Author Topic: Turn off Roommate Services and Troubleshooting Tips  (Read 9855 times)

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Turn off Roommate Services and Troubleshooting Tips
« on: April 17, 2016, 11:37:19 PM »
Turn off Roommate Services

1. Use the phone or computer to select Real Estate and Travel Services.
2. Select Roommate Services
3. Make sure Enable Roommate Services is unchecked.
4. If you already have roommates, you may need to ask them to move out or kick them out and then see if you get the option to "disable" roommate services.

    ✽ – The option to turn off roommates isn't available on lots set as an apartment lot, by default. This seems to be by design.

Troubleshooting Tips

1. Make sure your home lot is a regular residential lot. Do this by going to Options > Edit Town > Select Household and Evict Household - They will get put on the clipboard. Left-click on house to change Lot type. Make sure it's Residential - Regular lot.

2. Go back to a previous save.,20732.msg433992.html#msg433992

Specially if you've previously invited a sim to be a roommate, you may need to go back to a previous save - to before the invite to be a roommate. As this is one of the points where the roommate services can get buggy.

If you do not have a save to go back to, you could try enabling roommate services and setting the roommate to a max number of 1 or 2. to see if that helps.

3. Try a factory Reset -- Sims 3 Factory Reset - HowTo:

This has been a lifesaver when bugs/glitches have taken over my game.

4. Check the Mods. There maybe some mods that may help resolving this bug.,20732.msg401825.html#msg401825

Mods can mess up a game, but there are some mods that have been created to help fix the game, or at least get it to run better. Look over the list of mods to see if one or more might be of help to you.

One that maybe of help is:

Apartments & Roommates Fix
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