighting with your wife, but physically this time.

Ali:  I tried to warn you.  But, you do get a consolation prize...  What say you come to the bedroom and see if you can conquer THIS Evil Mastermind?  Muahahaha!
Kell:  Heheh... Hey wait a minute.

Kell:  Are you mocking me?!
Ali:  What?  Too soon?
Kell:  You and the watcher both.
You're a Secret Agent and you lost to a girl that by all rights your wife could break like a twig.  It's kind of hilarious.

No luck with the pregnancy?  I'm sorry Ali, I know you were looking to get another Nooboo.

Ali:  Oh don't worry watcher.  I'm sure Kell will want to try again soon.
Hm... I suppose I can keep one more secret.  You just have to promise me you won't use it the wrong way.
Ali:  I won't.  And it soothes my need to do...  things.
We're agreed then.  I'll see you next time Ali.  Keep in mind Kell has work tomorrow.

Post-Story Story!
So as I mentioned at the beginning of this whole thing, this was one of the hardest time's I've had in the Sims to date.  Sims 4 is my first experience with this series, so I'm desperately lacking for experience in some of the rather major parts of Sims 4.  I realize this, and so I was extremely worried when I started on this adventure.  I have broken a best friend relationship before, and you have to reduce the friendship to near zero to do so.  I also thought that in order to do so effectively you had to be angry. 

Long story short:  when I went to break up with my wife we were both pretty angry.  I very quickly pushed Kell into the danger zone, and had to do some angry running to bring it down.  I tried to patch up the relationship with ali right away, but Kell and Ali weren't having any of it.

Also, this was my first experience with "expose criminal mastermind".  I had no idea what it did, and I am extremely lucky that Ali wasn't one.  I used this interaction on everyone, as its got an amazing animation, and it lowered the friendship level a lot. 

When I did the other 3 (Eric, Alice, Travis) I made sure I had a +5-8 happy at all time on my sim, and I used some conversation buffs on them before starting (reveal deep secret, compliment, ect) in order to stop them from becoming angry as well.  In that way, I was able to make them BFFs, break the relationship, and then very quickly apologize and raise it back up successfully. 

As I mentioned in the story, Summer wasn't there, so I couldn't quite finish the aspiration.  I also thought that I needed to be BFFs with Ali to finish soulmate, which I didn't.  So I quit for the night, came home, and prepared to fix their relationship.

I didn't need to be worried.  The instant I got home, Ali walked over to Kell on her own and started flirting with him.  2 gold dates later and everything was back to normal.  I still had to finish the aspiration, so I sent Kell to BFF Summer and then break it.  Getting to BFF was easy, she was already pretty close.  Breaking it was even easier...  when I accused her of being a Criminal Mastermind, she was one!  Her relationship bar immediately reversed, making her relationship with Kell despised, and they began fighting.

I have to say, that was the first completely unexpected thing I've had in Sims.  Some things have surprised me before, but nothing on the scale that this did.  Summer is a Criminal Mastermind?  Wow.

So this combination of aspirations and career is actually working out rather well.  One of the hardest parts of the Secret agent career is the wide variety of skills you need to level, the high number of friends you have to have, and the rather useless mood that's the recommended.  But, confidence is amazing for making lots of friends, and I'll have a ton of them anyways due to friend of the world.  So when that 8 friend requirement rolled around, I didn't even blink.  And thank god for Ali!  I had forgotten there was a Fitness 8 requirement at high levels.  She's made it so much easier getting that leveled up. 

The last bit of synergy is the Soulmate aspiration.  The last requirement of soulmate is to do 200 romantic socials with your soulmate spouse.  The Daily work for a Diamond Path Agent is romantic socials.  Coincidence?  No not really, I did my research before hand, but I have to admit the timing of the aspirations and career path has been extremely fortunate for me.

I will say that this career is astoundingly difficult to level.  I usually go for 2-3 days, with my daily work completed, with my requirements done, and with a confident moodlet for the first 4 hours of the work day, while working hard or smoozing with my boss.  2-3 days per promotion!  When I run tech guru, I get the promotion the instant I finish the requirements, which is usually same day I get new ones, or the next day.

The last thing I want to mention is the Voodoo doll at the end.  That was entirely Ali's automated reaction.  I had her test for pregnancy, when it came up negative she immediately whipped out the doll and started cuddling with it.
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Re: The Knethen Immortal Dynasty
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Such a fantastic way of dealing with a really hard aspiration, and I love your post story - story! Good luck with getting pregnant and I just love this story telling, it's addictive  ;D

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Re: The Knethen Immortal Dynasty
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Such a fantastic way of dealing with a really hard aspiration, and I love your post story - story! Good luck with getting pregnant and I just love this story telling, it's addictive  ;D

I wish I could point you in the direction of my inspiration.  I read through, and loved, the Cloudbringer Legacy.  I'm not sure when it happened, but it looks like all the pictures for the story got deleted at some point.  You can still scroll through the conversations, and get an idea of what was going on, but sadly the images are gone.,22102.0.html

Edit:  OH HOLY CRAP THAT'S YOU, hahaha I didn't even realize.  Wow its so great that you like my story, I'm so pleased now!
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Re: The Knethen Immortal Dynasty
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What a huge compliment you just gave me! Thank you!! Yes, the images broke when I was silly and thought I was being organised by putting them in folders on photobucket and realised I had broken the link.. by that stage I had accidently deleted the file from the game so I didn't think it was worth re-linking them all again.  ;D