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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 36 - Awkward Teenager Stuff
« Reply #125 on: September 14, 2015, 03:34:07 PM »
Gwen is quite the lovely teenager. She could pull off the black hair look, but I like the multi-colored hair better  ;D

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 36 - Awkward Teenager Stuff
« Reply #126 on: September 16, 2015, 08:49:35 PM »
Gwen is quite the lovely teenager. She could pull off the black hair look, but I like the multi-colored hair better  ;D

She's an awesome sim and I have grown to love Megan's hair. :)

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 37 - Betrayed
« Reply #127 on: September 17, 2015, 08:45:53 PM »
When the taxi dropped me off at the cemetery I hadn't had a clue what to do. Then I saw it. I saw a young women sobbing the loss of Astra. Judging by the scars on her face she's been through a lot of crap. Great. Just great. I had to make Astra drown!

I was so utterly despised by myself that I almost didn't see what happened.

All the suddenly the redhead started saying some sort of spell and then a hand popped out of the ground.
All the suddenly Astra was alive and hugging the redhead.

I started crying because I was so happy someone fixed my mistake. I quickly cleaned my face and walked home. I was dragging my feet. Not wanting to go back to the real world yet.

When I walked into the house I saw several people. I quickly considered running to the bathroom and dyeing my hair like I was suppose to do when James's dad was working. It was to late to do anything. Besides, they had company.
Gwen - "Hi, James's dad. Is this your f-friends?"
He seemed scared. No, terrified. I glanced from one corner to the other.

Before I could register all the people she begin to speak.
Vivian - "She reminds me so much of my sister! With that stupid neon hair, though she got decent eyes from my mother."
I registered the face, not sure who she reminded me of. When I kept staring at her the more I seemed to know. She was here for revenge because of envy.

Vivian - "Great, then you understand my motives."
She jerked me out of my thoughts.
Gwen - "What?"
She sighed as if I asked a stupid question.
Vivian- "I have a unique gift - I can read people's minds."
I turned around to hear where the voice came from.

Ben - "Mom was human though."
The blonde's eyebrows furrowed.
Vivian - "As I was explaining we both had unique gifts."
What! I stared at my father trying to figure out what happened and hoping he wouldn't get hurt.
Vivian - "Thank you Ben for willing to turning in your daughter, who knows who else she could've killed. Though you have most certainty given her a death sentence."
Alexander - "She got away with killing my daughter!"
I seemed to somehow know his motives for being here. He didn't give a crap about his daughter. He just wanted to anger his ex-wife. Stupid.
I got a quick look from the blonde. She ignored the redhead and continued talking to my father.
Vivian - "Though I can't thank you enough for giving me your family's address and leading me to Gwen in my goal to get rid of all Megan's descents. Not very loyal. You reminds of your father, Brad. He was so willing to take my call and get rid of Megan."
Blonde seemed to laugh a little, I still didn't have no clue what was happening. Death sentence? Is she the police or something?
Before I knew it my hands were betraying my thoughts and they started trembling.
I was very confused and I slowly backed up and hid behind James like a five year old.
I whispered to James. "What's happening?"
He quickly answered back. "I have no idea."
Vivian - "Let me explain dear Gwen. My mother is Azure Amazon. My sister was next in line for the throne and had a special gift. She could break the laws of death and life. She suddenly started bring back tribe members from the dead. She never had to pay the price for her power then. One day, she raised someone from the dead that wasn't meant to be alive. Isn't that right, Troy?"
James's dad looked very uncomfortable.
"That seems correct, majesty."
Vivian - "Glad to here you didn't forget how to treat royalty, slave. Anyways she took away something that was mine. In return she ran away from her home and decided to get rid of her gifts." Blonde shivered as though that was the most terrible thing. "In return she cursed her family, it wasn't your fault Alexander. It was my sister's."

"10 Generations full of tragedy.You're family has cheated life itself. The Labelles's now have to pay for what your family has done, only the tenth generation of Labelle's can fix what you have done."

"That's referring to her and anyone else who has gifts and gets rid of life or brings it back and changes fate. I'm assuming, Mercy and you? Thank you for providing that excellent information for me Gwen. You can also stop calling me blonde. I have a name,Vivian."
Vivian - "Anyways, to answer your question we are here to sentence you for Megan's crimes against the tribe. Isn't that what we do with criminals, right Margaret?"
I stared at the lady next to her and quickly looked up at Jame's, his face was full of rage.
James - "Mother, what do you and Vivian plan to do?"
Margaret looked very uncomfortable.
Right then Vivian cut in.

Vivian - "Troy, I can't believe you taught your son to treat royalty like trash!"
I was getting sick of her very quickly. My eyes met dad's, begging him for a real answer to what was going to happen. That's when Vivian turned to me.

Vivian - "Gwen, you are a stupid creature. You are a stupid Siren not meant to happen, in the end you killed someone and caused more drama then you are worth."
I felt my eyes tear up for the second time today and saw that Vivian had a smug look on her face. That's when James exploded.
James - "Shut up! Gwen is not a monster. You are! Coming into my father's home and insulting him! I don't care that you think you are royalty!"

He didn't stop even when Vivian tried to interrupt.
James - "Just leave us alone! Gwen, run!"
I didn't have anytime to think why he told me to, I jerked open the door and began running down the street hoping James would be following quickly behind.
Vivian - "Alexander, go get her."

Before I was even out of the house's sight is when my dad caught up to me.

Ben - "Gwen!"

Gwen - "Let me go, if I stay I'm going to die."
Ben - "I know."
The red picked me up and all the suddenly I started screaming random crap I though I didn't know.
Gwen - "Ben! Ann will never forgive you betraying me! Alexander, Mercy will never trust you!"
Alexander - "Shut up!"
Ben just followed silently while I felt hurt, anger and betrayal.
I was thrown into a room. I paced back and forth in till I heard Jame's voice.
Jame - "Gwen! Gwen!"
I wasn't thinking straight.
Gwen - "James, leave!"
I heard someone leave the door. Great, the last thing I'm going to say to him. I'm as good as dead.
I sank on my knees hoping for a way to get out of this mess. Monster! I stifled a scream hoping that whatever my fate was going to be, it would be quick.

I paced a little in till I started sobbing. I was angry and betrayed by one of the people I thought loved me. My family!
I was on the ground screaming my head off. My body went numb and I knew I was dead.

I sighed deeply as Alexander took the body of my daughter.
I thought my dad was bad.

Ann - "Ben you're home! Wait, why aren't you happy?"
I stifled a sob.
Ben - "Ann, I found Gwen."
Ann - "What?"
Ann looked at Alexander.
Ann -"What happened to her Ben?"

That's when the screams started, the exact same one of Gwen's.
Though it was coming from the wrong person, it was coming from Astra.

It was a long chapter though I wanted to do my best, the story gets better. This is needed for the plot.

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 37 - Betrayed
« Reply #128 on: September 21, 2015, 04:09:27 PM »
Betrayed doesn't even begin to cover it for poor Gwen! Looking forward to what happens next.

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 37 - Betrayed
« Reply #129 on: September 23, 2015, 09:47:49 PM »
Betrayed doesn't even begin to cover it for poor Gwen! Looking forward to what happens next.

I definitely have to say Gwen is a victim in this situation. Glad to hear you're looking forward to what's happening next. :)

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 38 - Tricked
« Reply #130 on: September 24, 2015, 11:35:32 PM »
Sorry for the late update! This is a sad update, just warning you guys ahead.
I could dimly hear John screaming at Mercy and blaming her for what's happening. It's not her fault, that I somehow can see peoples deaths or exactly who killed them for that matter. I hadn't been able to materialize fire anymore and it was only a matter of time before I started having trouble with magic when I stepped into the living realm again. I managed to speak weakly.
Astra - "Both of you be quite, I'm focusing on what I'm suppose to see." That shut them up pretty quickly. I didn't know I could see peoples's deaths, but hey, I did learn a trick or two in the heavens about magic.

All the suddenly my voice changed.
"You didn't have to do this dad! Ann will never forgive you! Alexander, Mercy will never trust you! If you dare lay a finger on James-"
Agonizing screams started coming out of me. "-No! This isn't suppose to be happening! I'm suppose to be dead! Don't let them have me again!"
Sobs started coming out me as I layer in a shriveled ball. When I finally came to conscience I knew there would be a heap of questions waiting for me. Mercy and John stared at me in horror.
Astra - "Both of you, d-don't say a word. Play the game and act like you don't know what happened to Gwen." I knew I had to keep my mouth shut because there was something much more dangerous happening then the betrayal of Ben and Alexander. While I was trying to get a grip on the little sanity I seem to have I listened to the commotion outside.

Ann - "Ben Brandon Labelle! What have you done, you! I was happy, the children were happy and then-"I could tell she was close to sobbing again.

Ann - "My poor, sweet baby."
Alexander frowned.
Alexander - "She was a lot worse when we first found her."
Ann started laughing hysterically.
Ann - "You know what? This is all a crazy dream! I mean, Alexander's dead! Astra didn't get raised from the dead!"
Alexander pushed by Ann and laid Gwen gently on John's bed.

Ann - "She looks s-so peaceful."

I looked at John and saw him staring at her in sorrow.
Ben - "Astra,I heard a young girl screaming. Where is she?"
I knew he was asking how I started screaming in Gwen's voice in a way that wouldn't tip off he was one of the accomplices.
I knew I was not playing the game, but I was tired of it already. My "dad" being there just fueled my anger.
I looked Ben straight in the eyes.
I started talking smoothly.
Astra - "I can't summon fire anymore so somehow I got a new power, the power to see someones death and what happened before it."
Ben and Alexander jerked up a little. I guess they thought their dirty secret would stay hidden.
Alexander started mocking me.
Alexander - "Well isn't that a useful skill to have! Bravo! You won't do anything about it though, will you? Just like your mother!" He spitted out the last words like venom.

I was beyond showing him my respect.
Astra - "Alexander Brantley! You think I haven't seen what you have been doing with your life? You have been accompanying Vivian Amazon. You have been following her orders all the way up to almost killing Mercy!-"
Alexander - "Respect for ad-"

Astra - "Let me tell you, Alexander, it gets even better! I can't believe that you stood by Vivian thick and thin, even when you had to pose as a doctor to mess with Mercy! You've always wanted your revenge for what? A loving, faithful wive that was driven by some much guilt when you died that it took several years for her to recover. Of course you were alive and didn't give a crap about her or your daughter! Bravo to you Mr.Brantley!"
I was literally spitting out the words.

Alexander - "I don't recognize you as my daughter anymore."
Astra - "Good because I was never wanted to be recognize as your daughter in the first place."
Alexander - "Mercy did you teach her to treat people like this?"
Ann - "You mean taught her how to stand up for herself? Yeah, I guess Mercy and I did. Though Astra, you shouldn't usually snap at adults."
No one realized it was Kaleb's birthday.

I heard Kaleb running up the stairs and into John's room. Though he looked different, red hair and yellow eyes like Ann's. While, I was trying to piece it together Ann started panicking about it.

Ann - "Kaleb go dye your hair and put your contacts in! You know we can't let the curse think that Gwen's the only heir."
She then abruptly turned and saw our faces full of shock. So, Gwen was the only real heir!
Kaleb - "I'm done tricking people! I'm not the real heir ma!"
Kaleb then ran out the door and bolted down the street. Man, he stole my signature move. Ann was so overwhelmed by everything she didn't even glance his direction when he ran off. I'm sure he will get in trouble later though.

No one said anything for awhile and stared at the dead girl on John's bed. What did she mean she's not dead? She looks dead.
Mercy reached into hug Ann.

Mercy - "I would have done the same thing. I'm sorry for all you've been through."
Ann just sobbed like a little child in her mothers arms.
Ben spoke again after staying silent throughout the whole thing.
Ben - "I think we need to bury Gwen."
Ann had enough happening to her and she was broken.
Ann - "Okay Ben. Do what you want to do. Just don't bother me okay? I would like to have five minutes with my daughter."
I didn't exactly know what happened, but I saw a silver locket around Gwen's neck that wasn't there before. I wanted to burst out crying.
Alexander and Ben carried her to the family plot and buried her next to a tree. At least, that's what I heard.
Ben was standing over his little girl's grave.Traitor, you're just like Brad! I think Brad was beginning to look like a saint compared to himself. He probably would win "The Worst Father Of The Year" award. Maybe he and Alexander would tie for that position. It seemed like a thousand years ago Ben had accepted Alexander into his family. Worst. Mistake. Ever. Alexander had contributed to the biggest mistake in his life. Ben knew that he was the only one to blame was himself, but he wanted to blame someone, anyone except him for his mistake. Maybe I will go crazy like Brad. Ben stifled a laugh.

Ben - "How could you?"
Alexander - "How could I what?"

Ben - "How could you make me do that!"
Alexander - "That was your choice, Ben!"
I slumped down defeated while Alexander was talking to Vivian.
Alexander - "Vivian, Astra knows about what really happened to Gwen and about you. No, she's not dead anymore. She may tell the rest of the Labelle's.
No one noticed the hand reaching out of the freshly dug grave.

Vivian - "James why are you so sad?"

James - "Shut up! You killed Gwen!"

Vivian - "You'll be on my side, once you realize the girl is dead for good.
If only she knew.

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 38 - Tricked
« Reply #131 on: September 25, 2015, 04:31:43 PM »
I just wanted to clarify some confusing links.  :D

Gwen died in Betrayal.

Kaleb was never the real heir, I thought it may be an interesting twist. No one really knew what to do when Kaleb ran off, the situation was overwhelming.

Any other questions are free to be asked, so sorry for the confusion.  :D

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 38 - Tricked
« Reply #132 on: September 27, 2015, 04:53:25 PM »
Poor Kaleb! He was forgotten all this time  :'( It was a good twist to find out that he wasn't an heir.

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 38 - Tricked
« Reply #133 on: September 30, 2015, 08:57:23 PM »
Poor Kaleb! He was forgotten all this time  :'( It was a good twist to find out that he wasn't an heir.

Sorry to pull that twist, it would've made some things obvious.

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Computer Issues
« Reply #134 on: September 30, 2015, 09:18:45 PM »
Another roadblock, yet again. On Friday when I was about to update my charger got extremely hot, like taking a pan out of the oven. Though, since Apple chargers get hot I thought it was normal. When my computer stopped charging I noticed my mac-charger port was burned. Apparently it's a rare thing, just great. I called and they said " some debris got into it." I just cleaned it out though, after later testing it out I found a crucial spring was missing and the buildup of heat caused one of the needles to burn my mac. I'm getting  a free charger from Apple and hoping the charger will fix the issue and the burn is just cosmetic. That or another phone call with Apple and repairs! Either way, whether I have to get a new computer and remake the characters the story will go on. It might be a delay, in the story though, maybe even 2 months. Though the motherboard works and it still turns on so I'm hoping for the best! It's a rare case and a lot of employees were shocked about it, though I still adore my Mac. PC's are starting to look better than before though....

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Computer Issues *Resolved*
« Reply #135 on: October 12, 2015, 04:46:00 PM »
Got the new charger and it works great! I should start updating this week or next week, it depends on how much time I have to work on these chapters though I'm feeling pretty confident there will be a update this week. (Throws confetti)  ;D

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I admire the way you just never give up.

Thanks Krae! Apple was very stubborn but after the 13th call I finally got my charger. :)

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Re: Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 39 - Stranger - Part 1
« Reply #138 on: October 13, 2015, 08:10:05 PM »
I just want to thank all the people reading this, I really appreciate it a lot.

I quickly tried my luck when I sneaked into the kitchen at 3 A.M and indulged on chocolate cereal. Mom couldn't stay asleep either and decided to try to find a different outfit. She keeps complaining about the fact it has no black on it. I think she's having a hard time deciding what to wear though because she still looks like a twenty year old. She can't help the fact that the power that transformed her made her young and immortal. It's not one of those things you can overlook without being overwhelmed. I think she may be having an identity crisis right now.

I can't go in his room though, every time I go in there it dawns on me what happened to Gwen. I know everyone is taking it hard, though Ann is in denial and trying to control whatever life she has. If she is not careful she may scare away the people she loves away. I can still recall that one conversation she had with Amelie and Eveline.

Eveline - "So I think when Kaleb comes back you should ground him from his computer for like, a month."
Ann - "I can't ground him from it, I'm selling his electronics on the internet since he hasn't come home."
Eveline - "Are you going to make him come home?"
Ann - "When I go get him if he doesn't come voluntarily he can look at the papers I've been looking at for Military School."
Eveline didn't speak again that evening. I know you're are suppose to be respectful to your mother though I feel like it was a stressful night. Eveline and Amelie cried for weeks about a sister they never got to know. Ben and Alexander always had a hard look on their face, though you couldn't ignore the few tears on Ben's face. Mom and I didn't know what to do. I did the one thing that I thought I could do to help. Look for a way to exposing the truth and finding the boy that Gwen wanted to protect. We haven't heard from John since the night he went to University, no phone calls or anything. I guess he is busy burying himself into homework to escape Gwen's death. After staring at my soggy cereal I quickly cleaned up and set out to do the unthinkable. I snuck out of the house and stared at the motorcycle I had recently purchased. Anything to make Alexander mad I guess. My only form of revenge for Gwen's brutal death. I finally got on the motorcycle and started driving to my location.

I wanted to do this since I was a small child, little did I know how hilarious it would be.
I looped around the firehouse and stared at it. I couldn't believe I was actually doing this.

After waiting for work to start I wandered around to a deserted parking lot. No one would be here at this hour.

After staring into outer space for a while I went to the gym and worked out untll it was time to work. I ended up being ten minutes late for my first day of work.

After maintaining the fire truck I settled down to read.
I instantly heard a young women screaming at the end of the hallway. She was speaking to someone on the phone.
"Yes I'm trying to track her. Alexander, I don't know what happened to the brat's body and I don't care. Just get James to do what he is suppose to do and we will be good. Yes, I can't find your daughter. She's not in the gym anymore. Alexander, figure this crap out on your own."

My head instantly started pounding. James. I'm guessing Gwen was talking about James. I acted like I was deep in my book and that moron just randomly came out head held high, like she owned the place. This was going to be fun. I just need to find this James person, make sure my dad doesn't end up going crazy on me and most of all, don't die. What a fun thing this was going to be indeed.
I wandered into the kitchen looking for coffee. Caffeine was part of my therapy. I found no coffee, what was this world coming to? No black clothes, no coffee! I grabbed some  old waffles and headed to the dining room. Of course, Alexander was there and we haven't talked for four years. I prefer silence over anger. It is some much better. I almost thought the silence was going to work. It didn't, since when have things been going the way I want them to?

Alexander (disgusted) - "What are you wearing Mercy?"
Mercy - "Oh, I'm having an identity crisis because I'm immortal or something. I'm going to go searching for my second husband today. What do you have planned today, Alexander?"
Alexander - "You're crazy."
I stopped eating my waffles.
Mercy - "You married crazy so that makes you crazy. You're welcome."
Alexander - "I thought I was a butthole."
Before I thought I blurted out.
Mercy - "Usually good guys act like buttholes."

Alexander just shook his head.
Mercy - "Then you aren't the same person I married."
I got up and started walking towards the door.
Alexander - "Good luck to second husband searching."
I smile crept up onto my face.
Mercy - "Thanks."
I woke up for school dreading it. I have had a summer break and I realize now how stupid school is. I mean we go there for so long. I wonder if Gwen  went to school. Did she? Maybe I can convince Amelie to skip school with me. If mom finds out thought, I shivered at the thought. I quickly changed out of my pajamas and into something more fashionable. Mercy convinced me to be more fashionable even though I'm a tom-boy at heart.

When I finally went to get my cereal Amelie was up. I knew the question on her face. Skipping today? I gave her a quick nod. I looked at the bland cereal. I remember aunt Mercy was complaining about no coffee. That gave me an idea about where Amelie and I would be going. The local coffee shop.

When we finally arrived Amelie dashed quickly to the cashier. I knew exactly what she was going to order. Triple Strawberry - low fat cappuccino topped with whipped cream. I had debated on getting coffee but quickly dismissed it. I didn't need anymore sugar. I still waited in line with her though.

I couldn't help but noticing the stranger standing awkwardly. I knew she wasn't here last school year. She is probaly just confused and can't find the school.

Eveline - "Are you skipping school?"
The stranger looked confused but then quickly shrugged. "I guess."

Eveline - "Would you like to sit by us?"

Amelie looked quickly over at me. She got the idea. No questions asked. This person was new and why not be nice to them?
Though she was strange. She pulled out her textbook and started doing her homework for next week. I looked over her at her work and saw a bunch of scribbles. Though it wasn't scribbles. It stated her name, her age. It was strange. It wasn't even her homework. It was a notebook. I got out my homework and started doing it too. I don't want her to feel like a weirdo. Amelie just sat there listening to the music.

That is when he came in. He is officially a big player. I mean he has had like, five girlfriends this summer. Two of them have gone mysteriously missing. He use to be a nice guy, but he isn't anymore. Of course who else would I be talking about? It is James.

James is not a villain. I should be putting part 2 out Wednesday or Thursday. I hope you guys enjoyed this update.
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Re: Labelle's Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 39, Part 1 - Stranger
« Reply #140 on: October 16, 2015, 05:43:36 PM »
Oh good! I was afraid James was going to be a bad guy for a minute or two  :P

At this part of the story James may appear to be an antagonist, though he's doing that for reasons not explained yet. He may become an antagonist later in the story, I never really know where the Labelle's take me. XD

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Re: Labelle's Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 39, Part 2 - Stranger
« Reply #141 on: October 17, 2015, 08:47:59 PM »
I was sweating profusely. Exercising was not as easy as it looked, at least not to me. I just sat there working out, (while trying not to die from it), and pondering my new job. It was extremely hard to get this job. I remember the secretary giving my rude glances and then telling me I'm hired. I'm going to probably have to fix this whole "dead" misunderstanding. Maybe Charlie's wife can help me with that.

All the suddenly the alarm that signaled if a fire was going to happen, rang. Like any normal person, I freaked out and ran in circles.

After calming myself down I evaluated the situation. A minor house fire inside of a garage. I could handle that, though how was I going to get there? I don't have my driver's license, (though I somehow I still drive a motorcycle), and a firetruck is a whole different level of driving. Oh well. I guess I will just have to hope I don't accidently run anyone over. I ran to the firetruck and started driving. By the time the tires squealed to a stop I only accidently drove on one curb and ran over only one stop sign.

I quickly parked the firetruck and ran inside the house, though seeing the "desperate" citizens. How could a minor fire scare them so much?

After extinguishing the small house fire, I felt satisfied with my work. I had somehow managed not to kill anyone and maybe keep my job. Oh well. I guess I need to get that whole "no longer dead" thing figured out. Mission accomplished.

It took me only one moment to find her. Vivian had told me to find the blonde girl who was in the coffee shop along with a redhead. What she didn't mention was the pale brunette sitting by both of them. I tugged at the headphones Ben gave me. It annoyed the heck out of me that they were charmed. When he gave them I slapped some duct tape on them and hoped I could get them off a soon as possible. I would never be like him, or Alexander. I had my own reasons for staying and it was to get revenge. I had to avenge Gwen's death, the only girl I will ever loved that got killed brutally by someone who was suppose to protect her. One day at a time. I had to remind myself everyday why I was allowing these monsters to control me. It was for the girl with the chips. The girl I had failed to protect. I finally sat by them and waited for the headphones to work it's charm. How did Ben even get charmed headphones? There were too many unanswered questions about him and his whole family, all who had a mysterious background. Success. The girls were staring at me. I guess I take that as a sign they worked? I don't know? Wait. They aren't working. I couldn't exactly hear the brunette, but it sounded something like,"moron." The other girls were looking at me with awe and the other was doing the exact opposite. Great, someone who was immune to love charms.

I wasn't sure what to do at this point with two girls staring at me and one girl furiously writing. Luckily, I didn't have to do anything. The blonde girl walked right up to me.
I felt like a moron. I just was staring at the ground, dumbfounded. I tried to remember exactly what I was here to do.
"Um, you look pretty."
I heard the Brunette's pencil snap.

I remember what I'm suppose to do. That's right, to allow Vivian to kidnap the blonde. I'm not sure exactly why though. Who knows with Vivian.

"Thanks, James!"
My head quickly snapped up trying not to stare her directly in the eye. Every time I did something for Vivian I always felt guilty, what would Gwen say about it? She's dead though, I reminded myself. The dead have a way of staying alive in their own way though.

The brunette mumbled something,"Stupid, manipulative."
She then quickly got up. Somehow that stung even though I didn't even know her. I quickly dismissed it though.
Amelie was randomly talking and I finally started listening.
"I'm glad your annoying friend left school. I mean you never talked to anyone but her."
She was talking about Gwen.
"My friend? She was my only friend, she was my best friend and guess what? She died this summer!"
I finally stared into the blonde's eyes to realize to my horror who this was. She had the same eyes that haunted my dreams, Gwen's. This was Ben's other daughter and Vivian wanted me to ruin her life. I was about to scream, throw something, anything. When all the sudden I heard the a eerie voice, too perfect.
"Say something, I'm giving up on you."
I was completely memorized by the song, but not like the others. The others seemed drawn to it too much.
The brunette didn't notice it, she was completely in her own world.

"I'll be the one if you want me to. Anyone where I would've followed you."

And,I am feeling so small, it was over my head I know nothing at all. And I, will stumble and fall, I'm still learning to love, just starting to crawl. Say something I'm giving up on you, and I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you. Anywhere I would've followed you.

I don't how or why, but at the moment of time she sounded to much like Gwen. I quickly ran to the bathroom and started sobbing and screaming at Gwen.
"How could you leave me with them?"
"Why did you have to leave?"
I felt so alone, so vulnerable. How could my bestfriend, the only girl I loved leave me? What if I turn into someone she wouldn't be proud of?

After a while, I sat there silently washing the tears on my face would dry up. There was no point going home without seeing the girl with the chips. What happens after I avenge her death? What if I fail? Some deep part of me, knew avenging her wouldn't bring her back.

I stared at the mirror back at someone I felt I didn't know. A monster?
I heard a knock at the door.
"Are you okay?"
I sighed deeply, here goes nothing.
Sorry for not updating sooner, I hadn't felt like writing and I wanted to give you guys something that was quality. The song is "Say Something." Mrs.Flynn gave me the idea for the charmed headphones, though I'm not sure if she meant to, but thank you Mrs.Flynn.
A more happy chapter is coming up soon, I feel like I need to give my Labelle's a rest and let some happiness come into their lives.  :)
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Re: Labelle's Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 40 - Who Are You?
« Reply #142 on: October 26, 2015, 07:18:13 PM »
Sorry for not updating sooner. Real life decided to bother me.   >:(
There was a silent knock at the door.
"Are you okay, James?"
 Was I okay? Could anyone be okay after a childhood friend got killed like that while you were left to watch? I laughed silently to myself, what kind of question was that? I knew what I had to do keep the goal in mind and avenge Gwen. I would not give Vivian Amelie. I would give her the new girl. The one that randomly showed up in a town full of secrets. First, I had to earn her trust though. I put a fake smile on my face and marched out the door. Somehow Gwen came back to me in those few moments and I knew exactly what she would say,"James don't be a butthole, stop." Gwen wasn't here to stop me though was she?

How do you earn a girl's trust and then ultimately be forced to destroy it and deliver her to the worst woman in the world? I'm not sure, though I've already done it twice. I'm a horrible person, I must be. I couldn't think of anything so I kissed her. That stuff usually works, right?
"James, I'm sor-"

Before I knew it she was kissing me back. How could I betray a girl full of some much life-stop James, you have to do this.

I didn't know what to do. I could’ve taken her to Vivian, but I couldn’t. Somethin deep inside of me knew it was wrong, but I tried my best to ignore it. Instead I asked her out.

James - “Would you go on a date with me?”
She smiled and nodded.

James - “Where do you want to go?”

She grinned. “It’s a surprise.”
Before I had a say in it she grabbed my hand and rushed us into a taxi. It was childish, yet fun. I couldn't hide my big grin. I haven't had this much fun in months. When we arrived at a small lake with a waterfall I was surprised. It was raining after all.

“So, why did you want to go to a lake when it’s raining? Just curious.”

It took her a while to answer.

When she did she just shrugged. "I think this is where I find my humanity, I guess."
Before I could even say a word she continued.
"The water is also soothing. It feels like it would obey my every command or something."

Siren. She is absolutely a siren. Though she sounds like she doesn't know it. It was confusing though because I thought there was no more sirens left.  I couldn't feel anymore guilty about having to betray her in the end, for pulling this little stunt. I had my reasons and she had hers, for all I know she could be trying to manipulate me. After all, she is not aware I'm immune to magic
"Who is Gwen?"
No! Gwen was not something I would ever tell her about. You have a choice James, betray her or don't. Isn't she a threat though? A threat. I thought about the thought. She is definitely a threat. If she wants to know about Gwen then she can know about Gwen. I smiled at the thought. I slid my hand into hers. "Gwen was the kind of person who would smile at little things. She loved chips and that is how I became her friend. She had a deadly gift that haunted her every move until one day someone figured it out. When they did she ended up dying a horrible death even when someone she loved could've stopped it to put it mildly.” 

She was silent for a moment. "We stop checking for monsters under the bed when we realized they were inside of us."
My head jerked up. "What did you just say about her?"
She stared me right in the eye. "I think Gwen was aware of the monster inside of her and she was aware to not let it consume her life. Especially where anger, guilt and revenge is concerned. “

It felt like a slap to my face. It did end up consuming Gwen's life, and now mine is consumed with revenge.  How was I going to get it? I hadn't planned that far ahead yet.  Not that this girl knows that. I wonder what Gwen would think of her? I took a deep breath and focused on the plan, or what I had of it. So instead I smiled at her. “Since I just told you my deep dark secret know you have to share yours with me.”

She was silent for awhile. “I can’t remember my past and when I try to it seems like it was something I don’t want to remember.”

“Somethings are not meant to be remembered.” The moment I said it I saw this crazed look in her eyes.
She shook her head. “You don't understand, I need to protect someone.”


We were both drenched by then, it was pouring down rain like we would never see it again.
She shook her head sadly. "Everyone betrays me in the end except them."
I didn't even except what she did next.
"Bye, James."

It was weird, just like that. I just watched her running in the damp soil. A fuzzy thought came up in my head. I knew her. I couldn't connect the dots and wondered why my mind was so fuzzy about her. I knew exactly what it was, magic. Maybe I'm not so immune to magic after all, and it seems like she has a deadly secret she is hiding. Even if she is hiding it from herself.

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Re: Labelle's Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 40 - Who Are You?
« Reply #143 on: October 28, 2015, 07:10:25 PM »
Sorry for not updating sooner. Real life decided to bother me.   >:(

Yep. Life tends to do that. Welcome back, though  ;D

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Re: Labelle's Perfect Genetics Challenge: Taking a little Break
« Reply #144 on: October 29, 2015, 07:01:43 PM »
Sorry once again guys, I'm burnt out on writing and I need to take a break. Sorry.

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Re: Labelle's Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 41 - Changing Fate
« Reply #145 on: November 28, 2015, 06:23:29 PM »
Back with a new chapter. I have been recently been playing sims like crazy Eveline is currently pregnant in my game....with her third child. I have had to factory reset my computer again. I think I will be putting how many times I have to factory reset my computer in each generation. I also have a strange bug that can't be solved. (My game freezes when two sims are pregnant and one starts giving birth. This is not that big of an issue since I just clear my caches and save often when two sims are pregnant.) Though my game is actually do well since I installed the professional bug-to-save-game-often.(Nraas Saver) Also, when it was time to pull the plug on some sims. Which was necessary to the plot at that time, I couldn't do it. Some sims I will have to pull the plug on though.
 Warning, the following pictures are bright. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Also, the colors are off in some pictures.

Megan let out a sigh. “This is why you should never play chess Brad.”
“Like you even know how to play chess,Megan.”
“Of course I do, you move the pieces around and stuff.”
It was now Brad’s turn to sigh.
“You should stop sacrificing your queen.”

“Pawns deserve a chance, plus the strongest is always the weakest and vice versa.”
“Chess isn’t real life.”
Megan frowned. She never liked being a pawn in life and it seemed to anger her more in death.
Her next words were barely audible, ”That’s not what my mother taught me, except she didn’t use pieces, she used people.”
Brad quickly changed the subject perhaps wanting avoid the fact he was one of her pawns.
“So, who do you think is going to win the bet?”
Megan looked up, startled.“What bet?”
Brad just grinned. “The bet of what type of person Astra is going to marry.”
 Megan chuckled silently to herself. “Definitely Eveline won that one."
“Of course, redheads are always right.” 
Megan rolled her eyes. Megan silently got up and looked at awe as the colors changed. She did not like the fact that her foot looked sunburn though. She frowned at it.

“Come on Brad, let's go see what has happened with the family.”
“Do you think they ever get disturbed by thought of us checking up on them?”
Megan just shrugged her shoulders.
“Wouldn’t make a difference to me anyway.”
“Too shay.”
Brad slowly started to make his way up when a dog randomly treaded up to him. In general the mutt was a small dog though never underestimate size.
Brad and Megan shared a quizzical look.
“I thought Lakia was alive?” Megan took a closer look.
“Never underestimate the power of an annoying mutt.”
“How did it even get here?”  Megan sighed deeply.

“So I guess we follow the dog?”
Megan shrugged her shoulders.
“I guess.”
“Then by all means Megan, lead on,you are the expert on life and death.”
“Haha, Brad.”
They had no way of knowing what was going to happen next or what the next chapter in their family’s fate would unfold.
I slightly trembled at the thought of my death. Revenge, I wanted revenge. How exactly? I wasn’t sure. I would get though one way or another and make them all pay. One thought stopped all my anger, James. What would happen to him?  I closed my eyes willing myself to forget him. I would get my revenge then I would leave everyone alone. Maybe even slowly forget them. I was broken and I never thought I would be the same. That much I knew for whatever my fate unfolded. I never expected this. I never wanted this. I stared at my my frail body wondering if it would stay this way forever. It had seemed to get worse. I didn’t even notice the power surround my body and I truly didn’t notice her.

I should have turned back into whatever my fate unfolded was instead I welcomed my eerie feeling.
“Gwen, come.” The voice was so eerie and unworldly that I silently followed to its owner. It was not like a Siren’s voice I suppose, something more deranged full of not sorrow, but a promise of something. What is was I may never know.

“Gwen, I have an answer to your solutions.” I looked at the strange thing offering me a proposition, it was definitely not human. It seemed to have power. That’s what it seemed to promise, power.
“Gwen, your fate can change with a price.” What fate? The fate in which I died?
“Not possible.” The wicked creature started laughing.
“Oh darling you aren’t dead, do you really believe Sirens can die that easily? The only thing that is dead is your humanity. You will probably just end up destroying everything and anything until your power finally destroys you. The only thing that can destroy you is the power of  a Siren itself. Have you ever wondered why Sirens drown? Not because of the Sailors, but fate. I suppose they became such a threat that all of them went extinct, of course except you.” She then laughed as if it was a pleasant joke. “Of course you are right now stuck in the thing your people call, 'Limbo.'”   

“That’s why we are stuck in this repugnant field.” 
She then waved her arms around to indicate it. “Here’s the deal darling, you will be able to have your humanity back during the day. If you would like you can even forget your whole past. During the night you will turn into your natural form and take revenge on what has happened to you. Don’t worry though, you can still use your powers during the daytime if you figure out you are a Siren.”
“What powers?”
“Are you not even aware of what you are capable of? You may be the most powerful siren there is in history.”
I completely ignored her and thought of how it would be to forget myself. To finally fit into this thing called "life."
“What is the price?”
The humor disappeared from her eyes. “You know the price. Don’t go looking for your past or it will find you.”
I wanted to scream it seemed. I was aware of the price, the one thing I hated the most. I had to do this though.
“It’s a deal I suppose then.”
What happened next was very unexpected, surprising.

She came power flickering around her. The moment I connected two and two together it was all I could do not to insult her. This women appeared to be related to me, perhaps even knew my “father.” My hands clenched into fists at the thought of him. Then he came in the same way.

I was not prepared for this. I thought I had left them when I finally escaped from my family’s grasp. They always seemed to come back and haunt me. I sneered at them. She acted like she didn’t notice. The strange male was watching me intently.

All the suddenly she walked right up to the strange creature and started screaming.
“Mother, what have you done? Why have you doomed this child’s fate?”
I murmured slightly under my breath,”I have never been allowed to be a child.”

“How could you!” They just stared at each other masks of fury.

“Oh dear Tragedy, I’m just offering the same deal I made with you.”
She seemed no longer to hold the creature's gaze. “That’s not my name.”
“But that’s not true, is it? If I’m not mistaken the deal was the person that loved you would be your destruction. That was deal for forgetting the past and turning you human.”
A tiny sound of horror escapes me.
“Human?” That was not my fear, everyone ended up betraying me except him. Especially myself, I always ended up trusting the wrong people.

“You cursed 10 generations of my family!”

“If I didn’t forget, but I think you made a deal recently to save your daughter from herself. Don’t even dare walking around like you are such a good person. In fact, let’s show them all exactly what you are.”

I never got to see what happened next because I blacked out.
It was short, but I tried my best on it. I'm going to try to update often again and get another update for my Grim Dynasty. :)

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Re: Labelle's Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 42 - Glowing Eyes
« Reply #146 on: December 05, 2015, 06:09:12 PM »
I’m just going to warn you, you will absolutely hate me after reading this. If this wasn’t necessary to the plot I wouldn’t have to do it, you have been warned. I couldn't do it.  :-\

The minute Mercy walked into the kitchen I knew something was off. I didn’t know what, I just knew. With the smart insult already lost I finally looked at the person I betrayed. The person I loved. The person I had hurt. It was strange finally taking responsibility for the mess called my life and I didn’t like it at all. What do I have to apologize for? My nature? I wasn’t like this or maybe I was. It started when I first met the girl I loved, such a naive child I decided to befriend the Labelles. They were such a normal happy family. Under that appearance was deadly secrets waiting to be unleashed. I closed my eyes remembering the first time I had found out the truth. I hadn’t even begin to get a glimpse at it though. The Labelles shouldn’t exist, they go against everything. At least that is what she told us. The curse giver. With power comes tragedy. I had tried to keep the girl I loved from it. Trying to shield her from the world. Instead I ruined her. Everything beautiful must leave after all. I just wasn’t ready for it to exit this world even if it was ruined.


“Yes I’m aware this haircut is terrible, save your breath.”
I smirked. The only interactions between Mercy and me was somewhere between insulting and joking. I guess that is usual. At that moment I noticed the strange glowing tint to her eyes. My smile faltered. I wasn’t stupid anymore. I knew what that was a sign of. It was rare and only happened in powerful magic users. It was when they made a price with magic they couldn’t pay. Why you ask this is bad? Their power becomes them, or takes everything from them. Neither case is good and ends in tragedy. Everyone slowly starts to die around them. Accidents. A simple fire kills, a day at the pool becomes deadly. Always the closest to the magic user. When power becomes them....I grimaced at the thought. I would not go into detail what happened then. Not today. Hopefully not ever. No! This was not suppose to happen! She promised me this wouldn’t happen. I could save Mercy if I listened to her. "Darling I can't change her fate. Even there are limits to what I will do.”  I flinched even though nothing had physically hurt me. I had ruined my life for nothing. I couldn’t protect the girl I loved. 
She pulled me out of thought. “Alexander, I’m going to go to the museum. You know, to search for my second husband.” She even tried a small chuckle. Mercy was trying to still protect me even when I failed her.
“Mercy, I’m not stupid I know what that means. No. You aren’t leaving Astra, you will figure this out and pay whatever price you need to!” Before I realized I was screaming.
“I’m not going to go up to her and say goodbye. I won’t be able to do what I have to, my life has been one tragedy after another. I knew my fate before my mother met hers.” I was confused and hurt, all the hatred and anger I had tried to keep me from her was gone. She was inside my head and I could never get her out, even if I wanted too. “Alexander, if you won’t be annoying you can come to the museum before I- just don’t be too annoying, okay?” Like a small child I nodded my head silently and followed her out of the door. I would fix this, I had to? Gwen was the price, wasn’t she? What happened? Why did I believe the lies. Why did I ruin Mercy’s life? Why did I ruin my life?

Mercy just stared the vase for a half of an hour. I’m not sure why, she just did. Maybe hoping it would solve her problem? Before I could catch myself I muttered,”stupid Amazons, never listen to them.” Luckily Mercy didn’t hear me, still memorized by the vase. I don’t get art people. I mean I can draw pretty good stick people, but that’s it. “I’m going to sit in the garden, you can keep staring at the wall.”
“Nope, I’m good.” She smiled her smile, not the hard line that seemed permanently stuck to her face ever since that fire.

I finally followed her out and decided to take my chances and sit with her. I wasn’t sure what to do, I was just trying to forgive myself for being such a butthole all these years. We just sat there like that, watching the water fountain burst out endless streams of water.

I blurted out everything to her. “I’m sorry Mercy for my stupidity, I only wanted to protect you from that stupid curse. I couldn’t tell you at the hospital, I grimaced at the thought, because Vivian was in the building. I’m sorry for being a butthole. If I could do it all over again I would not have been so stupid.” She was quiet for awhile.

“You destroyed my life, my home, and my family.” Instead of sounding mad she sounded strangely hollow.
“I know.”
“What do you want me to say? I forgive you? Fine whatever-”

It was impulsive and stupid. I shouldn’t have kissed her. I was pretty sure she was going to slap me. So when she kissed me back I was pretty dumbfounded.

It was strange we stayed there until dawn and until the following night. If this was the end of Mercy’s chapter it was mine also.

It seemed to go to fast until we were finally in the graveyard, perhaps saying goodbye. I wouldn’t let it though.

“Mercy, how do you plan to fix this?”
She was silent.
“A poison apple that sat right before me as my mother died seems to conceal my fate I guess.”
“Mercy we can find another way.”
She met my panicked eyes. “No we can’t. It’s too late.”
I quickly found the apple and stared at the thing that had been haunting me for years. It was finally going to happen.

I took a finally glance at the strange fruit.

One deadly bite is all it took to sink me into the darkness.

Then it was it, I was suppose to be dead.

Nothing goes as plan though.

I ran into my mother’s arms and ask the question that had been eating at me. “Is it over it? Am I dead? Is Astra going to be okay?”
My mother met my gaze and was barely audible. “Mercy you aren’t dead, it’s not over and I don’t know what is going to happen to Astra now.” It was all I could do to start screaming.

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Re: Labelle's Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 43 - Everyone Is A Weirdo
« Reply #147 on: December 12, 2015, 11:13:30 AM »
Some pictures accidentally got deleted.  :(
Where do I start? That's a hard question. I guess I should start with the important stuff. Mercy and Alexander went missing and dad admitted to his lethal secret. He was one of the people responsible in Gwen's death. Mom stood there speechless while Eveline started screaming telling him to get out or she was going to call the police. Mom has been in shock trying to understand why he would do such a thing, but she can't. I don't even know if they will end up staying together of if mom will turn him into the police herself. It's a difficult situation. I mean, what are you suppose to do?
Charlie knows all about it and I think his first words were,"He's worse then are father." I never met grandpa, but I guess dad reached a new low. I don't think he realized what he was doing until it was too late. Could he really had been forced to do it? Apparently Alexander was involved in it too. What is wrong with our family? Mom says it's the fact that we seem to be power-hungry. Is it so bad to want power though? I mean, is it?Astra met someone and I think he is a vampire. I'm not sure though. He doesn't sparkle. He must not sparkle when I'm there! Oh, okay! I must ask him where Jacob is. It is crucial. Whatever, they kiss and be weird. I guess the whole love thing is weird to me in general. We moved to a new house and mom went to live with Charlie trying to get her life figured out.

You wouldn't believe how many times she changed her hair. I have taken up to designing my own pink outfits and cooking.
One day I hope to be remarkable at both things.

Eveline hasn't complained yet about the food I have been making.

Neither have I.

Lakia is still alive. Why won't that stupid dog just go away already? I mean she acts like she owns the place. Does she pay the bills? I mean I don't, but that is clearly beside the point.

Eveline is trying to talk to Kaleb. Mom talked with him a little and just let him stay where he was. She is really confused right now I guess.

I guess it didn't work out for Eveline?

There are days when Astra just can't really handle it and he's there. I guess that's good. I never want to get married. It seems so foolish in my opinion. Pretty sure Astra is going to marry this dude, though it is her first official boyfriend. Maybe being dead makes you forget social rules. Shouldn't you have 10 relationships before settling? I guess being married is good for some people.

I'm pretty sure when her eyeliner is running she should be in a horror movie.

Yep, definitely a horror movie.

Rule 1. Never cry when you have eyeliner on.
I guess that this relationship is going to last, so it's time we interrogated this guy. Eveline and I made a bet to see what kind of person Astra was going to marry and I saw this neat hair straightener. Plus, he's got to tell me where the country Twilight is.

He was sleeping on the couch. I didn't think vampires sleep? Ugh, I have a headache...what was I doing? Straightener! Right!

I quickly called Eveline into the room. I wanted my money.

"Okay mister vampire dude, I have a few questions for you."
"First order of business, where did you meet Astra?"
He looked surprised when I figured out he was a vampire.
"Wait, what?"
"Duh, you sparkle!"
"Um, I met Astra at a place."
He didn't really answer my question...
"So are you a preacher, a priest, or a nun?"
"You know someone who is very in-tune with death and stuff."
"You know Astra is very in-tune with dead people or something."
"I think this maybe the stupidest conservation I have had."
"Next question! Are you a vampire?"
"Eep! Eveline you owe me 65.91 pounds or $100!"
"Last question, where is the country of Twilight?"
He just completely walked past me.

"What have I done?"
"It's not your fault. She is just very, Amelie. Don't think about it to hard. It gives you a headache."
"Sounds good."

They are a cute couple though.

I have to tell you though, some random voice is always complaining about "lag?"

Haha, a moron set his yard on fire.

I guess that's all.
This was a lot of fun writing, even if it didn't require a lot of thought on my end.  :) I did not build the home. SimSophia on Youtube did. It's a gorgeous home . 

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Re: Labelle's Perfect Genetics Challenge: Chapter 43 - Everyone Is A Weirdo
« Reply #149 on: December 19, 2015, 07:05:52 PM »
They really are a cute couple  :) I like his blue-green hair. It works for him.

They autonomously flirt with each other, it's cute. :)  They are a cute couple in my opinion personally.