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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4 Generation 11 Part 1
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Generation 11 - Isaac

Lucky Amin liked being a father, so much so he wanted another child.

Addison was wise to his tricks now though and he was out of luck that day.

And quite possibly for some time in the future.

Shannon was slightly puzzled why his dad seemed so miserable but grown ups were always a bit strange. And his dad was one of the stranger ones.

Shiloh and Rohan were more than happy just having the one child.

But they grow up so fast.

At first Shannon looked a little unsure about Isaac but before long they were running around the house playing tag and parted the best of friends.

He shared his teenage birthday with his mother, Shiloh was about to get old once more.

She wasn't at all happy about it.

Isaac looked a lot like his mother, well almost all like his mother to be honest, the Monty genes hadn't held on for quite as long as some of the others in the past.

That night while everybody was tucked up in bed Hanson awoke to a strange feeling coursing through him.

Isaac was very upset about his grandfather, Stephanie tried to console him but he didn't want to be consoled.

He soon found some solace in his love of art, bumping into Shannon at the art gallery as well.

Lucky had eventually got his way with Addison, Shannon now had a baby sister named Shanita, Lucky still spent a lot of his time at Addison's house, he had taught Shannon all his toddler skills and would do the same for Shanita when she grew up, even though Shannon was now a teen Lucky still felt the need to make sure he was doing his homework, although Shannon looked less than impressed that his father was wagging his finger at him and bossing him about.

At least Shannon could take consolation in the fact he wasn't the only one forced to do homework.

Time was moving on and everybody was growing older.

It had been a long time since Lucky first asked Addison to marry him, it was about time they finally did just that.

Graduation turned into a reunion when Issac and Shannon both graduated together.

Issac got himself a job at the salon after graduation, while he may have artistic flair it's not always to everyone's taste, perhaps tone it down a little next time maybe. And maybe a little less scissor happy on the top.

Stephanie was very old now, not quite as old as Joanne when she died but very close, she knew going to the party with her family was taking a chance and she was right, no sooner had they arrived when she had to leave again, for good.

Before her death she had given Rohan something special, a heart shaped pink diamond, creating new life with the gift his mother had given him helped Rohan find some closure.

Unfortunately for Gloria her programming needed some adjusting, she begged to the watcher to please not make her go into the shower but the watcher had no sympathy, after all she told Gloria to do it in the first place.

So Gloria decided if she had to short out she'd at least go down dancing.

If he wasn't working at the salon or doing home visits Issac was mostly sat at the drafting table working on new fashion ideas, that is when he wasn't being distracted by his parents flirting.

Was he a little bit jealous? maybe, but a trip to the art gallery with Gloria led to some interesting meetings, for both of them.

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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4 Generation 11 Part 2
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Issac was getting a dab hand at flattering ladies, he knew just what to say to make them feel good about themselves, complimenting Tabbi on her haircut was sure to win her over.

And it worked.

Sadly Lucky passed away not too long after he moved in with Addison, she was heartbroken.

With only her pension coming in Shannon felt it was time to get himself a job and Issac just happened to know where there was an opening.

Isaac was getting better at styling but was still a bit hit and miss, sometimes customers loved it, other times they were just okay with it and then there were the absolute disasters.

Shanita though loved his work.

She took after her father more than her mother looks wise which was a shame, the only thing that wasn't rather generic was her nose, Isaac was very fond of her but only as a friend which made Shanita rather sad.

It had been quite some time since the family last visited China but now seemed like as good a time as any, especially seeing as Isaac had been asked to deliver a painting there.

It was becoming more and more obvious Abi knew something they didn't, how else was she still alive?

For Rohan and Shiloh this trip gave them a bit more extra time together, they both knew they were getting on in years so every moment counted. For Gloria watching her happy parents together the most she could wish for was to one day get married herself. But who would want to marry a simbot, another simbot maybe?

When Issac returned to work he got rather excited to see Tabbi on his appointments list, that was until he got to her house and discovered what it was she wanted, a new formal outfit to wear to her engagement party to Ethan Tanner.

Isaac buried his crushing disappointment beneath his professional demeanor listening politely as she enthused about her upcoming nuptials, and when he left Tabbi was non the wiser as to how he truly felt about this turn of events.

What made this situation so difficult was Isaac was also friends with Ethan who he had met through his grandmother, she would have been pleased for them he felt sure, her two best and oldest friends getting married.

So he decided perhaps he should just accept it and be happy for them too, that was why he took Tabbi an engagement present of one of his paintings.

But then the following night at a party hosted by one of his clients he witnessed Ethan trying it on with Emmie Irwin and wondered if Tabbi was really doing the right thing marrying him, but if he told her about Ethan's behaviour would it be for her benefit or his own?

After all why would she even be interested in him anyway when she was going to live for a long time to come and he was growing older by the day.

But Isaac getting old meant his parents were even older.

Isaac wasn't home when his mother died, he had been finishing off his final requirement, it meant he got to be young once more but it felt like little consolation at the time, Shanita willingly gave him a comforting shoulder to cry on.

Back home again and a phone call from Tabbi had him cursing at the phone afterwards, he really didn't want to help the woman he loved choose a wedding cake for her marriage to another man, but he said none of this to Tabbi instead agreeing to meet up with her to discuss the wedding arrangements.

A lot of what she wanted would be better done at home where he could sketch ideas out for her to look at so they headed back to the house.

They hadn't even stepped foot on the path when Tabbi suddenly turned around, jumped back in her car and rushed off home in a fury, looked like the wedding might be off after all.

As expected Tabbi and Ethan broke up, unfortunately shortly before this Ethan had moved in with Tabbi, she no longer wished to live with him so Isaac was quick to offer Tabbi an alternative solution. She mulled it over for a bit then agreed, but it would mean losing her wings.

There was a time when Isaac thought he'd missed his chance with Tabbi, he'd been given another one and he was definitely making the most of it.

While it was sad his mother wasn't there for the wedding marrying Tabbi was still the happiest moment of his life so far.

And just when he thought he couldn't possibly be any happier his daughter Aiya showed him just how wrong he was.

Generation 11 - Isaac Amin
neurotic, charismatic, loves the outdoors, artistic, perfectionist
Lifetime Wish: Fashion Phenomenon
Unique Maxed Career: Stylist
Two Unique Best Friends: Kelly Gardner, Kane Frederick
Three Unique Skill Challenges: Brushmaster, Proficient Painter, Master Painter
Four Black Ops: A Small painting, The business of decor, Deliver a painting to China, Fresco Fest

Spouse - Tabbi Claremont
Neurotic, loves the outdoors, nurturing, couch potato, light sleeper

Story Progression made Tabbi a fairy but I made Ethan a werewolf, they were both on my future spouse radar and I wanted to keep them around but so far nobody was interested in them, original sims were running out which is one reason Lucky had kids, of course he had a boy and then Rohan wanted a boy too, so I tried again and he got a girl but Shanita was almost a clone face. Then Isaac fell for Tabbi only for me to discover story progression was messing me about again and got her engaged to Ethan, the fact it then split them up was great because I was dithering on getting Isaac to do it, If Ethan became a future spouse did I want him to be enemies with Isaac? I couldn't decide but in the end I didn't have to.

Aiya was my deviation from the baby gender rule, other than Shanita there was one eligible female in town left, Christopher Shaw, she had a boys name and quite frankly she looked rather like a man in drag, dreadfully unfortunate face, and I didn't really want that in my dynasty, sorry Christopher  :P

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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4
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A girl named Christopher? That's odd. Story progression worked out for you in the end, wish I could have said the same, anyway I'm pleased Isaac was able to marry Tabbi after all.
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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4 Generation 12 Part 1
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Generation 12 - Aiya

Rohan loved being a grandfather, and thanks to some mistakenly eaten ambrosia he was going to see far more of his granddaughter growing up than he ever expected.

They had grown up together and they had grown old together so Isaac knew that time was running out for his childhood friend, he had tried in vain to get Shannon to eat some ambrosia but Shannon would only ever pick it up and put it in the fridge. He did this at his own house and at Isaac's which is how Rohan ended up eating some, Shanita soon polished off the ambrosia in her fridge as well.

Isaac was frustrated and getting rather worried that his friend would die before he could help him, with Shanita having got her wings so soon after reaching young adulthood she would live for a long time to come, Isaac wanted to offer Shannon the same chance but a fountain of youth wasn't an option at the time, until Shannon finally quit his job at the salon, they both came over for Aiya's first birthday and as soon as he entered the house Isaac was ready with the potion. He wasn't about to lose his best friend yet, especially not at his daughter's birthday party.

A rather surprised looking Aiya grew up to be yet another dark haired toddler, but also a good mix of mum and dad in the looks department.

Gloria was the resident alchemist of the family now, and made Shannon a little something to help him keep his youth a bit longer this time.

A quick makeover from Isaac finished the transformation.

In her mind Aiya Amin was a star! her dreams were big, she wanted so be a superstar actress when she grew up.

But first she had to finish school.

There was time for play as well though, Gloria was just a big kid at heart so made a great playmate.

But Gloria had another playmate of her own, Jaycen Hendrix, they had met at the art gallery the same day that Isaac met Tabbi and discovered that they both liked toys, Rohan had made Gloria several toys over the years, she loved her toy whale the most but she was willing to part with her toy cow for a friend.

Or maybe more than a friend.

It was a strange romance, the simbot and the werewolf, Jaycen was never one for commitment but in Gloria he'd finally found somebody who not only understood his childishness but loved him for it. They were a match made on an inventor's workbench, with maybe just a little help from heaven.

Teenage years saw Aiya becoming ever more dramatic, from her outfits right down to her attitude.

But despite appearances and a tendency to whine about her life she was a sweet natured girl really.

Lucky Palms had got rather old lately, Aiya was the only kid in high school and decided to forgo prom, what would be the point of it anyway if it was just her attending, not quite the star lifestyle she had hoped for.

But while Aiya was getting older Gloria decided she was going to stay exactly as she was forever, it was fine while her father was about to give her a tune up but when he was gone who would care for her? so she took a potion that would make her never rust and and never break down, she basically made herself immortal.

It was a proud day when Aiya graduated, for Rohan it was extra special seeing his grandaughter graduate.

Aiya applied for a job at the movie studio but as it was the weekend and she had a couple of free days before work started she decided to go visit the festival.

Being asked to spin on the skating rink is nothing new, finding yourself holding hands and staring into the eyes of an attractive stranger can happen as well, but when that stranger is the man who betrayed your mother perhaps it's best not to mention this encounter to your parents.

Finding yourself also developing a bit of a crush on your dad's best friend might also be a thing better not mentioned.

Life was just one long drama for Aiya.

For Rohan though life was finally over.

Aiya never told her mother about her growing friendship with Ethan, Tabbi had never quite forgiven him for what he did to her and no amount of flowers would win her over.

Ever since that trip to China so long ago Gloria had wished to get married, at the time she had no idea who to but it was her dream and she'd never let it go, and then she had met Jaycen.

And found that even a commitment phobe like him could love a mechanical girl like her enough to say yes.

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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4 Generation 12 Part 2
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Aiya was slowly turning her family into juiceaholics by littering the garden with her various mixology drinks.

She started inventing her own unique cocktails as well.

When she wasn't working she was mixing drinks or telling jokes and pulling faces at Gloria.

Shortly after her adult birthday she took a brief trip to France, once she finished what she went there for she went exploring, even managed to find a rare Glowy Fly for the family collection.

She really should have brought her dad along for the trip as some of the people at base camp were in desperate need of a stylist.

A few days after her return home Aiya achieved her dream of becoming a superstar actress, for once she wasn't acting or being overly dramatic as she wiped tears of joy from her eyes.

Aiya frequently attended parties around town, people liked having somebody famous on the guest list, at one such party she found herself spilling her heart out to Shannon's girlfriend.

But it wasn't her own heart that was broken, it was Ethan's

Feeling sorry for him she decided to cure him with the moodlet manager, at least this time he hadn't caused it himself.

Aiya was done with her requirements now so could happily eat some ambrosia, but as to her future well at the moment she wasn't totally sure what she wanted to do with it. Since achieving her dream the gloss had worn off stardom, she was bored with it and wanted to try something new and exciting.

Over the years she'd become quite close to Shannon, they were the best of friends and he was always full of good advice for her, his suggestion was perhaps she could go traveling.

She decided to give it some thought, as much as she'd like to see the world she didn't want to leave her parents just yet, and there was Gloria's future wedding to Jaycen to think about as well. So for now she just made do with a family night out to relieve her boredom.

Isaac was a realist, he'd already been old once before so he knew what to expect the second time. He just wanted to be sure that whatever happened in the future his daughter would still have somebody she could rely on when both he and Tabbi were gone.

Although he knew he could rely on Gloria she was leaving soon to begin her own life with Jaycen, besides he wasn't totally sure those two were grown up enough to look out for themselves let alone Aiya, and if he was honest there was only one person he trusted to always look out for his little girl.

But it was Aiya who ended up looking out for Shannon when his girlfriend passed away.

It was a tough time all round, knowing his family history Issac had felt sure he would be the first to go, he was wrong.

Instead he outlived Tabbi by a few days.

While Gloria had Jaycen to support her a heartbroken Aiya turned to the one person she knew would understand and who shared her sense of loss.

Try as she might she just couldn't shake off her unhappiness.

But Shannon wasn't exactly having a great time of it either, a long time ago he had moved out of the house he grew up in and moved in with his girlfriend, almost as soon as she died her hot headed relative had moved in bringing her evil son with her, Shannon was seriously thinking of moving back in with Shanita right now.

Buy Aiya had another idea.

The following day Gloria invited Jaycen over.

The time had come for Gloria to fulfill her wish at last.

Then she drove off into the sunset with her new husband, or at least across town.

After they left Aiya got on the phone to the travel agents, she had decided she was going to do as Shannon had suggested and go traveling but with one slight alteration, she was taking him with her.

Generation 12 - Aiya Amin
Traits: light sleeper, good, star quality, dramatic, ambitious
Lifetime Wish: Superstar Actor
Unique Maxed Career: Actor
Two Unique Best Friends: Alison Santiago, Lea Cheng
Three Unique Skill Challenges: Master of mood, cool creator, comedian
Four Black Ops: Background Acting, State of the City, Better Mixology, Just Business

Moving Shannon in was very spur of the moment, when his girlfriend died those two sims moved in, I wasn't bothered about that until she started having a go at him and her evil son was laughing maniacally in the background, I took pity on Shannon and couldn't leave him there with those people, he was born outside the house but I had still raised him via Lucky and he always felt like one of my own sims, at this point Aiya was still completely undecided about her future spouse, she never rolled any wishes for anybody giving me no clues who to pick and I was as undecided as her, still wasn't sure at this point even though I moved Shannon in.

She had three options really, Shannon, Ethan or wait until after the move, if you saw my HoF entry you can probably guess what happened, if you didn't no peeking! you can find out tomorrow.

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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4
« Reply #55 on: January 30, 2015, 06:12:24 AM »
I love Aiya, dramatic Sims can be fun when the right person plays them  ;D I find Gloria and Jaycen's story so cute, he's the last person I'd thought she'd end up with.  I'm so happy Shannon can be part of the family (I hope, I haven't checked the spoilers).
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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4 Farewell to Lucky Palms
« Reply #56 on: January 31, 2015, 03:37:08 AM »
Yeah Gloria and Jaycen surprised me too, she already knew him when she rolled that wish to get married then the next time she saw him she rolled a wish to kiss him, so I thought well why not go with it, he kept flirting with her too, then she wished to propose so it was all down to her really, she knew what she wanted so I let her have it.  ;D

Farewell to Lucky Palms

One of the reasons for this visit to China was to get the vacation home ready for sale, another reason was to visit one of the few remaining family members Aiya had left.

The eternal grandmother Abi Yat Sen.

Aiya had occasionally tried the martial arts equipment at home but never seriously got into it but being in China made her feel a little more motivated to try again.

Shannon made use of his time getting himself a level 3 visa.

But once that was done he joined Aiya in martial arts practice.

Over the course of the trip their relationship slowly changed from one of two best friends traveling together.

To something a little more.

But soon it was time to return home again. Aiya said goodbye to Abi not knowing if this would be the last time or if she would one day see her again.

Back home again and Aiya still had some vacation time left over, she made the most of it lounging about in the hot tub while sipping romantic cocktails.

But even though their relationship had changed somewhat Aiya wasn't quite ready for the eyeful she got when Shannon decided to join her later on.

You see Aiya had still not stepped over that line yet between friend and boyfriend but she was getting closer.

In the back of her mind there had always been obstacles holding her back, Shannon being her father's best friend, what would he think if he saw them now, would he be happy for them? and then there was Ethan, she was attracted to him too but she'd had to think how her mother would feel, so she had always kept her feelings to herself. Yet if she looked back at her life who had been the one who was always there for her instead of the other way around, who had been her shoulder to cry on instead of her being theirs.

There was only one answer to that, and sadly for Ethan it wasn't him. Aiya had had her fill of Lucky Palms, she wanted to see the world and she wanted to see it with Shannon.

She realised as she hugged him she wasn't just saying goodbye for now, but goodbye forever.

Over the next couple of days they started planning, Aiya gave the keys to her Margaret Vaguester and the house to Gloria, it would be a far nicer place for her to live than her current home with Jaycen.

She wasn't sure where they would end up but she promised to send her postcards along the way.

Shannon said goodbye to his sister and left her the motive mobile as a parting gift.

Goodbyes had been said and tomorrow they started their long journey but in this moment right now Aiya only had to take one tiny little step to finally be over that line.

Family Museum Total = 187,167

Collection 1 - Tiberium - 43056, 36156, 46782, 35673 = 161667
Collection 2 - Butterflies -  3 Rainbow at 1026 each, Glowy Fly 675 = 3753

Collection 3 - Paintings - 4172, 3991, 3728, 4224 = 16115

Collection 4 - Time Machines - 1408 each = 5632

Career Rewards - Firefighter's Axe, Firefighter's Coat, Sims Choice Award, Green Orb Award

Tombstones - Leon Amin, Tomeka Amin, Stephanie Amin, Rohan Amin

All properties and buildings owned and upgraded, four vacations used.

Farewell from  Lucky Palms, see you again under the northern lights!

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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4
« Reply #57 on: January 31, 2015, 05:07:23 AM »
Congratulations on finishing another town.  That neon painting collection was quite something :).

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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4
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Fond farewell to Lucky Palms and I'm waiting to see what the Amins get up to in Aurora Skies.
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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4 Journeys End
« Reply #59 on: February 01, 2015, 03:39:41 AM »
World 3 Aurora Skies

Aurora Skies Game Settings

Seasons: Spring & Summer 14 days, Autumn & Winter 21 days
Population: Fairies, Vamps & Werewolves on all others off.
Fixed moon phase

Founders Aiya & Shannon

Aiya Amin
Traits: Light sleeper, good, star quality, dramatic, ambitious

Shannon Ross
Traits: Friendly, computer whiz, adventurous, excitable, angler

When Rohan married Shiloh I added Hebrew to the name mix, I looked up Icelandic names but didn't really find much so we are going with Scandinavian instead.

Journeys End

It had been fun traveling together, just parking the trailer whenever they felt like stopping for a few days.

They had tried many activities on their travels but ballooning was a new one.

She may have quit showbiz but Aiya still loved to be dramatic.

It was getting a bit hot in that balloon and it had nothing to do with the flame.

But when Aiya came down sick afterwards at first she wasn't sure what to blame, could it have been the champagne, or maybe the hotdogs from the night before?

Or maybe something else entirely.

It seems Shannon was more like his father than he realised, but unlike Lucky he wasn't going to wait until old age before marriage.

It may have altered their plans somewhat but Aiya didn't mind, in fact she was weeping with joy.

With a baby on the way they needed more than a trailer to live in, no matter how fancy it might be, so they bought themselves an unfurnished house on the outskirts of town. They had just enough money left for a cheap tv and a sofa.

And a crib, although Aiya didn't like it very much.

Shannon was looking forward to fatherhood.

Which was great for him as he had the easy part.

Aiya was tired and ready for bed when the baby decided it was time, she'd almost doze off until yet another contraction woke her with a start.

The promise of a new life seemed to call to the ghosts of their ancestors, many emerged from their graves that night, only to find themselves once more in a strange place with no idea how they got there.

It was too much of a shock for one of them.

Later that night Aiya finally gave birth to a son she named Aaren.

Looking down at her baby boy Aiya realised her wanderlust had finally gone, there was only one place she wanted to be, in her new home with her new family for the rest of her days.

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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4
« Reply #60 on: February 01, 2015, 03:59:20 AM »
I like how you've placed different flowers and shrubs around the graves to depict which world the graves are from.
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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4
« Reply #61 on: February 01, 2015, 12:37:03 PM »
So many ghosts!

Welcome to Aaren.

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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4 Generation 13 Part 1
« Reply #62 on: February 02, 2015, 04:13:35 AM »
Generation 13 - Aaren

Now they had decided on staying it seemed like a good time to do a little decorating of their new home.

The decorators had barely left when it suddenly all went up in flames. Needless to say the fireplace will remain unlit from now on, at least till it can be made fireproof anyway.

Aaren had a little surprise in store for his parents when he grew up, a pair of bright turquoise eyes just like his grandfather.

Aurora Skies was a great place to bring up kids and had good educational facilities such as the Tiny Prodigies Early Learning Center.

Being a tiny prodigy himself Aaren was soon whizzing about in the walker.

Then Aiya sat him down to explain the finer points of acting.

Aaren's first birthday arrived.

While his grandparents may not have been there for his party in person they were definitely there in spirit, well across the street at least if not in the actual house.

There was no shortage of kids in Aaren's elementary class at school, Bubba Clark, Dusty Ingberg and Johnathon Berge to name just three.

With luck there will be just as many in high school.

But first there is the weekend and a chance to visit the festival with his parents.

The Amin family were full of little hidden skills, passed down from one generation to the next, ever since Tara they have all been good at sneaking about, Stephanie had given them all immunity to fire but also made them into pyromaniacs, but sometimes that's a blessing when on a cold day an apple wont keep you warm but a transmogrified flame fruit in your pocket just might.

High school was almost over for Aaren, Shannon felt the need to give his son some rules before he went to prom, no fighting, no pranks and no getting involved with babysitters.

Of course he did all three of those things but his dad didn't need to know that.

But all thoughts of babysitters flew out of his mind when he found himself bobbing for apples next to a cute girl at the festival.

Now looked like the perfect opportunity to show off his new toy, the banshee banisher! he hadn't actually used it yet seeing as he'd only just got the job but Jennika Wong didn't know that.

Maybe his dad had been right about steering clear of babysitters after all, if he had he wouldn't be having to dump her right now because he'd met somebody far more appealing.

Aaren was a genius, this meant a few hours spent at the library juiced up on liquid job boosters saw him going to work on his first day with several promotions already under his belt.

With a better uniform and an upgraded banshee banisher to further impress the ladies with.

Although judging by the fact she called and asked him out on a date he didn't need it to impress Jennika.

They had only known each other for just a few days but Aaren had made his mind up on day one that Jennika was the girl for him.

He was going to China shortly with his parents and he didn't want to leave without being sure that when he returned Jennika would be waiting for him so he asked her to go steady, she said yes at the time but when he phoned her later from China she had no recollection of it. Not much he could do about it now though it would just have to wait until he returned home.

Aaren planned to use this trip to search the galaxy for new stars and planets. His father having a level 3 visa meant they had a nice long trip ahead of them which should give him plenty of time for stargazing.

And to meet his immortal grandmother Abi.

When his parents had sold the vacation home long ago they hadn't thought to take out some of the added extras the family had accumulated, this was causing them a bit of an issue with getting it back, they had the visa level for it but not the funds to actually purchase it.

So his father started raiding tombs while his mother collected metals and gems and anything else she came across in dig sites, eventually after being stuck at the base camp for a few days they finally got it back, which was great for Aaren as he wanted to set up his chemistry lab and base camp wouldn't allow it.

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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4 Generation 13 Part 2
« Reply #63 on: February 02, 2015, 04:20:22 AM »
Holiday over and Aaren was no sooner home than a call came in for him to deal with some ghosts, but he had something far more important to do first.

His ghostbusting was earning him all sorts of awards at city hall, when he saw Jennika standing amongst the crowd cheering him on he decided as soon as the ceremony was over he was going to ask her to move in.

They got home just in time for his parents elder birthday.

It didn't take long for Jennika and Aiya to become best friends.

Aaren had maxed his career long ago but he would still spend his time off roaming around the town collecting wayward spirits just for the fun of it.

Mostly what he needed now were opportunities, when he was asked to make some Falafel he debated if he should waste a trip just to get a recipe but he couldn't afford to pass it up, so he took Jennika with him and they had a great time camping out under the stars and exploring pyramids.

His adult birthday took him by surprise when he was on his way to a job in town, he didn't have time to celebrate though, there were ghosts to be caught!

Aiya and Shannon had always remained the very best of friends, it was one of the things that kept their marriage strong, along with the romance.

When Aaren got asked to solve a riddle war in China the family found themselves back there once again. While they could have made it a brief trip they decided to stay for just over two weeks.

The last time Aaren was here he almost lost Jennika, this time he made sure that would never happen again.

Aiya never did return to showbiz but she did still practice mixology from time to time.

In fact she spent most of her fortnight getting tipsy on cocktails.

With the arrival of winter back home she got to do something that had never been possible in sunny Lucky Palms, snowboarding!

Aaren was almost finished with his requirements at last, he just needed some best friends.

And to turn in his last opportunity.

And then he could finally get married.

While on vacation Jennika had spent her time reading cookery books, Shannon was an angler so had spent his catching death fish in the garden pond Leon had made there, this meant she could now make ambrosia for the family but her preparations got interrupted by a new family member making itself known.

It was icy outside but cosy by the fire so Jennika decided she would have the baby at home instead of traipsing to the hospital on such a cold dark night.

A few hours later found her holding her new baby son Joren, wrapping him up tightly in his blanket to keep him warm she snuggled him until he fell asleep in her arms.

Generation 13 - Aaren Amin
Traits: Brave, Genius, loves the cold, family oriented, great kisser
Lifetime Wish: Paranormal Profiteer
Unique Maxed Career: Ghosthunter
Two Unique Best Friends: Dax Fernandez, Julianne Fernandez
Three Unique Skill Challenges: Celestial Explorer, Skill Professor, Master Chemist
Four Black Ops: Spooky Props, We Love Falafel, Riddle War in China, The Spa Restoration

Spouse - Jennika Wong
Clumsy, Excitable, Good, Virtuoso, Lucky

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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4
« Reply #64 on: February 02, 2015, 05:01:57 AM »
That eye colour looks lovely on Aaren and Aiya certainly is enjoying elderhood.
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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4
« Reply #65 on: February 02, 2015, 10:40:07 AM »
Awwwww, his eyes his eyes his eyes!

Is Jennika an original townie? She sure looks like it.

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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4
« Reply #66 on: February 02, 2015, 11:20:03 AM »
Aaren and Jennika are both amazing-looking. I hope that carries on with their son.

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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4
« Reply #67 on: February 02, 2015, 12:09:12 PM »
Yes Jennika is a toddler at the start, I'll admit I wasn't overly familiar with the town so I had to check myself at first, I'd read through most residents at the wiki before the move but I forgot about her, also forgot about some other stuff I read as well so had a few surprises down the line and a few moments of "oh of course!"

I'm very much with Trip when it comes to dynasty spouses now, I like original townies or their offspring, when I first started my immortal I had rarely played past two or three generations and always on long lifespans using Twallans SP so had no real idea about the clone face, by the time that was over I was sick of the sight of them so avoid them like the plague now.

I was a little dissapointed Aaren looked so much like his dad with barely anything of mum but those eyes were awesome and stood out so much on his darker skin, what's really funny though is before I started in Lucky Palms I scouted out the town and checked out all the kids and unborn babies and made notes, one of them said Addison Ross - avoid, also had Tabbi Claremont - strange nose and Hanson Gilbert - bit generic, so yeah I really stuck to my guns there  ;D

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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4 Generation 14 Part 1
« Reply #68 on: February 03, 2015, 07:27:52 AM »
Generation 14 - Joren

Joren was a very happy toddler.

He loved being read to by his dad.

And bathed by his grandmother.

Sadly he never really got to know his grandfather.

Aiya started teaching him to talk.

But she was too heartbroken to finish it and she too passed away.

Joren was too young to really understand what had happened, which might have been a blessing really.

As he grew his love of books continued.

But teenage years saw a few personality problems rise to the surface when he started talking to himself and speaking total madness to others.

Still he survived the insanity long enough to reach young adulthood.

Luckily he loved the cold because swim trunks in winter were never a good idea, but there was a roaring fire next to the desk so perhaps he felt too hot otherwise.

More than anything Joren wanted to be a writer, but that was something he could easily do in his spare time so he got a job in journalism, it was not quite what he had hoped for at first but being across the hallway from that cute girl in the business office helped cure the boredom or sorting papers.

When he wasn't working he was writing, his brain was a jumble of words that he just had to get out, writing helped to calm the madness a little.

But sometimes he couldn't help it from escaping even if he didn't really mean what he said, especially to his loving parents.

His parents were both old now but Aaren still spent his time hunting ghosts, Jennika had worked at the police station for a time but she retired after she reached old age.

Aaren also used his hunting skills to hunt down beetles for the family collection.

Joren was quite lucky in a way, his boss was his grandmother Rajita Wong so quite willing to give her one and only grandchild a promotion if he asked, Jennika got on well with her mother, her father died before she met Aaren but her mother being a fairy meant she was now younger then her.

Spring finally arrived and with it the spring festival, and a chance for Joren the tiger to have his first kiss.

Maybe not quite the kiss his hopeless romantic heart dreamed of but the kissing booth lady enjoyed it.

Joren spent a lot of time at the library, it was a good place to write, and to meet people.

That cute girl from the business office turned out to be the girl next door, she lived in the red house at the end of his garden with her sister Karen and Loki Beaker, Karen's boyfriend.

And it seemed that Kristin Helgason had been eyeing up Joren too.

On his day off he decided to pop round to her house, Kristin was certainly not backwards in letting Joren know she liked him.

It was love day you see and only one person was on her mind.

But much to Loki's annoyance he was on Karen's too.

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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4 Generation 14 Part 2
« Reply #69 on: February 03, 2015, 07:35:26 AM »
For Joren though only one woman mattered and that was Kristin.

A few nights later they went on a date, and being a gentleman he walked her to her door afterwards, but he couldn't leave her there without at least a kiss goodbye.

After yet another promotion from grandma all Joren needed was one more to be finished with his requirements.

And he finished just in time too as his elder birthday was fast approaching, some ambrosia soon sorted that out and put it off for a little longer.

With everything now done Joren felt sure this would be a good time to propose to Kristin. He tracked her down to one of the local hangouts and there he got down on bended knee and asked if she would marry him, without hesitation Kristin said yes.

But perhaps she shouldn't have been quite so fast, maybe she didn't realise her other man was there at the time, Dax Fernandez his father's best friend and apparently he was Kristin's romantic interest before Joren came on the scene, he was not happy to say the least.

Okay so he had good reason to be angry but Kristin gave as good as she got.

That was until he raised his hand to her.

Up until now Joren had just stood back and watched it all unfold but that was a step too far for him, he had to defend his lady's honour!

Perhaps it was his insanity that made him then start enthusing about the wedding to Dax, understandably Dax really wasn't interested.

But his parents were delighted.

And soon looking forward to becoming grandparents.

Kristin's parents had divorced when she was just a toddler and she had been raised by her father, even though she'd had a good relationship with her mother she vowed that nothing would ever part her from her daughter Lynae.

Or her goofy husband, especially when they were so adorable together.

Generation 14 - Joren Amin
Traits: Heavy Sleeper, Loves The Cold, Bookworm, Insane, Hopeless Romantic
Lifetime Wish: Professional Author
Unique Maxed Career: Journalist
Two Unique Best Friends: Andre Glover, Molly Nair
Three Unique Skill Challenges: Speed Writer, Prolific Writer, Specialist Writer (articles)
Four Black Ops: A History of One, Photojournalism, To Boldly Go, Extra Curricular Activity

Spouse - Kristin Helgason
Athletic, Easily Impressed, Hates the outdoors, Dramatic, Gatherer

I seriously wished I could have kept Joren a toddler forever, he was just so adorable  ;D  it's a shame Kristin's sister was dating Loki, I'd have liked him in the family if only for Sims 2 nostalgia but despite them not actually being married he showed up as uncle to Lynae and brother in law to Joren.

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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4
« Reply #70 on: February 03, 2015, 06:25:08 PM »
Joren is one good looking Sim and glad he slapped Dax for hitting a woman.
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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4 Generation 15 Part 1
« Reply #71 on: February 04, 2015, 04:13:15 AM »
Generation 15 - Lynae

From an early age Lynae showed an aptitude for music.

Her grandfather spent a lot of time with her when she was small.

Sadly her grandmother died before she ever got the chance to know her.

Aaren found great comfort in caring for his granddaughter after Jennika passed.

And as she grew their bond just got stronger.

That's not to say she didn't get on with her parents, Kristin spent a lot of time tutoring Lynae and Joren was always up for a game of tag.

But her grandfather held a special place in her heart.

Aaren continued ridding the town of ghosts, on this job though he hadn't expected the ghost to be the client.

Lynae's teenage birthday arrived, it was already obvious she was more of a Ross than a Helgason, Shannon had looked like his mother, Aaren mostly like his father and Joren while more of a mixture was still more Ross than Wong.

But despite the dark colouring and full lips Lynae turned out to have her mothers nose and eyes, minus the dazzling blue.

Some new residents had moved to town recently, she soon made friends with David Spann, at the time she assumed the werewolf was a visitor to his house like her but she later learnt otherwise.

David even came to her fathers elder birthday.

As soon as high school was over Lynae got herself a job at the theater, her boss turned out to be Stein Svard, the werewolf she had seen at David's house.

Now seemed like a good time to go and introduce herself. Stein had not been visiting David, he lived there along with his brother Stefan and David's parents.

And one other person, her great grandmother Rajita, she had recently lost her long term partner Johan Wrede, they had been together since soon after Aaren met Jennika so it had been a long time.

A very long time, Aaren had lived longer than anybody else ever in the history of his family, when Grim finally called time he was 65, yet still he wanted to stay.

Lynae's first few days at work were going well, her relationship with her boss was a little up and down though.

Truth was she found him a bit scary, his brother looked quite intimidating as well.

But if she wished to visit Rajita or David she had to be brave and try and ignore the growling.

On the other hand her vampiric uncle was positively charming, she liked Loki a lot.

Her parents had both retired now and spent their days just enjoying themselves doing fun things like pumpkin carving.

And being quite good at it too.

Or just making out on the couch like a pair of teenagers.

A trip to the festival was a good chance for a family picture and as Rajita was there they asked her to join them.

Just one big happy family, for the moment anyway.

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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4 Generation 15 Part 2
« Reply #72 on: February 04, 2015, 04:27:06 AM »
Rajita was at the festival with some of the rest of the Spann household, Lynae decided to be brave and finally said hello to Stefan, once she actually talked to him it turned out he was nowhere near as scary as he first appeared.

In fact he was quite cuddly.

But Stefan's boldness prompted a reaction that Lynae just wasn't prepared for.

Why she was apologising she had no real idea, after all Stefan was the one flirting, and in any case what business was it of her great grandmothers, didn't she have a new boyfriend already in Bubba Clark.

But maybe their relationship wasn't that solid else why would Bubba keep giving Lynae flowers every time he saw her.

After braving it with Stefan and finding out he was a softie really Lynae decided she could maybe brave asking Stein for a promotion, turned out he was a softie too.

Most of her time outside work was spent at her piano now but a phone call asking her out on a date was enough to draw her away from it for a bit.

She didn't know what her great grandmothers issue was but at this moment Lynae didn't really care what Rajita thought, she wasn't here and Stefan was.

And Lynae knew exactly what she wanted.

But not just a fling, she wanted more than that.

Her musical career had gone from strength to strength, as an artist Rajita idolised her work.

But as her great grandaughter she was furious with her for seeing Stefan, and Lynae was just as furious at Rajita for always sticking her nose in where it didn't belong.

But maybe Rajita had more reason than Lynae realised.

If only her grandmother had still been around, or if only her father had known so he could have warned her, perhaps then Lynae would not have got involved with the very man who had caused a rift in her great grandparents marriage, the same man that Rajita despite her long term relationships had never let go.

If he thought she was going to let him near her now Stefan was very much mistaken.

But he didn't want to let her go that easily, although apologies over the phone just weren't going to cut it, he'd have to try harder than that to win her back.

If only her love life could have been as straightforward as her parents, still blissfully happy after all these years.

A concert at the park ended in yet another bust up for this bizarre love triangle.

Even Stein was getting fed up with his brothers behaviour now, feeling the need to apologise for him.

But it wasn't his apologies she wanted, it wasn't even Stefan's, what she really wanted was for Rajita to stop trying to hold on to something that she should have ended a long time ago.

With nothing holding him back anymore Stefan decided to try again, and this time he didn't grovel on the telephone, he didn't just pounce on her like in the past, he started with a small but very sweet gesture that Lynae happily accepted.

And Lynae had a couple of her own too, a potent cure and a fountain of youth.

Slowly they rebuilt the trust between them until one day Lynae felt ready to finally put the past behind her and look to the future.

Joren soon had somebody else to speak nonsense to, who knows maybe this little one will understand it.

For years Stefan had been the other man hiding in the shadows while Rajita lived her life as she wished, now at last he was free to have a life and family of his own and whether she liked it or not Soren was her family too, hopefully she would love him regardless of any ill will towards his father.

Generation 15 - Lynae Amin
Traits: Excitable, Virtuoso, ambitious, over emotional, disciplined
Lifetime Wish: Rock Star
Unique Maxed Career:
Music - Rock Branch
Two Unique Best Friends: David Spann, Stella Scarborough
Three Unique Skill Challenges: Master Guitarist, Money Maker (Guitar), Master Pianist
Four Black Ops: Filing the Application, Cat Herding to Music, Keep It Up, Piano for Profits

Spouse - Stefan Svard
Good Sense of Humour, Virtuoso, Charismatic, Easily Impressed, Friendly

So yes Stefan was my memory lapse, for some reason I had it in my head Johan must have been Rajita's affair because of them getting together after their partners died, then of course her reaction made me realise my mistake, I moved him in thinking I'd have to get him to call it off but she had dropped him already, I guess she felt rather betrayed but I consider Rajita to be the cheater not Stefan, cheating on three different partners just to carry on her affair with him.

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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4
« Reply #73 on: February 04, 2015, 07:01:59 AM »
I'd have thought Stein would be the one she'd fall for, but Stefan is just as cute. And came with more drama, lol.
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Re: Around The Worlds ~ The Amin 4x4
« Reply #74 on: February 04, 2015, 08:31:49 AM »
I didn't mind which brother she picked, I wasn't 100% sure what they looked like as they became werewolves so early on, then after she'd already decided she wanted Stefan I saw Stein in his normal human form and thought curse you Lynae, but Stefan was okay too thankfully.

If I'm honest I was kind of rooting for Bubba but Rajita stole him too, that woman is so greedy with men  :P