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2016 Challenge Tournament Schedule
« on: December 18, 2015, 06:26:12 AM »
2016 Sims 4 Challenge Tournament Schedule

IMPORTANT: There is a 3-event minimum participation requirement to earn a 2016 World Ranking.

January 1 - January 21. New Year's Resolution.
It's the beginning of a new year - the time when many of us take an assessment and vow to make some personal improvements. But, don't forget about your beloved Sims! You have neglected them. They are overweight and out of shape and it's up to you to have them cap a Fitness career and finish the Bodybuilder Aspiration as quickly as possible. Rule Set.

January 1 - February 11. Skill of the Week.
We always offer up a money-making event every year, but this one has a new twist - one of your Sims is fickle and only makes money rotating though different skills every week. The other Sim focuses on climbing the career ladder. Rule Set.

February 12 - March 3. Satisfaction Guaranteed
Isn't it about time for some Pancakes? Well, in this short event you'll be choosing Bob and Eliza Pancakes and having them acquire as much Satisfaction as possible by the time the both turn Adult. Rule Set.

February 12 - March 24. The Well-Read Writer
It's been a long time since we have spotlighted the writing skill in a challenge, so get your Sims ready to snuggle up to their computers to become the next J. K. Rowling. Rule Set.

March 25 - April 14. Looking for a Challenge? Join the Club!
The Sims 4 Get Together has been out long enough now that the team decided it was time for a clubs challenge. There's one simple goal — purchase as many different club banners as you can in three short weeks. Rule Set.

March 25 - May 5. No Takeout for You...Learn to Cook!
We're making life a bit tougher for your Sim. You have to obtain all ingredients for recipes yourself. Plus, you cannot make any recipe twice until you have gone through all available recipes to you. Think this is too tough? If you cannot stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen. Rule Set.

May 6 - May 26. Take This Challenge...It's a Steal!!!
Remember Swiper in Dora the Explorer? Or Clint Eastwood's Luther Whitney character in Absolute Power? Thieves have been glorified in literature and film for ages, and now you can be a thief in the game you love. Get your hot little hands on as many valuables as possible before turning Adult. I hear! Rule Set.

May 6 - June 16. Homeless Shelter.
Directly opposite of the thief challenge we offer up a chance for your Sim to be a do gooder - to take in homeless Sims, get them jobs, skill them up, and happily send them on their way to make room for more. So touching! *sniff* Rule Set.

June 17 - July 7. Competing Collectors.
We're putting a rotational play spin on our collecting challenge: you'll be switching between two sibling households to see which one can amass the most collectibles in the game. Sibling rivalry lives! Rule Set.

June 17 - July 28. Cloning Around.
Your starting Sim is the evil genius Dr. Chaos, who plans to destroy the Simiverse from within. The dastardly plot is to clone an unsuspecting member from each of 8 households and move that clone in with its original, along with -- gasp! -- a Tragic Clown. Mwahaha! Your goal is to make that plot a success, even if you suffer from coulrophobia (fear of clowns). Rule Set.

July 29 - August 18. 2016 Handiness World Championships.
For this event you'll need laser-like focus and do one thing and one thing only - work on your handiness skill. And you can only make money selling items made via woodworking. That's the nuts and bolts of it. Rule Set.

July 29 - September 8. Baby Boomer.
The annual forum favorite has returned once again. Given the fact that having twins and triplets cannot be reliably influenced the team is allowing competitors to also weave in some baby adoptions every week. You'll have a full house in no time! Rule Set.

September 9 - September 29. Voidcritters Go!
If you're caught up in the current Pokemon Go! craze, then you'll appreciate the team's idea behind this challenge — kids combing their neighborhoods and looking for Voidcritters. Gotta catch 'em all! :) Rule Set.

September 9 - October 20. Restaurant Wars: What's on the Menu?
Very similar to last year's Look What's in Store for You? the goal here instead of retail stores is to open up your own restaurant and make as much money as possible. Rule Set.

October 21 - December 1. 2016 Challenge Tournament Finale: Cheating Your Way to a Rennaissance
Your Sim moves from house to house in Willow Springs while you attempt to have all adults complete the Renaissance Sim Aspiration. The good news is you are allowed to use the static needs cheat every time you play your file. Rule Set.