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How-To: Rename the Auto-Save File
« on: May 01, 2016, 01:53:50 AM »
How-To: Rename the Auto-Save File

1. Open The Sims 4 folder and then open the Saves folder.
2. Inside of Saves, delete (this is the auto-save file)
3. Rename to

More details on the Save Files in the link below:
How-To: Restore a Saved Game

** Before doing this, it is strongly recommended to make a backup of your Sims 4 folder. This is to ensure you have a backup to go back to if need be. - Do this by:

1. Go to: Documents > Electronic Arts > Sims 4.
2. Click on the folder, and select Copy.
3. Save the copy to your desktop or some where safe.

!! It is safe to delete The (This is the auto save file) and the scratch folder.

Renaming a save file should not hurt relationships or career status. It's basically just going back to a previous save.

About the Auto-Save Feature:

The 'auto-save' feature does not take care of saving your game as such, it just creates an 'emergency back-up' file of sorts that the game does not 'look' at when reloading your current game. To make sure your game is safely saved, it will need to be manually saved.

Please note: They do not use the auto save file anymore. It is safe to delete.
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